PlayStation Home News: EA Unveils The Godfather II Space, Capcom Refreshes RE5 + Special Events!

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Tomorrow, April 9th, is shaping up to be a milestone date in the ever-evolving world known as PlayStation Home…and we can’t wait for you all to log in and check out all the cool stuff we’ve had brewing!

First up, EA is launching their first PlayStation Home game space to support the newly-released The Godfather II game. This space will have a Texas Hold ‘Em table and will allow you a place to gather with your fellow PlayStation Home mobsters and tighten up your poker face before EA launches its highly-anticipated Sports Complex.



To celebrate the launch of The Godfather II space, we’ll be throwing our first Celebrity Poker tournament in-world Thursday night and we’re inviting you along to play a hand (or lose a hand, if you can’t settle your debts!). Decorate your avatar to resemble one of your favorite celebrities and then get ready to throw some cards. The party starts at 5:00pm PT (8:00pm EST) and ends when it ends.

On a similarly awesome note, Capcom is further demonstrating their support for all things PlayStation Home-related by refreshing the Resident Evil 5 game space. A new mini-game quest and a souvenir shop with new costumes will be available within the space, and much more. But the best part is that all of you Resident Evil 5 freaks will get a chance to further sharpen your zombie-slaying skills on Thursday, April 16th. Between the hours of 3:00pm and 7:00pm PT (6:00pm and 10:00pm EST), PlayStation Home Community Management team members CydoniaX, BuggieTechnica, and Locust_Star will be joining up with Capcom staff to launch into co-op games of RE5 with PlayStation Home users.

The sessions will last for one chapter or 20 minutes – whichever comes first. To participate, just be sure to show up at the Resident Evil 5 game space and have the game loaded into your PLAYSTATION 3. We’ll be looking for users with the game launching icon over their heads, and if we see you we’ll jump into your game. We’ll be dressed in either the new Chris or Sheva costumes. The question is, will you?

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  • God Father 2 is a great space, however, I have a 55″ tv and cannot see the wagers on the right side of the screen – please fix.
    And, you should win some bling for winning a game.
    Thanks for all these great updates! Home is really becoming a great place and only on the PS3!

  • I think there’s something like six or eight tables – two downstairs and 4 or six upstairs – you have to look for the stairs though as it isn’t clearly marked. Oh – new mini game in RE5 and free ornaments for your apartment.

  • that whats up Texas Hold looking forward 2 it see you on ps3 home on the table G^ROYAL FLUSH

  • These things need immediate attention in this space:


    1. Allow private / open tables. Waiting for the next game when a seat is available is annoying. Elimination tables are cool, but sometimes we just want to play for the fun of it.

    2. While playing, we should definitely have the option to communicate. Currently we can’t even scroll the text from others in the surrounding area.
    Text / Voice should absolutely be available, and perhaps even an option to use the webcam during play (private / open tables) would be interesting.

    3. I would like to be able to just watch a game if the table is full, or if I’m not in the mood to play. Just add the option to the list when you select the table. Then show a general view and allow a free roam feature if desired.

    There’s more but those are at the top of my list.


    P.S. if you have a moment, please check out my big @$$ list of ideas.

  • Oh and add an option to muck/show cards…


  • Ps3 Home Makers, Home is boring you need to add the Radios, TVs or something What the point of walking around doing nothing…. It’s pointless… Let the people Fight or something that would be fun Make it Kind of Like a Grand theft Auto or something Make A boxing area… Do something To me Home Gets an F-

  • I played this and I honestly got to say, it was rather boring, I can barely see the cards on a SDTV, you can also barely read the text.

  • I have a lot of hate for RE5 after playing through and the bs dlc they’re trying to get people to buy, but I am very proud of Sony and its partners that Home is being grown so well. I do kinda look back at the closed beta and think Sony could have just started with this open beta and not have lost anything for it. Oh well, keep the free content coming and great games to buy (hopefully minus the bs dlc).

  • Keep the content coming!

  • I just have a Home related question to ask….When will we see EA Sports on Home? I’m looking forward to that for the last few months. It will be a solid feature to it’s growning Home network. I look forward to it.

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