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This week, SCEA is giving the gaming media a sneak peek at our E3 lineup, but there’s plenty going on before the big conference. This week on the blog, you’ll read about:

  • Our Earth Day plans
  • Some DLC details
  • We ask *you* about Bioshock 2
  • PSP news

And our question of the week…

The good folks at IGN (Greg Miller in particular) seem to be inordinately preoccupied with the fact that I have exactly zero Platinum Trophies to my name. They’re constantly giving me advice on which games have the most attainable prize: Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, the upcoming Wolverine, and… um… Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Now while I’d love to have a Platinum under my belt, I’m still a respectable Level 8. So my question to you is:

[poll id=”13″]

For the record, Yoon also gives me stick about my Platinum goose egg. Last time I checked, I believe he had *11* of them. Crazy!

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  • I know those platnums can be tough to obtain. Burnout paridise is an easy one to get all trophies for.

  • wow I’m up early, think ya just posted this. Good poll, better than last weeks. SO no psp2 but is there a ps2p?

  • I prefer the colour of bronze…. :)

  • I really hate it when you need to grind for trophies in order to get the platinum. I want to play games as long as they’re fun, but grinding really spoils the fun for me.

  • Games are ment to have fun. A Not get a headache from.. Some of the trophys are a headache.. My Platinum Trophie are at 0 also… Also what do we earn for those trophy’s any way??? To much PROFILING not enough FUN!!!!!

  • I just have one Platinum, in Burnout Paradise. It’s really easy to get. :) I was able to get it within a week. Only tough part was the 10 Time Trials, which didn’t initially work, so I had to start a new save.

  • i have 2:
    uncharted and killzone 2

  • I only have one because I actually liked the game so much that I grabbed it along the way. Burnout Paradise is the only one I have and the only one I went through the effort to get one trophy that was out of the way from my normal gaming habits.

    Jeff, you’re going to have to answer this one day: How are you liking the Valkyria Chronicles DLC? Just cleared Selvaria’s pack and am going to go through Edy’s pack in a few days.

  • Trophies add more replay value for me. They are fun and challenging to get.

  • I have 2:

    Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and LBP. Both were fun to get… Getting the R2 platinum will never happen for me… 10k kills is crazy.

    Anyway, what’s ‘PSP news’? Games? Hardware ;)? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • 12 platinums with 2 more only a few hours away (Resistance 10k kills is kinda time consuming lol)

    @Zombie9, The way I look at trophies is, once Ive completed a game, the trophies give me added incentive to replay the game, or do things that I normally wouldnt, Just like in game patches/medals/unlocks/whatever also do. I dont however, think it has anything to do with skill at games in general for the most part.

  • I didn’t expect someone in Andrew Yoons line of work to have time for 11 platinums! Jeff you’re a PS man how can you not have any Platinums?!?

    I wonder what you’d ask us about Bioshock? It’s easily in my top 5 for best shooters i’ve ever played.

  • I have to echo ManaKnight comments. My only plat is in Burnout. Several of the Burnout trophis take a lot of time (like finally getting that A license) but none of them are really difficult.

  • The RE5 Platinum will soon be mine (Only Pro is left)

  • I’m close in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, but Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine is a work of pure evil.

  • Ooh, PSP news. Hopefully hardware cause after I saw that SOCOM trailer I can’t wait for PSP2

  • Warhawk and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift have the toughest Platinum trophies to obtain, right alongside WipEout HD.

    By the way Jeff, don’t spoil E3 way too much, look at Nintendo and Microsoft, they aren’t saying anything so that their conferences will have a good list of unannounced games. But I am sure Sony won’t disappoint since they haven’t disappointed me since 1995. :)

    Oh, and I have a question Jeff, do you know what is the maximum level you can reach with trophies, I mean do you know whether 50 or 100 is the last level you can reach? Because I think there may be a need of like 100,000 trophies to reach level 100. ^_^

  • I have no platinum trophies as most of these games require you to complete everything and although I play the games till completion I’m not an expert by any means and find it difficult to complete every aspect of the game and therefore will just have to resign myself to never getting any platinum trophies.

  • @rbanke
    I’ll get that 10,000 kill in R2 some day.. LOL I’m working on it but that is a headache in my book… Online is where replay is

  • Wow, this poll is lame…I mean it stops at 7? I mean 7 should be like the second option at the most, considering people that come here would play games, I don’t know, maybe more than a couple of hours a month? I am working towards my 17th platinum now! Jeez, big deal…

  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine trophies were kinda easy, just finished the promo version yesterday and got 51 % of all Trophies on my first playthrough on Medium. And it was actually quite an enjoyable game, too. Not your ordinary movie license crap but more like God of War (but with not-so-fancy graphics engine). Really.

    Probably finishing the game again on Hard difficulty would give me my first Platinum Trophy.

  • Oh Leave Andrew Alone…lol is it HIS fault that he plays SO many games that he has like 15 Platinum Trophies?? lol I mean he is in The Press…lol

  • 0 platinum Jeff? That’s weak. Everyone should at least put in the the time to get platinums in Burnout and Uncharted, they are two great games.

    However, Level 8 with no platinums is pretty respectable, I must say. I’m only halfway through level 10 and I’ve got five of the damn things. Not enough time for games these days, sigh.

