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Another Game Developers Conference has come and gone. More importantly for us, year two of the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge at GDC was a huge success. Stationed in San Francisco this week, we showed off games including Fat Princess, PixelJunk Eden Encore, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, inFamous and more. Our fellow bloggers and friends from the media were able to relax and check out great PLAYSTATION 3 stuff to come this year, and reception has been excellent so far.

But the highlight of the show was the San Francisco PSB meet-up, where over a hundred of you guys showed up and got some hands-on time with Fat Princess and Eden Encore, won some prizes and represented the PlayStation community. I’ll be back this week with a complete wrap-up of the event and will definitely show off some great pics from Wednesday night, but until then, enjoy this one of Jeff as a much-deserved “thank you” for making this meet-up a success.

Jeff vs. Hip Hop Gamer - Street Fighter - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

This week was all about GDC, and we know you’ve been keeping up with our coverage here on the Blog (including some amazing God of War III developer interviews, Backstage with Guitar Hero, the next Ratchet & Clank game and more), but don’t forget that there’s a heap of other worthwhile PlayStation news on the ol’ interwebs. GameDaily’s got a nice hands-on with inFamous in case you’ve already seen IGN‘s Karma coverage. Kotaku gives a rundown of Media Molecule’s GDC lecture on art in LittleBigPlanet, and GameSpot has first look at Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, officially revealed for PS3 this week.

See you tomorrow.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 23, 2009)

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    Things that matter most:

    Universal Game Invites
    Voice Messaging
    Private Chat in-game
    Allow two or more users to sign on PSN the same time and let them both get trophies
    Add Optional sound to notifications so when you are focused on the middle of the screen you know you got a new message or someone came online
    symbols and numbers that represent friends online and messages sent somewhere on the XMB and beside message box
    Auto Sync Trophies
    More options on profiles
    Report feature to report users, cheaters etc.
    Faster loading XMB and profiles
    More developed profiles
    When you recieve a message you should be able to push the PSN button for it to automatically pop up as long as the notification is still there.

    Friend Request should go on the top of the friends list instead of the bottom

    Less importance:
    View your friends’s friends
    More Avatars
    More details on what your friends are doing
    XMB for PS2 games and movies
    group friends like how u can group instant messaging friends( to oraganize people you met from certain games, online, school, etc.)
    Join friend’s game button
    More Color, everything is black and gray

  • Chris, Jeff, everyone look:

    Apparently Sony is having a big announcement on Tuesday. Wonder what it is?

  • Sony is announcing Something big on tuesday(March 31):
    and oh can someone add a voting feature here on d blog? like upvoting or down voting people?

  • Ban this troll jakinov.

    Spamming every damn story.

  • Hey Sony, is your big announcement the new rumored 2.7 update?

    It better have LOADS of new features.

  • Jeff the new WWE Champ? lol

  • @1 I agree with you %100

  • “San Francisco PSB meet-up”
    Were the Pet Shop Boys(PSB)there then ;D
    Their New CD/LP was out this week ;)

    + Do you have to put ‘Kotaku’ stuff on this? They are PlayStation/SONY haters? :-/

  • Boo……no firmware…..

  • Janikov SHUT UP the PS3’s doing fine without your cracked up Ideas and we don’t need you trying to bring it down. Only like 2 ideas are good. Now stop spamming with your Stupid ideas.

    Anyway thanks for a great GDC. Also please say that the big announcement is a BIG FW update we are 2 months overdue.

  • Chris can you guys put the Ratchet and Clank future: a Crank in Time teaser trailer on the store ? thanks man , great week by the way , lot of new info

    • Hopefully we\’ll see it in the store soon, but I\’ll find out more next week when I\’m back in the office.

  • @8

    you mean by ideas of doing things faster and in the background? My ideas of improving communication and matchmaking?

    Most of the things I’ve mentioned are the things people were getting all happy about when those fake 2.7 stuff came out. What are you expecting from the next big firmware update then?

    I don’t see why you are getting mad when I’m suggesting excellent ideas to make things better. Why would you want to have to sync your trophies? Why would you want a slow interface? Why would you want to type out all your messages? Why would you want to not have the ability to instantly invite your friends to games through the XMB?

  • i want cross game chat! so i can talk to fiends in a diffrent game please sony reply!

  • @1
    Voice message/Cross Game Chat is in the makes so stop complaining about that
    @10 Well, wouldnt Voice Message be unfair to people who DONT have a headset?

  • i agree with jakinov. is the firmware update in march because we only got 2 days left.

  • @2 and 8
    i agree with the spaming … ok jakinov SONY gets the message already

  • @12
    What do you mean by unfair…?

    I knew they were working on it for over a year, but Sony reps always say, when the fans are knocking and demanding they will try their hardest to make it happen. In a video interview from the Bonus Round wiht Geoff Keighley, Eric Lempel says IT’S NOT IMPORTANT and we’ve been getting gallery updates and browser updates which is retarded.

