PS3 How To: Using the PS3 Visualizer

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Hello again,

Last but not least, today’s “How To” video will teach you how to use the Visualizer on the PLAYSTATION 3. The Visualizer provides a great background to your favorite music on your TV screen. There are a variety of designs to choose from so pick your favorite and use it next time you listen to your music on your console. Let us know if there are other videos you would be interested in seeing, and I hope you are all off to a great 2009!

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  • Thank you but whats up with the PSN update?

  • The music feature needs to be made available to run in the background of everything (games are a low priority for me). I would love to listen to my music while I surf the store or do other things on my ps3.

  • Any plans on expanding the visualizer support?

  • I’d love to see alot more visualizer’s added in a future update!!

  • i agree with 2 and like 1 saied what up with the update this week? dont get me wong i have alot of games to play but there have been no post about this i hate to be off topic but just wondering . if we dont get a update for this week then next week update will be big for 09 ? core, RE demo, maybe a killzone 2 demo for core users ?

  • Yeah when are we going to see more visualizers?

  • Thanks Kristin.

    Yes, I agree…we have the 3 visualizers now and they’re great, but would be nice to see more added.

  • Even the PSP has more – at least port those over in the interim. BTW @2, you CAN listen to music in the background – just hit the PS button.

  • One thing I noticed a lot in forums is that people do not know how to organize files on the PS3.

    Make a video showing how to create custom albums for music, videos, pictures, and even games. I think it is important for games seeing as you can have downloaded titles, demos, full games, psone classics, etc. A lot of people for some reason just don’t know you can do that.

  • One feature I really want is to be able to set up a voice chat between friends that is independent to the game we’re playing.

    For example, even if we’re playing diff. game we can still talk. And if we’re playing the same game we can to each other without the rest of the players being annoyed by how loud we are or how we’re always joking and stuff.

    it could work just like the current conversation works now but only that it can run on the background.

  • All these “how to” videos should ship pre-loaded on either every systems HDD, memory stick, or a blu-ray disk. I know many people who have no idea what the PS3 can really do and they actually own it….An application similar to Qore could also be created to make this one neat package(HD videos/Links/Categories(beginner/advanced options….). You can publish this to existing users via the PSN.

  • Since this post touche on teh subject of Visualizations I hope we get some new ones sometime soon! I only use the Earth visualization and it gets boring looking at the same thing over, the rest don’t interest me. How about you guys release a visualizer maker and let us import our own, I am sure we would need a firmware update before that happen if ever (unlikeley) but it would be great fun to import them like we can themes.

  • I would like to see the psp visualizers ported to the ps3. Heck if the psp can do it then why not the PS3? It’s been on my mind all last year.

  • Why in the world are they making these How To videos? Do they really not any anything better to do?

  • vegetablegod, shut up and go away.

  • No, I don’t think I will.

  • i’m still wondering as to why these are being posted ?

    I’ve had my Ps3 for almost a full year now. the first thing i did was figure out and be familiar with the XMB UI and that took less then 15 minutes..

  • @kristopher.w

    That’s what im saying lol. It isn’t very difficult.

  • @Delriach,

    I found it a pain to organise games/demos. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but I had to edit every game’s Information data to specify which folder I wanted it to go in eg. Full games, PSN games, Demos. I was hoping you could just select the specific games/demos and transfer them all simultaneously into a respective folder. Can this be done?

  • Kenshin, one way that I found to work around that if you have a lot of file is to give your albums simple names. Name one of the albums D. Then name that for all the games you want under D. Once you have all of those listed there, go to the new album and rename it to whatever you want. It ends up making the process a bit faster.

  • @ vegetablegod, no kidding!

    it’s all fine and dandy for people who may have received ps3 for christmas – that’s great, but maybe, include something useful for ALL of us ?

  • No, PSN store update this week.. :-(

    No, Rock Band Update this week? :D

    LOL, at lest my music works…

  • No PSN Store update this week, then? :(

    On topic- I love the Planet Earth visualizer to death. The water droplet one is my favorite on the PSP. Great application, I’d love to see more of these in the near future and periodically, please!!! :)

  • I think the visualizer could be improved alot. The Earth/space Scene is cool, but the other visualizers are a bit simplistic. Try watching the Windows Media player or WinAmp visuals, they have much better transitions and effects.

  • Can we have more background Visualizers please? :)

  • Yes, a few more visuals would be nice. Not like the PSP’s though, they are pretty lame. However the selection of theme color’s is better on the PSP.

    Also, I’m betting the store update will be out later today. Alot of people don’t work on New Years Day, should these guys be any different?

  • Oh give me a break people. It’s the holiday. Don’t complain about no update…

  • it’s new year’s eve day +1.

    most businesses are open today, as are we here at my work. though, the majority of our clients are not so we are questioning as to why most of us came in…

  • Good Good
    Now i have a question that i´d like you guys to answer Please.

    In game-music, was a feature that came in the same update as trophies, yet only like 10 games support them.

