Magic Ball for PS3 Available Today

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Hello once again, and welcome to the Magic Ball blog!

Magic Ball (available today, January 15 for $9.99 on the PS Store) is another addictive game from Creat Studios and TikGames and it’s filled with fast action, great humor and giggle-inducing fun.

While the game doesn’t have an overall storyline like Cuboid, we have created comedic scenes for each level – so in a way, each level has its own little story! Each of the scenes is divided between two visual themes – Pirates and Knights – and each theme has its own mini-story scenes.

Magic Ball boasts a vast number of trophies that players can try and achieve – each of the trophies requires the player to overcome a specific challenge. It was a blast trying to come up with the trophies, and we tried to keep a lot of them consistent with the humorous themes of Magic Ball. For example, we have the “25 in a row” trophy where you need to complete 25 levels in a row and several “Goodbye Cruel World” trophies where the player needs to pick up 5 skulls while completing the level.

One of the strategic elements of Magic Ball is the random Power-Ups that fall from pieces of the level that are broken up by the Magic Ball. The Power-Ups are completely random, and the challenge is trying to get your paddle over to where they are falling, while also keeping the Magic ball in play!

But be careful – not all Power-Ups are beneficial! As you complete levels, you will unlock new Power-Ups, so keep an eye out for them! Here’s a hint – try to get the ball through gaps in the objects so that the ball will bounce between the objects. This will break them up quicker, which makes less work for you! ;)

Magic Ball for the PSN is a unique twist on the “ball-breaker” type of game. We have true 3D environments and superior physics and graphics, and every object in the playing field is completely destructible. All of these elements combined really push Magic Ball to the next level.

We’re also excited about the look and feel of our mini-scenes. We think they are really fun – and Magic Ball also has multiplayer with VOIP support! So what could be more fun than smashing up some objects and scoring points and Power-Ups with your friends!?

We all loved the original Magic Ball and were inspired to make our own version with our own unique twists, including new takes on some of the classic levels and adding some bonus ones as well! During the development of the game, we were able to bring in some focus groups that allowed us to make tweaks and adjustments that really helped to round out the fun-factor for each of the levels.

One of the areas that really got an overhaul during testing was the difficulty level of the game – apparently it was too easy! Man, you PSN players are really hardcore!

We are quite proud of our levels, and our lead designer and lead artist worked on them constantly during the development cycle. We had originally planned for a more casual game, but testing proved that players wanted more action. So we rebalanced and are really happy with the outcome.

Two of the other areas that were reworked completely were the SFX (special effects) and VFX (visual effects) of Magic Ball. The power of the PS3 allowed us to do many things that we had originally thought we might have a hard time with, but special effects such as waving grass and flowers are easily handled by the PS3 and the real-time physics with several hundred – even thousands! – of objects were easily managed. Once we saw how much more we were able to do graphically, we could then re-budget our development time and concentrate on gameplay.

We had a blast developing and playing Magic Ball, and we hope you will too. Let us know what you think!

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  • nice game.. was just wondering about custom sound tracks which is being added in the addon.. so in order to get custom sound tracks i would have to buy the addon or would there be an update for excisting customers.

    • Custom Music Support will be in the add-on pack that will include other features such as more levels. There is a small cost for the add-on.

      Stay tuned for my next blog posting that will talk about the add-on pack in more detail.

  • Cool… looks like Breakout except interesting!

  • Wow great trailer, I wasn’t interested in the game until I saw it, SOLD, thank you Olga and thank your team for me!!! I didn’t purchase the other two games, I’m sure they’re great they just don’t seem like my cup of tea, but the action in the trailer here sold me on this one, nicely done!!! :D

  • I seriously dont know why Sony doesnt advertise its PSN games until AFTER they are out. Do you know why they do this?

  • #101 Saywhat. Hopefully the update for Custom Soundtracks would be free. It usually is for other games.

  • Hadn’t even heard of this but this looks like a buy!

  • Some of those later levels are super hard, very frustrating but I can’t stop playing…

  • dear olga if you check the comment again thanx 4 the list,got the game and you need to tell your guys great work on re inventing a classic game like breakout its great to see that some people sit down and manage to come out with something new with something so old

    cant wait 2 see what you gonna bring us next
    if i can brainstorm a lil:RAMPART!

