PlayStation Home Content Update Coming This Week

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For those of you who haven’t already met me, I’m CydoniaX, the PlayStation Home Community Manager. I wanted to give you a quick update on new content coming to PlayStation Home this week.


First, the Red Bull space is going live! You’ll be able to access it through your World Map by clicking on the Red Bull Air Race map tile. From there you can explore this tropical island and take part in different Red Bull events. This week you’ll be able to get inside the cockpit of a Red Bull Air Race plane and compete against other flyers on the Red Bull Air Race course. This is just the start of what we are working on for Red Bull Island with more to come in the next few months.


Ligne Roset and Diesel will now have their own storefronts in the PlayStation Home Mall, so that you will be able to locate these brands more easily.

For the SCEA region, if you pre-order “Killzone 2” for PS3 through Amazon you’ll get an exclusive PlayStation Home costume for your Home avatar. With costume pieces for your head, torso, legs, hands and feet, you can customize your Home avatar to look like an ISA Soldier, a Helghast Assault Trooper, or something in between. Codes to access your bonus costumes will be sent to you after Killzone 2 launches on 02/27/09. Check out this link for more details.

And last but not least, SCEA is adding Resident Evil: Degeneration themed T-shirts for all fans of the movie we showed a sneak peek of over the holiday break. Please check back here in the next few days to find out when we go live with this update.

Claire shirt G-Virus shirt

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  • any word on when our disappearing stuff will be fixed?

  • Does this include places like Australia?

    Also any word yet on when we will we be getting the other game spaces that America has? EG. Uncharted, Warhawk etc.

  • @CydoniaX

    HOME still needs the trophy spaces and game launching, some of which is demonstrated in the following videos. When are these things going to happen? and and

  • @CydoniaX and and


  • Hey, any word on the Trophy Room, or Warhawk areas? Also I noticed the appliances subcategory were missing since Open Beta, are they coming back?

    Are you going to actually bring the appliances? I was looking forward greatly to using the tv and stereo to stream things to my friends, it’d actually make having a club house and inviting people over to your house worth it.

  • Simple Question, When do we get our Trophy Rooms?

  • very sweet! i love all the lil free games in home. please keep it this way guys. I’d hate to see mini games like these become tainted by micro transactions ($.50 to play, $.25 to continue after you lose).


  • Hey CyndoniaX thanx for finally giving us an update to look forward to. I persoanlly have been waiting for more to do in home.

    Any idea when we are going to see photos and video frames for use in the apartments, or more unlockables for home?

  • @66CAN

    Yes, but more importantly for Home is


  • Thanks for the info

  • Thanks CydoniaX.

    This space looks amazing !

    Only problem I think will be that there will be so many people lined up to play this game…it will be nearly impossible.

    I’m just wondering for Home if there can be some type of a schedule set for Arcade, pool, bowling, etc.

    I currently live in a condo and we have to book for our pool tables. When we do get a table, we have an hour limit.

    Wondering if maybe something like this could be implemented for Home, as many times certain players will keep the game for hours on end and others can’t play.

    Just a suggestion…

  • When are we getting the game spaces for Europe (Well UK really!)

  • Where are the picture frames, Tvs, music players, Trophy rooms, in-game invites, game lauching, and why can’t we have like in LBP have more then one account logged in at a time?

  • Please CydoniaX, give us the OPTION to boot up Home on startup. Meaning, whenever we turn on the PS3 we’re automatically logged into Home. I would definitately use Home a lot more if this was the case as I still have the ability to use the XMB to enter a game.

  • thanks for the update, looking forward to the Red Bull game.

  • CydoniaX.

    Forgot to ask you.

    The Home costume included when you purchase Killzone 2 at

    I checked the shipping details there and it states it only allows shipping to the 50 US states and Hawaii and Alaska.

    I went to for our Canadian version and don’t see the mention of the Home costume.

    Would you happen to know if will also have this Home costume available ?

  • IM hopiing for more long hair options more males cuz (since i want my avatar to look like me but the hairs arent long enough)

  • Awesome update.

    Will you guys ever add the ability to own your own tv in Home. Please reply.

    *goes back to playing MGS4*

  • Hi CydoniaX, Im really glad to see some more meat launch for Home and give users more things to do. With that in mind, I also cannot agree more with the fact that we also need more meat in terms of direct connection with gaming and support of games like Warhawk and Resistance 2.

  • Thanks for the post about this, and keeping us updated. This is needed, and makes me look forward to the stuff to come. Keep the Home updates coming! (I can’t wait for game launching, and some more game-themed world spaces, such as that Warhawk one that I missed out on! :) )

  • This is an awesome update I can’t wait to get this

  • im still missing my Ice Breaker and Echochrome stuff as well in the closed beta the uncharted globe and artifact viewer and word when i will get my stuff back?

