PS3 How To: Using the PS3 Visualizer

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Hello again,

Last but not least, today’s “How To” video will teach you how to use the Visualizer on the PLAYSTATION 3. The Visualizer provides a great background to your favorite music on your TV screen. There are a variety of designs to choose from so pick your favorite and use it next time you listen to your music on your console. Let us know if there are other videos you would be interested in seeing, and I hope you are all off to a great 2009!

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  • @99 As a Linux user and supporter of OpenSource I understand this. Feedback is needed. I was simply pointing out the people who are demanding a certain feature and being little piss-ants about it, or acting like a single bug is the end of the world. Bug reports and feature requests are needed, but need to be done in a proper manner.

    Everyone is allowed their own point of views, but saying something is total crap, and other people are stupid for liking it is a bit too far. While many of those people are trolls, some actually mean it, and are quite annoying x.x

  • @101
    I wasn’t really responding to your comment in specific… it is just that I see a lot of people thinking that you can’t do or say anything about it just because it is free; which I think is an awful posture. in the end of the day, it may be worse than complaining about every little flaw….

    But I do agree with you that people need to learn to complain and request, to give feedback. A people really need to learn that not everything is about PS3 vs 360… sometimes (most of the times, in fact), it is simply about the PS3, and how to make it a better product with broader user-appeal… How is it that some people FAIL to see this, amazes me.

    As for you last paragraph: true enough, but people will always be people, what you call “annoying” just might be what they find so funny. As we say in 4chan: “it doesn’t matter what it is, it is someone’s fetish.”

  • Here are some of the things I would like to see from Sony & the PS3 in 2009.

    – Better Remote Play Compatibility with more Routers/Gateways so to avoid that pesky Automatic Startup problem
    – Mandatory In Game Music Support for all future games
    – Cross Game Invites
    – Cross Game Chat
    – PSN Intergration with the Blog
    – Better Use of the Blu-ray disc for games

    Such As…
    – Putting Game Specific Avatars on the disc for the user to download to his PS3, so for LittleBigPlanet you would have Little Sackboy/Girl Avatars or for God of War 3 you would have Kratos and other GoW 3 Avatars

    – Cross Promoting LittleBigPlanet through games so if we have LittleBigPlanet & another PS3 Game like Street Fighter IV we can download the Street Fighter costumes straight off of the disc.

    – All games that have stories should have cutscene galleries in case we get called away during a scene and miss part of the story.

    – As for Visualizers I really liked the Earth one & heard about how reasearchers were using the PS3 for Blackhole Research and I thought a blackhole or other space phenomena could make good visualizers i.e. other planets etc etc etc…

    Post to be continued…

  • – Like said before most of this how to stuff should be put on a DVD or Blu-ray and shipped with the PS3 so all new PS3 opwners can familarize themselves with the system.

    ohh & I do know some of these suggestions aren’t all Sony’s Resposibilities but they could pass on the info to other developers.

    Those are just some of my suggestions but should keep you busy for a while.

  • You didnt mention that you can use the analog sticks to control the fuzzy one.

    Next stop in-game music for all PS3 games with online multiplayer.

  • @ 99 are you ok safe and reliability ? ps3 is not a drug its not a privilege its a choice , you as the consumer must do your homework on what features you want on your product if you fail to do that its your fault that you didnt buy the right product . you cant then turn around and make the product into what you want . agin not enough ps3 owners want in game chat, there are 3 ways to communicate with your friends on ps3 , home killed the in game chat feature . you can deal with what you have , buy another system or make your own system am sorry ps3 owner do not want this feature play in our world or play somewhere else . lol you dont have to go but you can make a choice that what rights you have.

  • @chriscowboyd I guess we can expect nothing more out of the PS3 then right? Can’t ask for anything? If we do then it’s go buy a 360 crap. In game chat will never go away. I just don’t think the PS3 can do it. That’s why we don’t see it. I already have all the system. If Sony would add more features then I wouldn’t need them all. Oh yeah about doing my homework. I did it’s called buy it at Costco. I love my PS3 so I’m going to keep it.

