Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Pack – Remaining Cars Unveiled

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Wow! We got an immense response to our recent unveiling of the 88 Special – an incredible hovering car!

88 Special

But, the 88 Special is just a one quarter of our forthcoming Legendary Cars pack. Now it’s time to show you the 3 remaining cars.

We’re keeping things pretty much under wraps on these vehicles for the moment. After all, we’ve got a ton of exciting content arriving at the beginning of Feb to tell you about first. But before we get into that, we couldn’t resist bringing you the first images of these spectacular vehicles.

Boostin’ makes me feel good!
First up the Manhattan Spirit. Not the fastest car in Paradise City, but this reimagining of Burnout Paradise’s Hunter Manhattan should keep the spirits at bay.

Fans of the original will know that this underused beauty is great for stunts. This customized special version is even better, but like all the Legendary Cars, this has a trick up its sleeve – hit L3 and boost to find out what it does.

Manhattan Spirit

This car does not exist
This is the Carson Nighthawk. Denied by the government and disowned by Carson, this ultra rare version of the Carson GT is the ultimate super pursuit vehicle!

The custom lighting array triggered by boost makes this the most distinctive-looking vehicle for night time events in the dangerous world of Paradise City.

GT Nighthawk

One for the good ole boys
And finally, the Cavalry Bootlegger. Branded with the Mexican flag and tagged as a tribute to The Chicanator, one of our big-time Mexican Burnout fans, this is a classic modified Hunter Cavalry.

Hit a massive jump and press L3 to sound the incredible horn – it’s one of the defining moments in Paradise City.

Also available in orange.

Cavalry Bootlegger 04

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  • You guys are the best devs ever…. (L)

  • Gnarly! Thanks, guys/dolls!

  • Can’t wait to buy it! Want nao!!!!

  • So when using the Carson Nighthawk, what does pushing the L3 button do? No hints? You said every Legendary Car does something when you hit L3, but gave nothing when it comes to this car.

  • This is so amazing and I love the Manhattan Spirit!

  • Wasn’t the island pack supposed to be coming out this month? Or last?

  • Just got an HD TV and have rediscovered Burnout. I’m very much lookig forward to more DLC from Criterion. I’ve tried playing other racers but they all just make me miss Paradise City.

  • I’m a big fan of Burnout Paradise. I’ve gotten 101%. I’m taking a break from it for awhile, waiting on the new DLC, and playing Rock Band 2 and LBP.

    While this stuff looks cool, I won’t allow myself to get too excited until I know how much it costs.

  • I <3 burnout :)
    hopefully i have a way of purchasing this when it comes out.

  • (if it isnt free)

  • I was sold at just the hovering car. Now this is going to be one sweet pack.

  • I love that you turned this game into a platform! Packs look awesome, looking forward to it!

  • So, if I get it right:
    – You should always win your race with the 88 special, cause it’s flying THROUGH TIME;

    – You should never be SCARED of any stunt with the Manhattan Spirit;

    – Obviously, the Carson Nighthawk is nearly UNDESTRUCTIBLE and you’re never alone when you’re inside this car;

    – Finally, you should ALWAYS make perfect jumps with the Cavalry Bootlegger.

    Geez those cars are part of my childhood :)

    Again Criterion game rules!!! All other devs should take you as an example. You see now, nobody (well almost) nobody is complaining that you going to charge for those cars. Why ? because you gave us so much free before, people now really feel that they are paying extra bucks for real add-ons, not paying to get the completion of a game that was sold full price without all it’s features.

    You can count me in to buy those cars as soon as they are released!

    Thank you.

  • haha the hoff is now also on Burnout , first he is in PAIN now his car (oralookalike-tsk tsk-) is here

  • I think you guys are doing such a great job and I’m really excited about these cars! I have one suggestion for a legendary car and that would be Speed Racers Mach 5! And when you’d hit the L3 button the car would use its jump jacks. The burnout car that it would match would be the rossolini LM track package. It even has the 5 on the side already. Anyways, that would be an awesome addition if you’d guys would like. That would be my favorite car in my favorite game!!

  • Also no one has come out with an awesome speed racer game and this would be the perfect opportunity, PLeeeeeaaase!

  • I bought this gam and didn’t think much of it. When I played it I was totally hooked. Too bad that beat it 101% before the trophy support. I will buy most of the premium DLC. Thank you for such great game! I hope that support keeps coming.

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