This Week in PlayStation Home: Resistance Space Unleashed, Game Launching Confirmed

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Whether you are a heroic Sentinel triggerman or a heartless Chimeran killing machine – it’s high time you log into SCEA’s PlayStation Home and join your fellow soldiers as we launch (pun intended) into the next phase of the platform’s evolution.

This Thursday, May 21st, the epic sci-fi shooter franchise Resistance comes blasting into Home with a dedicated game space featuring an awesome turret-style FPS mini-game, reward items, leaderboards and full-on game launching support.

Visit the space early in the day and use the “Four Barrels of Fury” mini-game to trigger your itchy finger. You will be awarded special virtual goods as you further hone your Chimeran ship blasting skills and a nearby global leaderboard will capture and display the highest scores. Then take advantage of your war-torn surroundings and meet up with fellow Resistance fans, old and new, and launch into either co-op or competitive multiplayer matches of the critically-acclaimed apocalyptic shooter, Resistance 2, developed by Insomniac Games.

On launch day, your favorite Community Managers (ahem!) will be on-site to battle with you, and the folks from Insomniac will be dropping in over time to do the same (like next Thursday, from 5:00-6:00pm PT). Best of all, we’ll be designating every Friday night from 6:00pm – 12:00am “Resistance 2: SRPA Siege” nights. We’re inviting you all to show up and contribute to the carnage, whether you are currently fighting the virus or happily succumbing to it.

See you in Home!

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4 Author Replies

  • 2 bad i don’t play fps but i’m glad u guys got some games ppl like for ps3 i can’t wait to try it out im kinda waiting for st4 vega and m.bison outfits super cool i want some resistance items 2

  • i want Killzone 2 Space, a Helghast neighborhood

  • awesome thanks

  • Good Job PlayStation Keep It Coming

  • Very kool update!!!..cant wait to check it out…Thanks guys!!!

  • Looks pretty nice, a good time-waster. It is free right?

  • PlayStation You Guys Should Make A Metal Gear Solid Space That Remembers All Of The Metal Gear Solid Games Ever Made, That Would Be Awesome….

  • silverthehedgeh

    any info on the unlockable stuff and its great news we can get in the game more easy

  • OMGWTFBBQ!!! This just got me back into Resistance. Now it’ll be easier to get that 8-player party Trophy!

  • love the first resistance game the second one was ok but the online needs more help was solooking forward to the second game played the game first then played online was ok then met sound programer online in r1 made friends take for awile told him what i thought said he liked feed back but now i still play r1 but got hooked on killzone online play well i do hope that if you come out with resistance 3 you will take some feed back from the fans of your games to make it the best game ever

  • Sweet this just brought me back to Resistance and home! will this be for both Resistance 1 and 2?

  • Will Europe be getting this if ever?

    Also, where is the Killzone 2 space?!

  • Looks like that American flag is hung backwards, proper etiquette would have the blue field on the left when hung in that manner. Also seems odd to hang it right in the line of fire. Hopefully just an oversight and not an intentional sign of disrespect.

  • I’m definitely going to support this, but like others said they should have game launching for every game. I think I would go on home more often. Also my opinion is to have an option to jump into PS Home as you start your PS3 up.

  • Cool!!

  • thats another plus to the best co op game on the ps3. thanks! idk what prizes there are but how about chimera costumes. when i see all those killzone2 costumes, i just say to myself.. chimeras would be even more sick.

  • Looks great, definitely gonna be on Home for awhile today. Thanks SCEA & Insomniac Games.

  • just tried it out and i must say cool 4 cannons game. though i dont know y there cant be sensivity adjustable option. nice layout. could it be that those blocked areas will be unlockable? its cool how u play the 4 cannons game and the bottom still has the room interactions going on. the video screen, ppl talking, etc

  • If it’s anything like that ward game it won’t be fun. make home work with a keyboard and mouse so I can aim as fast as I turn my head like I do with a deathadder on an alienware. Analog is soooo primitive.

  • While all of this is great and it’s good to see R2 is still in the spotlight.

    I was wondering if this is the R2 content mentioned earlier this week or is there going to be a new DLC for R2 announced?

  • I heard something about a free t-shirt for visiting the R2 space in Home. How do i get it?

  • Resistance space is locking people out of PlayStation Home, please address this quickly.

  • When will we hear more about E3 space, and how will HOME be involved with E3?

  • every time into the Resistance home space, it freezes my ps3.. are the bugs being worked out?

  • sweet space, ill check it out R2 is way awesome!

  • me to every time I log into home it freezes my ps3 can you creaters try to fix it

  • Got my first chance to check out the R2 space today. It actually froze on me. Twice.

    I’ve been hopeful about Home for a long time. I understand it’s still in beta but I’m about to give up on it completly. It really does nothing for me.

    I have no desire to talk to random stangers this way. It’s easier to just visit an online forum.

    Most of the spaces have no point what-so-ever. Oh, we’ll throw in a mini game and everyone should be happy! NO. The mini games are all forgetable.

  • Game launching is so pointless. It takes forever to start up Home… Even more time to get to the space you want… Then you have to find someone who wants to play. In my personal experience it didn’t even work so yeah. Dumb idea. R2 has enough problems finding matches in a timely manner, I don’t need Home to make it harder.

    Avatars are souless and bland. I hate Miis and the 360 Avatars but at least they have SOME personality.

    The apartments are rendered useless when you can’t do a thing in them.

    Xi was cool for a while but it got way too crazy. Other than a mystery to solve what motavation do I have to complete these overly complicated tasks? Sending me on a wild goose chase to visit viral websites is not fun for me.

