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Another Game Developers Conference has come and gone. More importantly for us, year two of the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge at GDC was a huge success. Stationed in San Francisco this week, we showed off games including Fat Princess, PixelJunk Eden Encore, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, inFamous and more. Our fellow bloggers and friends from the media were able to relax and check out great PLAYSTATION 3 stuff to come this year, and reception has been excellent so far.

But the highlight of the show was the San Francisco PSB meet-up, where over a hundred of you guys showed up and got some hands-on time with Fat Princess and Eden Encore, won some prizes and represented the PlayStation community. I’ll be back this week with a complete wrap-up of the event and will definitely show off some great pics from Wednesday night, but until then, enjoy this one of Jeff as a much-deserved “thank you” for making this meet-up a success.

Jeff vs. Hip Hop Gamer - Street Fighter - PlayStation.Blog Meet-Up

This week was all about GDC, and we know you’ve been keeping up with our coverage here on the Blog (including some amazing God of War III developer interviews, Backstage with Guitar Hero, the next Ratchet & Clank game and more), but don’t forget that there’s a heap of other worthwhile PlayStation news on the ol’ interwebs. GameDaily’s got a nice hands-on with inFamous in case you’ve already seen IGN‘s Karma coverage. Kotaku gives a rundown of Media Molecule’s GDC lecture on art in LittleBigPlanet, and GameSpot has first look at Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, officially revealed for PS3 this week.

See you tomorrow.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 23, 2009)

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  • @93
    Don’t forget Saturday!

    You mean the two posts I do every week? (well plus the ones arguing with you)

  • @ jakinov, You want a 360 just buy one. Cross invites is not so usefull “Wow I can send an invite to him in a different game”.

  • @ jakinov, You want a 360 just buy one. Cross invites is not so usefull “Wow I can send an invite to him in a different game”.

  • @ 94 lol yes we do there nothing we can do about it, but just let jakinok post and spam . lol i dont take him to seriously lol you wont be the last person who disagree with him so let him post his unless post hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha because he will keep posting them every sunday. he just want to argue with people who have a problem with his ideas , there are a few things i like off his list but it not a big deal if we have them or not in the ps3 . sony need to worry about games games and more games not features if they want to sell consoles .

  • Cross game invites is a bad term for it. I prefer universal invites because you can invite people not playing a game.

    On the 360 when you go to your friend’s name it will say Invite to game. Once you click that they will get a notification saying so and so has just invited you. You click yes and you are in the game with them. You not only saved time and skipped a few steps for you and your friend you could of also been already playing a game. Not all games have the ability to go “join friend’s game” because developers most likely did the 360 version first and don’t want to make a whole other unique system for PS3 owners. Adding that option to the XMB and showing developers how to implement it in there games makes it so you can play with friends eassier and faster. Call of Duty 4 for example if you started playing the game already there’s no way your friend can join the game because there’s not invite option in your start menu is there. Now if the invite button was in the XMB you can go there and bam he’s in the same game as you.

  • @100
    Dude just get a xbox360

  • @99
    Yes there is something we can do
    Just ban him from posting on this site ;)

  • @ 96 that was 3 weeks ago lol you have me confuse with someone else you argue with. also i didnt know about you can post on saturday ? wow didnt know that hey i have too much of a life to read saturday post so you keep posting on saturday and sunday your features list keep fighting the good fight lol . lmao am done jakinok keep arguing with everyone here who happy with there ps3 and really dont care if we have those features or not .

  • @101
    I have one

    Like I said, they most likely aren’t going to ban me for making two posts a week with a list of improvements and plus banning me from posting doesn’t work because getting around it, is super easy. I make TWO POSTS a week, one on the recap, one on the Around the web. The other posts are me arguing with you guys who keep bothering me :).

  • Yo Chris. Did you happen to catch the articles about the awkward silence of SE about the PS3 release of The Last Remnant? Us RPG fans have been waiting for this one. You guys gonna get some answers about this stuff or what? And what ever happened to White Knight Chronicles?

  • @104 Yeah Yeah dont show off because you hide your ISP

    Anyways … why the heII are you complaining about PS3 features? Just shut up play 360 and live happily after ever. You know the world is better off without you trolls ..

