Magic Ball for PS3 Available Today

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Hello once again, and welcome to the Magic Ball blog!

Magic Ball (available today, January 15 for $9.99 on the PS Store) is another addictive game from Creat Studios and TikGames and it’s filled with fast action, great humor and giggle-inducing fun.

While the game doesn’t have an overall storyline like Cuboid, we have created comedic scenes for each level – so in a way, each level has its own little story! Each of the scenes is divided between two visual themes – Pirates and Knights – and each theme has its own mini-story scenes.

Magic Ball boasts a vast number of trophies that players can try and achieve – each of the trophies requires the player to overcome a specific challenge. It was a blast trying to come up with the trophies, and we tried to keep a lot of them consistent with the humorous themes of Magic Ball. For example, we have the “25 in a row” trophy where you need to complete 25 levels in a row and several “Goodbye Cruel World” trophies where the player needs to pick up 5 skulls while completing the level.

One of the strategic elements of Magic Ball is the random Power-Ups that fall from pieces of the level that are broken up by the Magic Ball. The Power-Ups are completely random, and the challenge is trying to get your paddle over to where they are falling, while also keeping the Magic ball in play!

But be careful – not all Power-Ups are beneficial! As you complete levels, you will unlock new Power-Ups, so keep an eye out for them! Here’s a hint – try to get the ball through gaps in the objects so that the ball will bounce between the objects. This will break them up quicker, which makes less work for you! ;)

Magic Ball for the PSN is a unique twist on the “ball-breaker” type of game. We have true 3D environments and superior physics and graphics, and every object in the playing field is completely destructible. All of these elements combined really push Magic Ball to the next level.

We’re also excited about the look and feel of our mini-scenes. We think they are really fun – and Magic Ball also has multiplayer with VOIP support! So what could be more fun than smashing up some objects and scoring points and Power-Ups with your friends!?

We all loved the original Magic Ball and were inspired to make our own version with our own unique twists, including new takes on some of the classic levels and adding some bonus ones as well! During the development of the game, we were able to bring in some focus groups that allowed us to make tweaks and adjustments that really helped to round out the fun-factor for each of the levels.

One of the areas that really got an overhaul during testing was the difficulty level of the game – apparently it was too easy! Man, you PSN players are really hardcore!

We are quite proud of our levels, and our lead designer and lead artist worked on them constantly during the development cycle. We had originally planned for a more casual game, but testing proved that players wanted more action. So we rebalanced and are really happy with the outcome.

Two of the other areas that were reworked completely were the SFX (special effects) and VFX (visual effects) of Magic Ball. The power of the PS3 allowed us to do many things that we had originally thought we might have a hard time with, but special effects such as waving grass and flowers are easily handled by the PS3 and the real-time physics with several hundred – even thousands! – of objects were easily managed. Once we saw how much more we were able to do graphically, we could then re-budget our development time and concentrate on gameplay.

We had a blast developing and playing Magic Ball, and we hope you will too. Let us know what you think!

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  • @1 I hope you know in 2009 Trophies are mandatory.

  • I’d like to know the same thing as #11…is there sixaxis support? Thanks!

  • Sure is a lot of shovelware coming from you guys at Create studios, but I liked Cuboid.

  • Does it support 1080i/p?
    Any chance we’ll see a demo- it sounds interesting, but I’m just not clear enoguh on what it is to be willing to part with the (frankly, way too high) $15 price tag for a PSN title I have no idea about.

    • We do support 1080i/p.

      Sorry no demo– the video is a perfect example of game play. Trust me you won’t be disappointed :)

  • @53 Oops, lol. A $10 price point is perfect- but I still need a demo…

  • This game looks really fun how could anyone not be excited for a $10 price tag on a brick breaker game?! I know the wife would looooove this game, is this a psn exclusive? not that it matters just curious ;)

  • You got me on Cuboid and Now Magic Ball.

    I (and MANY other PS3s) are all about the casual game!

    Keep them coming and we will keep playing!!


  • You guys should consider changing your name from “Creat Studios” to “Re-Create Studios”.

    You keep “developing” games that already exist in near identical form.

    • Haha! But we would all need to get new business cards and stationary printed, so we better leave \’Creat\’ as is :-) Keep an eye out for our future releases this year, which promise to be quite original, and extremely awesome!

  • i love getting replies…haha 2 in one week woooo…anyway game looks fun, maybe once im not broke i will surely pick this game up!!!

  • Thanks for the reply Olga (about Alawar). I give props to every developer who actually sticks around to answer questions (many don’t). I’ll be buying this game when it arrives later today. Looks like a lot of fun.

    Cuboid is great too.

  • How does the competitive multiplayer work?

  • Hopefully someone from Sony is reading these as well? This looks like a cool game and all but when is Savage Moon coming out?

  • I guess this means no Savage Moon today… *sigh*… I hope I’m wrong.

  • I really hope so too. Its available in other English-speaking regions right? No offense to this or Cuboid, but Im only interested in Savage Moon at the moment…

  • Got this one on UK PSN today. It looks amazing in 1080. The gameplay is really well balanced, not too difficult early on & there are so many power-ups, they come thick & fast. Got to learn to spot the good ones from the bad ones – early days yet :)

    I’ve always been a fan of Breakout & Arkanoid on the old Atari consoles & ST but this has a little more to it… I think I’ve found something that might keep me away from Mahjong Tales for a while :) Any chance of a level editor for this one or any hints to when Mahjong Tales level editor will be available?

    The £7.99 UK price point is just a little on the expensive side for me, but I realise our £s aren’t worth the paper they are printed on these days ;)

    Thanks again for another great game, let’s see cuboid available over here soon & hope you sell loads – I imagine this will be the biggest seller of the 3.

