PS3 How To: Using the PS3 Visualizer

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Hello again,

Last but not least, today’s “How To” video will teach you how to use the Visualizer on the PLAYSTATION 3. The Visualizer provides a great background to your favorite music on your TV screen. There are a variety of designs to choose from so pick your favorite and use it next time you listen to your music on your console. Let us know if there are other videos you would be interested in seeing, and I hope you are all off to a great 2009!

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  • To elaborate on my comment about custom soundtracks being mandatory from now on… I think it’s great that you guys added the tools for developers to do custom soundtracks. I do. It was a big move on your part.

    The problem is that developers aren’t required to actually use those tools, so all your work in adding custom soundtracks is for naught right now.

    Gamers want custom soundtracks. The developers can give us that without too much trouble. You just need to make them give us custom soundtracks, otherwise most of them won’t bother.

  • Trevor its because 360 does support all games for in game music and PS3 doesnt and i was talking about wipeout pusle for PSP because apparantly sony of europe found out how 2 do it for the PSP and all u had 2 do is make a new file

  • also barely any games for PS3 have in game music i wasnt being specific about just 1 game

  • i agree with 45 if you want in game chat then buy a 360 you few guys been asking for this for a year now and the big wigs read the comment and if you guys dont know this by now in game voice chat is dead . i dont care if sony allow it to happen or not there are not enough ps3 owners wanting this feature . you guys ask for this on every topic on the playstation blog and i guess you cant see how cold the topic is . like i saied before you can video voice chat, send message to your friends or go to home to communicate with your friends there no reason to have this feature its a dead issue people stop posting it but if you want go right ahead and waste one more year with this subject .

  • We’ll need more visualizers though. As a matter of fact, I just saw two on this video that I don’t think I have.

  • How about a video on how to set up at media server from a PC and a mac (without having to purchase software). That would be nice.

  • I know. :P And so was I. I know very well how limited Custom Soundtracks are. It should be mandatory. Trophies being, waste of time.

  • To be honest, I didn’t know PS3 had more visualizing options than one until like 6 months after I bought the console, lol. Next time I guess I’ll read the manual.

    But yeah, I’d be into the idea of adding more. Or at least one additional good one. Like those crazy ones that you get with Winamp or something, not the lousy Windows Media Player deals.

    And yeah, where’s this week’s update? The Rock Band update this week included “Hymn 43” Jethro Tull, “Funk #49” by James Gang, “Space Truckin'” by Deep Purple… I swore I’d stop buying so much Rock Band DLC, but man!

  • More visualizers please.

    And OT but when the heck are we going to get some new Avatars?

    There hasn’t been an update on these for ages. I mean, no support even from the big Sony titles as of late. No Resistance 2, MotorStorm 2 or LBP. NO SACKBOY AVATARS? WTH?

    Why not also intergrate HOME Avatars to use as well?

    Come on Sony pull your finger out. The guy who posts on here and who designs them said there’d be an update in the next few weeks. This was back in June!

    Sort it out already!

  • IT DEAD ITS DEAD in game voice chat is dead not enough ps3 owners want it you been asking for it for a year now. ps3 can communicate with your friends by video voice chat, send message or you can go to home there no way in game chat coming to ps3 home just kill that idea if you want it so bad buy an 360 sorry but that the only way you can use it. you been posting comment about this on every post for over a year it dead stop beating that dead horse .

  • There is really a need to advertise “differently” in the media if you guys want to attract the right crowd. Instead of showing these features that most people already know how to do or do not care about why dont you guys advertise to the mainstream the advantages of the PS3 dealing with games. Because from my experience, 98% of the people that I sell PS3’s to, are buying it to play games.

  • why oh why do people complain about visualizers???? do you honestly stare at your TV while listening to music? I feel sorry for you if you do.

    and for those who still are posting on where the update is THERE WILL BE NO UPDATE THIS WEEK. Read the previous posts….

  • At least 10 visualizations please…I love the ones we have right now, but a game themed visualization could be good too, like a killzone 2 one or mgs4….

  • We want more visualizers!!! well atleast i do =)

  • Could you give us some more visualizations. Even the ones from the PSP would be great.

