Criterion Announces Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars

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Hey folks … great to be back on the only blog that counts (apart from the one you’ll find at, of course).

We’re continuing to support Burnout Paradise through 2009. The fun starts with our Burnout Paradise Party Pack in Feb and will be followed by our awesome Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Pack.

This year, we’ve introduced some of the most incredible vehicles yet seen in a Burnout game. Our FREE Cagney pack brought you the crazy Steel Oval Racer and the Hippie Wagon, and the FREE Bikes Pack introduced motorcycles to Paradise City for the first time ever.

In 2009, we’re taking Burnout vehicles to the next level with some truly unbelievable new vehicles. First up – The Jansen 88 Special.

This classic 1980’s styled silver sports car is based on the fan-favourite Jansen P12, but we’ve made a few interesting modifications.

Special Drive
Fill the gauge and hit boost to trigger burning flame trails from your back wheels. The 88 Special’s fast, manoeuvrable and great in the air.

In fact, if you want to take off, this is just the car for you. Hit L3 to switch to hover mode – the wheels retract and the car takes off and hovers through Paradise City at head height.

Seriously. It hovers.

Special Flying
This is the first of 4 cars that we’re making available as part of a wealth of new downloadable content for Burnout Paradise. They’re available to buy individually or discounted, if you pick up the whole set. In addition to the Jansen 88 Special, look out for the Cavalry Bootlegger, Manhattan Spirit and the GT Nighthawk!

We’ll bring you details and footage of these in a future post or on Crash TV (our video podcast), and we’ll be back next week with another killer announcement for next year’s awesome Burnout Paradise content.

And as always, we’re on hand for a while to answer your questions below!

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  • Imma go ahead and buy this off the network now. thanks for sealing the deal guys! Seriously i saw that car and now I have to have it. its funny because my dads friend is currently restoring his deloreon. coincidence? I think not.


  • That is the most awesome thing ever.

  • You’re kidding me McFly ! ! ! This just made my day seriously. How cool is that. . Looks like we’re going Back to the Future. Awesome.. [DELETED] they way you guys are going I wouldn’t be surprised if you busted out with Hover boards … awesome. You guys are seriously hooking all of us gamers up !! Great Job

  • Holy crap guys!!,You guys are sooo frigging awesome,I am baffled at you guys are still suporting a games thats nearly over a year old but yet its still sooooo fun to play even after I have beating the game twice for 102% on cars and bikes and got all the Trophies,Criterian…You are gods!! Alot of developers should be taking notes from you.Bless you..keep up the awesome work!

  • Marty : DOC ! I need that car !
    Doc : Great Scott ! …

    Awesome !!

  • Aww yeah… the DeLorean (or the Brand X equivalent, as is shown here) ought to be in EVERY racing game.

  • The Power of Love!

  • un-freaking-belieable.

    I think I might buy this game twice just to show my support to (as far as i am concerned) the game company of the year.

    Do you have a price point for this DLC? I will have NO problem paying for such cool content.

  • Please tell me that GT Nighthawk = The Tumbler. That would also be a buy. Manhatten Spirit I already know HAS to be the Ecto 1 (Ghostbusters).

  • Sony you need to aquire Criterion I want them all to my PS3 =)

    88 MPH!

    I have a question …
    How will you guys continue to top this through 2009?

    I mean WOW! I hope you guys are turning a serious profit on this game because your support and dedication to the community is with out a doubt the best bar none!

    Dev’s everywhere should be taking notes!

    Thanks for the blog Sony! I am proud to be a PS gamer! I felt like an outcast being the first with a PS3 and being made fun of it for it, but everyone has pulled it together.

    Long live the video game industry!

  • Will it be powered by Mr. Fusion?

  • #39 – EA doesn’t really make Burnout. Criterion does. EA owns them but they seem to leave them alone. Burnout Paradise is definitely worth buying.

  • EvoAnubis | November 7th, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Please tell me that GT Nighthawk = The Tumbler. That would also be a buy. Manhatten Spirit I already know HAS to be the Ecto 1 (Ghostbusters).

    If the tumbler from batman was in this game. i’d melt lol that’d be THE SHIZIT. wat about the batpod OMGGGGG i gotta email Criterion NOW

  • Well the option to restart the race be included in the party pack for the owners of the original Burnout Paradise or is it only going to be in the Ultimate Box?

  • Thanks Criterion. PlayStation fans appreciate your continuing support.

  • The support offered for this game is worth the purchase alone!

