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Another Game Developers Conference has come and gone. More importantly for us, year two of the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge at GDC was a huge success. Stationed in San Francisco this week, we showed off games including Fat Princess, PixelJunk Eden Encore, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, inFamous and more. Our fellow bloggers and friends from the media were able to relax and check out great PLAYSTATION 3 stuff to come this year, and reception has been excellent so far.

But the highlight of the show was the San Francisco PSB meet-up, where over a hundred of you guys showed up and got some hands-on time with Fat Princess and Eden Encore, won some prizes and represented the PlayStation community. I’ll be back this week with a complete wrap-up of the event and will definitely show off some great pics from Wednesday night, but until then, enjoy this one of Jeff as a much-deserved “thank you” for making this meet-up a success.

Jeff vs. Hip Hop Gamer - Street Fighter - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

This week was all about GDC, and we know you’ve been keeping up with our coverage here on the Blog (including some amazing God of War III developer interviews, Backstage with Guitar Hero, the next Ratchet & Clank game and more), but don’t forget that there’s a heap of other worthwhile PlayStation news on the ol’ interwebs. GameDaily’s got a nice hands-on with inFamous in case you’ve already seen IGN‘s Karma coverage. Kotaku gives a rundown of Media Molecule’s GDC lecture on art in LittleBigPlanet, and GameSpot has first look at Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, officially revealed for PS3 this week.

See you tomorrow.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 23, 2009)

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  • Looks like jakinov shut his mouth. He got pwn3d in a word battle. Serves him right

  • Fantastic week for PlayStation coverage. Just struggling to see through the poor NGS2 trailer compression on various sites. 60fps HQ version on the PlayStation Store please Tecmo and SCE.

  • @40
    What do you mean why would they put it at the top? So the consumer dosen’t have to do more work. It’s sony’s job to make it eassier for the consumer. Consumers want to do less work. The reason why we use graphical operating systems instad of command line b because it’s faster and easier. Think about it like a websites they put all the options,links, notifications on the very top so you see them right away not at the bottom.

    I don’t get why PlayStation fanboys love for their system to be compeltely different from the 360. I bought the PlayStation 3 because I like the games :). I don’t like the interface because it’s undeveloped and slow. It does things slow and it dosen’t have a lot of features it should of had from the get go.

    Um that’s what I said buddy…

    And like I said earlier I am(was) at work and because it’s sunday I close at 6 so I left to go home. You aren’t owning me you are just using stupid arguments and telling me how you won’t accept good ideas because your favorite system didn’t do it first.

  • ignore ignorance guys.

  • @50
    I agree everyone should ignore The_Punisher111

  • ok ignore stupidity ^^^

  • @19. That makes no sense. How is voice messaging unfair to anyone? That’s like saying Voice Chat in-game is unfair to those people who don’t have a headset since they can’t use it. So, what do you suggest we do about that? Remove Voice Chat? I really don’t see your logic 19. A feature is a feature. Not everyone has to be able to use it, but it’s always great to have that option. Plus, being able to use that feature is as simple as buying a $15 headset.

  • Jeff, you need to have that belt either around your waste or on your shoulder in every single video interview you do from here on out.

  • What we seriously need is a way to block users on the blog so I don’t have to slog through their comments…that should be easy to implement.

    For this week I highly recommend Burn Zombie Burn…well worth the $10 entry fee.

  • Wow, although jakinov’s spamming is annoying, and I wish he’d either stop or post the list somewhere more appropriate, I can’t believe some of you are arguing with some of his points. It’s not at all about turning the PS3 into the Xbox, it’s about improving methods of communication, and gaming in general. So, yes, jakinov your message (which appears exactly the same every time) is getting annoying. I agree with your points, however, but stop f**king spamming.

  • Do you guys have a PlayStation Gamers Day planned this year?

  • Seems there’s a consensus in here today, anybody know what it may be?

    Forgot to mention Earlier, InFamous seems to be a game that I will buy, possibly my roommate whom I’ve turned into a hardcore PS3 Gamer as well.

    I like the Blog on Sunday.

  • GDC was great, although I think I might have missed some things… I know I missed Bahemoths new game, no videos of that, there was suppose to be a playable demo there.


    I didnt really get any goodies out of this years GDC, other then a 30 min video of fat princess on ign.

  • @jakinov I don’t see why people are so obsesses with all these cross game invites and the like, but spamming the blog is obviously not doing you any good. Besides, there are already a form of cross game invites. I’ve had friends send me invites for games I don’t have while playing another. You can argue with me all you want but that’s a cross game invite. I’d rather that’d be how it stays instead of I’m playing some single player game and someone spams me with multiplayer requests.