  • @52

    Yeah man!!!
    sony please make em do it =D

  • Organization is terrible though, please allow us to customize it more. Like actually create and name folders THEN move music into them instead, look at itunes/ipod, thats organization done right. :)


  • it would be nice had ps3 come with more visualizations. 3 is a bit weak, 6 – 10 would have been perfect.

    not that any of this really matters. i believe its been questioned already but it needs to be repeated – who actually stares at the screen when music is playing anyway? usually, i’m working on art,doing laundry, or in my bed bed on top of the girl i’m currently dating.

  • We need visualizations like Winamps ‘Milkdrop’!!!

  • 2 things i will love to see:

    1. In-game custom music support for all games.
    2. Cross-game chat

  • Visualizers are great and all but you guys seriously need to up it on your support as well. The server system you guys use is so unorganized and is impractical for Macs. You guys should try and work something with itunes or something. Or at least open up more to other server systems or release a server hosting app for Mac’ etc… Please!

  • We’ll need more visualizers though. Come on!!

    Were are those new Avatars that we were promised? At least give us the option to upload our own.

    And why post all of these videos now?
    These should had been up since the starting of this blog.

    Its a new year, Sony needs to listen to their customers. I thought this was what this blog was for.

  • BTW, i almost forgot, where is the PSN integration for this blog? At least update us on the progress.

  • Hey there, Kristin.

    Another “How To” video I’d like to see would be “How To: Importing Your Digital Pictures”. I have a 2007 80GB PS3 (the one with MotorStorm 1 bundled with it) so I can just pop in one of those three memory cards and be good, but the flash card readers aren’t on the new PS3s, not even the 160GB PS3.

    So put a how to on directly linking up a digital camera to the PlayStation 3.

    The PS3’s Flash Player 9 isn’t working too well, either. Just tried to watch the above video, with…well, less than desirable results. The video kept freezing even as the buffering had finished. So fix up the Flash Player a little bit, too.

  • Please stop the lame HOWTOs and get hacking. The PS3 is far from finished.

  • shouldnt these videos been done like 2 years ago? pretty sure evryone has worked this out by now

  • With only 3 visuals to choose from, did we really need a take up space with a 44 second video…what next turning on and turning off the ps3.

  • wow seriously that’s all you had to say…go to music, press square to change visualizer…?

    with all due respect dude…wtf. A bullet list of directions would be more appropriate. People on this blog don’t need to know this stuff. If they’re educated enough to be here they can figure that out. You need to package this stuff in box with the PS3 as an introductory set of videos. Make it idiot proof obvious. Store it on the HD, have a giant colorful flier in the box that says “Welcome to life with your PS3” and tells people to watch these videos so they know all the crazy stuff the machine is capable of.

    As for us here…you’re effort is wasted…maybe post this in HOME somewhere?

    sorry to be rude but I have faith in my fellow blog readers enough to assume they don’t need to watch this video to know how to change a freakin’ visualizer.

  • I’d actually like to see a “How to” use a PS3 with a computer as a music or movie server. Also additional info about PS3’s interactions with other machines such as the one above mentioned (if any other exist). Thanks.

  • LOL, press x, press x, press x again, then cycle with square…

    I hope PS3 noobs are taking note of these vids

  • @61 If you want in game chat then buy a 360. What a joke. The PS3 can’t do in game chat. That sounds better. Not everyone can just buy another system. Unless you or Sony plan on giving people a full refund.

  • I would like to see the visualizer expanded, music playback over other applications.

  • hanowyoucantseeme

    woah there chaps this “how to” video is missing the real “how to” when using the visualizers available, for example while during playback of any song file with the stock graphic visualizer being displayed you can manipulate the shown graphical display using the left analog stick.

    now i know this has been a feature of the Playstation consoles since the PS1 but i find it very odd theres no time spent on this feature, ive been a proud purchaser of the sony brand from the ps1 psx ps2 and the ps3 (all on launch i might add with the exception of the psx i bought online) , its just weird to find theres no mention anywhere in any of the manuals i have of all four consoles about this feature.the even weirder part is the explanation of this feature CAN be found in other manuals for each system but for me and other first run launch system owners theres no mention?

    my question is : is this feature left out of manuals on launches ? or kept under the radar because its not completely finished ? or is it simply an error of production that reoccurs for some randomly weird reason.

    thanks :D
    punisher18 / hanowyoucantseeme

  • Who didn’t know about this already? Seriously.

  • **********






    Please Sony, make the above firmware 2.6!

  • Wow, a video for this?
    Perhaps they should have put out a video for turning your PS3 into a media client. Which coincidentally is what I’m about to tell you how to do.

