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Good Monday morning! (that’s really easy to say when you’re still sleeping). Here’s what we’re working on for you this week:

  • LittleBigPlanet receives “The Patch”
  • inFamous goes to the movies
  • More zombies shambling toward PSN
  • More R2 KZ2 DLC en route
  • Xi in the real world (not The Real World, thankfully)

Finally, I couldn’t think of a videogame-related poll question because I was watching too much Game 7 basketball this weekend. Oh wait:

[poll id=”14″]

We’ll see you in the comments!

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3 Author Replies

  • All sound cool, but I hope that error that happened to R2 doesn’t happen again =X

  • Orlando played real good yesterday, but i think that the Lakers are going to beat all this year.

  • HOLY s… lol , hey Motorstormers the names of the photo contest winners you can see them here and yes i won lol!!!!!!!!!!!! finally im gonna have a Motorstorm tshirt lol

  • As you might know, I’m not from America (from Holland!!! ) Basketball isn’t big here. Everybody plays soccer/football. Except me. :). But to the point. I don’t ‘know’ any of those clubs. So i won’t vote this time.

    Looking forward to the inFAMOUS movie(?)!

  • Can we get another poll option for:

    “I do not care about sports- this is a video game blog.”

    Thanks. ;)

  • Good luck to your Magic, Jeff! Yesterday’s last series game was great and I’m finally happy Boston is out. But with well-rested teams, ie Cavs…these guys have a better chance of taking it all! ;-)

  • I think the Zombie stuff is going to be Zombie Apocalypse

  • does this littlebigplanet thing include any new trophies? I platinumed and 100%ed that game long ago and I am starving for a reason to go back to it….thing is, the only reason I would go back to it is to get some new trophies otherwise its a waste of time to me.

    Heres wishful thinking that I will get a reason to return to that little big world!!

  • Lakers all the way! Orlando does have the best big man though, hopefully we can take him like we took Shaq many moons ago.

    BTW, Jeff, can you or someone look into why we can’t sign-in on the blog from our PS3s anymore?

  • Jeff Rubenstein replied on May 18, 2009 at 8:03 am

    You’ll see it this week, didn’t make the final schedule last week with the MS:PR DLC announcement.

    All right, cool, thank you! :)

  • Jeff, any chance of including SingStore updates in the PS Blog on Thursdays?

  • Lakers FTW

    i also like the magic, who i think will beat the cav in 6

    the LBP patch will allow online create mode, i think.

    i think the last guy will get the DLC that japan is getting.

    yeah, i think a lot these days

  • The NBA? Yuck!

    I was a brief fan in the mid 90’s, and can remember in the late 90’s when the game was on life-support. Since it has come back with the “rejuvenated offensive game”, I have yet to really get back into it.

    …..And that’s my life story.

  • cybershinigami87

    Well Jeff since you rooted hard for Arsenal and thought they could beat my beloved Man U I now know that Cavs should beat the Magic in 5.

  • New R2 content?! Maybe that will get me to start playing again. After getting platinum on KZ2, I have no will to touch FPS.

    *sigh* and my copy of Tomb Raider Underworld Arrived last week…. still no trophy patch so I can’t start that yet.

  • @ 45 …

    Playoff basketball is awesome . I like Howard so am going with the Magics. Will we see a The show home room .. us show fans want one

  • I hope the LBP patch is the one that gives us more save space on our hard drives. That’s the only reason why I don’t play it that much.

  • i think there will be infamous gameplay in the theatre in home.

  • Resident Evil 2 for the ps1 classics?

  • Is this list in any order of when we will see it?

  • Lot of dreamers on this board. Blackhawks? Penguins? HA! Wings to be champs again! And I can’t stand ‘King Lebron’ and the special treatment the annoited one and his team receives from the league – anyone but the Cavs!

  • Wow Jeff you posted this early! i’m still barley getting up haha

    Sounds like a good week! though this week is my finals week so I probably won’t be able to play anything till thursday-friday or so.

    but the inFAMOUS demo comes out this thursday right? what a great way to end the semester! :D

  • Hey Jeff, you forgot to put the “I don’t like basketball” option on the poll…
    And BTW can you please check what’s going on with the cuboid add-on?
    The posted that it was coming out like 4 months ago…but so far nothing..
    thankx ;)

  • I hope “the Patch” for LPB brings the ability to CREATE with friends ONLINE.

  • How about some new news on Fat princess like a release date or something?

  • I’m afraid that “The Patch” will NOT have anything to do with Online Create. This is because the Online Create Beta still has not started and you’d figure that they would announce details on it after the Beta is finished…

  • I hope the Lakers win the NBA title this year.