  • I like this BreakOut Games very much!

    Magic Ball is a new and unique interpretation and fun to play.

    But i could get mad about this:
    – Why is there no mouse support!? PS3 supports mouse movement and BreakOut Games are meant for playing with mouse.
    I loose life after life because moving with the pad is tooooooo slow.

    Please fix it und give us mouse support! (Mahong Tales need it too!)


  • I forget one thing, why is Magic Ball only on the US- and UK-Store? When ist release in the rest of europe!?


    • Max, Magic Ball should be out now in all of the EU. Please let us know which online Sony store does not offer it and we will look into it right away, thanks!

  • Monty Python trophy reference FTW! XD

  • Hi Olga,

    I am located in the Netherlands and like Max in #110 there is no Magic Ball on our store either.

    Hope it’s not a UK-only release :(

    • Magic Ball is not a UK-only release, so I will check in with Sony about the Netherlands, and if Max lets us know where he is located, I will check in for him as well, thanks.

  • Does this have some kind of leaderboards so you can see how well you’re doing compared to everyone else?

  • Hello again Olga, thanks for looking into it. :)

    By the way, going by the “Gruß” I guess Max is located in Germany.

    I am really looking forward to playing this game!

  • I love this game, it is so old school but with updated graphics. Takes me back in so many ways.

    Now, this may be a silly question, but on the main screen, what is the ‘CONTINUE’ option for? Once I am back to the main menu, I am able to highlight ‘NEW GAME’ but when I move the d-pad down, it jumps over the continue option. Thanks again, and looking forward to your next PSN release.

    • The ‘CONTINUE’ option is there if you are playing through the levels and life gets in the way. You can quit the game and your overall progress will be saved. When you return to the game, you merely have to hit the \’CONTINUE\’ option and you can continue playing from the exact level you left off at and your overall campaign score will increase.
      If you choose the ‘NEW GAME ’option instead, you\’ll start from any open level you like, but your overall score campaign won\’t increase anymore – you\’ll start a new campaign.

  • this is a great game for the PS3, kudos to all involved. Look forward to the expansion pack or whatever is next, it’s one of those “just one more level” games. :-)

  • @Doc N >- Why is there no mouse support!? PS3 supports mouse movement and BreakOut Games are meant for playing with mouse.

    The best/most intuitive way to play a breakout game properly is with a rotary controller. Mouse is OK and so is the analogue stick, but rotary controller is best.

  • I checked in with Sony and there will be a short delay for Magic Ball for a few areas in the EU. Those of you who cannot find Magic Ball in the store now will be able to get it next Thursday, for sure! Sorry for the delay, but hopefully you can enjoy Cuboid and Mahjong Tales while you wait :-)

  • Hi Olga, as NavahoLG said, I am from Germany.

    It’s a mess with our PSN-Store, we have in most cases to wait for weeks or months until games find their way in the german PSN-Store.

    Don’t know what Sony is thinking about it, no games in DE, no Demos in DE, no PSN-Cards in DE, … easy money!

    By the way, Cuboid isn’t in the DE-Store too.

    Fortunately the world in 2009 is like a little village and with US-PSN-Cards or a valid CreditCard we can get the good games in time!

    @Olga & Creat Studios & Tik Games: Get on with such great games! I love it! (But remember you can always get better!)

    @Sony: Softwaresales on PS3 could be much higher if you would give us (most Europeans) the chance to buy!


    • Magic Ball will be out in remaining EU territories next Thursday, and Cuboid should be out in all EU territories by the end of January.

  • The powerups in this game are sexy!

    You prefer to play with little balls or big balls, Olga? I think it’s all in the motion of the paddle, personally…. Oh, and BEWARE OF SHRINKAGE!

  • Hi there, will there be a release of this game on the Asia PSN any time soon? looks very nice=)

  • Thanks for this, it’s really fun! Will you be releasing any additional level packs? Fun, but too short :P.

    PSN: unstablefears

    • Yes, more levels are coming in our add-on pack. I will be posting another blog talking about the add-on pack :)

  • Awesome!

    I am amazed by Magic Ball, Cuboid and Mahjong Tales! Well done Creat and TikGames! Keep on releasing similar cool PSN Games!

