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Here’s what we’re working on for this week…

Instead of a poll this week, I wanted to ask more of a free-form question…

This weekend, I split my time between two excellent co-op experiences, Resident Evil 5 and Flock (I’m sure John D would be happy to hear this :-D). While Mrs. PlayStation Blog couldn’t care less about shotgunning zombies (I married her anyway), she instantly fell in love with Flock, and we spent a good amount of time playing it together. I think it was the cow poop that drew her in.

The dynamic reminded me of PixelJunk Monsters, which I know a lot of couples enjoy playing co-op. My question to you is: What game(s) are you enjoying playing with your significant other these days?

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  • We play Buzz as a family. We also beat Bejeweled 2 as a combined effort.

  • I don’t have a significant other…

    Thanks for reminding me… :(

  • only game my wife will play is bejeweled 2…other than that she says games are too hard/complicated on the ps3…she likes the old SNES mario games…damn it haha KZ2 and MLB 09 the show for me though…

  • happy monday all. What other games does the girlfriend like playing with me? Age of Booty in co-op mode has been occupying our time lately… also cool is the ability to make our own maps and test them out. Before that was Magic Ball and Cuboid (in turns).

    Was hoping to tryout Flock this weekend, but didn’t get a chance. We tried out the Resident Evil demo, but the controls marred the demo for both of us (when one player can’t get it working, it kills the experience for both). I also want to start-up Eden again with the GF to try out the new patch and levels… maybe this weekend.

  • I dont have a significant other.:( So if there are any girls who want to play online games then add me. I need more psn friends anyway.

  • DLC for more games? Not just Valkyria Chronicles?

    Those other DLC are coming out this week, right? I’d love to see that trophy patch they released in Japan for Disgaea 3 and that whole Raspberyl chapter be announced really soon.

    Jeff, you obviously have the inside scoop, can you confirm if Disgaea 3’s better upcoming stuff is coming out this month or the next?

  • We are both musical, Rock Band all the way!

  • My girlfriend and I like to play LittleBigPlanet together.

  • My wife likes a lot of games, but she doesn’t have a lot of time lately to play them.

    She did find some time to play several rounds of Worms with me, and she managed to win once.

    That’s a good little game.

  • “Wifey” likes to play Monopoly (Wii but there is a PS3 version) and Pixeljunk Monsters, I didn’t know Age of Booty was co-op may try to push that on her. Would love to play RE5 or Burn, Zombie, Burn with her but alas she does not share my fascination with the undead. I wish more games had co-op to them (both online and splitscreen!)

  • SOCOM DLC? HAHAHAH Yeah right. What did I think this was, 2012?

    Any Fat Princess news (and or June 12th release date) is good news!

  • Our current favorite is High Velocity Bowling. We are both looking forward to Fat Princess and are hoping for offline co-op!

  • The PSN version of Worms was the first time my wife has ever played that series. She’s hooked now; she asks to play almost every night.

  • Guitar Hero. We got World Tour about 2 months ago and my wife fell in love with it. I haven’t seen her this into a game since the original Sims. The next week we picked up GH3 and last weekend the surprised “me” by getting Aerosmith and Metallica.

    Maybe now I’ll be able to cure her of the odd love of country music she has. :)

  • We still love to play Monsters and Eden together on the PS3.

    We also play Pokemon together as well…though I know its not a Sony product.

    Also does her screaming and telling me to watch out as I play Killzone 2 count?

  • We got Rock Band 2 a few weeks ago (along with a generous helping of DLC) and the whole family has been getting in on it, my wife especially. It looks like we’re going to need another PS3 so I don’t have to lug my unit up and down the stairs anymore, which is rad.

    Yes, my wife thinks we need a second PS3 in the house… what has the world come to?

    The kids love their LittleBigPlanet and Flower, but have yet to turn Mom onto those titles. She’s too caught up with rocking, I think. Give her some time…

  • How about Releasing some Playstation One Titles?! You have really let me down. It’s a shame when some is forced to pirate PS1 Games from the web because Sony Wont offer them to sell.

  • Saint’s Row 2. all the way!!! Best co-op sandbox experience around. ;-)

  • If only my significant other played video games :(

  • My gf loves LBP…. I think its cause she loves to slap me :(

  • Try the lego games especially star wars and batman they were great to play together. Also if she is into platforming and stuff like that you may want to try The Simpsons Game it was fun and was great playing together. All of those also have a lot of little extras to find. Gaming cliches in The Simpsons are great (invisible walls, infinite lives). And then getting all of the characters, kits, and powerups in the Lego games is fun. LittleBigPlanet is fun to especially the little sackperson fights that break out.

  • I managed to get my wife to play PJ Monsters with me a bit, but I think she’s more of a SingStar Party kinda girl… still trying to slowly convert her to video games hehe ;)

  • I would like to know more about the “Much, much more, of course.” hopefully there is some home goodies, and firmware tips, or more blog integration.

    I like playing killzone 2 with my buddies!… oh wait..maybe i will get to enjoy that later this year.

