PlayStation Home News: EA Unveils The Godfather II Space, Capcom Refreshes RE5 + Special Events!

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Tomorrow, April 9th, is shaping up to be a milestone date in the ever-evolving world known as PlayStation Home…and we can’t wait for you all to log in and check out all the cool stuff we’ve had brewing!

First up, EA is launching their first PlayStation Home game space to support the newly-released The Godfather II game. This space will have a Texas Hold ‘Em table and will allow you a place to gather with your fellow PlayStation Home mobsters and tighten up your poker face before EA launches its highly-anticipated Sports Complex.



To celebrate the launch of The Godfather II space, we’ll be throwing our first Celebrity Poker tournament in-world Thursday night and we’re inviting you along to play a hand (or lose a hand, if you can’t settle your debts!). Decorate your avatar to resemble one of your favorite celebrities and then get ready to throw some cards. The party starts at 5:00pm PT (8:00pm EST) and ends when it ends.

On a similarly awesome note, Capcom is further demonstrating their support for all things PlayStation Home-related by refreshing the Resident Evil 5 game space. A new mini-game quest and a souvenir shop with new costumes will be available within the space, and much more. But the best part is that all of you Resident Evil 5 freaks will get a chance to further sharpen your zombie-slaying skills on Thursday, April 16th. Between the hours of 3:00pm and 7:00pm PT (6:00pm and 10:00pm EST), PlayStation Home Community Management team members CydoniaX, BuggieTechnica, and Locust_Star will be joining up with Capcom staff to launch into co-op games of RE5 with PlayStation Home users.

The sessions will last for one chapter or 20 minutes – whichever comes first. To participate, just be sure to show up at the Resident Evil 5 game space and have the game loaded into your PLAYSTATION 3. We’ll be looking for users with the game launching icon over their heads, and if we see you we’ll jump into your game. We’ll be dressed in either the new Chris or Sheva costumes. The question is, will you?

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  • Awesome RE5 space is being updated. Thanks HOME Team.

  • pretty cool!

  • Let me guess… This update to the RE5 Home space was already included in the previous RE5 Home space, and we have to pay $1.99 to unlock it?

  • @3 LOL is all I have to say :)

  • Can’t wait to starting owning all my years playing Solitary has payed off.

  • Awesome, EA FTW!

  • @3 You win the blog.
    Hey Capcom, you planning on giving an official response to all the news sites accusing you of holding back content already on disc?

  • very sweet news. I seem to go on Home more and more every day, Xi helps lots though lol

  • hell yea ps rules

  • I don’t know how to play poker, and I’m not really interested in RE5, but this a 5 rated post regardless. The support you guys are showing the community is much appreciated. Any chance of Godfather themed clothing in the mall?

  • When will voice chat make it back in HOME? It annoying to type and have your word censored. We are grown adults Sony, we don’t see every words to be censored

  • @7 HouseMorton
    Capcom isn’t going to come out and say that. That why I don’t support them. They are cheating gamers who buy their product for $65+ and not get the full game. That like buying Killzone 2 and have to pay even more if you want to play the online multiplayer.

  • As for the EA home space. I cannot wait. Tomorrow I am getting my PS3 back from Sony and this is they first thing I am going to play. Keep it up HOME TEAM

  • @ 7 …Im not standing up for Capcom but have u everybody else ever thought about that Capcom included the Versus mode through the latest patch?

  • Thank you so much for the update Locust! I miss chatting with you man, say hi sometimes, makes us early beta testers feel special when you still remember us :o)

  • Cool that HOME is expanding…..

    But yeah Capcom has been totally [DELETED] as of late—if they are so dedicated to multi platform where is LP2 for PS3? Granted, the LP series sucks but still they said they were going to not be bias towards anyone–but then they go ahead and do so when it is convienient for them.

  • nice update…can’t wait to see the RE5 space updated. what time do you think it’ll be updated by tomorrow?

  • @11

    not everyone are adults, not since open beta started in dec….anyways, i’m so ready for poker, i’ll be in my flavor flav avatar

  • Hey folks,

    As Locust points out, we’re having a celebrity poker night where everyone comes customized as their favorite famous icon. We’ll be discussing and organizing all of these shenanigans over at the PlayStation Forums-

    Hope to see you at the tables!

  • @GamerMoney
    Ah true. There is a lot of kids in HOME. But don’t you have to be 18 or old to use HOME? If that they case, then they shouldn’t be in home at all. They are underage.