  • happily ever after*

  • @ Chris M.

    Who won the STREET FIGHTER match between Jeff and HipHopGamer?

    By the way, this was a nice week for every PlayStation fan. Inside news with God of War III developer interviews, some add-ons and games of the rest of this year. However, I wish we could watch a new God of War III trailer by E3’2010. :)

  • @106

    Because I want them improved so I can enjoy PS3 games more :) and be able to communicate with my friends eassier on PSN better and to have smoother trip while using my PS3?

    Watch this video of Geoff Keighley and Eric Lempel


    ^remove the stars/asterisks (*)

    watch the video, watch how eric Lempel keeps saying it’s not important.

  • @109
    Well, yeah it isnt important. Even if we get those features its not gunna boost up the PS3 popularity. As goes for communication …. i dont see where it lacks in.

  • @110
    Um it destroys the fact that Xbox 360 is better for online for universal game inviting if you are the same as them + Home right now. It’s not as good or developed as Live yet. Once the PS3 is at the same level of ease of use as the 360. They can go we offer everything Xbox Live offers plus more(Home) and you have to pay more for Live.

    Having an inferior service/OS lets Xbox 360 users say it’s worth the money because you are paying 16 cents a day for Xbox Live and getting an easier to use interface and faster service.

    Why don’t you just ignore my one comment in each post twice a week and accept the fact that a good amount of people want these features. I’m not obnoxiously posting it in EVERY single story or posting it multiple times in one story. I’m doing it twice a week in the non topic specific stories. Most of my posts you see are from me arguing not from me posting that list.

  • Ok jakinov STFU dude, If your going to continoulsy spam do it on a suggestion forum.All you want is a 360 with “PlayStation3” on it.

  • @112
    PlayStation 3 Hardware + PS3 Games + Xbox 360 operating system is more accurate console that I want :).

  • when we see some major updates for poker….me and so many of my friends play it….how about some new characters,,,, sets….ability to mute players…trophies

  • The blog is not the place for feature lists…SONY provides official forums and polls GAP members .

  • Jakinov, your list has some useless features.

    All we need is:
    1.Universal cross game invites
    2.Auto-sync trophies
    3.More/Custom avatars
    4.PSN Profile optimization (so they load faster.)
    5.The DS3 battery icon should not be on top of the time! It can’t be that hard to move either one one line down so you can see both at the same time!!!!!!!!

    I will be happy if we see any of these but particularly happy at universal game invites (put it under the triangle button like how RE5 has it!)

  • Also I demand that the flash player in the browser is updated!!!!! I want to watch Southpark eps from and The Colbert Report eps from… Make it work Sony!!!!

  • @111 , @113
    Dude but dont you know Sony gets charged for free stuff?
    If we get ALL those features in 1 month Sony would go bankrupt because were are they gunna find $500 to put +15 features in 1 month? If Sony gets bankrupt heres whats gunna happen: Uber lag, prices go up, Uberly Random Disconnections, Online Services will be suckier than ever before. So quit pushing Sony, son.

  • Awesome GDC. More games :D

  • @117
    Dude ive been dying to watch South Park Eps on my PS3 :)

  • @jakinov: would you please just stop posting that list every week? Seriously it’s annoying I don’t comment much but whenever I come here to read the latest news its annoying to see you come back every week. I will say that those features are nice and would help improve PSN, but also some of those features that you listed are rather dumb. Rather than just spam every week start a forum or something or rather email SONY themselves, they are always taking suggestions. Spam their email not here in the blog. (even though you only do it once a twice a week on the weekends it’s still annoying.)

    … and to get back on topic great GDC Chris, looking forward to E3 and your big announcement on Tuesday.

  • Chris, my 2nd post is also awaiting moderation….

  • hey i was just wondering can you please put oddworld abe’s oddysse and exodus on the ps store i love those games it would be awsum if you could!!!!!

  • Sounds like everyone had a great time. It would be cool to attend one some day. I might even drive from Houston to Austin to go if you have one there some day!