    Joe from Hungary

  • Hi Olga,

    Im stuck, ive completed the game, ive got all the trophys and the hidden one, except one, now the last trophy i got was the 9 extra lives one, i thought when i get that, it will unlock the ‘all awards’ trophy, but it hasnt, is there another way to get this, or has somthing broke,it says i have 70% any help please

    Dan from UK

    • Dan-
      Thank you for reporting this issue. The bug will be fixed in the upcoming patch!
      The Golden Trophy is not awarded if the player removes any saved files after receiving any trophies. I assure you that you will get the trophy as soon as the patch is installed.

      Thanks again :)

  • just finished the second group of levels giving me both the ARR! and NI! trophies. It was a great co-op experience and it will be fun to work on a higher score later (and to unlock the last few trophies). My one complaint is the invisible wall that stops your bat at the middle in co-op…I think it would be more of a traditional co-op experience to allow each player full run of the field up to the other players bat. that way when 2 balls are just far enough apart, but both on the same players half…you would be forced to work together to get them and not feel cheated like a pinball going right between your paddles.

  • Olga, thanks for following up on this blog entry with useful information – Magic Ball is a great addition to the PSN lineup.

    I’ve noticed a bit of “stutter” here and there in the first 18 levels I’ve tackled, when there’s a lot going on all at once the soccer ball seems to momentarily halt and then suddenly jitter to a new location (this is all single player local mode) – any notice of that on your end and room for improvement with a future patch to make the action a bit smoother?

    • Thanks for posting.

      We haven\’t heard of this problem but the patch that we are releasing in the next few weeks should hopefully clear it up.

  • For future ideas, based on what I’ve seen in Cuboid, Mahjong and now Magic Ball and your current focus on 3-D PSN games, your company may be the ideal one for something many of us are waiting for: PINBALL!

    The sixaxis motion-sensing controller, now with Dualshock, is the ideal interface for both input and feedback from a pinball table (feeling the ball bounce off the sides, nudging to put a little extra into the bounce, a nasty BUZZ! when we tilt) – what we’re looking for is pinball reimagined for a widescreen, high-definition, high-performance platform; one that plays like a real table but takes advantage of the 16:9 HDTV format, 3-D potential for moving up/down ramps & tunnels etc.

    I own 4 real pinball machines and can’t wait until a talented company comes along and creates a great pin game for the PS3. I’m not the only one; there’s definitely pent-up demand out there from other PS3-owning pinball fans and so far zero entries in this category; just check the Playstation Forum.

    What say you, Olga, Creat and Tik? Thanks for listening.

  • Olga, you certainly weren’t kidding. Three wonderful titles, I ended up buying all three. Cuboid is so much fun, very nice designs and fun puzzles. Mahjong is visually beautiful, and the score is too. I’m still a little confused but it’s good. MagicBall, wow. I had so much fun on mic with a friend on this. We played for two hours and lost track of time. It is so much fun, I really recommend all three titles. And can’t wait for the add-ons. Can you consider offering special pricing for people that buy all three add-ons when they come out? That would be good, you should even offer a pack of the three games maybe for $25 so people save a few bucks. I think they need to do this more often.

    Also kudos on the trophy artwork, too many developers use the same image so it’s nice to see different ones were created. Creat Studios is certainly one to watch, can’t wait to see your plans for 2009.

  • Fist, JimInPT, WORD! Pinball is badly needed.

    Olga and Creat Studios, congratulation for a VERY addictive, fun and well crafted game.
    Waiting for the expansion, just got a top 10 score and all trophies :)

  • Just grabbed this game for my wife, and it looks pretty fun so far. Well done, guys.

  • I’m very impressed with Magic Ball, I don’t like to buy games that don’t have demos (because usually when PSN games don’t have demos it’s because the developer/publisher knows it’s not good enought and will sell less if they let people try it before they buy it), but this is totally not the case here (my point is that I really think you should release a demo for Magic Ball, and then do it for Cuboid as well, I really want to try it)!

    Magic Ball is excelent, pure fun, very beaultiful, super polished, and the trophies are perfect! Just don’t overcharge for the extra levels (half the price of the full game for some levels is too much, we all know they cost so much less to make)…

  • Dear Ms. Olga Sokolova,
    I still have not bought Magic Ball but definitely will buy it once Resistance is completed.

