YouTube on your PS3…in Full-screen!

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Have you ever wanted to just sit on your couch and watch YouTube on your TV? Well, it’s now possible via YouTube for Television, available through your PLAYSTATION 3. Currently in beta, the TV Website provides a streamlined interface that enables you to discover, watch and share YouTube videos on any TV screen through your PS3.

Simply open up the Web browser on the PS3, and enter the following URL: (note: this link will not work from a PC or Mac, only from a PS3) and hit enter. Now you’re good to go! You’ll notice a new YouTube interface that allows you to watch videos in full-screen. With enlarged text and simplified navigation, it makes watching YouTube on your TV as easy and intuitive as possible. Here’s a helpful video that guides you through the process:

We’re working closely with the YouTube team to make a more PlayStation-centric version of the YouTube TV Website page accessible from the lefthand menu bar (the YouTube button currently takes you to our branded channel on YouTube). So stay tuned for that and in the meantime grab a cold one and sit back to enjoy your favorite videos on the big screen!

Happy watching,
Ginger Kraus

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  • Excellent!

  • 1st comment sweet addition

  • Awesome! I love PS3 only features :)

  • Now this news is really cool. :D

  • lol @#2

    F A I L

    This is great, I’m going to check it out as soon as I get home from work.

    Thanks for thinking of stuff like this, and improving on the web browsing experience on PS3.

  • nice.. great feature. im really glad to see the PS team still trying to enhance the web browser! i give them MAJOR props because i use my ps3 web browser daily and i know LOTS LOTS LOTS of people do also.

    kudos to you guys.

    speaking on enhancement.. were about ready for another firmware update arn’t we? hmm maybe febuarary or march.

    if sony wants to know: MOST WANTED PSN FEATURES:

    1 PSN party system (through the xmb- not home)

    2 in game chat/in game cross game invites. (through the xmb- not home)

  • Awesome, I like this new feature. PLUS PLUS for the PS3.

    Now we need the same for HULU.

    We all love HULU and you guys know it ~_^

  • Looks cool.

  • hmm. thats actually pretty cool.

  • Good job Sony. Seems like you guys are working non-stop on features everyone wants.

    “cross game invites”

    LOL, like anyone wants this silly feature other than as some sort of bullet point for Microsoft’s crappy online service.


  • This a very cool feature. I can dig it!

  • Nice, thanks for your efforts to make this possible :)

  • i thought this feature was already added

  • Nice! Hey i saw Fat princess in your game! when ia it available for us ?! :)

  • I watch live sporting events from quite often, and also all of my own BMX vids from YouTube.

  • at 11 seconds when the playstation site comes up in the browswer, mine doesn’t look like that! Mine only has the blog and the 3 other options underneath. How do I get mine to show up like that at 11 seconds??

  • I agree, major lol @ 2….

    this is INCREDIBLE! thanks sony! Any news on EOJ?

  • Great work in getting something like this done.

    Much appreciated.

  • Cross game invitessss, xmb party system, more psn avatars!!!!!! Let’s see an update! Its been ages!!!!

    Props on the You Tube support! Gotta love the 3rd party PS3 support! Keep up the good work!

  • Just tried it out and it works really well. Great job guys!

  • Can you guys add this feature in the next firmware update. Every now and then while gaming I step away from the screen. The funny thing is, that’s exactly when I receive a new message. But by the time I’m back. I’m totally unaware of the new message. Maybe you guys can put a flashing message icon that pops on the upper right or left of the screen every 3 minutes? That would be cool.


  • I like it.

    Although, I would prefer a ‘YouTube’ icon in the XMB instead.

    But don’t stop there, though. Hulu, maybe?

  • I saw Fat Princess and the Resident Evil demo. Lucky Man.

  • That’s pretty cool.

  • @22

    i was gonna request that feature as well

  • Fantastic! Great job partnering with Google!

    I am sure you are already looking into doing the same thing for But, if you aren’t that would be very much appreciated.

  • Was this really necessary?

  • Thats cool, and yes its necessary, thank you very much.

  • I guess it could be cool to see dummies doing stupid stuff on my big screen. We shall see.

  • I hope money wasn’t spent on this walled off area of youtube. Is this Sony’s way of trying to restrict what you can see with youtube? Too bad effort wasn’t spent on making custom soundtracks mandatory past a certain date as was done with trophies, cross game voice chat, cross-game invites, or a party system.

  • I thought the there was already an update to allow full screen flash.

  • What about PSP users that have been crying for youtube support since 2006? PS3 and PSp should go hand in hand with the simple things.

  • now i see the reason for youtube partership

  • That’s awesome. Is there anyway you could extend this feature to PSP via a Youtube app??

  • Hi Ginger, although I wont get into details, I myself work for a high profile tech company and one of the things ive been confused about and always thought about is, why does the PS3 via a firmware, not get a direct link to YouTube.

    This comes and address what im talking about in some aspect, but where we currently have our WebBrowser and Search button, a direct link to YouTube would be nice that heck, might even directly just go to this site that your talking about right now.

    We see them from devices like the iPhone that can go to but have their own YouTube app, to other things like the AppleTV, TiVo Series 3 and Tivo HD units.

    I would love to know your thoughts and comments on this.

  • That’s great feature.
    It would be cool if (in a future update) Sony would integrate it a separate icon on the XMB like the google search icon



  • Omg!!!!

    This is awesome!!!!
    PS3 FTW!!!!!!

  • I’d rather have some exclusive games.

    I can watch Youtube on my computer.

    How is this awesome in any way?

    Games Please!

  • This is very cool; I had been disappointed by the clunkiness of watching youtube on the PS3 so I’m glad this is being addressed.

    For folks who want youtube on PSP, I imagine that it is not as simple as people seem to think. Flash is a beast of an application to support in my experience, and I’m amazed that even basic Flash support is present on the PSP. I can’t imagine how hard (if possible at all) it would be to get a satisfactory Flash video experience on the highly constrained PSP environment.

  • dude is that FAT PRINCESS and RESIDENT EVIL 5 DEMO you have there in your XMB
    ( watch the clip and pause at 4 seconds)

  • wow totally cool ,now we need HULU

  • I would be all over this feature, except for the fact that I use my PC monitor for both my PS3 and computer.

    Cool to know when I get myself a real HDTV though.

  • Awesome…This is a cool feature..

    So now wheres the cross game voice chat?

  • A lot of people on here don’t understand that this isn’t a sony firmware thing, it’s just google making a special youtube site that’s easier to use on the ps3 (just like the g4tv ps3 site). I would personally prefer to see a special youtube app that doesn’t use the browser or flash but instead uses the high quality h.264 videos youtube has for iphone and apple tv, perhaps with the option to save to hard drive. Unfortunately, the low quality .flv videos youtube uses look even worse when you blow them up to full screen.

  • Hope this gets integrated with Home somehow!

  • PS: I would STRONGLY recommend an XMB Icon for this feature, not everyone who owns a PS3 reads these blogs.

  • Also, if you go to the link, you’ll see that this isn’t exclusive to the ps3. It also works with the wii browser (just like the g4tv site) and it says it will also support new set top boxes with browsers when they become available.

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