  • do i have to redownload all the home spaces again?? because it has become pretty annoying to redownload everything every time that there is a new small update…

  • I love new/free stuff.

  • Thanks for more updates.

    BRING ON Game Launching!!!! and TVs, Radios, Picture Frames.

  • Woohoo! I can fly around now!!! Thanks guys, and I hope to see those Warhawk and Resistance rooms really soon…

  • Nice to finaly see updates on the blog for home

  • Cydoniax do you know when we will see Custom Soundtrack activated in Home? Having to hear the music in the scenery like in the Bowling place can be quite annoying, been able to hear our music (only us) as environmental music should be a nice and pleasant chance in home.

  • Sweet! I also wish that home supports game launching for every multiplayer game out on PS3.

    (Leaves the blog and base jumps off the Sears Tower to safety)

  • Nice keep going Sony!!

  • Finally some more spaces. Here’s to hoping we see more spaces soon. Specifically game spaces.

  • Thanks for the update, Cydonia. Is it possible to dial down the sensitivity on the pool cues in the Bowling Alley? Or let us set it ourselves? It’s not horrible and you get used to it eventually, but it’d be nice if it was toned down and I can’t imagine it would take too long to implement :)

    And while I know you know, I’ve just got to say it because with no real info or timeframes, it feels like the only thing to do is demand it endlessly:

    Game Launching. We need it. At LEAST for the major titles like LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm, SOCOM, etc. This is the big feature that even Home haters would like; it’s the feature that would define Home and make people really spend time in it (which judging by all the ads, is what you want, yeah? :) )

    Also when can we expect the disappearing items bug to be fixed?

  • Do you think it’d be possible for the feature of if you select a picture of yourself on the harddrive Home will help make your face the shape and width and all that? Seems like it’d make things easier. Have a nice day.

  • CydoniaX,
    Thank you so much for the update. I hope you can see past the avalanche of negative comments, because some of us enjoy Home. However, just wanted to say that I won’t be buying anything else until a full preview is available for clothes and even spaces. Any chance of this happening?

  • @ 30***

    I meant to say “It’s cool that you guys are doing an update.”***

  • cool, this will be the first real update since the open beta launched

    quick question, is there actually going to be a diesle store or is it just a diesle selection in the home threads

  • keep up the good work and keep the updates coming.

  • Hey CydoniaX is Home going too have In-game music in the future update?(not this update)

  • Any update is a good update I suppose…

  • More advertising and paid content…?

    Sounds like a HOME update to me.

  • @ #15 (PsychoEddie),

    PsychoEddie, please understand that Sony World Wide Studios did not abandon their projects and move over to develop HOME. Understand that there is a dedicated team who has been working on this since it was going to be a Getaway “online service”. Rest assured that Liverpool, Cambridge, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Evolution, Guerrilla, Zipper, and many others are working on producing games for you and I to buy.

    Hi Cyd,

    Will all future spaces require an Home app update? Can you say whether or not you guys are working to streamline the process of adding new spaces? I do understand us downloading the new space, but allow the world map to act like a store. If we have the item, we navigate to that space. If not we download the space.


  • Alright great job Cyd.

  • I have 2 quick questions for ya.

    Are the 2 shirts only available for a limited time?

    And When you said earlier that the contest winner gets and exclusive Tshirt, for what contest are you speaking of?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Heya Cyd, glad to see you finally posted here! Haha =P

    Thanks for the update too!

  • and when are the trophie rooms coming??

  • Cool, cool.

    Red Bull, eh? I hope they’re not the ones holding back WipEout XL from the PlayStation Store.

    And how about the WipEout Pulse download packs already? Just one month and two weeks more and it’ll be a year since WipEout Pulse was released in the US – about the same time Europe got the DLC.

  • NICE!
    Its been a month since I log in at HOME.
    I wonder how many people go 2 HOME everytym because if theres just a few people, the advertisement aint gonna work-I hope more people go live this week =)

  • Euro HOME has Nothing :(

  • Flights ohh yeees, Resident Evil shirts is like a DREAM come true (R.E Fan). OMG 2009 starts with a bang, you guys are the best.

    Standing ovation for CydoniaX, “hip, hip, hooray”.
    All PS3 fans, grab a glass as we are all going to toast to CydoniaX for all the great things that he has done and all the fantastic things coming soon. (2009 will be the best)

  • “I wonder how many people go 2 HOME everytym because if theres just a few people”

    You have to be joking…

    Home is completely packed with people in every Space every single day at every single hour. Home has been so incredibly successful that one of the main complaints is the over crowding and need for more bowling lanes, pool tables, etc.

    Sony has succeeded with Home beyond everyone’s wildest dreams for the service.

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