PlayStation Home Content Update Coming This Week

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For those of you who haven’t already met me, I’m CydoniaX, the PlayStation Home Community Manager. I wanted to give you a quick update on new content coming to PlayStation Home this week.


First, the Red Bull space is going live! You’ll be able to access it through your World Map by clicking on the Red Bull Air Race map tile. From there you can explore this tropical island and take part in different Red Bull events. This week you’ll be able to get inside the cockpit of a Red Bull Air Race plane and compete against other flyers on the Red Bull Air Race course. This is just the start of what we are working on for Red Bull Island with more to come in the next few months.


Ligne Roset and Diesel will now have their own storefronts in the PlayStation Home Mall, so that you will be able to locate these brands more easily.

For the SCEA region, if you pre-order “Killzone 2” for PS3 through Amazon you’ll get an exclusive PlayStation Home costume for your Home avatar. With costume pieces for your head, torso, legs, hands and feet, you can customize your Home avatar to look like an ISA Soldier, a Helghast Assault Trooper, or something in between. Codes to access your bonus costumes will be sent to you after Killzone 2 launches on 02/27/09. Check out this link for more details.

And last but not least, SCEA is adding Resident Evil: Degeneration themed T-shirts for all fans of the movie we showed a sneak peek of over the holiday break. Please check back here in the next few days to find out when we go live with this update.

Claire shirt G-Virus shirt

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  • Any chance that we see some new apartments in this update?

  • Yeah Home needed this, I’m sure theyre going to add things a little at a time to make sure servers will be ok, Home is incredible dudes. Great job, everyone support Home in some way, even a .49 ornament….this is why we get free online gaming and stuff, so we got to got to support stuff…and the more we support the more will come, free RE5 shirts!! thats awesome

  • Sweet, I can’t wait for it.

  • HEY!!! This is for Europe? I don’t think so.. why we don’t have those t-shirts?
    I 2€ for a chair? Ho My GOD!

  • Thanks a lot to the Home dev team and to you CydoniaX,

    Im happy to hear that the red bull space is finally going live, i hope this stop stupid posts on the PS3 forums.

    I knew you guys weren’t gonna let me down:)

  • Where’s all the cool FREE stuff for our personal rooms? I’d use HOME a lot more if I could have music playing in my personal space.

  • Hey CydoniaX! let me just say thank you for this much needed update. Home is starting to take shape with this new content. Is there a date for release? But i have two qestins.

    1: Is this the only update thats coming this month or in Q1?

    2: Why was the Home Central Plaza’s look changed after Home v1.00?


  • This sounds cool and all but when this week is it coming out I am very board with home right now no launching no tv’s no psp interface there are a lot of things that are left out that I thought u guys were going to have by now its been forever since u announced homes release at some point and I was dissapointed the first day I logged in cause I saw nothing that was I was looking forward to. I really hope things will improve. Don’t get me wrong though I love my ps3. Its just getting let down that I don’t like

  • just those items hmmmm good but not great


  • Sorry. What about europe? First HOME World isn’t so nice as america or japan. You have a lot of actions over there. Updates are comming always in delay. Warhawk is going to die and still there isn’t the launching room. Maybe he don’t exist?!^^
    or any other room to launch a game? You guys are testing the normal HOME area and bowling center? Or what is the meaning of your BETA???
    Start, please.

  • Red Bull space looks awesome

  • Rock on CydoniaX! Love the update. I look forward to the next few updates. And I’m hoping you all add Appliances for the Personal spaces sometime soon. :D Can’t wait.

  • That’s some good news, but I’m having trouble updating Home, so I probably won’t be in Home until I can get it figured out.

  • Updates are always a plus.

    The negative, is the overpriced items. If they were .10-.20 cents I would be more impulsive to purchasing. But as it stands now. I wont touch it.

  • Looking forward to the update. Just wondering if this affects the saucer pop game. Is the Red Bull game an addition or replacement to Saucer Pop?

  • does not ship videogames to Canada so we cannot get those Killzone costumes.

  • This awsome thanks CYD & L_S this what we have been waiting for a content update.

  • Hey Cydoniax, is Central Plaza going to be redesigned again? Cause personally from the pics that I have seen of the original Central Plaza it looked a lot better then than it does now. Also, when are we going to be able to region jump? When will there be more premium locations to buy? One last question, will North Americas theatre get a lobby like Europe and Asias Home Theatre? Cause European and Asian Home have much better theatres than North American Home.

  • What about a patch to fix the items that disappeared first? All my echochrome, ice breaker, etc stuff has been gone for a long time. I see no point to buy anything further in the beta (regardless if bought items are the only thing that didn’t disappear) until this is fixed.

    By the way charging $5 a month for a clubhouse which is basically a clan is retarded. If you really want money that bad just have it be a one time fee of $5-10. I mean voice chat (in public) and everything else that was originally shown when Home was announced is gone anyways so I see no point in Home anymore. It looks like it’s dying before it ever really gets started.

  • Thanks!
    I would really love to get an update about the server errors i’m getting. I’m being able to enter Home, but on the last few days i’ve been getting disconnected after a while. Last week it worked perfectly.

    Please help :(

  • lol @99

    So Sony developed a shirt just for one person to have? Why do I find that hard to believe? lol Surely the shirt will eventually be available, but doesn’t matter to me, just surprised is all.

