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Good Monday morning! (that’s really easy to say when you’re still sleeping). Here’s what we’re working on for you this week:

  • LittleBigPlanet receives “The Patch”
  • inFamous goes to the movies
  • More zombies shambling toward PSN
  • More R2 KZ2 DLC en route
  • Xi in the real world (not The Real World, thankfully)

Finally, I couldn’t think of a videogame-related poll question because I was watching too much Game 7 basketball this weekend. Oh wait:

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We’ll see you in the comments!

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3 Author Replies

  • “The Patch”!?

    All of that previewed stuff is finally coming out? Looks like I’ll be going back to LBP before I move on to other games.

  • inFamous goes to the movies..

    is Cole going to watch a movie?
    going to make the movie?
    OMG OMG OMG he is THE MOVIE?!?

    let the rumors begin!!!

  • LOL, I voted Lakers… those where the only ones I know about!

  • Can you please check if Europen People who buy Infamous will get the Uncharted 2 Beta code ?

  • YAY more KZ2 DLC! Can’t wait. Don’t really watch sports so i fail at this poll lol. Hope they make an InFamous movie. Begging for them to make a Killzone movie xD

  • @ W0lf_MAN21:

    I reckon it’s a trailer for infamous making appearances in the cinemas before key blockbuster movies… still, they could be pulling a deadspace and be releasing a film alongside the game (here’s hoping we get a comic too :D).

    Now, “the patch” intrigues me… I’ve not touched LBP for a while (mostly due to my version being japanese, so none of the DLC works for me) but if this brings something new to the table I’m looking forward to blowing some dust from my copy.

    and the new shambling hoard? is this the game from konami I’ve been hearing about?

  • Maybe “The Patch” has something to do with the Online Create Beta.

    I also fail at the poll. I don’t really pay attention to the NBA unless the Raptors are doing well. ^_^;

  • I’m about to experience Xi in the real world in a few hours! anyone else get chosen for an interview?

  • I didn’t know there were so many Cavs fans on the blog! I’m rooting for the Lakers as always.

    How about you Jeff? Who’s your team for the finals? :)

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I\’m a Sixers fan, but I lived in Orlando for several years, so I\’m going Magic. They\’re being overlooked here in this poll, but they have – by far – the best big man left. That goes a long way in playoff basketball.

  • What about the Motorstorm Arctic Edge interview we were supposed to see last week already??

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      You\’ll see it this week, didn\’t make the final schedule last week with the MS:PR DLC announcement.

  • Zombies and PSN you say? With all these zombie games coming out as of late I feel I am most ready for the a zombie apocalypse if one were to ever happen.

  • @ exion

    well… that makes more sense than my guesses.
    an animated movie + comic = instant buy!!
    plus.. inFamous has such a comic book feel.

  • The Patch, huh? Could we finally be seeing the Final Fantasy VII add-on similar to what we got with MGS4?

  • I’m guessing “the patch” is online create mode (and hopefully the reactivation of ‘Play’, ‘Create’, ‘Share’ stats?)

  • R2 DLC aye?? would be nice if we could get something like “Horde”

    also Jeff….is it POSSIBLE for us to get a “global” sign-in with PSN?? what I mean is once we sign-in on say the PS Blog we are signed in on ALL PSN Site. I check the PS Forums, PS.Blog,,, EU Forums, and other sites and have to sign in EVERY site I go to. are you guys working on this?? it really would be more convenient

  • Always down for more zombies! I’ll assume this is either about “Burn Zombie Burn” add-ons or the release of Konami’s “Zombie Apocalypse.” Either way, I’m very excited! LBP patches are usually fun too, when they bring us new features- and I’d guess that “the” patch has something new to play with. :)

    Bring it on…

  • zombies…

    Popcap’s “Plants Vs. Zombies”??

  • StalkingSilence

    Prediction: Plants vs. Zombies for PSN.

    Also LBP Patch sounds exciting. Wonder what cheese this would be (we already know about the 2000AD/Judge Dredd patch).

  • I think it’s safe to say these past couple of weeks have been the best ever on the PS Blog.

  • @ Insyt / StalkingSilence

    I’m guessing it’s Zombie Apocalypse from Konami… something that’s been announced for both the PSN and XBLA…

  • JohnnySmokesalot

    To rigged for “king” james it’s pathetic

  • I sure hope you mean ads in the movies!!!! Cause infamous deserves ads…
    Can’t wait for the R2 DLC… And Zombie game?!?! Is it that PSN game from konami? =D
    Thanks jeff for asking the question about infamous’s naming =D

  • Dead Rising coming to PSN.