    What happened to the scheduled for the PlayStation trucks? I used to check frequently to see when they would be in my area, but I can’t find them anymore. Does Sony still have them or did they get axed in a cost-saving measure?

  • I’m new around here, but I’ve found this FANTASTIC design for the XMB. I hope one of the admins around here notice this as this guy’s design is MUCH better than the current XMB:

  • @118
    jackingoff + spamming + Playstation 360 = stupidest person ive met/stupidest person with the stupidest ideas

  • @132
    …you notice how people are getting super happy about 2.7 rumors and you notice how Geoff Keighley kept bugging Eric Lempel about these features. Most things I said aren’t even features, it’s just improving the way the system does things and adding more things like avatars. I don’t want to wait like 2 minutes for my trophies(i’m exagerating) but trophies should sync automatically. The XMB should load faster and be oraganized better. Don’t forget some of the out of game options should be availible in-game such as private chat.

  • @133
    WOW! Bro. Dude. You cant wait 3 seconds for XMB to load??? (Sign of lazyness) Why the hell should it be organized better? All you need is Photo, Music, Internet and PSN columns. Thats all you need. Ok why is private in-game chat a big deal? Just exit, and join and/or just joins your friends game and talk. Umm…. if you said i dont care about this feature (or whatever the heII you call ’em) then why do you ask for it??? Dont say, “Other people want it”. So what? Dont support them. Thats thier idea and thier problems. AND BTW you must lag or something cuz your waiting 2 minutes for trophies. WOW! I only wait 45 seconds bro. Xbox360 – Lazy people PS3 – True Gamers Console! :)

  • Continued
    Your just lazy. Yes, its true. You cant 3 seconds for XMB to load. Dude dont say “Im not lazy” cuz yes you ARE! Just suck it up. Be a man, and just shut up and play Killzone 2 or something…

    “What alll is said … Is all is done”

  • @134
    I’m not talking about initial load up time I’m talking about the slowness of loading buttons in-games and when you go browse trophies. Organization such organizing the profiles better and adding friend request to the tops and outlining the number of messages.

    In game chat is a big deal for a lot of people, they want to always be talking to their friends. It’s having a chat room with your friends the minute you all sign on until you all sign off. It makes it easier getting from game to game and makes it feel like you are connected. I ask for it because it’s a useful feature, I don’t REALLY want it but it’s for the benefit of majority of gamers.

    Seriously do you not read? I said (I’m Exaggerating) in brackets.

  • @134 Continued
    45 seconds to sync trophies is still way too long. Do you know how long it takes to sync achievements? 0 Seconds it does it right away by itself without preventing you from doing anything. It’s an annoyance when I try to do something and it pops up saying syncing trophies please wait for 45 seconds. That’s stupid and needs to be fixed. I don’t see why you want to wait?

    I’m lazy because I don’t want to wait almost a minute for something that should of been done in the background? It’s called efficiency and convenience. That’s how you sell a product you offer them a fast operating system that saves time and everything is accessible. Websites for example who the hell puts links to stuff on the bottom?

    PlayStation Forums for example all links, messages, search is on the top why is that? Because it’s called convince it’s a pain in the ass and stupid to make people do extra work to do something for no reason.

    Your way of thinking is horrible too. I’m talking about #124 you say some of the stupidest things ever.

  • @137
    HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah whatever.
    124 posts IS true. Sony DOES get charged for free stuff.

    You may win this round jacking off but i assure you …. your spamming will come back to haunt you :)

  • Besides, just shut up. And play your Gaybox360 and stop complaining!!!!

  • @138
    Your logic is stupid, the way that you come up to your conclusions and the way you think is just plain stupidity.

    First off, Sony isn’t afraid of losing money from using too much bandwidth for fw updates.

    From July to January they released 7 MANDATORY firmware updates. Each firmware update being around 130MB which is ridiculous size especially because majority of the updates added such small features. If Sony was so worried about their bandwidth fees they’d be throwing the XMB operating system in the garbage because it’s software design is so crappy they have to have such large updates thus wasting more money. I have no idea where you pulled the number 500 from and 500 dollars is nothing. Firmware updates don’t even come up to 150MB. If sony really cared they’d be really changing their way of dealing out firmware updates because on the 360 even the NXE update which quickly added another 128MB took about a minute.