    And I don’t see the benefit of the voice messaging. I just imagine someone sending me a voice message and after listening to it five times I finally give up and send them a typed PSN message saying “what?” I just know the feature will get annoying after awhile.

    And finally jakinov, you fit the description of troll very well. I’ve seen this list a few times too. I’d say if there was a voting system you’re comments would get voted down pretty often. You should think about that next time you post.

    Back on topic, nice list of stuff as usual. I need to check out the LBP related stuff. Haven’t played LBP in awhile.

  • @51 Well excuse me ever heard of mistakes yeah so what? Why would everyone should ingore me? its you whom should ingored so i wouldnt be talking! all you gotta todo is post a freaking forum so everyone wouldnt deal with your bsing and ingorant agruments. And dont say “im not ingorant you are” im not ingorant i maybe arrogant sometimes but it doesnt really matter anyway. So could all do us afavor? And just the hell up with the requests? WE ALL GET THE MESSAGE DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND JESUS CHRIST MAN!!! SO ENOUGH WITH THE INGORANT REQUESTS WE GET ALL THAT YOU WANT THOSE FEATURES!!! JUST SHUT UP FOR ONCE AND POST A FORUM ALREADY!!! THE MORE YOU PUSH ERIC THE LESS LIKELY HES GUNNA DO WHAT YOU WANT!!! JESUS CHRIST MAN!!! Just so you understand better IM NOT INGORANT im arrogant at sometimes …..

  • Egads! How could you possible have forgotten to link to the super-awesome N1 podcast that I was on? It’s okay, Chris; it’s been a busy week, and I’ll forgive you. Just this once. *chuckles*

    Anyway, here’s the link:

  • Jeff I challenge you for your belt! I put my hair on the line!

  • LoL,people still complane about lack of fatures on PS3.. Why are U not playing the best games ever made? I’m a regular here for 2 years now.. And PS3 has just won me over this GEN sorry N fans.. Insomnic games my hat is off to you for best games on PS3.. Besides MGS4 :-)

  • Hey Chris, is there a reason why my first post is still awaiting moderation?

  • Yeah jackingoff i mean jakinov why dont you go outside, smell the air and play games? Instead trolling spamming and calling me stupid when you are the one. I know March wasnt a good month for PSN but suck it up…
    Do you need a hug? Do you need love? What do you need so you can stop spamming? Besides adding features

  • Can’t wait for tuesdays big news

  • Did jeff win Wrestlemania?

  • Please sony let the new filmware update 2.70 come out tuesday oh please.

  • @52 Whats your problem? What did i do to you? Why are you calling me ingorant? Why are you supporting jackingoff for? Your the one whos ingorant

  • Rumor is the “big announcement” from Sony has been leaked – PS2 price drop to $99. Man, I hope that’s not the ONLY bit of news. *fingers crossed* for firmware 2.70!

  • One of(if not the only)the announcements on Tuesday will be the PS2 price drop. Yes, the PS2 price drop. I’ve seen a Sears’ ad from either week of 4/5 or 4/12, don’t remember, and right smack in the middle of the electronics page is a “New Low Price!” PS2 for $99. No pics of PS3 anywhere in there. I’m not saying this will definitely be Tuesday’s announcement, but I am saying don’t get your hopes up.

  • @69 i wasn’t calling you ignorant it was jakinov i was refering to. Why do you think there are arrows pointing up to the post above me.

  • @The_Punisher111
    You know my goal is to make 2 posts a week that’s it in two separate blog posts which don’t really have a topic. But you and many other people get pissed off because I’m suggesting somethings that the 360 does better or has and the PS3 doesn’t and you guys get pissed off. I make more than two posts because people like you keep arguing with me because you people are so bias you won’t accept excellent ideas, that improve the system software. You call my ideas stupid and my arguments stupid when you guys are most of the time being idiots.

    Like I’ve mentioned twice already today I’m not at home when I make my two list posts each week. I’m at work with access to a computer.

    Also you need to quit using the word ignorant because it seems like you really don’t know what it means…

  • Congrtas on the PlayStation baby Jeff. @ jakinov, Sounds like you want a 360 with PlayStation written on it. Seriously, Some of those features you metion make you look lazy to push a button or wait 20 sec. for something to install.

  • Did the HipHopGamer give Jeff that belt?
    Regardless I’m stoked for the new Ratchet game! :D

    @jakinov: Please stop spamming every story. I think they’ve realized what you want by now.

  • @74
    I and many other people want things done more efficiently, more options to play games with friends easier, and better communication options. Most of these have been an annoyance for the past two years I’ve had my PS3.

