Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Pack – Remaining Cars Unveiled

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Wow! We got an immense response to our recent unveiling of the 88 Special – an incredible hovering car!

88 Special

But, the 88 Special is just a one quarter of our forthcoming Legendary Cars pack. Now it’s time to show you the 3 remaining cars.

We’re keeping things pretty much under wraps on these vehicles for the moment. After all, we’ve got a ton of exciting content arriving at the beginning of Feb to tell you about first. But before we get into that, we couldn’t resist bringing you the first images of these spectacular vehicles.

Boostin’ makes me feel good!
First up the Manhattan Spirit. Not the fastest car in Paradise City, but this reimagining of Burnout Paradise’s Hunter Manhattan should keep the spirits at bay.

Fans of the original will know that this underused beauty is great for stunts. This customized special version is even better, but like all the Legendary Cars, this has a trick up its sleeve – hit L3 and boost to find out what it does.

Manhattan Spirit

This car does not exist
This is the Carson Nighthawk. Denied by the government and disowned by Carson, this ultra rare version of the Carson GT is the ultimate super pursuit vehicle!

The custom lighting array triggered by boost makes this the most distinctive-looking vehicle for night time events in the dangerous world of Paradise City.

GT Nighthawk

One for the good ole boys
And finally, the Cavalry Bootlegger. Branded with the Mexican flag and tagged as a tribute to The Chicanator, one of our big-time Mexican Burnout fans, this is a classic modified Hunter Cavalry.

Hit a massive jump and press L3 to sound the incredible horn – it’s one of the defining moments in Paradise City.

Also available in orange.

Cavalry Bootlegger 04

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  • Amazing how Criterion keeps on supporting this game, great job guys.

  • Looking forward to it, thanks for the continued game support.

  • Criterion, I must insist you stop taking money from my wallet.

  • “sound the incredible horn” Dixie horn?
    “Also available in orange” Dukes of Hazard?

    Am I understanding this correctly?

  • Criterion is already my Developer of the Year for ’09

    Thanks for the great support

  • I still don’t own this game.

  • They all look awesome, can’t wait to see what you guys are working on.

  • sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • can i get the bootlegger in orange lolz!

  • I owe Criterion some money.

    Love you guys!

  • February might be a tight month to release the patch though. Specially with STREET FIGHTER IV and KILLZONE 2 being released. No matter, I’ll be playing in-between those two games. The game I wont be playing is “SOCOM” LMAO.

  • Is that car going to be the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard?

  • I love this I can’t wait:D

    Question: Are the extra refinements such as race restart going to be a free patch, or are they only in the Party Pack?

  • Criterion games continued development on this game is beyond what any other developer has done for a PS3 to date. Criterion gave us a new of great new and fresh stuff for free and now is just continuing that tradition with these car packs and new island.

    I can fully say I will buy this DLC on day one without delay.

    Your passion to make this game new and exciting while keeping it alive still makes for a truelly great representation of what Criterion Games is capable of and the heart they have to a project.

    We at TripleTags would be glad to create a new series of tags for your new DLC hitting soon just hit us up and we can do some great stuff.

    Again Thank You Criterion Games for all you have done and continue to do.

    All the Best.

  • I love the knockoffs from some of my favorite childhood vehicles in pop culture…..these are amazing.

    How do you not get sued though? LOL

  • amazing now i havent been following up are these cars free or are they premium content

  • Criterion, you have officially made geeks around the world achieve wood, not seen since the time Princess Leia donned a gold bikini.

  • sold!

    btw, how much will this pack cost?

  • Thanks Jeremy.

    Love this game and all the support you people give us.

    I’ll be getting this add on for sure.

  • Criterion rocks my socks!

  • You had me at Cavalry Bootlegger.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • @4 and @12: You Guessed it ;).

    For those who can’t figure out the ‘unofficial’ references:
    DeLorean from Back to the Future
    Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters
    K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider
    General Lee from Dukes of Hazard.

    I so love Criterion and the way they support this game. Can’t wait to see what other vehicles they have in store for the future.

  • I want the new DLC so bad.

  • The General Lee, Kitt and the Ghostbuster car? Sold. Expect my money the day this DLC is released. That is all.

  • haha, alright! These look pretty awesome, especially the DeLor- I mean, the 88 Special… :P

  • Will the retry addition cost money?

  • Thanks for the pics Jeremy! The guessing can now cease, and I can’t wait for them to be available.

    Also thanks for making a PS3 game that I can recommend to any of my friends w/new PS3’s. When ever anyone asks, it’s just “Log on to PSN and buy it.. NOW!” I’ve even bought extra copies for my family. Keep up the great work!

  • Criterion just R O C K S !!! best developer ever.

  • Awesome! Criterion is the best! Burnout fans, visit http://www.burnout.wikia.com/

  • WHERE IS MY A-TEAM VAN??? :P ;) SOLD, Great job guys!!! :D

  • Can I get it without the mexican flag?

  • I’m dying for the party pack already, hurry lol

  • Great Jeremy!, thanks for the Mexican Love :)


  • @29: The “B-Team” van was in Takedown. It’ll probably make it’s return soon.

  • The horn sold me…

    Excellent support guys!!!!

  • This rocks! Criterion is truly amazing!
    The support keeps the game very much alive!
    Thank you for all the fun and support!

  • AWESOME! Day 1 purchase for me! :)

  • Great stuff. Glad to see the support for the game continuing into this year, and I can’t wiat to see your next game. Keep bringing strong products, with equaly strong support, and I will buy whatever you guys put out.–

  • AWESOME!!!

    Thanks for the update! I love them all and special thanks for the Mexican love! Is the horn “la cucaracha” song?

    Any release date info?

    Thanks for being great Criterion!

  • Why doesn’t the Carson Nighthawk have a red scanner instead of blue? Call me crazy but that little detail bugs me. Maybe licensing reasons?

  • Those cars look very sexy, so sexy when I buy them i’m going to drive very slow as to not detroy them :-).

  • @22

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. It won’t be the General Lee without the rebel flag on top though. Wonder if it will be there?

  • Hey playstation blog fancy taking my copie from the xbox and letting me have a playstation version. I hate that bloody xbox!!! Seriously

  • Please stop making us wait!!! When will get our hands on these!? Peer pressure made me buy this game, and for once peer pressure was a good thing! (I even pressured another friend into buying it. See the vicious cycle you created?)

    MOAR Legendary cars? Fall Guy Truck. ORIGINAL Batmobile. Magnum PI’s GTS. Beverly Hills Hillbillies junker would be nice too! Man this list could go on 4~EVA!

  • It would be great if you could use the EyeToy to change the Flag on top of the Bootlegger or decals on other vehicles in offline mode. While online i just defaults to non offensive decals/flags.

    Think about it Criterion, you know it makes sense.

  • gotta love the bootlegger.. hehe… and the hovering car…

    now if only they had one based on Smokey & the bandit.. the one car that doesnt exist feels a little like Knight Rider..

    but these are some cool cars… cant wait…

  • Can’t wait to hit that L3 button.

  • OH YEAH! I just saw the footage from the burnout podcast (which all self-respecting burnout fans should subscribe to ASAP) and that’s what went through my head. I can’t wait to tear up the streets in the jansen special. GREAT SCOTT I SAY, GREAT SCOTT INDEED

  • I love it, however i wish the other cars could have looked as close to reality as the Jansen does. It’s a shame.

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