PlayStation Expands to Latin America

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Buenos Dias PlayStation fans!

I’m Mark Stanley, Director and General Manager for Latin America at SCEA. I’m thrilled to announce that today PlayStation is officially expanding into Latin America!

So this means that you can now purchase any of the three PlayStation platforms, our library of software titles – such as Resistance 2 – and even the latest peripherals, including our Bluetooth Headset, in 13 countries across Latin America. We’re also working on providing access to PlayStation Network in select countries.

This is such an exciting opportunity and we’re looking forward to providing social entertainment and gaming experiences you can share among your friends and family around the world. This expansion is the direct result of feedback we received from you and we’re proud to deliver PlayStation products and services to enable you to easily connect, play and communicate with one another.

As a native of Costa Rica with many years working directly in the region, I know Latin America holds much promise of growth for SCEA. Muchas gracias to all of you in Latin America and around the world for your support!

Viva PlayStation!

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  • latin america?? i’m from Aruba what places i’ts gonna be? a list will be nice 2 have to know what part of latin america it will be

  • Hey Mark, i’m from costa rica, i read somewhere that Costa Rican is included in this process, that is great!!! i bet you have something to do with it!



  • I LOVE it. The PlayStation brand extending its arms world-wide. This is why the games, media experience, and theme of PlayStation is universal.

    Keep it strong with

  • I hope VENEZUELA is in that PSN list. I cant wait to pay with our currency the latest games.

  • hola por favor hay demasiada gente con ps3 aqui en venezuela esperamos se expanda la red para poder comprar mapas juegos y todo lo relacionado con la playnet por favor venezuela espera ser agregada entre la lista de los paises de latin america yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! gracias

  • hola a todos los fans de la familia SCELA, espero que si SONY, decide expandir firmemente su producto estrella la PS3, miren a mi pais COLOMBIA, como un firme candidato para la red PLAYSTATIONNETWORK!! Soy propietario de una PS3 y una PSP y me muerdo la lengua por no poder adquirir las cosas tan fabulosas de PSN!!!

  • Bien yo vivo en Costa Rica y esto es una gran noticia

  • Those are great news! We waited for you guys for a long time. I’m from ARGENTINA, and I must say that we’re a LOT of people playing with our PS3s pretty often. We have a wonderful gaming community, luckily.

    Even though we are very happy with our beloved PS3s, there are some issues you guys need to pay attention to:

    1- We need to be able to change our PSN account’s country WITHOUT losing all our trophies nor nicknames. As you may now, everyone in here chose an american PSN account just to play online, but now, we want to move to a new PSN Argentina account and still retain our hard-earned trophies and the nickname that made us known in our community.

    2- We REALLY need full online support. With this, I mean having local servers to connect to without lag AND a local PSN store to buy with our national credit cards.


  • For example, in COD4, when we try to enter to multiplayer, the host assigning system would match us with a host in USA (20,000 km away!). That makes it impossible to play, the lag is awful. We want a host assigning system that recognizes our location and let us host without entering and exiting the room 3 or 4 times in order to be “blessed” with the host. I know this may be IW’s task, but by letting you guys now this, you could make developers pay attention. WE ARE ONLINE LOVERS, WE NEED A DECENT ONLINE EXPERIENCE.

    3- We need competitive prices so we can buy from official stores. Don’t force us to buy to the importers! Sony Style has unaffordable prices in Argentina: GTA IV (just the game, no collector’s edition) costs U$S 106(US dollars), and a PS3 40 GB costs U$S 857. And don’t even think of having the latest games…


  • We really support Sony, here in Argentina you guys have a lot of fans, but you need to take us off this situation. And quick.

    We’ll appreciate your efforts in this matters.

  • When we gonna see a update for the mexican ps store? I really want to purchase Noby Noby Boy and waited to have available flower and pixel junk eden for some time

  • When are you guys going to have Playstation: Caribbean. We are not part of south, latin or north america. We never get any love. Mind you all of our ps3s are the north american variants. The playstation store doesnt love us, as we have to jump through hoops of flame over spiked and crocdile infested tar pits to purchase stuff on the psn…

    But we arent mad… we just wish we felt a little bit more love here in Barbados. My friends list is about 20+ strong and im sure they are hundreds of ps3s here, but the stress we have to go thru to enjoy the black monolith online is frustrating at times. No video store is the worse of it all..

    Anyways congrats to latin america, maybe one day sony will recognise that the caribbean has a few million potential fans not feeling much love.