  • Yes 20th!!!

  • @20

    your a loser

  • Support seams great, but GOD Father 2 is extremely mediocre game.

  • @ 20 and 22 MiltonMafia
    Did you just called youself a loser? hahahahahaha

  • I think he did LOL

  • Celebrity poker? Who is going to be there lol? I’ll check out the new RE5 stuff. I wouldn’t really call it a milestone though. Now picture frames, tvs, and radios will be a milestone.

  • Oh snapple! I’m a big Resident Evil 5 enthusiast! So I will be sure to check the new stuff on Home tomorrow. I’m going to ask my co-op buddy if she wants to try it out!

  • Nice I like your weekly updates that you guys make to support Home. However can somebody teach me poker, I’ve played it before when I went to the casino on my 20th birthday but I didn’t get it what so ever.

    My PSN ID is Katsuo7171

  • @ 3


  • Nice update.

    I assume the poker setup in this is a “lite” version of the EA complex?

    On that note, any hints at a release frame for the EA complex?

    Thanks :)

  • No, you only had to be 18 to get into the Beta (for legal reasons). Since the open it’s been open to 13+.

    But I do agree the censor is a bit stupid on some words. At least they fixed the relative “Hell” problem. (“****o!” “What?”)

  • @ katsuo7171,

    You can search Youtube videos, it might help out a lot ;) That’s how I learned poker, but now I forgot how to play it haha

  • I would love to do the RE thing, but since I first put the game in my PS3 it will no longer read disc based PS3 games.

    All other games and media work. Even called support, was supposed to get an email to set up RMA. Never happened.

    Barely over one year old and now it won’t read PS3 games. Too much fun.

  • Question, Why do we need a Godfather space? Does the game have multiplayer?

  • “We’ll be dressed in either the new Chris or Sheva costumes. The question is, will you?”

    Yes, yes I will. I already vowed to stop spending money in Home since I never really use it and every decoration I buy always resets after updates, but I’ll be supporting the Capcom Home content… and I can’t get enough of Resident Evil 5. If there’s any costumes I want to rock, it’ll be those. I just hope they look better than the SF4 ones, because they were butt-ugly. Chun-Li’s clothes are too baggy, Guile looked like he benched about 45 pounds, and Ken & Ryu looked like cheap knock-offs. They were a little beefier than Guile, but all four characters were proportioned totally wrong. I’ll keep my hopes up for the RE5 set, though…

  • Thanks Locust_Star…I’ll have to check this out when it goes live.

    I like the idea of the poker in the space as I have High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition and really have fun online in that game.

    Keep the Home spaces coming !

  • I downloaded the new Wipeout HD patch and now my PS3 freezes at the Autosave information loading screen!!!

  • is it in eu to??

  • have to wait and see what is going on.

  • Looking forward to the Sports Complex.

  • CAPCOM is a joke. Everyone at Capcom are crooks. Sooner or later everyone will realize it and stop supporting their products.

    Fake DLCs

    Street Fighter IV & RE5. The content for both of those games were initially on the disc. All they do is sell you a 2mb code to unlock them.

  • Any Unlockable items for playing the games?

  • It’s starting to turn the corner. I give you that much. That Cave of the whatever the hell it’s called was fun.

  • I just wish you guys would put in some of the things that people want. Instead of going ahead with your silly schedule of things that are kind of stupid.

  • The are so greedy for our money but they cant even patch their older AAA titles with Trophy support.

    Devil May Cry 4

  • It’d be awesome if you guys made it so that we can bet real money on the poker games.. a guy can hope. Ahah.

  • love new home stuff. i have been playing the xi thingy, the game test area is sweet fun. can’t wait for more.

    big news lol. i made my first purchase for my avatar a nice suit. looks pretty cool. i just bout it with some left over money i had from buying games off psn. works out alright.
    one complaint though… there is not enough stuff to choose from in the eu store. bring out some more stuff like a sackboy costume or wolverine… and maybe you could add some more dances like turtle spin. home is really cool but the things that you do are really casual.
    remember this is a game world… we can do anything.. why not some breakdancing? maybe add a night club too

  • The way that Home is growing is similar to watching your own child grow through its toddler years. Simply Amazing!!!!!

    Jeff you’ll know what I mean soon enough ;) Congrats

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