  • JimmyStewart | November 7th, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    Well the option to restart the race be included in the party pack for the owners of the original Burnout Paradise or is it only going to be in the Ultimate Box

    huh? when was the restart race option announced? link please

  • Flame trails and hovering? Wow … now that’s just awesome. Whoever thought of this needs a raise.

  • LOL. Now that’s my kind of car.

  • So, General Lee (Cavalry Bootlegger), Ecto 1 (Manhattan Spirit) and possibly the new Knight Rider 2008 KITT (Carson 500 GT, since that one is based on the Ford Mustang). Yeah, that sounds legendary.

    Bring it on, love the DeLorean style car. Would be awesome if all of the cars would have something special like that. :D

  • have they included the dumb-down Citroen engine? that car was total crap in reality.

  • Enforcer_X | November 7th, 2008 at 11:49 am
    criterion is owned by EA, there is no way in hell EA is going to sell it to sony.

  • BIGxDADDYxJAY, the “88” reference is to how many MPH the Delorean in BTTF had to hit to activate the flux capacitor! The line is “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious [DELETED]”

    The fact that this is a hover car is TIGHT!!!

  • honestly, i couldn’t care less about burnout. however, i do they they r doing great things with supporting their games with add-ons for over a year.

    i just wish they would make a diffrent game.

    psn: chad770

    i play fallout 3, CoD4, LBP, and soon CoD:WaW

  • I think now’s the time to make the map fully OPEN with this car I will try to drive EVERYWHERE!

  • I just want to say to Criterion that what you have done and continue doing to this game is a labor of love and is just amazing.
    I’ll buy all the DLC you put for sale, it will be my way to say THANK YOU!!!!

  • How about the Batmobile from the first two Batman films? Those would be awesome to drive around in Paradise City.

  • sweeeeeeeeet, can’t wait to try it out! Any chance of u guys taking out that stupid trophy that reqyires using a web’s only one stopping me from 100% trophy wise :(


  • The car is cool! But addons that are not free is not cool. Why the heck are they charging for these addons when the other where free?

  • Thanks for the update Jeremy.

    Definately love and will get that hover car..amazing !


    You’re on the money! It’d be nice to hover over the lake or areas where wheels are a problem!

  • @ 39 vandam

    I’m right there with ya brother. I have been boycotting EA for quite some time now as well.

    However, this game is absolutely brilliant. I have set aside the boycott (albeit temporarily) to buy this game and support these devs, something I don’t do light-heartedly.

    The constant influx of new, free, material is not only comforting, it’s reassuring and sets the standard for other developers, in my eyes.

    I have no idea how this title ended up under the EA label, or how it has managed to stay outside the whole “EA=Crap” thing, but whatever the reasons, it’s only good for gamers. At 30 bucks, I seriously recommend picking this game up and setting aside the boycott for now (think of it as the entry into possibly redeeming some faith with EA).

    PS. Dead Space is also really, really awesome.

  • Great Scott!!!

  • @79 “Why the heck are they charging for these addons when the other where free?”

    My question would be “How the heck did they go so long WITHOUT charging us for these add-ons when so many other companies nickel and dime us to death?

    With all of the FREE upgrades that have come our way this year, I don’t mind paying a little next year to support a game I only paid $29.99 for.

  • you guys rule!

  • wow, great content going to be released a year after the game has been out. very nice.

  • weren’t these updates supposed to be free?

  • lmao :D

  • Your support is amazing!

    When will we see the island?

  • Okay, I’m sold. Now for a quick jaunt to my Gamestop for a (new) copy.

  • Will we be able to travel to the past and the future of Paradise City in this car? Imagine being in a marked man event in the 1800’s with horse-driven buggies trying to take you down! :p

  • BTTF FTW!!!

  • Seriously awesome!

    But can you please consider adding in some kind of check point system? It’s the only thing keeping me from buying this game.

  • when are nyou going to expand pardice island hope thats comming soon

  • First add on I don’t like :( I want Burnout not Wipeout! Please finally start making Black 2.

  • THIS is how you support your game with kick ass DLC. Other devs should definitely take note of what Criterion has done and continues to do with their title. Gamers should buy Burnout Paradise just out of principle to support the devs that clearly “get it” when it comes to DLC.

    Thank you to everyone at Criterion. Now, when can we get BLACK 2? ;p

  • Wait, will this be free?

  • Jumpin Gigawatts!


    and i second the batmobile (old school and tim burton’s!)and Kitt from knight rider!

    this game really is great!

  • Hahaha, 88 Special. I get it. The DeLorean couldn’t go faster than 88mph because it would then travel to the time specified.

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