  • Hola Mr Mark, pura vida ? ;)

    Excelentes noticias! Solo bueno! Como podés notar, yo soy tico, vivo de hecho en San José Costa Rica ;D

    Mae un par de sugerencias para Sony Latino America:

    PS Store: Se debería crear una sola PS Store para latino America y no seperarlas por paises, somos demasiados los paises de America Latina como para pretender tener cada uno su propia Store. Además poner juegos aunque no estén en Español, osea ahora quien no habla inglés?? Otra sería ver si se pueden hacer traducciones en México para escuchar algo de asento latino en los juegos, por Dios el acento de España es horrible prefiero los juegos en inglés o hasta en Japonés con subtitulos!!!

    HOME: Donde está? Para latinoAmerica Home no existe, todos los latinos hemos tenido que bajar en Home de otras regiones por falta de uno propio, man yo soy programador de hecho si me contrataran con gusto ayudaría.

    Precios: Siento que hay que regular los precios de los productos de Sony tanto en Costa Rica como en otros paises, no concibo como es que el PS3 de $400 se vende en Costa Rica como a $700 cuando aún más con el asunto del TLC se supone que todo el asunto arancelario debería estar mejor ahora.

  • Juegos de la PSN: Por Dios que nos den más juegos clásicos de PS1 !! Si usted tiene tiempo de vivir en Costa Rica sabrá la inmensa cantidad de ticos que nos criamos con un PS1 debajo del brazo, todos estamos deseando que nos den los mismos clásicos que se encuentran en la Store de Japón.

    Lista de países en la PS Store: ¿Cómo es posible que cuando uno se va a registrar en la PSN todavía no esté en la lista de países Costa Rica pero si otros como Mexico y Colombia???
    Por último decir que ojalá que todo esto sea realidad y no una lista de promesas vacías, de nuevo pura vida y gracias!!! :D

  • Por cierto cualquier cosa mi ID de PSN es Santhiel por si me quiere agregar ;)

  • soy de el salvador no creo que hagan aqui algo los de playstation pero ojala que abran una store latinoamericana donde podamos comprar sin necesidad de tener un tarjeta de credito internacional, porque yo y otras personas no podemos comprar en la store de usa porque se necesita una tarjeta internacional y las psn card no hay aqui…

  • Hey where in Brazil ??? I Need PlayStation Store in Brazil…

  • hey man I really thnk you for this ad finally all of us latin gamers will be recogniozed as part of the ps comunity yeahh ( especially the gamer that like me are from Mexico ) please sony give us an standar y game prices and a update store

  • That’s great, but…. I went to Colombia in December of last year and saw a Sony Style with a PS3 and a bunch of games from a few months ago (Haze, etc.), so I’m guessing Colombia’s not included since it’s already technically got everything PlayStation there?

  • Well, fortunately, the Sony Style Store is now a lot of help for Colombian PS3 players, and definitely is part of the new Sony politics towards LatinAmerica. But that won’t help them a lot in the competition against Microsoft and Nintendo in Colombia, which have a lot of sales points. Sony will still need to do more.

  • Al fin buenas noticias para Argentina. Pese a la gran crisis por la que estamos pasando se nos hace imposible poder acceder a buena tecnología. Yo solo tengo mi PSP y me entretengo con ella. Tengo muchas ganas de poder tener mi PS3 pero los precios aquí ya pasan a ser ridículos. Gracias SONY.

  • Hopefully Brazil will follow soon… We have the biggest PlayStation scene of Latin America, don’t forget that!

    I’m sure we’re not being ignored, Sony must be coming up with something.

  • Muy orgulloso de que el director de SCEA sea de Costa Rica.

    Soy de Costa Rica, un placer conocerlos!

    Insto a los usuarios de PS3 de Costa Rica a unirse a los blogs de PS3 en PlayStation.Blog.

    También a los amigos latinoamericanos me gustaria compartir con ustedes.


    Very proud that the SCEA director of SCEA is from Costa Rica.

    I am also from Costa Rica, a pleasure to meet you!

    I ask to the PS3 users in Costa Rica to join the PS3 in PlayStation.Blog blogs.

    Also I would like to share with you, all Latin American friends

  • nice

  • Brazil ignored again…

    Is hard to see that here in Brazil have a lot of fans of PlayStation, Sony? =(

    Still waiting (but I already have my PS3 – and PS2, PSP…)

  • Great!!!! lots of people in El Salvador are PS3 Fans! love the ever growing opportunities… hope we can get as soon as u may offer a video store! My PS3 reads my ip address and block the function even tough my account is based on US he he…take care!