  • What game(s) are you enjoying playing with your significant other these days?

    Right now, Littlebigplanet, Singstar and Team Fortress 2 (on pc…)

  • and I can’t wait to hear more about inFamous. demo please :D

  • The wife and I still play Calling All Cars.

  • Thank God for more inFamous info. I was so spoiled by the GDC news and interviews. This short drought has been killing me.

  • Buz and Singstar (Sure wish Singstar was American so that I knew 8 out of 10 songs, instead I know 2 out of 10)

    Also we are heavily waiting for Sacred 2 she loves dungeon crawlers

  • The Wife and I playe Buzz!, Singstar(We Need more Rap Songs Please cause I cant sing worth a damn), Pixel Junk Monsters, Rock Band 2, Rag Doll Kung-fu, and I’m trying to get her into shooters with some Resistance 2…..

  • RE5 & SFIV at the moment

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    are their new avatars coming? as their is a new search function on the avatar page with categories

  • cant wait sounds like a good week
    but is there any DLC planed for Supersonic Acrobactic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars??
    Ive been wating for a long time
    and the avatars WHERES Sackboy!!!!!

  • Please give us Final Fantasy VII on da PS Store! SquarEnix is making it available on Japanise PS Store we want it too!!!

  • Jeff, will Punisher: No Mercy see the day this week?

    • We don\’t have a date on that game at present. When one is announced, expect the devs to show back up on the blog.

  • Little Big Planet, Magic Ball and Lego Indiana Jones.

  • Rag Doll Kung-Fu + LBP + FIFA 09 is what i have been playing off-line with mates ;) So much FUN ;P
    And i wish KillZone 2 had 4 player split-screen mode to tho, shame that.

  • My wife will sometimes play LittleBigPlanet with me, but for whatever reason she rarely feels like playing 2-player games. Usually we just take turns doing 1-player games and watching the other person play (Unless its Valkyria Chronicles which she gets very bored watching me play). Currently we’re actually cranking through some Persona 3 FES for the PS2.

  • Jeff, at the risk of soundy creepy, can you give me a few other PSN titles she likes (co-op or not)? I’m having a hard time finding games that the wife and I both enjoy. She mainly likes Buzz/SingStar, but not finding any PSN games up her alley. Maybe I’ll try flock (or at least the demo) – but seeing if you had any other suggestions.
    Happy Easter, blog team!

    • Mrs. PlayStation Blog is a huge SingStar/Rock Band fan (she can sing), but I have a harder time finding \’regular\’ games that she likes.

      Flock was an instant hit for her, but then again, it has cow poop in it.

  • Woot more info on Fat Princess…can’t wait for that game!!!!

  • Ah yes, Cuboid, she loved Cuboid. But until we see the new DLC, we’re through that one. :(

  • Thats right jeff hit me where it hurts lol.

    Well it’s been awhile since I’ve had someone to call my significant other, however last few girlfriends it has been MMO’s like FFXI or games like Rockband which have been closest to the Co-op experience we’re seeing alot more of these days.

    Been to busy with trying to get out of college and on with life to worry about women of late. Good to know there is something out there though.

  • Looks like a pretty cool week. I play LittleBigPlanet with my signifigant other. She’s not really into games, but she will play them just to try and beat me at them :)

  • Hay Jeff and Chris
    I just want to let you guys know that I got my trophy shirt in the mail today. I would just like to thank you guys again for it.

    As for Fat Princess and Infamous new news. I cannot wait for new info on those two games. Hopefully we get a Fat Princess release date and a release date for the Infamous release date.
    Can we get a chat with Sucker Punch? I would like to know if the gamestop preorder powers are in the game and you just need to unlock them or if you need the preorder code to unlock them. If that the case, then it is going to piss a lot of people off because they will be unable to experience the full game and all of Cole powers. Not every likes gamestop or shop there. Many of us buy our games online or from other retailers such as BestBuy.

  • My girlfriend loves to play LBP and BUZZ with me. There should be a trophy for LBP that says “Good Sport – Playing LBP with someone who constantly runs off and kills you.” We also play Guitar Hero 3 and Rockband 2 with our friends.

  • me and my girlfriend play Killzone 2, LBP, Calling All Cars (yes still), and Burnout Paradise on weekends.

    Here’s to hoping Fat Princess turns out so we can play that

  • Warhawk update????

  • My wife and I often play Rock Band, Singstar, Buzz, and LittleBigPlanet together.

    Singstar is actually her game, as she wanted it for the Country songs (we live in Kentucky, what can I do?) from the PS2 disc swap.

    She also got herself the Nyko Front Man guitar for Rock Band because it has an alternate pink pick guard.

    It is good to play games with your significant other. Couples that play together stay together.

  • Magic Ball occasionally….we’ve been waiting on the release of more levels forever now. Any news on when we’ll be getting some DLC for Magic Ball?

  • Doctor :)



  • Funny, my wife LOVED RE5… Particularly the shotgunning majini part. We collected all the trophies together in fact (that’s why I married her) XP

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