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Here’s what we’re working on for this week…

Instead of a poll this week, I wanted to ask more of a free-form question…

This weekend, I split my time between two excellent co-op experiences, Resident Evil 5 and Flock (I’m sure John D would be happy to hear this :-D). While Mrs. PlayStation Blog couldn’t care less about shotgunning zombies (I married her anyway), she instantly fell in love with Flock, and we spent a good amount of time playing it together. I think it was the cow poop that drew her in.

The dynamic reminded me of PixelJunk Monsters, which I know a lot of couples enjoy playing co-op. My question to you is: What game(s) are you enjoying playing with your significant other these days?

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  • LBP all the way

  • Me and my hand play a lot of games, in fact, every game! :)

    *Goes to cry in a corner* :p

    Anyways where is Fat Princess, I want it!!!

  • Jeff Rubenstein.
    Please check out this great mock-up of a PSN ID card featuring your PSN account name. I don’t know if you are allowed to comment on this sort of stuff, but I think it is a fantastic design that shows the features that we are looking for!

  • Me and my girlfriend really enjoy playing LitteBigPlanet together. (love slapping each others sackperson)

    Funny things, she loves playing GTA, but all she does is run over people.

  • Well my girlfriend doesnt like playing games. I have tried to get her into some that I thought she would like and then she is just like “sorry dont want to play”. I know she doesnt like RE5 like myself. The controls are just too screwed up for that game. And flock is just to expensive for that game. I would pay $9.99 or less for it but not $14.99 for it.

  • John should be making a blog post this week, right?

  • Oh yeah but my girlfriend thinks that Sackboy costumes are really cute though. I show them to her all of the time.

  • That’s good and all, but where are the PS1 classics? Japan has Xenogears, FFVII, RE1, RE2, RE3, even Metal Gear Solid! Where’s the love for your British and American patrons?

    It is a sad day when one has to turn to pirates because of neglect from a company as big as Sony. Would someone please address this issue?

  • I don’t have a PS3 yet, but I just showed my GF Shadow of the Colossus, and she wants to see it through the end.

    Also, Katamari Damashii is a charmer when it comes to girlfriends. I can’t wait for Tribute to come out!

  • @Jeff, thanks for the info!

    I’m ready to be blown away by the Valkyria Chronicles DLC. Tank busting rifles and Selvaria are an awesome mix.

  • @Jeff

    Thanks for the info! Forgot to mention SingStar too, the wife loves to kick my butt. Hoping that the trophies announced will show up stateside soon. Also hoping that we see those bluetooth mics soon. Lots of karaoke fun!

  • I just want to know will we ever be able to play online with our status showing us offline. Sometimes you just want to jump into a game real quick and not be bothered.

    Also I hope that DLC will be for SOCOM because it needs some badly.

  • I love playing my PS3 with my girlfriend, we picked up Rag Doll Kung Fu last night and it was so awesome. We’re definitely going to be playing that one a whole lot it was a blast. I definitely think it will be the top game between the two of us for a while because of how much fun we had playing last night, highly recommended if anyone here is on the fence.

    We play PixelJunk Eden and WipEout HD both of those games had trophies for co-op play which made it that much more enjoyable since we’re both addicted. LBP, SFIV and Rock Band 2 and SingStar oh man, I totally forgot SingStar. We used to play that a lot before Rock Band but once the trophies update comes out it’ll be the new thing once again.

    I have to say I think video games are a pretty big part of out relationship, she’s even beaten some games that I couldn’t beat or on a higher difficulty (my trophy level is still higher ;-) Calling All Cars! is another game that just came to mind, we played that so much and we were both pretty excited because we both loved the Twisted Metal series as kids. Please talk to David Jaffe about some trophies!

  • killzone 2 DLC
    is it going to be free??
    or how much?

  • Is any of the news on SOCOM Confrontation DLC?

  • Hi JEff, any news on SCEA comming to Argentina?
    We Latin americans also want to buy stuff from the Store!

  • Hmm…how does a significantly single dude answer this question? LOL ………

  • Apart from the obvious like Little Big Planet my girlfriend and i enjoy Tekken 5 DR Online, Assassins Creed (mostly just running around with the horse) and of course Super Rub a Dub.

    “You won’t have to wait very long :-)”

    Might have to get that game now…

  • My family (and friends) likes Buzz, and my kiddos (2 & 4) like Buzz Jr Jungle Party. (Thanks for bringing it out as PSN game!)

    My oldest son likes all the Lego-inspired games, and my wife enjoys taking Jar Jar to the woodshed in Lego Star Wars, as well as playing Marian to my Indy.

    Back in the PS2 days, my wife was known to enjoy a game of EA’s NHL (’01) or WWE:Smackdown. The button-masher Smackdown was the only game she would ever play against me on.

    If you’re collecting marketing inputs to try and capture some of that “casual gamer or female gamer market” (which I’m guessing is the real reason for this blog post), then my main input is _co-op_ games that DO NOT split the screen are preferred, and easier to get the casual gamer into.

  • at 43 and 27, i am on the exact same page! i was thinking i was gonna die if i didnt hear anything about the game, and i do want a live chat to talk about tht exclusive power

  • I recently taught my significant other how little big planet works :). she hasn’t had the hang of it completely but she loves the skateboard level.

    also not playstation related we also started playing house of the dead: overkill together and finished the game in one run :D.

