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This week, SCEA is giving the gaming media a sneak peek at our E3 lineup, but there’s plenty going on before the big conference. This week on the blog, you’ll read about:

  • Our Earth Day plans
  • Some DLC details
  • We ask *you* about Bioshock 2
  • PSP news

And our question of the week…

The good folks at IGN (Greg Miller in particular) seem to be inordinately preoccupied with the fact that I have exactly zero Platinum Trophies to my name. They’re constantly giving me advice on which games have the most attainable prize: Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, the upcoming Wolverine, and… um… Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Now while I’d love to have a Platinum under my belt, I’m still a respectable Level 8. So my question to you is:

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For the record, Yoon also gives me stick about my Platinum goose egg. Last time I checked, I believe he had *11* of them. Crazy!

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  • If you want an easy platinum, pick up Godfather 2.

  • I got the Platinum Trophy from Resident Evil 5 a few weeks back (I’m about halfway through level 6). I rarely find time to play a game this long or this thoroughly, so it was quite an accomplishment for me. With so much great software to play on my PS3, I usually work through a campaign once or twice and take whatever trophies I end up with before moving on, always planning to come back. Speaking of which, Dead Space is looking a little lonely these days…

  • 9 plats.

  • I could have gotten more than 2, but I barely have time to play. And when I do have time, I just can’t concentrate on one single game =( to many games!!

  • trophies are a lot of fun and add a lot of replay to a game. But the one thing I HATE is having to grind through or put 60+ hours into a game just to get the majority of them. Games are supposed to be fun and if it’s not fun trying to get a platinum trophy, then after a while no one is going to care about them.

  • I have platinum for Uncharted and that’s it. That was the only one that remained fun for me the whole time. Usually once I get up over 60% on a game it loses it’s fun and starts to feel like a chore, so I stop playing, but Uncharted was fun the whole time. Can’t wait for Uncharted 2!!!

  • I am 4 Author Hearts away from my first platinum!!! If any kind souls on the PS Blog can heart Bildo818 as an author, I would really appreciate it! What a fitting post to be made for me to beg!!! PLEASE!!! I literally beg you to help me. I got screwed out of my Burnout Platinum since I haven’t bought the PS EYE yet. Yet being the key word, I just have to convince myself i need the PS EYE for more than a platinum trophy!

  • “I prefer the colour of bronze…. :)”

    Good one. That’s my favorite color too.

  • I spit shine my Fall Out 3 platinum trophy every day…

  • I’m close to platinum for skate 2, but it’s hard to find people to play with for the freeskate activities.

  • 3 Platinum Under My Belt

    and Burnout Paradise

    Working on
    Killzone 2
    Skate 2
    and Bioshock

    and Yes Bioshock 2 woot woot

  • I have one’s.. but SONY PLEASE transmit to Incognito Studios that platinum for Warhawk is very dificult.. a guy that works all day can have the master trophy in.. 4 years.. xD

    If the StarHawk is the sequel of this crazy game.. please give us a small update with ways to make more points.. like respawn our flags.. 10 points.. like old days..


  • i got a platinum for uncharted and for Fallout 3, working on my Motorstorm 2 platinum……….not easy

  • Only one for me, so far.

    First Platinum: Fallout 3
    Next Platinum: Fallout: New Vegas

  • I’m a little obsessive with trophies… but I only have 2 platinums (Uncharted Drake’s Fortune and Dead Space!)

    I love the noise that we hear when we get the trophy icon in the top corner! It makes me smile!

    Ooh, on the same note as trophies; a while back (when trophies were just released) there were plenty of interviews with some folks over at Sony about trophies, and someone said that Sony was looking into rewards for people who obtain a large amount of trophies… Have you guys heard any news on that! I think it would be cool to recieve some exclusive home items or a free PSN game or something for our trophy levels… or maybe have a points system where we can earn points for trophies, but then cash in points for a prize!


  • I’m hoping that PSP news is more Square Enix Titles with a dash of Final Fantasy VII being downloadable from the PlayStation Store.

  • I think you should keep your 0 platinum trophies. It’s like your calling card. “No Platinums Jeff” has a nice ring to it.

  • Hopefully the “psp” news includes some added visuals for the music player. Or at least some kind of tool to make our own visuals for the system.

    I use my psp to listen to music a lot, but the music options on the system are severely limited.

  • I got Uncharted, Burnout Pradise , and COD WAW. Still working on KZ2 and LBP.

  • he cheats… lol. side note i can’t wait for E3 this year its gonna be huge!


  • BTW Kaze, FFVII is available for download on the PSN.. In japanese :P

    Pretty excited for the US release, but since I’ve got cfw and I have the original FF7 discs I have already made the file for psp. Surprisingly it’s 200mb smaller than the Japanese version..

  • Right now I have 3 platinum trophies: Bioshock, Fallout 3 & Prince of Persia.

  • While FTB3 looks cool I really want to hear about SOCOM: Confrontation DLC. Please tell me that there is going to be an announcement some time in the near future.

  • @69…heart me and I will heart you!

    Let me know if you will

  • I would love some SOCOM DLC also and i PRAY we will hear about it this week!