    BTW did you watch the Uncharted and God of war Video yet?

  • sounds awesome! that pic of Jeff is great. can’t wait to see all the other pics you have Chris.


    • That one is definitely a classic. You can check out a bunch of shots by clicking through to Flickr via the pic, but I\’ll give a complete rundown of the meet-up in a couple days :-)

  • I like what you doin man… maybe they’ll actually respond and let us know what’s coming instead of being quiet and evasive. I don’t care if they tell us it’s not coming til december, as long as the tell us it’s really coming.

  • Please just ban Janikov he thinks the blog is the forums and does not comprehend that flaming trolling and spamming are not allowed on blogs.

    Or can you add an ignore button on here so we can just choose to not see this idiot in action.

  • @15
    Ok …. when i mean unfair … how will PS3 Users communicate with others if they dont have a headset?
    Browser updates (IMO) are really good cuz they update Javascript/Flash Player and it loads faster. Also you can play any movies on the internet!

  • @18
    i like your thinking

  • @18
    Banning dosen’t really work :).IP bans won’t work because IP’s are easily changeable. Account bans don’t work because I can just make a new one. The only way to do it is to contact my ISP and tell them to not let me access this site. However I’m not even using my own computer and when I get home I can use a proxy and hide my IP so they can’t find my ISP or any other info. So really Banning dosen’t work.

    Also I never insulted anyone unless THEY insulted me FIRST. And just because I’m talking about the PlayStation weaker points it’s trolling, I’m trying to help improve the PlayStation 3’s software by offering ideas, I’m not coming here and saying negative things and leaving.

  • @19

    They can send text messages, voice messaging is for the people who have headsets they can record themselves saying it instead of typing it out with the annoying keyboard or controller and if you are sending a voice message to someone who dosen’t have a headset they should be able to still hear it out of their speakers. I’m not saying get rid fo the text messages, I’m saying add on voice messaging too.

  • @21
    Dont forget … your also spamming
    Dont say “I not spamming who the heII said that?!”
    I have proof of your spamming also
    Also 18s right … stop spamming here just POST A FREAKIN FORUM ALREADY!!!

  • @22
    Why do you think keyboards are crappy? Lag? Dont say lag cuz FREE online internet is supposed to lag

  • @ all you “STOP POSTING THIS N THAT” people,

    Come on you guys, this is everyone’s blog! Let the users post what they want, just like you guys post what you want to say.

  • @ 21
    Your post does offend me, it’s just too stupid. you have 2 good ideas and that’s it

    Universal Game invites? Who do you know outside of your middle school and your dad that plays the PS3

    Private Chat in game? I thing headsets are good in games the way they are most games already offer team only chat and if you want to talk to one person then just send them a pm explaining so.

    Add optional sound notifications? Really? I don’t want a speaker synbol coming up while i’m about to take someone out in KZ. This is just stupid.

    Sybols that rpresent friends etc. Are ou really that lazy and so self-centered that you want to know how many friends you have online?

    Auto Sync trophies. They already have this. Unless you’re not explaining correctly.

    Faster loading XMB. It’s fast enough for me if you can’t wait 2 seconds you need to check yourself.

    Friend requests on top of friends list. If you enter your message box it’s at the top of the list you idiot.

    Now I’m done. I encourage other users to ignore ignorance.

  • @ 21 Banning is done by your PS3’s MAC address which can not be changed. Banning is simple and easy for them to do. Oh and jakinov (gross name) I am also sick of all that every time there’s a new post here. Do you wait every day just to be able to post that? if so, dude get outside, it’s Spring. There are ladies around that might want to date you and then you could change ur name to something a little more appropriate than that of self gratification. I personally find your name offensive.

    Also great reading up there this past week.

    I think the BIG announcement will be that of, Drum Roll Please:

    The “PlayStation Two Portable(PS2p)” with full psone, psp and ps2 compatibility plus an advanced remote play with the ps3 to allow you to play all your ps3 games on the go.

    Now that would be SICK! Also it’s about time for it to happen as well.

  • @25
    Ever heard of spamming? Jakinovs been doing spamming since like forever. Blog isnt for everyone. Its for people who have comments about the post. NOT SPAMMING!

  • @27
    That would be so so so so so(x100) sick!! A PS2P? Sounds like a gun but cool! If there were only was a PS2P!

  • @23
    All the people asking about rumors about Firmware 2.7 are just as bad as me even though Jeff directly said they are fake.

    The slowness of operating system or how unresponsive the add-on hardware has nothing to do with the online service being free. Not only is it unresponsive. It’s poor design, they should of found a way to stick on the bottom. It’s not just my complaint it’s every person who reviewed the thing complaint.