  • Guys, can you bring more avatars for PSN acconts, or a avatar creation like the Hot Shots Golf Open Tee characters creation?


    Can you bring Divx 7.0 support in next updates?

  • I can see your point Modus, but no need to brag lol. If you look at the results of the poll right now, only 25% have two platinums or more. I think their selection for choices has been very representative so far.

  • I have two of them so far, and many games I am close to getting another one (fallout 3, Ferrari Challenge) but don’t really care.

  • Maybe from determining fromt he poll that platinum trophies for most games are too hard. I bet it’ll be a YEAR before I get the sOCOM ONE. THEY ARE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET….

  • i scored the unhcarted platinum…never want to see Drakes face again but i got it ^_^

  • I’m 10 Platinum’s in. I still have R2 (56% or 60%), Motostorm 2 (75%), SFIV (50%), Killzone 2 (50%) and Skate 2 (50%). I like to get my whole $65 worth. LOL!

  • Wipeout HD (56%), GTAIV (70%), Warhawk (67%) and Socom (0%) because the Trophies are lame. I have a few more but I cant remember them all.

  • I have 5 plats and on Level 12. Platinum for Burnout, Uncharted, LBP, Mirrors Edge and Sega Collection.

  • I’m close {like 3 trophies away} in a couple of games, but as soon as I start playing *just to get Trophies* it becomes not as much fun. In the beginning I was goal oriented about it, but now I let them fall when they may. Haven’t changed my cell phone ring tone or anything {you peeps know who you are} I’m a respectable level 7 with 407, and I’m OLD so it’s all good :-) I think we should start a Platinum Goose Egg club. lol

  • I’m 2 stupid trophies away in Burnout Paradise, but I doubt it will ever happen.

    I am committed to Platinum in Fallout 3, just have to finish collecting Bobbleheads.

  • Everybody at Joystiq uses Andrew Yoon’s logon id though…it isn’t a fair fight!

    0 Platinums and NEVER will…I suck.

    PSN/Twitter: KSPRAYDAD

  • 1 Platinum i got, and never again :-/
    Got the Uncharted 1. It makes games to frustrating tho :-/ 1 Platinum Trophy will do :D

  • One of the unfortunate side effects of the trophy system has been the perception that if you haven’t completed the game and secured a platinum trophy that you have somehow failed.

    Whilst this system is great for the completionists out there (the minority), it does not work for the majority of gamers (in my opinion).

  • I have 0. And I think the easiest one to get one in would probably be Fallout 3. There’s no supercrazy missions you need to do, no online trophies that will be difficult to accomplish, etc…

    Killzone and Resistance 2 are probably the harder ones with the Online having to get in the top 1 percent of a week in KZ2 and the 10,000 kills in R2 online competitive. Not a fan of online trophies :(

  • Lol… Andrew’s got nothing on me… 17 Plats here…

  • Trophies are good as long as they are obtainable. I dislike having to get a trophy which relies on other people to get. Warhawk is a victim of ridiculus trophies, where there are ones which are simply too time consuming to get (reach rank general) and ones which are next to impossible as they rely on too many people in cooperation (pilot a fully loaded dropship). Wipeout HD and Pixeljunk Eden are the king of unnecessarily hard trophies in my opinion.
    I have 3 platinums so far (uncharted, burnout, mirrors edge) almost 4 (LBP create trophy needed). Currently level 8, 54%.

  • I’ve got 5 and that will stay that way. No intentions of collecting them any further, unless I’ll get them by surprise. Trophies aren’t really rewarding since you can’t exchange them for anything useful, plus I find them to annoy my patience.

    Speaking of trophies, again I’d like to fill in an official request for a trophies notification “not display” function. Same kind of function as with messages. As with messages, I’m not always fond of the notifications getting in my screen all the time. I should have the right and option to disable the notification. That’s not much to ask is it? This it he only XMB option I’m requesting, further “nothing”. It makes gaming for me much more relaxing and fun. If I wish to collect the trophies for a specific game then I turn on the notification myself but I don’t like it, its there all the time.

  • The ones with 10+ platinums should really get a life.

    KIDDING!! :-P

  • 385 trophies and no platinum..Don’t feel bad Jeff.

  • love the guys at IGN!


  • Dayem, despite my request above, it seems I belong to the list of trophy whores??? Naaah, no way! *hah?*

  • Onna, there are rumors that people who have more plats will be rewarded by getting into betas and stuff like that. Just rumors for now, but at least it’s some reward, if it really happens :p

  • while i myself have no platinum trophies, i saw the profile card of some guy and it says he’s got 23! 23!! or something like that. Prince of Persia, Burnout Paradise, and Littlebigplanet are great game to get platinums in.

  • Will a lot of what will be shown to the media today be under NDA’s?

    Will we get videos out of it? I really want to see Uncharted 2.

  • @ Onna

    That’s a low blow Onna…I’m gonna kick your butt! lol
    I totally agree with you. Trophies should be exchangeable for some kind of PS Home items or something interesting.

  • Please tell John Koller to stop making silly PR statements like ‘We’ve captured the hardcore’. Thanks.

  • the only game I have more than 60% of the trophies is flower (95%) but alas, it has no platinum =/

    I was gonna make Killzone 2 my first platinum but the elite difficulty is too much for me…

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