  • @chriscowboyd
    you must be a retarded 5 year old, there is no other logical explanation for you to be so freaking dumb.

  • You made this video and didn’t mention that the right analog stick can control the visualization!? And really: “now press the X button” we’re all pretty sure we know to press the X button.

  • What happend to the stuff? they used to replay and clarify things =(=(

    WILL IN GAME MUSIC BE MANDATORY LIKE TROPHIES? What will it take for you to do it?

  • @107 am gald you love your ps3 and happy for the many features it support and in game chat is dead as of today there nothing from sony in allow it like i saied before 3 ways to communicate to your friends on ps3 .

  • @108 is that the best comeback line you can come up with lol i know 6 year old flip better cracks then you . lol 1 stop taking everyone post so serious ( why so serious ?) 2 in game is dead you guys been wanting it over a year stop beating a dead horse 3 home and the others communicate services ps3 have killed in game chat and 4 do your homework as a buyer if in game chat you want why are you here ? stop pushing a feature that most playstation 3 owner dont want sorry if i upset you and the two who want this feature .

  • @112
    Comeback? Dude, I’m not in elementary school. I am authentically astonished in how idiotic you manage sound though. You keep saying whatever about in game voice chat, is that your mantra because you want it so bad? saying to yourself that it is dead? Because you sure do like to bring that stuff up a lot…

  • @chriscowboyd Well I guess that PS3 is dead then. We have the most powerful system and it does less than the 360. Oh wait that’s right it’s a great blu ray player. Sigh. I really hope Sony doesn’t think like you. It’s going to be a long 8 years.

  • @113 its realy funny in a way how you get so upset over a comment lol you name call anyone who you dont agree no one want this feature just a few people been pushing this am sorry you cant get your way . you and a few others been wanting this for over a year have sony talk about adding it no, have the playstation community want it no, what about the others ps3 owner ? do they want it? no. you can keep pounding your feet for it all you want it anit happen start doing your homework on the next product you buy because like in game chat this argument is dead .

  • @114 funny but if they think like me then you would have in game chat but am looking at it as a fan and not as a businessmen .sony been in this business alot longer then you or i . in game chat have nothing to do with how powerful a system is come on man please dont say that, the wii have no in game chat and there selling more systems then 360 or ps3 if having in game chat will make them money dont you think it will be in the system ? i just dont think it a deal breaker i just dont see anyone going to wallmart saying am buying this 360 because of in game chat sorry dude am not buying it. i have a ps3 and 360 yes there are something i wish ps3 have that 360 have and i also wish the 360 had what the ps3 have . they are two great systems and am gald there different and not the same wow wouldn’t this world be boring if everyone the same? being different is not a bad thing it just give us opportunities to try something different and not being trap useing the same old ideal .

  • Ummm… you guys forgot to mention how you can INFLUENCE the visualizers.

    When you are using the visualizer that displays waves and particles, you can influence it by moving your right analog stick up/down/left/right, or rotating it clockwise/counterclockwise.

  • @chriscowboyd Ok I give up LOL. I’m a big fan of the PS3 as well. I own 2 of these suckers. I have bought 2 systems each generation. The Wii is a strange bird. So many non gamers love this thing. It’s a good and bad thing. I don’t look at the Wii as a gaming system. Most of the games I buy are 3rd party anyway. The only first party games I buy are Sony’s. Can’t wait for Killzone 2 by the way. I never shop at Walmart. Don’t know how the game department is run there. The other stores I go to point everyone to the 360. I wonder why? Gamers buy more than one system we all know that. How does Sony get PS2,360, and Wii owners to buy a PS3? I think features do matter to gamers also price and so on. I guess I’m getting to old for gaming then. Wanting a machine to do cool things is not the in thing to do. I should pass the torch to my children. Heck I’m still trying to figure out what the PS3 wants to be. My point to keep kicking a dead horse is the PS3 can’t do in game chat. I wish it could maybe it will. At least until Sony tells me something different.