  • Yo! Forget the nay say. Keep building Home into the social network of the future. These things are great additions to Home and PS3 as a whole. I can only speak for myself, but being a gamer since the age of 2 or 3 at the age of 30, I did not spend $400 plus to get a machine that just play video games. If I did, I ought get my head examined! This is not NEO GEO! I knew what Sony was doing back in 05-06 leading up to PS3’s launch, and now people are acting surprise that Sony has many different departments working on dlc and well a games for the PS3. They were making an all-in-one machine and it is here, now, right in front of our faces! PS2 was my first DVD player, and the only 1 in my household back in 2000. I wanted PS3 to be different, innovative, a cut above the rest. So, if I do get bored with the gaming side, and it happens, I could do other activities on the PS3 and PS Home is just one of them. Keep doing what you guys are doing CydoniaX!

  • Just one question, because everybody everywhere is freaking complaining about it, and it’s driving me crazy. As of now, WILL there be multi-player support in the Red Bull Air Race? I mean, it is a RACE, and Home is a social networking game. Not complaining… personally I don’t care. Just asking.

  • I was just wondering but will europe be getting this at the same time as everyone else as we still don’t seem to have the uncharted or farcry 2 spaces yet which kinda sucks

  • And thus, with this single update, Playstation Home finally begins to grow and expand…

    If we have awesome content like this coming every week, or maybe every other week, then Playstation Home can succeed!

    I have a feeling that this is the year, 2009 is the year when Home really kicks off, and over the rest of the Playstation 3’s life-span it will become a revolution in the world of social gaming!

  • Hi CydoniaX,

    This is great news. Is there a chance this update will also fix the chess tables in the Mall?

  • I still want to help organize promote and perform at the first virtual all ages multimedia event inside the Home arena, not just some house party..
    I’m talking real LIVE musicians and DJ’s. set up a virtual stage, lights and projection screens then have the musicians play live and direct simulcast to the home world, then re run the event to get a feel for numbers across all the time zones..
    I was talking with some other big name artists around the world who are willing to DONATE time towards this first virtual event, I sent CydoniaX an email on this a while ago, still waiting for a response… I need to speak with Jeff R I think,..
    help me help Sony get this online.
    were talking a worlds first..
    anyone else think this might be a great idea??
    add me to your PSN, my name here is the key.
    Talk to you soon.

  • when will the picture fame be available? also, will ps home let playstation users make there own threds and passibly make money of them? you guys can make a team that will aprove the designs.

  • Thanks Sony… Keep up the good work.

    I’m going Home

  • I was so sad to see that all of the new clothes are all for guys! When will us girls get more clothes?!? :(

  • I think they should start selling real products in home.. sony TV’s, cellphones, music players and stuff that get shipped to your door. Enough people shop online anyways so whats to stop them from doing it through home?

  • CydoniaX, why can I not download g-virus shirt, it says “this content cannot be selected at this time” is anyone else having trouble getting this T-Shirt?

  • Are you guys going to make a trophy room because i saw a video of it on youtube. I just want to make sure.

  • How long will the Resident Evil: Degeneration shirts be avaible?

    (I ask because my ps3 broke two days ago, and REALLY want those shirts.)

  • hey CydoniaX…Home is doing very good so far but of course its gonna improve…i think that in home we should b able 2 get jobs and earn money so we can buy things instead of using a credit or psn card…you don’t think thats a good idea???we can leave the cards for other important stuff like games…its only rite because Home is a software not a game…

  • Nice, I really like the movie, enough to get it on BD. I hope if someday they make Metal Gear the movie to make it this way too (CGI).

  • Did anyone possibly think that they’d alienate any and all females that play games when they released this big wonderful “free” t-shirt promotion…and left us out?

    I’m so offended by the way Home has treated women (no content for us at all, versus the guys have like, triple the amount of items/shirts etc, and if we do get items they look slutty most of the time) and this is the final straw. We’re out there – and we don’t predominantly like “pink” and wouldn’t want a horror genre shirt. I LOVE horror games. This really has my blood boiling.

  • Whats up with the voice chat? That was the best part of Home. Now the environments kind of feel like a library or museum, not an amusement park. Make with the V.C. already.

  • You should be able to do Voice Chat with anyone, even if your in your own home.

  • ya i want to know why europe and japan get all the cool stuff and were not. I dont know if this is old news but i just found out europe gets a watchmen trailer inhome theatre and zack snyder comes out and gives a greeting to the community and home users can get shirts statues and other things based on the movie. Im really pissed i love watchmen and its not fair that europe gets all this cool stuff and we dont whats up with that guys. WE SHOULD GET THAT TOO!!!! I think they should work on getting us better stuff japan and europe home looks way better than our [DELETED] home!

  • Hello , I would just like to say nice job! I was thinking what if you made a ps3 as an ornament or something like the bubble machine.It could be the first thing in the Stuff Store. lol that would be cool!!!

  • Has anyone noticed that Home looked and functioned a lot better at GDC ’07? The load times weren’t as long and the spaces were bigger. The interface was more interesting, too. For example, the World Map and mini-PSP.

    Home seems much more scaled down from what it used to be. The Theater and Central Plaza were bigger and more detailed.

  • 141- I dont know what ur talking about. Stand in Plaza. You hear any talking? No. Because they have open voice chat disabled. Im not talking about ur little space. Im talking about the public areas. No VC = LAME.

  • What is the point In the movie Theater? I think it would be really Cool If you could say Meet a friend at the movie Theater and watch a movie that one of you had or soemthing along them lines would be bad @ss.Ill bet there is some legal thing that stops that though

  • Hi CydoniaX, I run a small club on Home and a few of my members have asked me how we can “launch” a game together. I wanted to know if it’s possible, and if not, will it ever be available?(launching games)

  • PSN CARDS !!!!!!!!?????????????? CANADA ??????? =[. please give a date or sumthing soon.

  • How do you get to the PlayStation Home cafe naming contest because that would be cool to win.

  • for you De-Fi-Ant, all you have to do is point yourself towards the player you want in the game, press X and click on invite player

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