YouTube on your PS3…in Full-screen!

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Have you ever wanted to just sit on your couch and watch YouTube on your TV? Well, it’s now possible via YouTube for Television, available through your PLAYSTATION 3. Currently in beta, the TV Website provides a streamlined interface that enables you to discover, watch and share YouTube videos on any TV screen through your PS3.

Simply open up the Web browser on the PS3, and enter the following URL: (note: this link will not work from a PC or Mac, only from a PS3) and hit enter. Now you’re good to go! You’ll notice a new YouTube interface that allows you to watch videos in full-screen. With enlarged text and simplified navigation, it makes watching YouTube on your TV as easy and intuitive as possible. Here’s a helpful video that guides you through the process:

We’re working closely with the YouTube team to make a more PlayStation-centric version of the YouTube TV Website page accessible from the lefthand menu bar (the YouTube button currently takes you to our branded channel on YouTube). So stay tuned for that and in the meantime grab a cold one and sit back to enjoy your favorite videos on the big screen!

Happy watching,
Ginger Kraus

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  • WTF? was that Fat Princess? How the [DELETED]? Please tell me that baby is coming soon

  • I second the idea of a small message icon that would flash in the upper corner letting me know I have new messages.

    ALSO NOT COOL! teasing us with FP and RE5 like that. Very uncool.

    Why make us wait for Feb 5th when you know we have KZ2 demo coming that same week. We should get that demo before then like next week.

  • There should be a YouTube Channel

    er, I mean New YouTube Experience

    umm, I mean YouTube on the XMB.


  • Lucky Jeff, you can play lotz of unreleased games :D

  • Sweet. Love that my big black box keeps getting better and better.

  • One other thing too, is Youtube HD support coming? I noticed you can’t browse over to the Youtube HD channel. I tried a few movies that said they were HD but were the same resolution.

  • how about instead of working with youtube to get a menu option in the webbrowser… How about you make a Native Application actually for the PS3 like the Native Application for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc… so we can just go to say Network tab where you would find the Playstation Home, Playstation Store have YouTube or maybe even create a new tab altogether cause I would love to see a Youtube App and Skype you have Skype on the PSP should add it to the PS3..

  • Now if only there was a way to utilize the PSEye to make your own video and directly download it onto YouTube. Imagine the possibilities!

  • I saw lots of games there… even what looked like a resident evil type thing… what is that about?

  • This is awesome. Thank you.

  • This post says “only for PS3” but it’s also for Nintendo Wii. Granted, I will only use it from my PS3 for the video quality, but it is available on the other.

  • Now thats just weird… I was reading an article on this, and then decided to jump over to the blog and BOOM – Whats on the front page? The same thing as i was just reading. :D

  • Nice feature but i’d rather stick to the other way.

  • I find this very awesome, since I used (not anymore thanks to the new update) to have issues with Youtube.

    Now my last wish is for you guys to worth with for a PS3 ‘site’ and somehow get their 480p streams to work perfectly on the PS3. That would be jawesome!!!

  • hey whyd they give u RE5 demo. share that damn you lol

  • Wow, surprise PS3 additions FTW!!!

    Didn’t expect anything (or hear of anything for that matter,) like this. Great to see things keep improving for the PS3 experience.

    Now if you guys would just allow voice messaging I’d/we’d be completely stoked.


  • Yes… i have my ps3 unpacking games on youtube… you can check for netweb2010 + aquisição

    Aquisição – Unpacking in portuguese :D

  • Very slow at moment but it’s a Beta!
    PLEEAASE SONY upgrade the browser. It is a GREAT feature the “other” console doesn’t have and SONY needs to make the most of it. (Java upgrade???)
    A good example is you can’t edit your preference etc on YouTube proper?????!!!! VERY annoying.

    It’s 2009, not 1999! The browser NEEDS to be made more practical/functional.

    Don’t let ANOTHER opportunity go to waste, make the browser a TRUE feature, not an ad hoc addition with limited value.

  • Next “HULU”……….please!