  • @118 hey man am not for or against in game chat am just saying as of right now its dead when it come to sony . wii is a game system and ms and sony respect what there doing so much that there bring there own games to the causal game market . if everyone give sony 3 years like they do 360 they will see the growth of the system . there are alot of people out there that are playing ps2 , just give ps3 one more year you will see the sell, games and feature . i love my ps3 too and believe sony they ask for time am giving them that.

  • @chriscowboyd
    I don’t feel like replying to all that stuff you wrote (mainly because I know where it is leading), but I think you should get a pretty basic thing down: Just because I try to type with correct punctuation and grammar, it doesn’t mean that I am upset.

  • A video showing how to transfer saves from the PS3 to the PSP (and vice versa) would be nice too…

  • Yeah, I agree with the fact that the PS3 needs more visualizers. They should use some of the ones from the PSP just upscale them and make it better somehow. Or maybe give the visualizer settings to customize like the color or some other simple settings.

  • isthere any chance we will get new visualizers soon? im kinda tired watching the same ones over and over again.

  • I would love to see more choices in the visuals, through the next update i hope you guy’s add more :) i believe with the standard their are only 2 other ones :( but they are soo cool, i always use it when i’m listening to music in my room!

  • definitely more interactive visualizers would be AMAZING.

    how about a FREE ps3 version of that game BEATS for our ps3. (currently available for psp)

    that would be an AMAZING gift for ps3 users.

  • u guys should post links to all these vids on the online user manuals and put a BIG note in every ps3 box that tells everyone (mostly 4 uned. parents)to CHECK OUT THE USER MANUALS 4 help in the 1st place.

  • hey, how do i change my icon on this account for the playstationblog? i can’t find settings any where.

  • Visualisers:

    Please fix the Earth visualiser – the mirrored stars look terrible and the fixed camera paths get boring… surely a random flight would be trivial?

    Fireplace visualiser – excellent idea! Though quite a challenge.

    Scripted/flash visualiser – that’ll get people off your backs!

    Music organisation:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll carry on saying it… listing 5000 tracks vertically on a widescreen TV is, well, stupid. There’s no other word for it.

    We need division by artist AND album. We need two dimensional representation to deal with large collections. We need the importer to use the ALBUM ARTIST tag not the individual track ARTIST tag (soloists, compilations… d’oh!)

    And finally, please implement FULL WMA support – currently only MP3 is supported outside the music player itself.

  • The visualizers are okay, however I would like to see the PS3 support more brands of mp3 players. I recently purchased my PS3 because I’m not sure when my xbox will break again, however the fact that it supports my mp3 player is one of the very few reasons I haven’t sold it. It makes me happy to come back to a reliable product that wasn’t rushed through research and developement. My friends have told me that Playstation has a proactive approach to improving their product and this is an improvement that I would dearly like to see. Thank you for making a better console.

  • I cant see the video!?!?


  • i wish i could plug in my ipod touch. It won’t even register on my ps3 and all my songs are stored there.

  • I thought this was common knowledge. Don’t people like to experiment and figure things out on their own anymore?

  • the PS1 still has every video game system known to man beat with its visualizer! It was great how you not only have a ton to choose from but you can CHOOSE the color AND size! Sony you guys hit the jackpot when you thought of this! If you could implement it to the PS3 and even if its exact same thing as what was on the ps1 I would be one happy camper! Please don’t forget about your past success when you go into new territory!

  • I definitely agree with nemo20000, not being able to sort my music by artist is driving me NUTS!!!!!

  • A great idea, would be tools for User Created Visualizer

  • i want all in game music support that would be awesome. Cod Waw Listening to some good music would be sweet.

  • you can also manipulate the backgroud by moving the right stick around

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