PlayStation Home Content Update Coming This Week

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For those of you who haven’t already met me, I’m CydoniaX, the PlayStation Home Community Manager. I wanted to give you a quick update on new content coming to PlayStation Home this week.


First, the Red Bull space is going live! You’ll be able to access it through your World Map by clicking on the Red Bull Air Race map tile. From there you can explore this tropical island and take part in different Red Bull events. This week you’ll be able to get inside the cockpit of a Red Bull Air Race plane and compete against other flyers on the Red Bull Air Race course. This is just the start of what we are working on for Red Bull Island with more to come in the next few months.


Ligne Roset and Diesel will now have their own storefronts in the PlayStation Home Mall, so that you will be able to locate these brands more easily.

For the SCEA region, if you pre-order “Killzone 2” for PS3 through Amazon you’ll get an exclusive PlayStation Home costume for your Home avatar. With costume pieces for your head, torso, legs, hands and feet, you can customize your Home avatar to look like an ISA Soldier, a Helghast Assault Trooper, or something in between. Codes to access your bonus costumes will be sent to you after Killzone 2 launches on 02/27/09. Check out this link for more details.

And last but not least, SCEA is adding Resident Evil: Degeneration themed T-shirts for all fans of the movie we showed a sneak peek of over the holiday break. Please check back here in the next few days to find out when we go live with this update.

Claire shirt G-Virus shirt

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  • Thank you!

    P.S. I can’t get past page 1 of comments on the blog!

  • Really awesome news. Thanks a lot for the awesome content. :D

  • 2nd


  • Hi Cydoniax. Home needed this update. Will this update be delivered as a Home Beta version update? Also, do you have idea on when more facial hair options will be available?

    • I\’m guessing you\’re asking if you will be automatically be prompted to download the update when you click on the PlayStation Home icon on your XMB, and the answer is yes!

  • Sweet, I’ve been waiting for this, thanks CydoniaX!!! :D

  • Wow, big update for Home, this will be great!

  • Thank you for the update.
    I am still curious when you will allow us to use the features of home that would most benefit us as gamers?
    for instance..
    What about Launching???

  • Now they’re beginning to figure out what Home is for.

  • 2 suggestions for Home, punching and the ability to run faster.


    This is GamerMoney/LIN…out

  • Very cool!

  • looks awsome can’t wait!

  • LAZoftheTamarinds

    So are the RE Degeneration shirts for everyone?

    Sorry, just didn’t understand.

    • There will be two Resident Evil: Degeneration t-shirts available for everyone in the Mall, free of charge. The contest winner gets his own exclusive t-shirt.

  • Glad the designer shops are getting their own storefronts. I’ve seen them on the Europe side for a few weeks, and they look nice.

    I’m also digging those Resident Evil shirts. nice.

  • I REALLY wish you guys would scrap this whole project and focus on games.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait for the red bull air race!

  • AWESOME!!!! Cyd you and L_S rock!
    Awaiting more awesome stuff to come to Home!

  • Yay! More virtual crap! After the years of hype, Home is nothing more than a virtual wasteland of Corporate sponsorship!

    Sony, you need to stop emulating your competitors and start marching to the beat of your own drum again. This is how you got on top with the PSONE and PS2.

    If I want silly avatars, I’ll play with my Miis. (I haven’t touched the Wii since I bought a PS3 last year)

    If I want movie downloads, well I don’t because you included a Blu-Ray player with the system. Let Micro$oft do video downloads with the crappy business model.

    FOCUS on better games!

  • This looks great! Can’t wait to see what other things will make it Home! :)

  • Can’t wait for the Red Bull air races. Giving us more things to do is a plus!

  • Nice. Now I will have a reason to be on Home.

  • @15

    i dont think gaming just focuses on gaming anymore….if it did then why did everyone want in game xmb or why does everyone want in game music or cross game chat

  • Pretty nice update. This will appease those in the community who seem to find nothing to do. I am looking forward to bigger and better things in the near future. Thanks!

  • Absolutely amazing.

    Sony has a massive hit on their hands with Home. We all knew it was going to be incredible and the wait for the release was excruciating, but I don’t think anyone knew Home was going to turn out to be this incredibly successful.

    Home has been absolutely packed 24/7 every single day since the open beta went live. It’s been one gigantic non-stop party. The amount of companies already supporting Home is staggering. Six months to a year from now Home is going to be absolutely massive.

    All the major publisher have huge Home spaces in the works. EA’s sports pavilion sounds incredible. And most of Sony’s first party developers have shown or hinted incredibly cool Home spaces or support on the way this year.

    It is hilarious and sad when you think Sony has successfully launched the most ambitious online gaming world along with dedicated servers for all of the major online games for lagfree play…ALL FOR FREE.