  • great innovation of a old game the penguin ice breaker was lacking somthing like this kudos to you guys hope is on the epsn as well

  • Thanks for not forcing sixaxis support. I only hope it has more than one game mode unlike Cuboid.

  • Do. Want.

    LOL when I saw Magic Ball–I thought someone was trying to sell a PS3 app that was essentially a Magic 8 Ball fortune program or something and I was like WTF????????? LOL this is significantly better.

  • Nice. I really enjoyed Cuboid and am now looking forward to playing Magic Ball when I get home tonight. Keep ’em coming, guys!

    Also, can people here please stop asking about trophy support. All new PS3/PSN games are required to have trophies, so stop asking about trophy support with every new game announcement, please.

  • This is so wrong. Why is it that XBL got first hands on Resident Evil 5 Demo.

  • Looks awesome. I will be purchasing this tonight!

    One question, is multiplayer 1-2 players, or 1-4?

    1-2 is great, 1-4 would be super sweet.

  • Will the new releases that are coming out sometime this year going to be exclusive too the PSN?

  • Im looking forward to this game.

  • Admittedly, I thought this looked like one of those mediocre shareware XBLA games. But after watching the video the destructibility and animation looks very impressive. Pictures don’t do this game justice so good job with the video. I think I’ll be buying this today!

  • I love Arkanoid-style games, so I may have to give this a shot.

  • This is for anyone who doesnt understand what type of game this is. It is like Break Out only instead of blocks you get pirate ships and other stuff to break

  • Is this game remote play compatible or is a PSP version in the works? Seem like a perfect game for that platform

  • This is like a future Icebreaker type game :) i might just get this game

  • Man, just when I’m getting into Mahjong Tales and start playing it to death (almost 100% trophies), you guys go and release another awesome looking game! I haven’t even tried Cuboid yet! You need to give me some more time here! :)

  • Downloading it right now from the Euro store. Still waiting for Cuboid (on the Euro store), where is it?

    • Cuboid should be out in the Euro store by the end of the month. Sorry for the delay – I promise it will be worth the wait!

  • Oh man!

    I just got it and have been playing it for the pasy 5 or so hours non-stop!

    So addictive, fun, and just the right level of frustration/challenge!

    Recommended to anyone who’s ever enjoyed Arkanoid or similar.

  • Would still love to see you guys release Monopoly and Pool on the PSN.

    I think I will get this, looks fun and with 1080p support man it should be nice!

  • Thanks for the answer about multiplayer Olga.

    Any chance you guys could consider a 1-4 multiplayer mode in the future? Even a pass-the-controller single-player-at-a-time.

    PSN needs more 1-4 player games, so the whole family can play together.

    Game looks good though. (and where can I complain about the Mahjong trophies? *grin* )

  • this is why the ps3 continues to impress.
    very cool

  • @motorhead85021: What’s up with the Mahjong trophies?

  • Okay seriously Olga, stop making multiple accounts and giving your game such praise, I kid, seriously though sounds interesting, the other two games didn’t interest me but I might download this one up

  • @85

    I don’t agree with a couple of them, but this isn’t the place to gripe. I’ll post on the forums.

  • I was going to ignore this game until I saw the video. I’m TOTALLY getting this…wow. I don’t care how broke I am right now.


  • Ok you have my interest. I was thinking why not custom soundtracks? Then I read about it coming in an add on. Still sucks that you guys don’t have a demo. Especially since there are 50 levels. Just a preview of 5 levels would have sufficed.

    The co-op deal sounds fun, but competitive doesn’t. That might be one of those things I would just have to try out. Sorry if I missed this somewhere else, but is co-op local and online?

  • 3-4 players can work for a game like this, there was a pong game for the ps1 back in the day that was crazy hard, but fun as well, and it had 4 player support i believe. So it can work. 3 or 4 players on the same screen would be fun!

  • Thanks. I’ll probably pick this up. Not trying to boast or swell anyone’s ego, but be honored. This will be my first PSN game that I’ve wanted and will get since November 07.

    Which was the time I was burnt by Pain, but you guys have 50 levels, so don’t have to worry about lack of levels.

  • Can you tell this game in HD? or whats the highest screen resolution? im buying it!

  • Wow, this looks like a ton of fun!! I’m going to buy it.

  • So, I’m confused. I’m a long time PS owner and I’ve read a few comments about six axis support and just don’t get it. Does that mean the controls only use the DPad and does not use the thumb 360 joystick thingys? See, if everyone spoke in technical terms (like “thumb 360 joystick thingys”) smart peole like myself wouldn’t be lost.

    I’m assuming this is the case for the controls, and if so, I don’t get why it can’t be controlled by the joysticks? Seems to me a right and left movement could still be picked up.

    Sony – if you’re hiring, you can stop your search with me! :)

    • No, the six-axis control is basically being able to control the game with the actual controller ( ex: tilting). The d-pad and the joystick are still operational. :)


    awesome news, i’m getting this once the US/CAN store is updated!

    thanks for the great games,
    i think i’ll get Cuboid and Mahjong as well

  • Thank you very much for the information!

  • As a fan of the Arkanoid style, which I still play on my Amiga, this looks really good and I will be picking up. Keep up the great work.

  • Oh my god! I love breakout type games and this looks to be the best version of a game like it I’ve ever seen! Two player gameplay too? That’s a first I’ve seen for this type of game, but, whatever. The vid sold me on the game as soon as I saw what it was. You’ve got my $10.

  • @13 – I feel you bro. Mine is also being repaired :( Since Dec. 21! Hang in there.

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