  • I’m really glad to see all went well at GDC! i was watching in shock-and-awe up here in Canada! Everything was very cool this year, can’t wait for E3, hoping for a Metal Gear announcement. :3

  • @30
    Why would you want the keyboard to stick to the bottom?
    Its better to hide your text with the keyboard so other people wont see. I like my privacy when im texting

  • @ Jack post # 30, All those people asking about the fw, note you used. “ALL” not one but ALL. Now to me that sounds like many people not just the one. Like You. So yes you are spamming the blog and that usually gets a person banned from posting for a few months. I really need a break from the constant bombardment that you do here each and every week. Please for some of us can you refrain from spamming the Blog so much. I mean I like the Ideas but I’m sure ERIC is getting sick of seeing the same stuff over and over and over and over again.(<–like I just did) Here’s something;
    How about when my PS3 is in Stand By mode I could charge my controllers and headsets. That would be a huge bonus to me. I have multiple devices, I could just plug and go and all would be fine. Voice messages will FAIL ultimately. People will rampantly cheat online.<_<
    Another great feature to add would be a LARGER BLOCK LIST. Please make the max go up to 200 instead of 100, mine is FULL.

    So there are a couple great ideas, I still Hope and Pray that it’s a PS2p.

  • SKYPE!!

    when does the new firmware come out?

  • isnt that the HipHopGamers belt? you crushed him in the street fighter 4 match up.

  • @26
    You don’t get the idea of universal game inviting. I want the ability to invite friends to your games through the XMB instead of through the game because most of the time you can’t invite friends to your games unless you are in the lobby or unless you tell your friends to click join game which not every game has.

    I personally don’t care about private chat but people want to talk to other people while they play there own games, or they want to have a chat room with all there friends before joining games and deciding what to do next.

    Which is why I said optional for the notification. I have heard complaints from people like IGN where they can’t tell when they get messages.

    It makes my self centered if I care about how many friends I have online? I thought self centered mean’t thinking and caring about yourself and acting like your the only person in the world. How is that true when I want to know about other people?
    By auto sync I mean it want it to do it automatically when I get the trophy.

  • @26 continued
    For the XMB at times on newer games it’s slow.

    I think it’s still stupid to have the friend request on the main friends list on the bottom and like the other thing about having number of messages somewhere helps to tell you, you got new messages and new friend request because you wouldn’t know if you had to manually check. Which is why Email providers, Facebook,myspace, twitter, message boards, etc. have a little mail symbol that says the amount of messages you got.

  • Sry if this has been mentioned before but I’ve been having a problem with the PSB here is a picture
    i would please like if this was fixed thx.

  • Glad that I could attend a fun, successful PSB Meet-Up and look forward to seeing all of you guys again soon!

    As for the news this week: Where do I begin!? So many great news for PlayStation gamers this week!

    Looking forward to the PSB wrap-up!

  • @27
    Console banning is done by that, which is what they would do if I was modding my system and stealing games. They wouldn’t console ban me for spaming on the blog improvements. The one kid was saying they should ban me from spaming. I’m just saying it’s hard for them to do that and pointless because there’s no harm done other than people offended by the fact that the operating system needs improvement.

    And like I’ve said I’m not using my own computer, I’m at work, and the Internet is slow on the weekend so there’s nothing much to read and I’m using firefox i have an automatic refresher, i make a window at the corner of my screen and when I see a new post i just paste it in and bam. I only do it twice a week on sat and sun. I post more because people like punisher keep trying to argue with me when they don’t know what they are talking about most of the time.

  • @37
    Putting friends request at the bottom isnt stupid
    The reason why is because the system doesnt know there your friends. Why would you put it at the top? So you can stop being lazy? Cmon dude i have no problem with Game Invites/Cross Game Chat/Message Notifactions/Keyboards …. Its just your being lazy. Besides why did you get a PS3 in the first place if you werent satisfied with features it has? To be honest, your turning sony into xbox. If you werent satisfied with the features it has .. then why did you get? For godsake, get a 360 so you can stop complaining. Dont say “I dont care if Xbox did it first” That bs. OF COURSE they did it first. Besides ALOT of PS3 fanboys WILL be pissed at you! PS3 Fanboys dont want ANY interference with 360 (except Voice Message and few other features).

  • surprised you didn’t let people know about that “big announcement” you guys got coming Tuesday.

  • @39
    That “kid” didnt say console ban. He said ban you from posting on this site. Understand?

  • Jeff, great week and I appreciate your time with the GoW 3 interviews. They were a success. Also, are you going to be the first to give us the big Playstation Tuesday news here on the blog? :D I hope so. We could always count on you!
    By the way, this article has Fat Princess in it, so it’s a automatic win.

  • we had a good week! thnx for the interviews jef

  • Here’s a little something… A short Killzone fan comic:

  • Excited to see Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. It looks like Microsoft is going to need to remove the “Only on Xbox 360” part on the future copies of Ninja Gaiden 2. I would love to see Tecmo do a DOA Extreme Volleyball for the PS3.

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