    For PC’s…
    Open up Windows Media Player, choose Tools from the top, then Options. Choose the Library tab from the window that popped up and click on the ‘Configure Sharing’ button. Then on the next window that pops up click on the Share my Media to: box to activate the media server. Go to your PS3 and look for media servers. Then go back to your computer and click on the ‘Unknown Device’ and the allow. Baam! You can now stream video, music and photos from your computer to your PS3.

    Unfortunately due to proprietary reasons (Apple don’t wanna use DLNA protocols) this doesn’t work for Apple.

  • For Apple…
    Download PS3-Media-Center-X (unfortunately only a beta currently) and follow the steps from the program. It’s your best bet without accidentally blowing up your Mac.

  • Did we just get an influx of xbot’s? How old are most of you? You whine like spoiled little kids or babies. Don’t complain it’s the holiday. You shouldn’t any way. They have implemented a lot of features and more are probably in the works. Just because something is on failbox doesn’t mean it automatically goes to psn. Cross game voice is over-rated, why do yo need to talk to someone out of game? If your busy in a fragfest on R2 why would you want to talk to someone out of game. If you want to invite them, just send them a message through xmb…easy.

    To all the whiners: This is how you request for something:

    Thank you Sony for improving the PSN and implementing all the cool features. Thanks for the great exclusive games, keep it up. If you could, down the line, incorporate more visualizations to the music player on PS3 that would be great. Also having music play on xmb would be nice as well. Have a happy Holiday and keep up all the good work!

  • @Delriach,

    Thanks for the reply. I still think that is a clumsy way of doing things and I’m surprised that here we are 3 years down the track and Sony still have not implemented a simple convenient way of organising games/demos on the PS3 as they have with music. You’d think this feature would have been available on release.

    Kristin, I hope you read this and mark it on the list of things to do, preferably by Q1 2009.

  • @ 84 well you should and others compare the 2 systems before you spend your money sony nor i or anyone refund your money because you didnt do any homework on what you wanted to buy . lol it a dead subject you guys been asking for in game chat for over a year stop beating a dead horse , there not alot of ps3 owners wanting this feature plus we have 3 ways to communicate with our friends .

  • if in game chat was an issue with you why buy a ps3? it like buying a small sport car and then turn around and say i want mine car to have more room like a van. this is not a sony problem its a you problem , buy an 360 , buy a ps3 and 360 or just do like the rest of the world be happy with what you have . when i spend my money on a system i knew what i wanted and what it can do . i wanted a system that play games, blu ray , internet service that why i pick ps3 , it would have been foolish of me 2 buy a 360 and go on there blog asking for a blu ray player in mine 360 .

  • more visulizers pleassey

  • Wow, I’ve never seen that last visualizer.

    Also it would be nice to be able to order folders and content alphabetically. Also an auto-install option would be nice.

  • @91 Agreed. The amount of brainless, rude, and immature people amazes me. Most of these features are free. Sure, you paid for the system, and you also paid for the PS2 and PSX, but you didn’t see anything like this.

    It’s like all these people complaining about PS Home. It’s a free service that’s still in BETA and steadily growing. I bet all of you that are complaining about “wher mi tv at so i cans upload copirited muvees!?” are the same people interrupting games and dancing on everybody in Home.

    Anyway. Thanks Sony for taking the time to help the newcomers from xmas learn stuff about their PS3’s. I’ll go post my bug reports and requests for Home and the XMB in the forums where they’re more likely to be read and considered.

  • The only thing I need to know concerning music on my PS3 is that if, and how, the Volume Normalizer can be turned off, because it is absurdly annoying.

  • Okay, a few thoughts:
    “FREE” does not mean “safe from reliability”, we as customers have the right to suggest, critique and complain about any service that is offered to us. Just because something is free, it doesn’t mean you have any obligation to idolize it, like many people seem to think.
    “Free” is ALSO… NOT… the same thing as “AWESOME” and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that; it is not the same as “garbage” either. Improvements only comes from realizing flaws and fixing them. I like to think that this is what the Blog is about, gathering costumer data on what is flawed and can be improved.
    By saying “OMG, STFU and go buy a 360 if you think PS3 is not GOD” you are just being retarded and hindering progress…

  • I would like to see a video on the Divx VOD stuff or whatever it’s called. I have no idea what it is and a bit too lazy to do research.

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