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Good Monday morning! (that’s really easy to say when you’re still sleeping). Here’s what we’re working on for you this week:

  • LittleBigPlanet receives “The Patch”
  • inFamous goes to the movies
  • More zombies shambling toward PSN
  • More R2 KZ2 DLC en route
  • Xi in the real world (not The Real World, thankfully)

Finally, I couldn’t think of a videogame-related poll question because I was watching too much Game 7 basketball this weekend. Oh wait:

[poll id=”14″]

We’ll see you in the comments!

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  • @Letters2Kay

    I know it’s almost certainly not the case, but if this was an announcement for trophies and/or dlc for The Last Guy then I’d weep tears of joy!

    That game wasn’t promoted anywhere near enough… and considering how awesome it is, I’m the only person on my friends list to have even played it.

  • “There are in fact THREE builds of inFAMOUS covering traditional “Sony Europe” territories…

    #1 = English, Portuguese, Russian
    #2 = French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch
    #3 = Polish

    We had to do #3 because the OS doesn’t yet support polish.

    We split #1 and #2 at Sony’s request.”

    WTF Sony?

  • I hope “the patch” helps take the edge off not having LPB with me when I leave the house.
    the next patch should be a way to play LBP during playback of everything else.

  • Lakers all the way.

  • I’m surprised I didn’t see an announcement for Noby Noby Boy Lucky Week on here. It’s like double exp weekend, but for a week. And instead of double exp, it’s 2x, 4x, and 8x multipliers for length.

    I believe this was mentioned on the first page, but this is important! :D

  • There should of been “Who cares” option for the poll.

  • Got my games stolen by the airport ground handling staff now i have to wait another month until i get back to the US to buy my games

  • Mero-Geru-Soildo

    Cav’s, woulda been the raptors if they weren’t..bad?

  • im not a basketball fan. You better make football polls when the season starts.

    i love watching football :)

  • @ exion

    Well, your post makes 3 of us on here today hoping to see the “Last Guy” content released stateside. Let’s keep hoping! Localization couldn’t be that hard and it’d be an easy $5 (at least) Sony could collect from almost anyone who played this awesome game. Pretty please, Jeff!?

  • awww.. I was really hoping to hear some more goodies about Motorstorm: PR. I am so addicted to that game right now. Maybe next week?

  • Trine! Trine!! Trine!!! I want some TRINE info! This blog hasn’t mentioned it AT ALL!!! Best game coming to PSN this month in my opinion!!

    Call up the developer! Get us an interview!!!!

  • @ mixedkidbx

    …or they could just leave the sports talk to sports blogs and focus on video games.

  • @111

    Here is an interview we had with them a little while ago…game’s looking great! Today we have heard that the soundtrack is being handled by SuperStarDust HD composer Ari Pulkkinen.


    there is also an interview here by *

  • Hope this will be another great PS week!

  • LA, easy. Bryant, Gasol, Ariza, Fisher, Odom, and Bynum. nuff said.

  • Update the avatars.

  • inFamous goes to the movies? I’m intersted. Some point down the line I hope Sony considers an inFAMOUS movie and comic.

    Off topic: No mention on the PS Blog about the mysterious Kojima website? =(

  • LAKERS!!! FTW!!!!

  • Didn’t you guys Film the Volition RF:G in SF Event?
    When is that Video coming out?

  • I gotta represent for Orlando because I’m born and raised in Florida but I was actually going for the Celtics.

    I think the Cavs will go all the way but I’m going for Orlando.

  • Hey Jeff. Y u gotta leave hockey, did u c my team win game 7 last week against the ducks, epic rivalry / brutal ice time

  • wow inFAMOUS movie? sounds intresting

  • The poll should have had one more option: “Who cares? I’m playing video games.” for those of us who don’t follow sports

  • Hey Jeff, a couple days late, but I’m glad to hear you guys are meeting with Square and also Tecmo. Does that mean both companies will have a presence at Sony’s E3 presser? ;) Hope to see FFXIII there at any rate.

  • Looks to be a good week. GO CAVS!!!

  • cavs are garbage…the east is horrible and the cavs had a bad record against teams with 50+ wins…they lose to the magic in 6 games

    and i think the lakers will win this but i dont care that much cuz i like the sixers

  • magic all the way Jeff!


  • Any news on Fat princess or Bomberman yet?

    If you’re not into sports at all, you don’t have to answer the poll obviously!

    LOL at #93, It was the Rockets who lost to LA yesterday.

    Finals will be Nuggets vs Cavs, book it!!

  • Lakers4life,Can’t wait for inFamous.

  • I hope the R2 DLC is new Co-Op maps.

  • Monster Pack? Isn’t this a little early for Halloween guys? I would rather see the cool looking Final Fantasy 7 Costume Pack or heck maybe even a LBP version of Prototype and Infamous LBP!But I agree with the rest of the bunch where is the patch create with your friends? You guys are sure taking long engough to get this patch done with..Please hurry up :D

  • Oh yeah another thing since where on this subject for Monster Pak why isn’t there any RE-5/Dead Space LBP this would be cool for a DLC from the PSN store Ok just giving you guys some idea’s =)

  • Sorry not into Sports more into watching 24 and Fringe those shows A++++

  • Jeff are you guys even listening anymore to what we want the PS3fanboys?..Apparently not where is INGAME MUSIC FOR ALL OUR GAMES AND HOME? Where is the most requested thing for Little Big Planet Create or Edite levels with your friends play your music whenever you want to is what I hope I see finally this Summer because I’m getting now sick in tired of SCEA excuses its the same thing with HOME 2 me its a Disappiontment theres still no NAMCO ARCADES or some real oldschool stuff to do in HOME Japan gets everything we should have a Import Store so we can buy those things from other countries!

  • Yeah TRINE I forgot about that one as well where is some information when the US gets that action RPG? P.S. Sony patches for the games we spent from teh PSN store I would like to see all the agmes I purchased from your store supporting TROPHIES!..We need also Online support for Rag DollFists Of Kung Fo,Burn Zombies Burn etc and this is dumb there should trophies when you challenge people when your Online SONY! Jezz Seriously Fix this..

  • UPDATES for the games I mentioned please Rag Doll Fists Of Plastic, Burn Zombies Burn, TRINE! Sorry I mistyped thats why I’m repeating this.. Anyway give us some good news about when we will hear more about what I posted..I still would like to know if I will ever hear about TRINE and better Costumes for Little Big Planet FINAL FANTASY 7 ONES WOULD ROCK & FF 13 news Perhaps?

  • didnt vote as I do not follow any sports closly, a better poll would be nice

  • Here is a question regarding what is coming out. When is Bomberman Ultra coming out? They announced the end of winter (it is long past), there has been stuff on pulse, but there has not been any release date set.

  • They should’ve put the Celtics on there, just to humor them.

  • you know kobe is going to show up big….especially in denver when he thrives under hostile environments…..its a good thing lebron made that shot last night cuz otherwise many ppl wud b wondering why he was the mvp and not kobe…

    go lakers

  • Go Magic!!! Magic are definitely better than the Cavs. Lebron just got lucky in Game 2. Magic will win the series 4-1 and then sweep the Lakers 4-0 in the NBA Final!!!

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