  • Mark Stanley? , your not the guitarist that toured with Love And Rockets right?

  • Pura vida! Thanks a lot ppl, we’ve been waiting for this for such a long time…

  • Finally! I knew this, because of my local Sony Center having ads of LBP and several other games. I hope Colombia is in that list.

  • 212@:
    Yo vivo en Colombia, y te puedo asegurar que no tenemos la opcion de poner nuestro paíz. Tuve que poner la direccion de un familiar de USA.

  • Hola soy fana de PLAYSTATION desde el 97, tengo la PSX,PS2,y ahora la PS3,en argentina es impresionante la cantidad de PSX y PS2 que se han vendido, ahora le toca el turno a la PS3, es una excelente noticia asi podremos acceder al STORE y sus juegos.

    Saludos SONY!!!!, oviamente tambien tengo un SONY BRAVIA DE 32” para disfrutar a full la ps2mania!!!

  • Exelente noticia, la verdad que ya era hora de tener algo asi para latinoamerica, yo tengo que usar una targeta de USA para poder comprar en Playstation Store y espero poder usar una de Costa Rica. bueno este es my PSN ID gfcr09 para el que quiera agregarme como amigo.

    Gracias Sony…!

  • cool ya era tiempo viva sony y mexico

  • Thank you Sony for bringing PSN to Argentina too, i hope this is the beginning of a new era for us latin american gamers who own a PS3.

  • Eucador!!!!! my cousion needs one in eucador

  • @228:
    Le garantizo que Colombia está en la lista, yo mismo me hize una cuenta Colombiana no hace mucho, talvés no estaba cuando usted se registró pero ahora sí está, igual está Chile y México ;)

    Por cierto, país se escribe con “s” y no con “z” ;)

    Pura vida!

  • you know creators of playstation. yhis may be off subject but you guys should make a devil may cry 5 devil may cry online. you know how much a sell that would make!? a lot! A LOT!! then you guys would truly be [DELETED] on Xbox 360 not that you ain’t [DELETED] on them already but you all would doin it more. but the fact that it spreaded to latin america is pretty convenient for the people there.

  • Oh Sony,Sony.

    Why won’t you bring PlayStation Famlily to Brazil?



  • what countries?
    I hope that Brazil was included.

  • At a time when many companies around the globe are closing doors and laying off people, it’s nice to see someone expanding to offer their entertainment to more people. Sad to know that Sony has had some recent layoffs themselves, but being able to expand like this opens opportunities that could create jobs around the world. Great news!

  • one more Brazilian waiting for Sony’ support here in Brazil!!!

  • make your math Sony!!!!

  • Something would be interesante if to have a system for Latin America, and with Brazil in this way, now alive well Latin America

  • hey, finally latin america!!!

    But where is Brazil on that list???

    I’m a real fan on sony’s products but i want them released around here too!!!

  • Gracias por acordarse de Latinoamerica, esperemos que los precios tambien esten de acorde con los de Estados Unidos, ya que aca en Ecuador un Ps3 de 40GB cuesta 800 dolares y los juegos 100 dolares cada uno.

  • I hope that Colombia is included, because a ps3 regular game is around 90 us dolars, and thats the main reason for people to buy a pirat copy of any game, i only have original games but they are so expensive, so ty for coming to Latin America

  • Saludos y felicidades,
    Ojalá incluyan Bolivia y que el PSNNetwork publique contenido como en europa y USA.

  • I hope Peru is also included got more than 50 peruvian players in my friend list :).

  • Great news, thanks Mark I am from El Salvador, I want to know if there is going to be more info available about this specially, like some one said before, Warranty service (for those of us that already have a PS3, mine is the 80 GB MGS4 bundle), PSN accounts (I already have an US account and PSN ID, I also buy Games from the store using my PO BOX address in US and my International credit card), PSN services (like movie rental), and finally what will happen to system updates. I would like an option to migrate my ID to the new PSN region instead of creating a new account.

    Also, are you going to have a PS Store for Latin America? or one for each country?, in my opinion you may consider just one store for all of us with an option to change languages (español, portugues, etc)

  • I almost forgot, If you create a PSN for Latin America what will happen to all the content that most of us bought from the PSN from US (I am talking about the downloadlist), well sony may think of a way to fix this.

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