Magic Ball for PS3 Available Today

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Hello once again, and welcome to the Magic Ball blog!

Magic Ball (available today, January 15 for $9.99 on the PS Store) is another addictive game from Creat Studios and TikGames and it’s filled with fast action, great humor and giggle-inducing fun.

While the game doesn’t have an overall storyline like Cuboid, we have created comedic scenes for each level – so in a way, each level has its own little story! Each of the scenes is divided between two visual themes – Pirates and Knights – and each theme has its own mini-story scenes.

Magic Ball boasts a vast number of trophies that players can try and achieve – each of the trophies requires the player to overcome a specific challenge. It was a blast trying to come up with the trophies, and we tried to keep a lot of them consistent with the humorous themes of Magic Ball. For example, we have the “25 in a row” trophy where you need to complete 25 levels in a row and several “Goodbye Cruel World” trophies where the player needs to pick up 5 skulls while completing the level.

One of the strategic elements of Magic Ball is the random Power-Ups that fall from pieces of the level that are broken up by the Magic Ball. The Power-Ups are completely random, and the challenge is trying to get your paddle over to where they are falling, while also keeping the Magic ball in play!

But be careful – not all Power-Ups are beneficial! As you complete levels, you will unlock new Power-Ups, so keep an eye out for them! Here’s a hint – try to get the ball through gaps in the objects so that the ball will bounce between the objects. This will break them up quicker, which makes less work for you! ;)

Magic Ball for the PSN is a unique twist on the “ball-breaker” type of game. We have true 3D environments and superior physics and graphics, and every object in the playing field is completely destructible. All of these elements combined really push Magic Ball to the next level.

We’re also excited about the look and feel of our mini-scenes. We think they are really fun – and Magic Ball also has multiplayer with VOIP support! So what could be more fun than smashing up some objects and scoring points and Power-Ups with your friends!?

We all loved the original Magic Ball and were inspired to make our own version with our own unique twists, including new takes on some of the classic levels and adding some bonus ones as well! During the development of the game, we were able to bring in some focus groups that allowed us to make tweaks and adjustments that really helped to round out the fun-factor for each of the levels.

One of the areas that really got an overhaul during testing was the difficulty level of the game – apparently it was too easy! Man, you PSN players are really hardcore!

We are quite proud of our levels, and our lead designer and lead artist worked on them constantly during the development cycle. We had originally planned for a more casual game, but testing proved that players wanted more action. So we rebalanced and are really happy with the outcome.

Two of the other areas that were reworked completely were the SFX (special effects) and VFX (visual effects) of Magic Ball. The power of the PS3 allowed us to do many things that we had originally thought we might have a hard time with, but special effects such as waving grass and flowers are easily handled by the PS3 and the real-time physics with several hundred – even thousands! – of objects were easily managed. Once we saw how much more we were able to do graphically, we could then re-budget our development time and concentrate on gameplay.

We had a blast developing and playing Magic Ball, and we hope you will too. Let us know what you think!

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  • Just so everyone knows, this has Trophy and Voice Chat support.

  • Here’s a question for TikGames, seeing how you guys are finding the PlayStation 3 satisfying to work with, and seem to be doing very well on the platform. Will we be seeing more PSN games from you guys? other than the 3 just released?

  • Cool game

  • I hope there is a demo though

  • I getting this one, seems fun and my girlfriend will enjoy it also.

  • I don’t really care about trophies, as especially with PSN games they’re just too difficult to get. Voice chat is a great option :-)

    Game looks like a total blast and a lot of fun :-D Really colorful and beautiful as well, my compliments.

    PSN is overloading with games, if were not careful enough we’re gonna wonder why we need blu ray games for anyway, haha.

  • Hmm yeah good question, will there be a demo?

  • Nice. Could do with a demo.

  • Nice one! Are all trophies possible to get on local multiplayer?

  • Heres another question for you TikGames, where you guys required to add Trophy support with your game? or is this just a false rumor.

  • I didn’t read it anywhere but can you play the game with the six axis? That would make the game (in my mind, so there go all credibility) a bit more fun to play while adding a pinch more of a challenge.

  • Lol. I thought this was going to be a magic 8-ball ( app for the PS3 when I saw the title. Was worried there for a minute!

  • My PS3 is being repaired, i can’t wait to have it back :o(

  • Looks very cool, like an odd take on Arkanoid.

  • you have my 10 bucks i love the ball breaker type games, and now in full 3d! sahweeet!

  • ….

    Once Cuboid and this are available in Europe, they’re mine!

    It’s nice when studios make games in genres you like! :D

    • Magic Ball is available as of today in Europe (and the US), and Cuboid should be available by the end of the month in Europe :)

  • looks gr8 does it have custome soundtracks! custom soundtracks would be perfect for this game.

  • Looks really cool.

    I’m sorry to say I’m disappointed that we arent seeing these games going to PSP. As much as I enjoy a quick play game, they’d be so much more valuable on the go.

    Perhaps Sony should do more to persuade PSN devs to support Remote Play in their smaller releases.

  • i didnt thought it would look like that,might be a buy now that i saw it

    any chance we can get a trophies list somewhere?