    Now, i know that games coming out after the 1st of january will have trophies (because they are mandatory.

    but WHAT ABOUT IN GAME MUSIC? WILL THAT BE LEFT to the developers to decide?

    please i want ingame music to be mandatory aswell

    Comment on this People!!!plzz

  • A fireplace visualizer would have been great for the holiday, well now you have a year to get working on that!

  • Where’s the video instructing users on how to change the album info for multiple pieces of data simultaneously? Also, a video needs to be posted of how listen to music during gameplay for all ps3 games, especially this year since all ps3 games are required to have trohpies. Next, a video needs to be posted of how to have voice chat between 2 users while they’re playing 2 different games. Finally, a video needs to be posted to show how to send a simple game invite to other friends.

  • @bigbossarg
    I’m with you on that. But I guess the in-game xmb needs to be culled of inaccessible features to take up less memory to allow in-game music to be system wide.

  • @rockymtnbri
    “BTW @2, you CAN listen to music in the background – just hit the PS button.”

    Rocky, I understand that but when you go to the store or any other “link” outside of the XMB the music cuts. So it’s not really background as much as laying the XMB over the visualizer. It needs to be the other way around in my opinion.

  • by the way here’s confirmation on the Store from the Q games post.

    Ghostm | January 1st, 2009 at 4:44 pm
    Is there a PSN Store update today? Just curious.

    Jeff Rubenstein replied on January 1, 2009 at 5:00 pm
    Nope, it’s a holiday. Back to normal next week.

  • One little thing that bothers me, when I enter someone’s profile (or my own) the music stops. It didn’t use to do that, but ever since the profiles were updated (they do look nice by the way) the music just stops the second you open one up, and I kind of doubt that the PS3 is straining its resources there… Same story with the PS Store, but that’s lower on my list.

  • Wow, because I totally didn’t know how to setup my equalizer. :/ C’mon man, give us something useful. I know it’s the holidays so I’ll give you some slack.

  • I second what #’s 9 and 11 said.

    And for those complaining about these how-to videos… I think there was a post saying something about how the regular guys would be a vacation for a bit. Pretty sure they also specified that Kristin here would be posting these types of vids to help out the new owners.

  • Why didn’t the video mention that one of the analog sticks manipulates the original visualizer??? It’s one thing I think so few people know, and I still don’t know what exactly it does.

    It seems to me that it changes perspective or can rewind the effects.

  • Thanks for the info

  • I feel like that last visualizer shown is new, doesnt look too exciting but looks different.

    Oh, and yeah, where is this weeks update?

    you still need cross game inviting like you said you would have in 2007 on game trailers. It’s important trust me it’s makes it much easier to play games with friends because the options in-game don’t work if most games are matchmaking because there no drop-ins. We also need to option to record voice messages and send them to people. Also add a symbol somewhere showing how many messages you got in ttotal in message box…

  • What happened with the store update. I understand that it was New Year’s but you guys usually release the update on the Tuesday before the holiday, which you guys did not do this week. Does that mean we will get it today? If so, can you guys please put the January Qore even though it “technically” is not the first Thursday of the month.

  • sony u should put in game music because just look at the PSP with the game wipeout they have in game music and for some reason the powerful PS3 can’t do that.just look at the 360 its weaker and it has it.My friend has the 360 and i play with him sometimes because im not a fanboy and we just put on music becaue all it does is it overlaps the regular sound. im just sain u r losing a lot of people because of that because music is a big part in everyones life

  • cross game invites? voice messages? do you guys really freaking need this that bad?
    Voice message deal on my xbox is lame, its not long enough and usually what I have to say can be said in a simple text message.
    If my buddy is playing a different game I just message him…oh nvm you guys just want to copy the 360.

  • thanks for the vid kristin! these were somewhat informative to the newbs but as a veteran PS3 owner i thought they were kind of old news but i still appreciate them. its a nice way to introduce some cool features to the newcomers. I hope everyone at Sony and your affiliates are having a great start to 09′. i know i sure am! just gotta raise at work so that means more games. YAY~~


  • Hey, since you guys are doing good things with the video section of the system now, can we get some custom folders/video playlists now? I’d love to be able to set series in a playlist to play sequentially instead of having to rely on the “limited” grouping features we currently have for video.

  • I think more Visualizers are needed. Maybe Sony could team up with SoundSpectrum who have an awesome visualizer called G-Force. Happy New Year All.

  • More visualizers are needed. There are only TWO. That’s pretty pathetic. I like that they aren’t the standard generic kind of visualizers, but then again, they don’t go along with the music either, which is the whole point of a visualizer.

    So please add some more visualizers, and make sure these are actually affected by the music I’m playing.

    Also, I saw somebody mention making custom soundtracks mandatory from now on and that sounds like a brilliant idea. You did it for trophies, now do it for custom soundtracks. The tools are out there for developers to use; they just aren’t doing it.

    So make them do it.

  • @ 44 The game you just mentioned is a poor example. PS3’s Wipeout does support In-game music lol

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