    Plus I never even said add them all at once I said what’s important and what’s a little less important.

  • @140
    Hey man, If you wanna make thing better why dont you kill Eric? Why dont you work with Sony? Hot Damn man …. for the past 2 months youve been spamming and angering the lifes of a thousand gamers (lol). Seriously. Get your PS3, Go to a window and jump out of it with your PS3. Maybe in your life they’ll have a Playstation 360 just so can shut your little 6 year old mouth. Besides, your conclusions wont make think that Sony needs to improve. Oh yeah ……… i hope your PS3 gets the YLOD and you dont have the money to pay for it :). So you can forget ALL about the PS3 and you can become a 360 Fanboy. Your stupid. Your ideas. Your spamming stupid. Your trolling is stupid. So dont call me stupid for the things i know. Your the whom us stupid. So STFU & GTFO!!!! PWN3D

  • Your the one whom is stupid*

  • If I was truly spamming Jeff would remove my posts and try and not let me posts anymore.

    The only people who think my ideas are stupid are stupid and closed minded people like you. Who won’t accept any other better ideas and who won’t accept that fact that some aspects of the operating system need improvements.

    Think about all the people who reposted my list, who say they agree with my ideas, who keep asking about FW 2.7. THEY ALL WANT MOST OF THESE IMPROVEMENTS/FEATURES.

    You are either extremely stupid and bias or trolling.

  • @143
    Wow! You called me a troll …. like i even do that shiz. Cmon can you at least shut the fudge up for a week without your (most) stupid ideas. Please? Thanks!

    By the way, why am i a troll? Your a troll just for saying your (most) retarded ideas. Besides, why do you support people? Let them handle their own problems Thats why your troll :).
    Im not even saying another word to your REALLY RETARDED POSTS.

  • Definiton:
    One who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers

    You are either naturally super stupid or just pretending to be stupid (TROLLING). Seriously learn what the words mean before you use them…

  • Dude, just shut up calling me stupid aint getting you anywhere seriously though. Your just adding fuel to the fire. Calling me stupid aint doing nothing. Calling me stupid is just making you look better? Calling me stupid is making look like an ass? Your words mean nothing? Besides idiot “Attacks others on a forum”. Are you stupid? I never go to the forums. Also this is BLOG not FORUMS!!

    But i hope you do know what spammer is? Dont say “I never spam” Cuz yes you do.
    Definition –
    One who purposely sends unwanted email and/or comments through blogs/forums everyday or every week

  • PWN3D

  • You know what dude?
    I read your other posts ….. and i just learned something ……
    Are you saying if we get those features we might sell out 360? If so dude, i take back everything i said. SERIOUSLY!! I MEAN EVERYTHING!! Your right …. what the heII am i thinking?! Seriously im being honest. But seriously…. ease up on the requests. …………………………………………………………………………………….. truce?

  • Saying stupid things makes me call you stupid more :). Trolling, troll etc. aren’t real words therefore you have to find a definition agreed upon by majority of people. Trolling usually only happens on message boards so the person who wrote the definition was more specific. People don’t usually troll or communicate with each other in comments of blogs therefore adding it to the definition is important because it mostly occurs on Forums.

    Does that mean you are a spammer too because your comments are unwanted by me :)? Not everyone doesn’t want my comments and you post comments everyday! So technically using your definition of a spammer. It makes you one too! because I don’t WANT your stupid bias comments! Making them UNWANTED comments everyday!

  • @148
    I said if we get all these options and make these improvements we can say.

    “Hey look at us we have the same things as Live and just as easy to use + we got more(Home) when for live you gotta pay extra for Live.”

    Because people say Live is worth the money.

    Why would I be requesting features if I hated my PS3? I’m requesting improvements.

    SONY people always say that they read the BLOG and add new features depending on the demand which is why I post on the blog instead of the forums. Like I said I try to make two posts a week in seperate areas, if it bugs you ignore it. It’s not liek I do it in every story or multiple times in the same one. I do one EACH Story for two stories a week.

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