    • “ ARRR!” – Completion the Pirate episode
      “ NI!” – Completion the Knight episode
      “10 in a Row”- Completion 10 levels in a row ( without starting a new game)
      “ 25 in a Row” – Completion of 25 Levels in a row (without starting a new game)
      “ 500k Plan” -More than 500,000 points within a session
      “ Millionaire’s Club” – More than 1,000,000 points within a session
      “ The Morris Award” – 9 bonus lives
      “ Bonus Plan” – Collect 100 ‘Bonus Points’ within a session
      “ Minuteman” – Complete a level in less than a minute
      “Award Winner” – Collect all Trophies in the game

      and a few special ones. You will just have to play the game to see them ;)

  • Does it have mouse support?

  • old good classic game, you have my money for sure, i hope its fun :) it looks to

  • @19: Instead of asking for keyboard support you opt for mouse? Very odd, I could find using a mouse very difficult.

    Anyway, the game looks really addictive, but like everyone is saying, a demo would be cool.

    • Good morning, everyone! Thanks for your comments, and I will try to answer as much as possible throughout the day.

      Sorry to say that there is no demo available; however, the trailer above is a very accurate demonstration of the gameplay, which I know everyone is going to love! If you like bricker-breaker games, this will be a must have for your PS3!

  • Im really glad to see all these PSN games are starting to all have multi player, local and online. I have always loved these kinda games so lets give it a go!

  • Looks interesting! In-game XMB Music available??

  • Heh, this trailer reminded me of the blog post when you guys said that Mahjong Tales was 3D and was built with physics. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game, but I didn’t see how it could have had that. I was expecting maybe something like with the right analog stick, being able to move the table around. But the tiles weren’t really in 3D, and in fact, on some layouts, some tiles appear to be over others on the same level. And then the tiles move in straight lines, suddenly jerk to move together, and then disappear into a sparkly celebration. So when you guys came on here saying that you really emphasized 3D layouts and real physics laws when making it, I was a bit disappointed when I was playing the real game.

  • @21: Why the hell would anyone want keyboard support for a breakout type game?

  • There is a VS multiplayer game? I remember the game “crash bash” a party game with Crash Bandicoot. A game was consited to do some challenge like Magic Ball but to score in the opposite goals. 4 player was amazing, balls from every where…

    Hope for a demo…

  • I LOVE trophies …

  • Looks like alot of fun, gonna have to pick this one up too

  • Awesome,lately the PSN is on a roll, tonz of content and games.
    mhmhmh, i cant see the youtube video..


    Local AND Online. Hate when they release a game with just one or the other, either both, none or leave:P

    Will there be more levels coming? Or better yet just give us a free editor;)

  • Thanks Olga, I’ll definitely be picking this up. Looks fun! Hope we see themed level packs in the future. :)

  • Wow! This game looks very interesting! I’ll go and buy it right now.
    I hope sound is multichannel?

  • This looks MUCH more appealing than Cuboid did…I passed on Cuboid because it looked like some cheap PC game sold in a jewel case (but with better graphics).

    This however looks like a new generation of Breakout…I may just have to pick this up today depending on what else releases.

  • wow im getting this! :)

  • I have a slight addiction to break out games. Now I can play them on my couch instead of an office chair, thanks.

  • I LOVE breakout/arkanoid style games. I’ll download it after work. Thanks!

  • Too bad there’s not going to be a demo Olga, that means no buying from me. I’m not buying digital content again without trying it first, I regreted it once already.

  • Nice to see some great little games on PSN.

  • Whoa! A while back I’d never even heard of you guys and now you’ve already released three games in rapid succession. Were you guys just lying in wait for everyone to get PSN cards during the holidays?

    • Haha, yes – we were plotting our next move, waiting for the holidays, so everyone could get a PS3! :-) Seriously, Creat Studios has been around for nearly two decades and we have released many games previously. Check out for more info. And stay tuned throughout 2009 for even more exciting games from Creat and TikGames!

  • By the way, I also couldn’t get the video to work, though I just went over to Youtube and it worked just fine. Might want to look into fixing it. I know you haven’t had it up long since there’re only 245 views.

  • I love the idea of having a brick breaker game, but with 3d stuff instead of bricks.

  • Sorry to post again, but I have to say that I just watched the videos for Magic Ball 2 (apparently a PC game) and that thing is dull as hell to watch. You’ve done a very good thing here. The machine guns are an expecially nice touch. How many stages are there in total?

    • The initial release of Magic Ball will include nearly 50 exciting levels (and both local and online multiplayer action), with over 20 additional levels scheduled to be available at a later date!

    • *correction* It\’s actually over 30!

  • Why there is no Demo? It’s expensive? Sony charge you for releasing a demo? 2 levels is enough… to make an idea of the game.

    I really don’t understand…

  • I love brick breaker games!! TikGames/CreatStudio you guys are amazing!! Mahjong tales and cuboid are so fun I already know I’ll be picking up Magic Ball the moment I get home from work tonight!!!

  • Looks like a fun game.

  • Are you guys associated with Alawar Entertainment?

  • @_@

    50 levels, damn. See I thought it would have been 25 given the trophy.

  • I don’t buy that many PSN games, but I’m buying this one tonight. Looks like fun.

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