    I just wanted to write and thank you for an active communication and replys here in a blog. That’s how devs should keep community close to them. Even if some1 did not like MB game, its nice to know developer geniously care about questions posted in a blog.

    thx and keep up the spirit Olga

  • When can we expect Magic Ball in the EU store?!

  • Never mind! just scrolled up and have the answer :)

  • ARGHHH..

    frustration. Still no Magic Ball in the NL-store :(

  • So… when can we really expect it in the EU store? :-)

    Still nothing there…

  • No cuboid, No magic ball… life has no meaning anymore…


    Olga! Save us! the Dutch people depend on you! :)

  • @Murzeltje1976: Yes it sucks to be us! :D

    We’ll probably see it next week (and Cuboid most probably the week after that)…

    • Hey everyone! The wait is nearly over for you folks in the EU – Magic Ball should be available by January 29 and Cuboid will be coming on February 5. Thanks for your patience and we cannot wait to hear what you think of the games! ;-)

  • @NavahoGL: I’ve got him!

    I cheated. that’s true, used to create a US accepted CC :-)

    Sometimes we have to be ingenious. They cannot withold Magic Ball from us any longer! ;-)

  • @Murzeltje1976 Cool stuff! I heard other folks are doing that as well. (I am quite hesitant myself about buying stuff from another regions’ store so I’ll just wait.)

    Guess I’ll be killing time doing… terrible things to my dog with a fork. ;-)

    (j/k, I don’t even have a dog.)

  • Is it really possible to get the Morris Award trophy!? Because I just played through the entire game with my cousin, both episodes, and we only got eight hearts the entire time. We received a couple right away on the pirate episode and couldn’t get more than 5 the entire episode and then as soon as we started the knight episode we gained 3 more in the first few levels for our total of eight and spent the rest of the 19 or 20 levels left trying to get the last heart we needed for the trophy and could not do it! We’re so ticked off right now! It’s the last trophy we need and we can’t frickin get It! So, seriously, is it possible to get 9 hearts or is this a cruel joke!? What are we doing wrong!??? Please tell us, because we don’t even want to play anymore we’re so annoyed.


    • zaepian-

      I assure you it is possible to get the Morris Award. A great deal of people have attained already. The power-ups are randomly generated, it is possible that you just weren\’t lucky enough to get the 9th one :(. My suggestion is to start the game from the beginning. I\’m sure you will plow through the levels very fast and get the Morris Award. Or you can just forget about the Morris Award and get the Booster pack and complete those levels and get the new trophies :)

      Totally up to you :)

  • P.S.

    We did not die the entire time we had the 8 hearts that we gained.

  • Dear Olga,

    I hate to break the news to you,

    but the Dutch store *still* hasn’t gotten MagicBall today.

    Yes, we got a trailer now. Wow..

    So… I politely ask, one more time, and I hope you can find a decent person at Sony that can tell an honest answer: when is it *really* coming to our PSN?


  • Still no MagicBall in the Dutch store :(

    Any news from Sony yet as of why and when?

  • Ah, someone already asked that. :)

  • Please!! Don’t put it in the dutch store!!

    It’s frustrating! I d/l it from the US .. but’s keeping me awake.. i-must-play-magic-ball.. Once again.. Don’t put it in the store!! Save yourselfs!!

    Nah.. just kidding.. :p

  • LOL Murzeltje1976, good to hear it’s good fun!

    The way things seem to go at SCEE I will be surprised I’ll play it this season… I suggest that some people down that distributing line get a gentle kick in the bejewels to get their act together. :-)

  • I still think it is a good idea to make al stores equal :)

    The US store is much, much, much… dit I say much already? much better than the EU / NL store…

    And I’m not speaking of content-wise, but just make all stores look-a-like…

  • Yeah the European store is a disgrace honestly, been hoping it’d get better for a long time now… I read something some months ago about certification process changes that would make releases more simultaneous but stuff like this really makes you wonder if they ever get their stuff correct over here.

    Oh well we’ll see.

    BTW, that’s a mighty long talk with Sony…

  • NavahoGL , Murzeltje1976 and all-

    We are sorry for the delay. Sony got back to us and you will see Magic Ball up in your stores 5th Feb.

    Thank you for understanding.


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