PlayStation Home News: EA Unveils The Godfather II Space, Capcom Refreshes RE5 + Special Events!

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Tomorrow, April 9th, is shaping up to be a milestone date in the ever-evolving world known as PlayStation Home…and we can’t wait for you all to log in and check out all the cool stuff we’ve had brewing!

First up, EA is launching their first PlayStation Home game space to support the newly-released The Godfather II game. This space will have a Texas Hold ‘Em table and will allow you a place to gather with your fellow PlayStation Home mobsters and tighten up your poker face before EA launches its highly-anticipated Sports Complex.



To celebrate the launch of The Godfather II space, we’ll be throwing our first Celebrity Poker tournament in-world Thursday night and we’re inviting you along to play a hand (or lose a hand, if you can’t settle your debts!). Decorate your avatar to resemble one of your favorite celebrities and then get ready to throw some cards. The party starts at 5:00pm PT (8:00pm EST) and ends when it ends.

On a similarly awesome note, Capcom is further demonstrating their support for all things PlayStation Home-related by refreshing the Resident Evil 5 game space. A new mini-game quest and a souvenir shop with new costumes will be available within the space, and much more. But the best part is that all of you Resident Evil 5 freaks will get a chance to further sharpen your zombie-slaying skills on Thursday, April 16th. Between the hours of 3:00pm and 7:00pm PT (6:00pm and 10:00pm EST), PlayStation Home Community Management team members CydoniaX, BuggieTechnica, and Locust_Star will be joining up with Capcom staff to launch into co-op games of RE5 with PlayStation Home users.

The sessions will last for one chapter or 20 minutes – whichever comes first. To participate, just be sure to show up at the Resident Evil 5 game space and have the game loaded into your PLAYSTATION 3. We’ll be looking for users with the game launching icon over their heads, and if we see you we’ll jump into your game. We’ll be dressed in either the new Chris or Sheva costumes. The question is, will you?

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  • @3
    you made my day

  • That’s cool. I just hope it isn’t like all the other mini-games in home and has a hard-limit of players playing. (Come on, this is easy to fix, remove that stupid limit unless there is a performance issue on this) Otherwise it’s going to be madness (MADNESS? NO! THIS IS PLAYSTATION HOME LIMITS!) trying to get my Poker on in PSHome.

  • I shall be buying the RE5 costumes. I don’t know why, but I will.

  • Great news! Home is coming along swimmingly and I’m very happy to hear all of the success it is having with micro transactions! It is always the way to go imo.

    A little recommendation though…how’s about selling to us the mini-games (ie: Pool Table, Poker Table, Arcade Games) for us to purchase and have in our personal spaces. Right everyone!?

  • Sony can we get some of the Indie games that were at GDC, IGF on the PS Store?!

    When is the EA Complex going to be available?

  • this is very good, i still think sony should lead the way when it comes to home game spaces ( i mean sony in house games) but this is good regardless , im glad to see all this support home is starting to get , i hope we see sony’s game spaces soon (socom, motorstorm , little big planet, killzone, resistance, ratchet, wipeout , god of war , gran turismo and more )

  • cool cant wait to check it out

  • You should implement a set of trophies into Home. ie: For things like Xi, this new mini-game quest, etc. Like with expansions, the trophy list could ever evolve.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Ambient sound on the updated RE5 space?

  • Sweet! It’s so nice to have community managers who host events like this.

  • Awesome. I’ll be there with my gangsta gear on fo sure!

  • fat princess

  • Curious… why a chapter from Story mode? Why not do Mercs mode with someone?

  • Sweet! I want a poker table for my Private Home space…that’d be cool.

  • Can’t wait for the poker!! it would be cool if we could win virtual money to buy things in home!!!

  • @56 and @58

    I am in complete agreement!

  • So what’s the milestone?

  • @59, I agree, sound would be good in the re5 home space… at least footsteps for crying out loud!!!

  • YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but unfortuanately I lost my PS3 controllers *sigh*

  • Are you guys ever gonna fix the whole sub account access issue with HOME?

    My brother I made a sub account for 2 years ago, now 18 and still is not allowed into HOME. And he really would like to check out HOME in his account and not mine.
    So is there a way for him to use HOME ever or can I make his sub a master account?

    I do know there is a trick for the sub account to access HOME, but than he gets locked out of M rated games when done.

