PlayStation Expands to Latin America

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Buenos Dias PlayStation fans!

I’m Mark Stanley, Director and General Manager for Latin America at SCEA. I’m thrilled to announce that today PlayStation is officially expanding into Latin America!

So this means that you can now purchase any of the three PlayStation platforms, our library of software titles – such as Resistance 2 – and even the latest peripherals, including our Bluetooth Headset, in 13 countries across Latin America. We’re also working on providing access to PlayStation Network in select countries.

This is such an exciting opportunity and we’re looking forward to providing social entertainment and gaming experiences you can share among your friends and family around the world. This expansion is the direct result of feedback we received from you and we’re proud to deliver PlayStation products and services to enable you to easily connect, play and communicate with one another.

As a native of Costa Rica with many years working directly in the region, I know Latin America holds much promise of growth for SCEA. Muchas gracias to all of you in Latin America and around the world for your support!

Viva PlayStation!

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  • I live in Brazil and I really want a playstation store

  • @ People in Brazil… Last time i checked Brazil was hell (The Rundown) (CSI: MIAMI) I don’t even know why anyone would want to live there but for its super-extremely-hit-babes which should all get free citizenship to USA..

  • Thanks Mark, and Sony itself for taking the decision to finally bring official PlayStation services/support to Latin America.

    As my fellow Ticos have said, we hope to have the same price rate as in the US.. we get ripped off day by day by local stores who directly import PS products and games from US, then sell them at 40—even 50% more.

    I wish nothing but success for this new venture. Good luck!

  • PSN Brazil!!!!! I had a PSone, a PS2 and now I have a PS3 and a PSP here in Brazil. But the PS3 is almost useless without your support, SONY! But now it will change! I really hope that Brazil is in the list.

  • Great news Mark!!

    It’s so frustrating not been able to purchase nothing from the PSN Store.

    Pura Vida! ;-)

  • This proves that Brazil is not Latin America. The biggest economy were ignore. Just cant understand that.

    Good Luck with your sales to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador an all those other rich Latin America countries rsss…

    Just ridiculous…

  • Daniel, Brazil its on their plans, check the country selector, enter Latin America region and there you will see your flag.

    Do the research.

  • Hey i really wishthey expand to argentina i got a ps3 from texas and im dying to play metal gear online its too bad that argentina doesnt have broadband only slow laggy wi-fi

  • Guyver2x!
    Yes, Brazil is listed. But every single Latin American Countrie is Listed the as well.
    Brazil should be one of the first countries on SCEA plans.
    We have good internet Broadband, more population than the REST o Latin America together, and are the Economic Leader of the area. wikipedia can help you guys from SCEA, if its necesair.
    Alright, i mus accept it. Thanks any way!

  • Brazil!!!!!!!!FINALY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brazil RULEZ, thx SONY.

    Brazil is in this list!!!

  • @Guyver2x

    Brazil is indeed listed but it’s not in the first 2 stages of their plan…

    So there is a high chance that when the PS3 comes to Brazil will problably already be a PS4 out in Japan and USA.

    You may find this funny but it’s exactly what happened to PS2.

    The worst part is that I read that the Brazil is problably the biggest market for the PS3 in Latin America and yet it’ll be the last to receive the support, maybe Brazil’s logistics and lawns are getting in the way, or someone out there is really stupid.

    Nonetheless I really wanted to have some feedback to know when…

  • YasuDevil

    I understand your concern.

    That’s exactly why I ask Mark if there is going to be more info about this, without info we can speculate too much.

    You got a point when you state that this happen before with the PS2 in your country but I think (and hope) that their plans are short term and that they are planning a simultaneously official launch in Latin America.

    As you can see they start in Mexico, may be because of market proximity and testing, and while they were doing this may be they start researching in our countries. By now they must have the info about the rest of Latin America countries (distribution, SCM, import barriers, Internet infrastructure, Support, etc.)

    The only thing we can do now is to wait and see what happens, and also to look for more info available, so let’s be patient.

  • This means that we could have in a closer future reasonable prices for the games? and access to the greatest hits for example? right now the games are around U$90 and most of them over that prize. The other thing it´s that we can´t puerchase anything in the playstation store unless you have a credit card from USA and of course your account registered in USA.

    Anyway that´s good news it seems that sony it´s showing some interest in the region

  • Yeah But Still No Playstation Home For Latin America.

  • in santiago’s Sony style store the resistance 1 cost 80 dollars. Don’t you think is tooooooooo much?. Please, more competitive prices. Also is nice to see the sotre decorated with LBP. We need more demos station to show the ps3 to the people. Sony already did a good job here showcasing the blu-ray. But the Ps3 is very silent.

  • More one from Brazil!

  • Brazil isn’t among the 13 countries guys.

  • BRASIL!!!!!!!

    Please let the brazilians have official support and stores!!

    Please, the Brasil deserve it!!

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