  • It’s a lot easier with Youtube.TV. Thanks

  • That’s a cool update, although I have a question…

    Are there any plans to support Flash and Java further? For instance, the browser currently will crash repeatedly if I try to look through the PlayStation Boards for too long.

    Also, are there any plans to support YouTube HD? I believe a 720p video was embedded in one of the earlier PS Blog posts and it was unwatchable with the browser.

    Keep this stuff coming! Nice to see some hints and teases for upcoming releases in these videos.

  • Thats awesome. Only problem I see with it, is most of the videos are not good enough quality to watch on a big screen tv. Even a tv the size of 27′. And to make this even more awesome, Sony should put a short cut on the XMB. ;-]

  • i just tried it out and its very cool

  • fat princess is gold???????

  • I’d like to see a clip of watching the above video on the PS3. And then a clip of that, ad infinitum, until you just have a nice tunnel of a “hall of mirrors” effect.

  • He also has LittleBigPlanet on his hard drive, how sweet is that?

  • Nice how that whole video you have up there is sped up, to mask that the whole thing runs like a twitchy monkey. The video almost always hangs and doesn’t stream right through, even the short ones.
    And still no HD video support?
    Guys… Your browser needs more speed…

  • Plus, second comment. I want a devel PS3, too. All games on the drive? Pure awesome.

  • @22
    Yeah because we all want something blinking over and over again while we are playing some game online and can’t get to the message right away.

    Bad idea!

    Just get in the habit of checking your messages when you come back, problem solved.

  • Jeff, how did you make the browser display widescreen? Mine displays like a square lol

  • Very nice. I don’t use the internet browser much on my PS3 (unless my computer is doing something REALLY extensive), but this may make me use it more when I take my PS3 to parties or events.


    Let the rickrolling full-screen action commence.

  • So still no progress on letting PSP owners watch Youtube from our PSP’s eh, such a shame. It is nice to see some improvement on this front for the PS3 though, here’s to hoping for Hulu next!

  • hey now.. i see that you have fat princess on your ps3.. HAND IT OVER

  • Awesome! no hulu seriously. i like to watch my youtube on the computer most of the time, but if i can watch my tv shows on my ps3…that would be awesome

  • I would like to see some of these types of features for PSP also…. some how it get forgoten all the time LOL :D

  • I had to go to the link to see if it actually didn’t work on my PC. I’m just silly like that. XD

  • Here’s a cool thing I noticed.
    Close your browser after going to youtube tv and then open it again on the PS3 home page(if you haven’t changed it, even regardless you should see) that the screen takes up the entire screen like youtube tv and it shows even more options than when you just open the home page up normally.

  • I’ve noticed lately that the browser has been freezing my system. It seems like it happens whenever it is using the internet a lot, loading/buffering a video, a lot of pages are up at once, multiple pages using the internet at the same time.

    Also some sites don’t work and some are laggy(gametrailers).

  • (note: this link will not work from a PC or Mac, only from a PS3)
    This seems to work:
    Useragent: Mozilla/5.0 (PLAYSTATION 3; 2.00)

  • This is awesome!!!

    Now I only need a Flash section on the XMB, just like you import music, photos and videos, the Flash section is needed as well!

  • ok some plz reply was the RE5 demo and when does any1 ie:UK or jp get it i need it O_o

  • WICKED!! now I can see my own music videos on my superhuge 11 foot tall projector screen.
    Thanks Sony!

  • Now this is what I call quality service. Thanks guys for making YOUTUBE more accessible for us.

  • I tried to access an HD video and it not only went with the most compressed form, but the video window was in 4:3, so what should have been a great HD video on my HDTV ended up being huge black borders surrounding something that didn’t even look good.

    It’s a good start, but it needs some working on.

  • I would love to watch sports games in full screen from the PS3. Thats would be cool.

    Like NFL! SuperBowl Sunday! 2/1/09

  • Also, check out TheEnd004500 on YouTube and subscribe to my videos!

  • Good stuff. Hulu support and BBC iPlayer support for North America would be great as well. :)

    Thanks Sony!

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