  • I love my women, but she does not play to many video games. In fact the only game she will sit down and play with me (not co-op though) is The Last Guy or sometimes Super Star Dust HD. That was until I showed the very excellent alternate reality game Xi, on Home. Neither of us has ever played an ARG before Xi, but she loves crime solving T.V. shows and Xi’s puzzles are right up her alley. I didn’t participate in Xi until she showed interest and now we have every butterfly and fragment that is currently available to find or figure out and I am loving every minute we spend on solving those puzzles. Is an ARG considered co-op, Jeff please weigh in?

  • looks like this is gonna be a great week lol , fat princess and infamous info yay!!!, hey Jeff you guys should put the karma system video from Infamous on the playstation store , thats a very interesting video about the game ,i hope we get released dates from both infamous and fat princess this week, hope we get white knight chronicles, yakuza 3 and demons souls info soon too

  • My fiancé loves playing Singstar or Rock Band 2… other than that… she’ll enjoy short sessions of Super Stardust HD and LBP…. that’s about all… she gets turned off by control schemes of other games.

  • My GF and I played Final Fantasy 10 & 12 together and totally loved it! And she likes LittleBigPlanet too.

  • @ jeff
    Are there any enws about us who have the english version of disgaea 3 to have the trophy patch just like the jap version??

    and also do you mind telling me if we Canadians going to get the video store any time soon??
    Thank you

  • Fat Princess, PJE: Encore. Say nothing more. Two guaranteed purchases from me.

  • We haven’t played anything for a while co-op, but we played a hell of a lot of Diablo on the PS1 co-op when we first got together. More recently we played the PS2 Baldur’s Gate games co-op, as well as (and I don’t know if this counnts) Final Fantasy XI (which I still play regularly).

    I’m really looking forward to Sacred 2 next month, as that looks like it’ll rekindle that wonderful co-op gaming experience we had with Diablo/BG.

  • @53 VenomUK… that design is amazing… I would definitely show a tear of excitement if our PSN profiles looked even half as good as that. LOL.

  • I love the fact that my wife takes such an interest in my gaming, when other women would call me a nerd or geek. I’m really happy to see that more and more women are becoming gamers. My wife and I have been huge fans of Silent Hill since the beginning. She’s been playing Ratchet & Clank for years and we play LittleBigPlanet together…

  • My bf is not generally a gamer; he’ll occasionally watch me play but actually one game that has captured his imagination and that he plays spontaneously is Pain, plus a brief foray into PixelJunk Eden. He’ll also kibbutz when I’m playing something that has an interesting story or catchy visuals.

  • LBP and Warhawk.

    She’s obsessed with Warhawk.

    Used to be cute.

    Now it’s getting scary.

  • Me, Myself & I love playing every game i get such as KZ2, RE5, Warhawk ……………………….

    It sucks having no singificant person …….. i cant share the fun :….(

  • Funny that you mentioned it, because we were blasting away at zombies in re5 this weekend!

  • Rock Band (2) is pretty much the only game my gf will play but she loves it and also any females that come over play that. Street Fighter 3 Turbo Remix also gets the ladies to go oh yeah. Not sure why.

  • My wife also love RE5? Caught me off guard with that one.

    We also play Buzz with family and friends, along with PJ Eden, PJ Monsters, HVB, The Simpsons game (even though I dont like it), and the countless hours spent watching movies (all Blu-Ray now).

  • Almost forgot about LBP, we beat the whole game co-op.

  • Could one of those DLC announcements be for WipEout HD? :D

  • Why dont you have Slant Six and Sony get on the blog and explain to Socom fans why we still have no DLC 7 months after release when it was PROMISED every three months??!?! Or you guys can continue to pretend like that never happened. Man up and face your mistakes

  • I was playing PixelJunk Eden this weekend. Still a great game. I want to put more work into Monsters though since its my first love. That game is tough.

  • No Resistance 2 love? I’m addicted to that game and of course my BF loves it as well. That is just beyond fun co-op. However I cannot get him to like my girlier game LittleBigPlanet. :(

  • jeff lol you seem to know whats going on around here. any chance of us ps store getting final fantasy 7?

  • My girlfriend and I just downloaded comet crash last night and she loves that. We play PJM but I am yet to get her to play RE5, she wants to but she just needs to get used to the controls.

  • I remember my wife creaming me at Twisted Metal (which is surprising since she doesn’t normally play action games). Hopefully, that’ll come out soon for the PS3!

  • Hey Jeff, I just thought I would say that the game me and the misses is Magic Ball, I told that to the gentleman from capcom right here on this blog and it was cool that he commented and he is glad we dig that game!

  • She usually gives me head while I’m playin GT5P..

  • @50 (NarcMonkey),
    Sounds like you landed yourself a great trophy wife ;)

  • Wow I can’t wait for all the game news. I want to find out more on MAG

  • Just got RE5 for Easter :D

  • What a timely post for me. I’ve just joined a mentoring program and was curious about ps3/PSN games that would be appropriate for a younger person who loves video games.

    I really don’t want to spend $300 on the Wii *yawn* although I love Mario. Lots of good games mentioned so far that would apply to my case. PJ Monsters has been a HUGE hit so far!

    Thanks everyone!

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