  • I hope the zombie comment is Zombie Apocalypse.

  • this is the worst day ever no ps3 I have to pay 140 plus tax to repair does any 1 know if i will lose my trophies.

  • Lakers will win, of course. #1 seed in the west, baby!

  • Can you guys add a “I REALLY DONT CARE” option to the poll?

  • i think the magic are going to win it all. yeah, they are the underdogs thats why i root for them. not only that but since they are from the state of florida i want them to go all the way because of this too.

    btw,to anyone who cares. pls, fix the zen pinball multiplayer because my ps3 freezes up when i try to play it on that mode, thanks

    for those who may ask to contact their studio i already did, besides isnt this blog to be a bridge between us and the developer??

  • r2 dlc better come with a patch to fix the game. it also should be coop dlc obviously.

    no one even plays the map pack.

  • I’m so excited about “the patch”… R2 DLC? Haven’t played the game again since Killzone 2 released…

    I only love the co-op part… the competitive is better in killzone 2…

    Infamous… Drooling for it now! 1 week to go! yeah!

  • Go Magic, don’t underestimate us! Speaking of Orlando, PSBlog needs to come back. Yall are welcome to crash at my apt and play [intoxicated if you’re above level 21] Rag Doll Kung Fu til the wee hours of the morning.

  • Some of you guys are acting like LBP is unplayable without Online creation. Most of you (including myself) aren’t good enough at designing levels to need another designer lagging you out. I know this judging by the amount of Heart for Heart levels and the amount of Unamed Levels that plague LBP. If anyone wants something from the creators 6 months after it’s release, at least try to make a positive contribution to the community. Furthermore, LBP needs the Play, Create, Share counters activated, and the Profile space issues fixed first.
    *spits on bad LBP users*

  • Please let the Resistance 2 DLC be for co-op.

    *Crosses Fingers*

  • Does anyone know. If I reserve a copy of Infamous now, from anywhere, will it include the Drakes 2 Beta code?

    Or do you just have to be lucky?

  • Jeff. You. Me. SFIV.

  • Hey Jeff, can you tell us whatever happened to the SFIV costume pack? I’ve yet to see it in the PlayStation store.

  • Wow you guys finally got around to patching LBP? Does this mean we will finally have all the stuff promised at launch? I’m not holding my breath. It probably won’t work right when it’s released.

  • Oh I hope I get my PS3 back this week. I’m losing it because I’m missing out on so much great stuff.

  • Ehm… Where’s the option “Um, what’s an NBA?” I REALLY don’t follow, like or participate in sports. Not so much a ‘physical exertion’ thing so much as a ‘pop culture’ thing.

    “The Path”, huh? I may or may not be interested in this… Are those little Play Create Share windows in My Profile finally going to work? (I mean, come on, patches are fine for fixing little bugs, but the main parts of a game should work the way they’re supposed to 90% of the time right out of the box.)

    I’ll be interested to see what the zombies thing is about, though I don’t seem to share the obsession my fellow gamers do for undead killing games. I’ll take a dragon over a dead guy any day.

  • what is this the 1990’s! people still watch basketball?

    can you do a behind the scenes of what it takes to up date the psn store.. like is it a mad house to get the things ready by deadline etc?

  • Wow man, people voted for Cavaliers even though they lost yesterday?


    Lakers are going to get Nuggets.

    Too bad Yao sat out during the Lakers vs. Cavs game, he would have made a difference.

  • “The Patch” sounds interesting.

  • @79

    Your trophies are stored with your PSN…you’ll get them back up to the last time you synched.


    Only going for the Hawks as they have the most Canadians on the team.

    And yes Jeff, do you know if we are getting the Last Guy Trophy patch and expansion pack in North America same time as Japan? *

  • @Jeff
    “You’ll see it this week, didn’t make the final schedule last week with the MS:PR DLC announcement.”

    Which is unfortunate since we’ve had all of the MS:PR DLC since last mondays patch! I’d rather have learned more about Arctic Edge then finding out we’ll be downloading 100kb files for the next two months. :(

  • I have no idea who those teams are.. i dont watch basketball lol

  • Hi Jeff! Since Red Faction Guerilla is coming out in 2 weeks (June 2), it would be very nice to see a developer diary or Live Chat about this very cool game. Also, the multiplayer demo will be released on the Playstation Store this Thursday (May 21).

    Can we get some more news about DC Universe Online please?

    Also, can you find out if Star trek Online will be coming out on the PS3?

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