  • This is great news and may actually convince me to visit Home again(been months) but when is the SOCOM space that has been talked about for over a year coming out. Also can you folks here at the blog call the peeps who run the SOCOM blog and tell them to fix the mail server as it prevents you from getting game invite within SOCOM. Thank you many people are very angry that they can’t join with the rest of their clan for Ranked Quick Matches. Some I know are planning to SELL SOCOM because of this. Please Please fix this issue.

    Oh yeah as for Texas Hold’em. You guys are meat, I have been taught by my friend who is The Poker Stars Team Canada Captain…..

  • Sorry to double post but for The1stMJC above me, MAKE ANOTHER MASTER ACCOUNT WITH HIS DEETS. He’s 18 and deserves a master account. No longer a child right?

  • home is starting to feel so hot… it burns!

  • I wish the HOME devolpment team would stop wasting time on this crappy game known as Resident Evil 5. Sony needs to focus on its best game right now aka Killzone 2

  • SWEET! Though The Godfather II space doesn’t necessarily interest me, and actually neither does the RE5 space… I still like what’s going on! I’ll be sure to at least check out the Godfather space, I don’t know about texas hold’em though…

    (I’ve never played it before…)

    Every day now I can’t wait to get on Playstation Home and see what’s new! This will just further my excitement!


  • All right, I just added Mafia wars on my Facebook, and now this, how can this get any better. Bada Bing Bada Boom, baby.

  • Soooooo….will the Resident Evil 5 space have AUDIO now or did Capcom STILL not see any need to update that???

  • This is a good addition for the continual evolution of Home.

  • @FlyingBurrito

    It’ll cost you $5.99 to unlock the audio in the RE5 Space

    *hides from John*


  • King0fHearts2007

    Why are these games always so late? 8pm? We really need to swich up these times a little.

  • King0fHearts2007

    No news on if we are getting any new stores in the mall?

  • home is just getting better and better, good going Sony!

  • must…have…chris redfield outfit. i resisted buying a toy car in burnout for that outfit. BOOSH

  • Alright, Frankie. Just stay away from the poker tables.

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Great news. The RE5 event sounds pretty cool. I probably won’t go so others can get a chance to play with them but it’s a cool event none the less.

    Also, Texas Hold ’em is definitely going to be popular.

  • I’m wondering if they’ll add some actual SOUND, to the RE5 space! It needs some atmospherics!

  • Still waiting for the Burnout Paradise space…

  • @ 3 LOL sad part is it’s all too close to reality…

  • Screw Crapcom.. the gaming community is all disgusted with their behaviour with nickel and diming their fans.

    The news that the versus mode was always on the disc only proved how pathetic they are. I will never buy another Capcom game new again… i’ll get them used or second hand. So nay money from me.

  • @47

    DMC4 was never AAA. It was a decent 4 hour game that was stretched with backtracking and playing same part over twice.

    Screw capcom

  • Wow pretty sweet news. I’m liking this RE5 news as well. I want a Sheva costume.

  • I assume the poker games will be impossible to get into like every other game in home. Especially during an event.

    There’s millions of users registered in home. And they make spaces with like 6 copies of a game max. So… yeah… there should be 500,000+ other users waiting in line for each one. Except that 99.99% of users quickly give up on trying to get into any of the games in home.

    This situation, I believe, is the biggest thing holding home back. There ends up being nothing to do in home because the fun things to do are never available.

  • I never tryed home and i just buyed a new ps3 can some people send friend invations pleasse and yes i will try this home after the update is done


    did i hear godfather and texas hold em? im there

  • This sounds pretty cool, and I’m looking forward to the EA Sports complex as well…

    I’m curious though, is the Dev team planning on updating the bowling alley anytime soon?

    Pool needs a lot of work, and there’s clearly not enough arcade games / bowling lanes.

    Thanks for the update and info though…
    I appreciate the work everyone is doing there.



    P.S. if you have a moment, please check my big @$$ list of ideas HERE.

  • jeff is it in eu too?


    @3… hahahahaha I want capcom to respond to us

  • 1 table for the whole room there should be at least 3 or 4 tables.

  • @93

    All home spaces are softlimited to 40 people, hardlimited to 50 people

    So with an 8 player table your chances are quite high to get a seat. The RedBull space, on the other hand, is a mayor pain.

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