    And Microsoft is forcing idiots to pay 50 bucks a year for laggy P2P online gaming and a retarded Nintendo Mii ripoff.

  • omg new content coming. bout time :P

  • why does it say my comment is awaiting moderation? i didnt say anything bad

  • There better not be lines for the planes lol that could get pretty ugly.

  • Gotta hurry HOME, wait, tomorrow.

    Can’t get past page 1 of comments, by the way.


  • I still do not get what is so exciting about Home. Last time i signed in Home was the day the Uncharted Space had gone live, therefore about a month ago now. Home is nothing but a waste of time in my eyes. ‘Hey, look at my clothes, i am so cool’. Is that it? Brag? How about you stop with the useless addons and start bringing the important stuff – therefore In-game launching. Thank you.

  • It’s cool that you guys are during an update. Hopefully there will be something to do aside from dancing. Though I really like chatting with friends in Home. I haven’t been in PS Home for awhile now. That’s because I cant launch directly into my games while in Home. So what’s the point of going in there and taking extra steps to play Motorstorm when I could just launch directly from the XMB? Think about that!

  • @CydoniaX

    When is HOME going to get the ability to have picture frames, tv’s, and radios in the personal space? When will there be custom soundtracks for HOME? When is there going to be custom wallpapers for your personal space?

    • We are continuing to work toward this because we know it is a big desire for the community. The technical capabilities are there and many things are possible. But we have nothing to announce at this time.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Did you just take away our new feature on the blog?

    LOL. That’s okay. I know you’re trying to get things sorted out.

    • We\’re in the process of updating, so you might notice some minor issues today, but hopefully nothing serious. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Once I’m able to launch directly into any game from PS Home. I’ll use it a lot more. That’s what matter to me at this point.

  • thanks girl, keep the content coming, Im excited.

  • sweet can’t wait

  • The most important thing is making the world more seamless, the load times when you move from one room to another is just too long IMO.

    Game launching needs to be persistant, I try to launch a Warhawk game in the plaza, but if I leave to look for more players in the bowling alley, then that game I was trying to launch is lost and I have to start over.

    Any word on other game spaces? How often is Home gonna be updated? Once a month? Once a week?

  • Sounds great, I can’t wait! I’ll be picking up some of the new items, for sure. Can I suggest slightly lower prices on the premium items? I don’t even know the name Ligne Roset, but if I like the item, I may pay $0.50 for it, but $1-$1.50 is a little much. Also, I was upset that the designer furniture I got doesn’t actually DO anything, even though the description lists “4 different positions.” I honestly don’t care what the ACTUAL table does, I care what the VIRTUAL table I just bought does, and it doesn’t DO anything. It’s very small, also- so it’d be nice, in addition to having accurate descriptions of items that are going to cost $, if we could see a preview of the item in a persoanl space, or at least a graphic comparing its size against an average-sized avatar. Thanks! I love getting new content, but it’s just a little too expensive and vaguely described right now! :)

  • And when is text chatting and voice chatting come back to the public spaces?

  • @30 Ghostm
    Im in the same boat as you man.
    Its gonna be awesome talk about R2 in HOME and then launch the game from there.
    Awesome i say!

  • Hey Cyd, any word on when we’ll get cake-themed items? :D

  • For the Amazon pre-order deal with the Killzone 2 in-Home costumes, will that offer be available for Canadian customers pre-ordering the game through

  • I just hope the game launching puts everyone into a game session together when you launch. If all it does is start the game and you have to manually go into multiplayer and invite people then game launching will not be very useful.

  • Please bring back voice chatting to public spaces!!!

  • Now if we could just get that trophy room shown oh so many moons ago. ;-]

  • @CydoniaX

    When is game launching going to be mandatory for all ps3 games past a certain point? When is the trophy room going to show up as it was illustrated in GDC 2007 presentation by Phil Harrison?

    Here’s a video in case you forgot:


  • Heya

    I know your probably not the best to ask … but I’m at a lost right now lol

    Do you know anything, or know where to ask about if Killzone promotion stuff for Home is coming to Canada?

    • The Killzone stuff will be on, but not However, all Canadian users are welcome to order through!

  • Hopefully we can get some dates, estimates, or some sort of status of:

    Warhawk Space – already demoed
    Little Big Planet Space – game launching?
    Motorstorm PR Space
    Crash Commando game launching?
    EA Sports Pavilion
    Ubisoft and Activision Spaces

    Picture uploading and Movie streaming for our personal Spaces

    Killzone 2 Space and game launching

    Would be good to at least get some screenshots or movies of the game launching for games so everyone can give their input on what works and doesn’t work.

  • sounds good.

  • keep up the good work on home , i hope it ready to download by thursday but if not i can wait . hey i have a question i been on home since the closed beta when we got the last update for home i lost all my japan stuff like a rug and a playstation golden award can i get those things back? and how? if i cant its all good.

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