PS3 Firmware (v2.53) Update

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Hi everyone, in the next PS3 firmware update (v2.53), coming soon, we’re improving the way the Flash Player works with the internet browser. In addition to being able to access more sites using Flash, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Full-screen mode playability
  • Live movie (using RTMP format) playability

Now it’s going to be even easier to enjoy web content on your PS3, in full-screen!

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  • does this update make it to were games like Burnout paradise and MGS4 will be full screen instead of wide screen?

  • Hd video at gametrailers is choppy like a 10 year old pc is trying to run the video. It’s bad in normal and full screen.

  • Awesome. Now could you PLEAASE add an in game coffee maker… please? I mean, come on Sony… make it happen.

  • Oh dear god… i think home has been added.

  • Please give us more sorting options within our folders. Specifically, I’d like to be able to arrange my PS1/PS2 memory cards by title and also the folders that hold my downloaded games.

  • @102

    It’s still the beta but it has been moved from “Games” to the network section.

  • my bad… somehow i just got the beta

  • thanks!

  • hey thanks for the update
    id be nice to be able to access the xmb during ps1 / ps2 games to play music and maybe use the browser?
    and off the subject but at SCEA, is a “Legend of Dragoon 2” in production (any fans of Legend of Dragoon feel free to friend me)

  • Full-screen Hulu = win.

  • nice, no more zooming in

  • My friend just bought a 160 gig PS3 (hes an xbox player lol) and he said that he played guitar hero 2 on it after the new update.

    what is this?

  • If Sony is going to require PS3 users to download firmware updates before they can actually use their machines, Sony would do well to MAKE SURE THE UPDATE IS AVAILABLE. The PS3 update page still lists 2.52, and my PS3 times out when trying to download the update — at a measly 1%. Until Sony gets its own act together I’m unable to use the machine on the network.

  • RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) sounds great. :) Future update maybe (maybe) you can do something with virtual memory? Hey Sony; you know we love you :)

  • seriously, i just registered to post this, but, this sucks. do you guys test this at all? i locked the browser up the first two videos i loaded at hulu, i had to hard reset for one. wtf? and talk about slow, the browser performance is terrible. loading google takes 5 seconds. “ohh this is so great” its lackluster, it barely works, its slow and buggy, sorry guys that the truth.

  • I got a little too excited when i saw the “Software update is available” come up.
    I thought it was HOME.
    But guess we’ll have to continue waiting.

    Thanks for this update though :)

  • cool. But we do need standard in game music.

  • @104

    It has been in the Network section for a few weeks.

  • Thanks goodnes….b/c I sure thought I was going crazy every time I thought I would be able to play a flash vid and it either would hiccup so badly it’d lock up my browser or the site would claim I would need a Flash updated version >_<.

    Now if you guys could just show the same attention to the PSP web browser–we’d be set!! ;)

  • is the youtube problem after the last update solved?some videos in youtube don’t display the video ,,it’s just audio.(this happened after the last update)

  • Please fix the multiple PSN log in. I want to play R2 in split screen and have the stats for BOTH player saved!!

    This is a must for any co-op game. Doesn’t even make sense that player 2 must reset his stats every time!

  • @26…um Kids shouldn’t be playing those games in the first place…if you’re old enough to SHOOT realistic humans you’re old enough to hear some swear words imo.

  • thats good and all but after the 1.50 update i have probs with youtub alot of the videos i cant view on my ps3 and i asked my friends are they having the same probs all of them said yes and i find i cant view more and more vids as they release dont get me wrong i have a two laptops but i like to jump on my ps3 to view my youtube cause its faster to hoop on i hope sony or youtube will fix this U HERE ME SONY

  • @115…I have NO issues browsing with the PS3. Weird.

  • NICE.
    checking it out now…

  • What about a fix for the save files that were supposedly copied!?!?!?! I saw three or four posts already in these comments talking about them as well as error code 80022D11. This is unacceptable. I can’t play half of my games because of this. I refuse to start over. I have already had to start the majority of my games over because of a hard drive problem and I won’t do it again. Please Sony, FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!