  • @Bildo818 I’m hearting you now, we are both heading for the same goal :) Appreciate it if you would return the favour by hearting me back :)

  • Don’t think I’ll ever get a platinum. Not a big fan of playing the game 3 times on normal, hard and super hard modes for one, and most require stuff like that. Then you’ve got insane online requirements like KZ2 has, and it just is never gonna happen. I got 70% on Uncharted, and I believe that’s the best I’ve ever gotten/will get, probably. I don’t have the time to invest…

  • I have zero(0) Platinum Trophies, i play games for fun, not to “acquire trophies”… lately i have been “aiming at acquiring trophies” so my trophy# has gone up on a average of 5-10 per week (mind you I do not put in many hours of gaming per week), gold trophies are harder then platinum since a platinum trophy is pretty much handed to get after getting all trophies and for me, bronze and silver are pretty easy to get except for certain gold ones. without getting the gold trophies you will never get a platinum trophy. also a lot of my trophy-enabled games are PSN titles not retail titles, i only have like 3 retail games that have trophies yet i have over 6 PSN titles that have trophies and PSN titles do not come with trophies other then a very small handfull, out of those handfull i only have one which is Wipeout HD, and i got a long way to go for wipeout HD.

  • as #77 posted too, I do not have the time either, I have 4 kids under 6 so to spend countless hours to get just one trophy is insane, some “hard” trophies are not even that hard, they just require about 48hours of your time LoL so a lot of them are more about endurance. I know some are IMPOSSIBLE to get because of trophies REQUIRE multiplier, for example pixeljunk eden has one trophy that you need 3 players for, well Im sorry but i only have 1 controller and im the only one that plays my PS3, so that trophy is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get unless i spend $100 to get 2 extra controllers.. no thanks. I hate those kind of multiplayer trophies, their so unfair.

  • PSP news eh? I like the sound of that!

  • @kingofnexus

    You will be hearted as soon as I get home from work! And I will message you on the PSN to confirm it for you :-) AWESOME! Thanks man….That means only 3 more hearts to go! anyone else care to get closer to the LBP Platinum along with my and Nexus?

  • Jeff, Prince of Persia was probably the quickest and easiest platinum of the ones I have. If you want to get past the goose egg quick, I’d give that one a shot.

  • Well I have 3 platinums so far and will have 2 more real soon from killzone 2 and resistance 2. But some easy ones are the eye of judgement and burnout paradise.

  • [NOTE: I originally had a lot more to say, but I had to trim down my comments.]

    I don’t own a PS3, so I’m not all that interested in Platinum Trophies. What I AM interested in is that PSP news. I felt that the PSP section of the PS Store could have had better updates in recent weeks (especially last week’s update). With both the iPod Touch and DSi on the market, I strongly feel that Sony in general needs to put in a much better effort of supporting the PSP. Here’s some suggestions I have in mind.

    >Simultaneous launches of PSN games for BOTH the PS3 and PSP.

    >More downloadable demos for upcoming PSP & PSN games.

    >Some downloadable apps for the PSP.

    >More downloadable PSone Classics and original games for the PSP.

    Now, I understand the trouble SCEA has to go through in order o get more PSone games on PSN, but each time I read about that “licensing issues” problem I feel that it’s becoming more of a convenient excuse.

  • lol Andrew Yoon… he is a great blogger

    anyway yea i got 2 plat now… just need 1 more trophy to get a plat in W@W and 2 more trophies in LBP and 2 more in R2″dont think im going to get that 10k kills for that tho”

    working on PoP one atm

  • I wonder how long the media blackout will be on what is being shown this week?

    Jeff, is there more PSP news other than the new firmware features?

  • I am particularly proud of my Platinum for Uncharted, since the trophies are specifically designed for you to really get the most out of what we all know is an excellent game. One of my favourite trophy lists, since it is a challenge, but also attainable for average players like me with plenty of dedication!^^

  • 3 Platinums Thus Far: Uncharted, Burnout, and Bioshock

    My next 3 upcoming Plat’s will be R2, KZ2, and LBP

  • @74 hit me up on PSN. I dont need the <3 but i will be glad to help.

  • To be fair, I haven’t put enough time trying to get another Platinum Trophy… and I got sick of GTAIV’s online trophies long before I completed them all.

  • spunnups….if you heart me, I will heart you tonight if you’ve created a level. Could you please heart me? I’m only 3 author hearts away from my first platinum. Nexus and I are going to help each other out using this blog post, I could use your heart as well man! Let me know, thanks!

  • Here are my current Platinums

    Eye of Judgement
    Burnout Paradise
    Little Big Planet

    Almost got so far
    Killzone 2
    Resistance 2

  • @mahunoy

    I will message you on the PSN tonight!!! If you, Nexus and Spunnups does this for me, I WILL BE 1 HEART AWAY FROM MY 1ST PLATINUM!!!!! :-)

  • Anubis, would you mind hearting me tonight? It takes only seconds. You can search for text on LBP…just put in Bildo818 :-)

  • I am going to get my 8th platinum today :)

  • no platinum? what’s your gamerscore, though?

    i don’t have a lot of trophies because i spend most of my time playing GT5 Prologue. but i should have my 3rd platinum if i can beat deadspace on impossible.

  • I have two. I would have three without that stupid Mugshot trophy in Burnout Paradise…

  • I love collecting trophies. I am working on my thrid platinum trophy for President Devil 5. Almost got it! Hmm… well hope this week is another good PSBlog week. Looking forward for this week’s blog as always.

  • honestly its no that most the platinums are hard to obtain just simply too time consuming. the work to do them isnt hard its just extremely lengthy and repetitive for some games. any shooter with multiplayer has goals set at obtaining the highest online rank and with some games the multiplayer just isnt worth the effore(fear 2 anyone). they drag on and are honestly kind of boring. i mean even the grat ones(warhawk and resistance) just take up a lot of time and speaking as an adult with a social life and a job there just isnt much room for me to balance my life and fit the ridiculous amount of time it takes to earn a platinum and still enjoy all the games i want. sorry. platinum trophies are great and all but i really would rather not play through a game two or three times just to make sure i got every last detail of it.

  • So Lip Service Jeff is now No Platinum Jeff…I can’t keep up with the nick names.

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