  • @73
    Look jackingoff your ideas ARE useless
    Message Sound Notifaction – What happens if theres a Lone Wolf Sniper trying to get kill but the sound scares him – losing the kill
    Universal Game Invites – Read poisonedsodapop posts
    More Color – …..
    Friend Grouping – Dude just deal with the regular grouping
    XMB on PS2 games – No one plays PS2 games on thier PS3 anymore – No backwards compatibility
    Dude i may and can go on … Your ideas ARE useless. You are useless. We arent getting because you mentioned 360 stuff. We getting mad at your useless ideas and trolling/spamming. Please let it die. Thank You!

  • I’m just annoyed with the spamming. It’s a good list of features, jakinov, but all you’re doing by spamming is annoying everyone.

  • @76 He let him hold the belt for the picture but took the belt back.

  • @75
    I don’t post in every story.
    Like I’ve said I try to make two posts a week(in the recap and What we Read).The_Punisher111 and other people get offended and that throwing insults saying I don’t know what I’m talking about or that I ask for useless things. Because of the way I am, I rather not ignore them because I don’t want them to have the satifcation of THINKING they are SMART and RIGHT when they are being the opposite!

  • Got to round 28 on the new Nazi Zombie map! :D

  • @72
    ok i take it back

    Dude your stupid. “Stop using the word ingorant”
    Why should i? Its better than saying your a retard. Dude i know what ingorant means

    Typo – *We arent getting mad*

  • @72
    ok i take it back

    Dude your stupid. “Stop using the word ingorant”
    Why should i? Its better than saying your a retard. Dude i know what ingorant means

    Typo – *We arent getting mad* at 77s post

  • @77

    “Message Sound Notifaction”
    Same thing that happens when you unlock a trophy while you are doing something you hear a sound and acknowledge the fact that something just happened. If noone has complained about it on STEAM or LIVE why would people complain about it on PSN?

    “Universal Game Invites”
    I don’t know what the hell that kid is talking about. But we don’t have cross game invites.

    “More Color”
    Indeed we do need more color

    “Friend Grouping Dude just deal with the regular grouping”

    I could care less about this but I was on those forums you just keep trying to get me on and someone made a topic about it and everyone loved the idea, so I added it to my list.

    ” No one plays PS2 games on thier PS3 anymore No backwards compatibility”

    What about the 10-15 million who do have backwards compatibility?

    seriously 2 list comments a week in recap and What we read stories is spaming?

  • lol i agree with punisher , katsuo and booboo jones . jakinok i been telling you this for months dude . yes there are some feature i like you listed but it’s not a real big deal if we have them or not . lol if you look at the big picture none of those features will sell x amount of consoles if you were sony .

  • @80
    Dude apparently you dont understand well. Sperche sie duestch?
    Dude WE ARE NOT getting offended who the said that? WE ARE getting pissed dont you understand?
    So when you mean There thinking smart and right there the opposite! Now are you saying were stupid cuz obviously you dont what your talking about. Your putting words in my mouth. Your the one whos acting opposite. Seriously, do you what will to the PS3 if we get ALL those features?

  • lots of stupidity here

  • @84
    Why the hell would you wont sound notification for? When the message pops up in front of your face. So what if other people asked for this there just blind to know if they got a message

  • @83
    You did the exact same typo too.

    from 61
    “ingorant agruments”
    “im not ingorant you are”
    “im not ingorant i”

    Oh and it’s not YOUR it’s YOU’RE.

    Calling my request ignorant and my arguments ignorant is using the word in an improper way because they aren’t :).

  • @88
    Because when I’m shooting that lone wolf character with my sniper on the middle of the screen. I’m too busy focusing on the screen and don’t ever notice I get a message. Guess why it makes a sound when you get a trophy so it doesn’t just happen without you noticing it.

  • http*://www.gametrailers*.com/player/20645.html

    remove the (*)

  • @89
    Wow your gunna use my grammar against me like i give a flying f word.
    Look at my post why would i put youre a instead your? It wouldnt make sence
    “Calling my request and my arguments ignorant is using in an improper way because they arent”
    WOW! Really dude? Yes they are “because they arent” Ummm yes they are dude. Just look.

  • lol hey punisher leave jakinok alone you guys been beating him up all day lol am lmao reading all the post hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha just let him be he will post the same thing next sunday lol .

  • @93
    But do we really have to deal with his mindless spamming?
    Kinda hard to do so …

  • ****THIS POST IS OFFICALY DEAD**** (If jackingoff doesn’t shut up)

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