    To each their own I suppose. If I ever need extra space on my HD Home will be the first thing to go. I still have some hope otherwise I’d delete it right now.

    I don’t want to be a jerk about it but I wanted to voice my opinion and let you know how lackluster my experience has been so far.

  • Hey Donny,

    I respectfully disagree. With the 1.21 update I clocked loading a space (the Resistance space, as it happens) at just over 15 seconds. That’s a pretty good load-time – I think almost half of what it was before.

    Game-launching from Home is a great way of meeting new players – you can meet up with them in the Resistance space and then for instance chat with them for a bit to first find out whether they’re ‘your type of player’. I also think there’s a big advantage for setting up a universal way of launching multi-player games, with a universal lobby like Home as a front-end. Maybe you’ll want to play a bit of Resistance with a group of guys, and then move on to Warhawk, for instance. And you can get together with up to 64 people in a clubhouse or a personal space where you can chat and stuff like that. (Which reminds me that they should add browser terminals as used in the Xi space to your personal spaces and clubhouses, so that you can access stats pages and clan stuff from there while still chatting with your clan-mates present in the room)

  • Incidentally, I’ve been wondering – lately Home spaces are touted to feature game-launching from that space (Resident Evil space comes to mind). Now I haven’t tested it with any other game, but a game like Warhawk can be launched from any space, and the system seems to be built to enable you to setup any game that supports Home launching from any space. Is there a move towards limiting the launching to particular spaces? I hope not – while I could see a benefit for finding hosted games more easily in a particular game space, in practice that will happen automatically anyway. But if I would want to play Resident Evil 2 coop with someone first, and then move to Resistance 2 coop, I wouldn’t want to have to relocate to the corresponding space first. And at the very least, surely you can always launch games from your personal space and clubhouse?

    Anyway, the Resistance space is a great addition to Home (love the minigame and the old station-style leaderboards, although it’s a bit weird to have to walk a fair ways from the actual game terminal to see your updated score on the leaderboards), and I look forward to picking up the game (haven’t gotten round to it yet).

  • =========================================

    Is anybody else having a problem reading the new chat window?

    On one hand, I love the new chat window features — I especially like being able to close it down completely with L3, so unwanted chatter doesn’t intrude when I’m playing the minigames in the various spaces (it was REALLY a nuisance when playing Ice Breaker in the Bowling Alley). However…
    I am having SEVERE problems reading the text — it’s so small as to be completely unreadable (and I thought it was too small before the update… legible, but small.).
    I have a terrific 40″ Sony WEGA KV-40XBR800 HDTV; it’s a 300+ lb. monster 4:3 CRT TV, which to this day is still considered to be one of THE best HDTV tubes ever made (although only 1080i… it came out just before 1080p sets were released as standard). The way our living room is set up, I normally sit about 10 feet away from the screen, and it’s always been a fantastic viewing area. I’ve never had ANY problems reading the text in any of the games I’ve played to date.

    [cont. on #132]

  • [cont. from #131]

    However, this new chat window in HOME is a complete disaster — in order for me to read the text now, I have to stand 3-4 feet away from the screen; my wife has the same problem. This is a completely unacceptable situation. (I also have the same issue when playing XI, the HoloPad “email” text is too small to read…)
    NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: Would it have been THAT difficult to include an option for a user-selectable chat window text size? Or even simple options like small (normal), medium and large?
    HOME developers NEED to be realize that not all gamers are teens or college agers with 20/20 vision — although I definitely used to be in that category, I’m now 45 and wear glasses because of an ever increasing astigmatism. So yes, for those of us who are now middle-aged gamers, this super-small text is an absolute [DELETED] to read!

    (I also have a medium degree of red-green color blindness, which is a nuisance in some games.)

    With regard to the new HOME chat window, I desperately beg the developers to help older gamers by providing an option to change the chat window text size. A similar text size option for certain elements of XI would also be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Yeah home is finnaly a first person shooter!

  • wow great i will go on this soon and is there going to be free DLC because i would love that.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous…

    I wrote a quick post yesterday explaining why a “DELETED” tag was inserted into my Post #132 above — and how the removal implied I said something much worse than was originally written — only to discover today that my explanation had been completely deleted in its entirety.

    Was it because I questioned this word removal… or was it because I quoted Sony’s own clause regarding language usage, which itself is considered too inappropriate to be printed on these pages?

    Makes you wonder…

    In either event, I simply wanted folks to know that the removed text was the word “b***h” — it was not something worse.

    But chances are this will be removed as well, so I don’t really know why I am even bothering to write this.

    And should this actually appear, I thank the system.

  • home should make a huge gta space and i have some sweet ideas; any one playing the game space can run around in home killing other people playing gta and you must be over 21 to play but all home users get to see people dieing

  • I love Resistance 1 & 2 they both are awesome. R2 needs capture flag like R1 did. everybody loved Ctf.
    Can’t wait for Resistance 3, i know thier making one they have too it’s too popular of a game. plus we need new weapons or maps for co-op mode, I got the maps for comp mode, but they don’t work in co-op,,????
    My last check I was 139th for ops on the board soon to the top.

  • I had downloaded the Resistance 2 space on home and when I entered it I automatically got froze inside. Now I cannot get out of that space. When I log into home I go right into the Resistance 2 space and become froze again. i would like someone to just remove me from that space please. thank you for your time.

  • maybe it´s not the place to ask, but…when can we access home with latin america accounts?, or are we homeless?, please don´t forget us!!!
    sad, so sad…

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