  • Feature I want most:

    Ability for other players to log in with their PSN profiles.

    It makes no sense that other players are just guests, when the “other system” does it quite well.

  • PLEASE have the next update address ERROR 80022D11 for the love of PS3!!!!

  • Thats great, i’m happy for the update. But this is Flash 9, are Sony aware that Flash 10 has been out for a while now?

  • The update is live!!

  • Glad to see an update. Believe it or not, my ps3 locked up for the first time after new update while trying to play a video on I had to press power button on console to reboot it. Could not do anything with remote, no way, no how. Complete lock up. Also, anyone else getting black video screen on video play but audio is fine? Keep the updates coming Sony. I love the updated features!!

  • I’m getting the error for Brain Challenge when trying to sync trophies. Really not that bad of a game. I looked for a place to tell them and can’t find one and you guys have enough of your own game issues to worry about. If someone knows who to contact, do tell.

  • thanks guys. (and gals)


    thanks for the updates. I have one concern with youtube videos,,,,after the last update(where you added falshplayer09)some of the youtube videos plays with no video,,,it’s just auio with blank screen.

    This has happened top lots of people I know on different gaming sites,,,they were all complaining about this.

    After downloading and installing the new update the problem is still there .

    Could you please look into this.(it’s only for youtube)

    has anyone else experienced this?

  • It would be awesome to have FLASH PLAYER direct access from the XMB and be able to import .swf flash files and .flv files into the hard disc!!

  • I downloaded the update and now I have a blank screen. I left it alone for an hour, still nothing. Reset the power and the screen flashed a few times and still nothing. What gives?

  • @ 138 i guess we have our first case of firmware 2.53 bricked my ps3

  • Thank you Sony. Two requests:
    1) Can you do the sam for PSP ?
    2) Can you add Location Free software to PS3, please ? (even if we have to pay for it?). This way I could watch foreign TV programs (via a Location Free Base-station plugged in an overseas location) in my local TV via my PS3 ! Perfect for Ex-pats


  • @109
    “legend of dragoon 2” doesn’t sound bad at all….
    it would look pretty tight on ps3!

  • I must agree with the above poster:

    Please add the following Codecs

    WMV (all wmv’s)
    better Xvid support.

    Also please add support so we can watch Quicktime HD trailers from there web site!


  • @136
    i think we all have experienced it. it sucks man.. just when u think an update will make things better… but oh well. at least some of them still work.
    i think they will prob. look onto it but it wont be for a while…
    hulu is a good place to watch videos from too!

  • @143

    so you have also encountered the problems with youtube videos recently?

    As long as they know the problem,i m fine,cause they will update it .

  • The fullscreen option is nice, but quite unfortunately the framerate drops a bit. It isn’t optimized yet, I guess.


    THANK YOU!!!

  • Very important update! Finally YouTube in the living room, thanks Sony!

    Next request:
    Better support for DivX / XVid
    Support for .mkv

  • Every update is very appreciated. As other users indicated, the browser has an issue with YouTube videos as it starts the audio but not the video in most cases. Also, I hope Sony continues to strengthen the browser in the future, including eliminating the “there is not enough memory” problem. The videos on the browser should play more smoothly than my old 4 year old PC (which plays flash video far smoother than the Cell-powered PS3).

    Also, it would be very useful to see a Search function on Photo, Music, and Video. The ability to change the wave visualizer’s purple color would be a nice touch too along with the ability to play with color hues on the main XMB wave (that’s another Theme Settings idea for those who like the wave). Oh and in-movie XMB would be appreciated too.

  • @142 Stop repeating that stuff. Also, why don’t you rip your DVDs to compatible formats? Oh… wait…

  • Eric, could you PLEASE put back the option to sign out of the PSN? The only option we have now is to change our status. Why was it removed? Secondly, any chance you could add the option of putting in specific dollar amounts (currently we can only choose the fixed ammounts of $10, $20 etc when adding funds in the Store?

    It’s really inconvienient when can’t use the remaining balance of a pre-paid credit card because it’s lower than the lowest fixed amount of $10. I have 8.75 left on it and I can’t use it!

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