    Jeff…Basketball? Really, Basketball?

    Its the Stanley Cup Playoffs right now…Go Hawks.

    BTW…Noby Noby Boy players…Boy is being randomly multiplied 2,4 or 8 times this week to get you to Mars faster…get stretching!

  • Zombie game better be Dead Rising 2 else i’m gunna go postal up in this beach.

  • Motorstorm Arctic Edge video interview ????

  • @23 P S N :)

  • @ Phuquit

    I think it could be Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Please be R2 CoOp DLC!
    Also : Jeff we need ‘moar’ KOF XII info ;-)

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins vs. the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley cup. I hope pittsburgh pulls it out, but if my Pens had to lose to anyone I hope its the Hawks.

  • @Jeff

    You forgot a “Who gives a crap” option in your poll. LOL!

    Not interested in any of that for this week. :( Hopefully we’ll get more RPG news soon. Got any PSone RPGs up your sleeves?

  • @Vengeful-Chaos

    You shall be spared.

    The last zombie game i bought from PSN was certifiably fecal. Zombie apocalypse looks like a slight improvement on that.

  • Holy geez, I’m excited about every one of those.

  • Hey Professor PlayStation, who are you rooting for?

  • Forget the NBA, it’s all about the NHL

  • Sorry. I am actually am a total sports dope. I won’t even guess as I’m sure I would be so incredibly wrong.

    Your topics this week…

    * LittleBigPlanet receives “The Patch”
    * inFamous goes to the movies
    * More zombies shambling toward PSN
    * More R2 DLC en route
    * Xi in the real world (not The Real World, thankfully)

    Very pumped for this week!!! Excellent news for all of my most favorite things PlayStation right now!

  • Hoping for YouTube uploading support in LittleBigPlanet.

  • Thanks for the info

  • snowboardzombie

    Resident Evil Directors Cut. And RE2 I hope.

  • R2 DLC? I’m hoping for more than just maps. Oh and the game could use a few minor fixes as well.

  • LBP Patch?
    Like COOP Create mode?
    Like the Play Create Share counter is finally fixed?
    Like I can PLAY the game now?


    My friends and I started building costumes and the like to remake a Japanese music video in LBP–Jeff you can be sure that I will email you the vid haha!

  • The Cavs are going to win the NBA championship. They’ve been on a mission for the last year, they have the MVP and runner up to Defensive MVP of the year King James, the best record in the league,no one has yet to really challenged them in the playoffs,the best defense and a new improved offense and a second all star by the name of Mo.

    Just sit back and be a witness.

  • Jeff,

    Can we see about getting Crystal Defenders on the U.S. PS Store, I downloaded the demo from the Hong Kong store and love it. But I cant use my credit card for the Hong Kong store because I have a U.S. address.


  • Magic are gonna go all the way, better watch out Lebron cuz Dwight Howard is gonna get nasty on ya’! It actually hurts a bit seeing magic at the bottom of the poll, but no worries.. We’re 2-1 in the season, there’s no way we’re gonna give up without a fight in the conference finals.

    Anyways, Jeff is the InFamous special edition that I’ve seen on ShopTo. net have a chance on coming to the States?

  • Maggic all the way they are ma home team, and they beat the champions from last year

  • does any1 no anything about basketball? does any1 care? anyways LA will win it all despite the troubles they had against the rockets, cavs wont b ready 4 the lakers since they r playing easy teams, the East isnt the same without KG, cant wait to c modern warfare 2 on the 24th
    and also infamous

  • The patch? Infamous movies? Did I miss something? I know what u mean by zombies coming to PSN, cant wait for Zombie Apocalypse!

  • and the cavs didnt do very good against the top teams in the nba, they had a losing record against them

  • Just occured to me that aside from “Burn Zombie Burn” add-ons and the “Zombie Apocalypse” release, the zombie reference could be the new add-on for “The Last Guy,” as well. PLEASE bring us the new maps and trophy support that Japan is getting. “TLG” is one of my favorite PSN titles. I neeeeed this! :)

  • inFamous goes to the movies ? Maybe the first full lenth movie to appear in “Home” movie theater ? also looking forward to XI !

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