PS3 Firmware (v2.53) Update

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Hi everyone, in the next PS3 firmware update (v2.53), coming soon, we’re improving the way the Flash Player works with the internet browser. In addition to being able to access more sites using Flash, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Full-screen mode playability
  • Live movie (using RTMP format) playability

Now it’s going to be even easier to enjoy web content on your PS3, in full-screen!

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  • It’s out, boys!

  • Yes! it came out!

  • PLZ ADD friend’s group i have 98 friends and i want to organize them plz think about this!!!

  • can you PLEASE move or take out the controller battery indicator away from the clock in the in-game xmb? it’s driving me crazy that i have to wait just to see the time.

  • You should make an update so we can listen to music doing anything especially while playing a game.

  • that why I love SONY. PLAYSTATION RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    In Game Music… it’s such a great necessity..

    If i’m able to play c.s. in my old pentium4 while listening to my own music then why isn’t the ps3 able to do this??

    If you can’t add it for whatever reason(even thou the rumor that Microsoft has patented this seem to be true) please let us know so that we can stop asking.

    You say that the ability is there for devs to do it but so far how many have used it?? 2 maybe 3 come one please add in-game music.

    That’s all that a lot of people REALLY want..

  • please make custom soundtracks mandartory in all games and put tekken 3 mortal kombat trilogy tekken 5 and mk2 sold a lot on psn

  • What exactly is “Live movie (using RTMP format) ”

    I’m not familiar with this.

  • Finally – a better update to the previous updates!

  • So that means i will be able to watch more videos from websites?

  • @ 37
    it’s great to know i’m not the only person in the world this is happening too. it’s driving me crazy having to start a game over, i’ve spent so long on playing. i’ve almost finished collecting everything again on LBP. i only needed 3 more trophies on it and now i have to waste my time replaying the game when i shouldn’t have too.

  • @58

    RTMP from Wiki

    This protocol encapsulates the RTMP data in valid HTTP requests, and by default communicates on port 80. While RTMPT requires slightly higher bandwidth due to the addition of HTTP headers, the protocol can be used successfully in environments where security measures would block RTMP. This approach also works on secured HTTPS connections, in which case it is called RTMPS (RTMP Secure).

    In plain language…more sites will work.

  • YESS!!! Thanks Sony!!!

  • Finally, it’s actually going to work when I check out vids on the blog. Lol.

  • N!CE news, but it would have been better if they released Home. Anyway i cant wait for Home.
    Thanks For The Update. Sony ROCKS/PS3

  • Is this going to help out with those YouTube video problems? You know, some videos work… others don’t.

  • All I want is for my PS3 to be able to play MKVs.

  • This still doesn’t fix the problem with the youtube videos when im trying to watch a video it start playing but all you can see is like the video isnt playing at all is black on the video all i can hear is the audio please FIX IT!!!!!!!!

  • Why is in-game music such a big deal to you guys? What about the sound track for the game? Isn’t that good enough?

    It’s not all that great, I’d rather listen to the game’s music.

  • If mandatory trophies can be done, why not mandatory custom soundtracks?

  • @69 Lol I just asked about that…

    You guys need to fix this problem.
    Video content for the videos on YouTube don’t always show up. However the audio will play, just the video stays black.

    It hasn’t been like this before! Must of been the update on the Flash Player. So looks like you need Adobe to fix that.

  • I mostly use my ps3 for videos please FIX IT
    PSN= Mightynemesis

  • Nice, keep up the good work.
    I have an idea that others have agreed with and someone even said I should post it here. It’s a problem with the in-game XMB. It’s too slow. There are too many icons that we cant use so why bother have them show up? I was thinking instead of an in-game XMB, it should be an in-game menu with only the features that we can access. I hope you think about my idea. Thanks.

  • Eric,

    Please have your team look into 80022D11 ERROR, still needs fixed !!!!!!


  • damn sony yall just cant stop making a brotha only

  • What exactly what does Live movie using RTMP format playability mean?

    Thanks for any information.

  • PLEASE SONY! Get rid of the “Would you like to run this plug-in” pop up that comes up WAY too often. At least give us the option to turn it off.

    My main complaint about the Internet Browser btw.

  • Watching Hulu (hopefully) just got better.

  • Hey Eric,

    Just wanted to tell you that videos still do not work after the update. It still says I need Flash Player 9 or above.

    Other than that, great update.

  • that’s all very well and good, but when will I be able to play guitar hero II on my ps3 with the ps3 guitar?

  • why did this update take 15 min. it should only take about 5 min. but still good update!

  • thatd be sweet if you had some sort of in game browser, also if you could somehow watch or even play the PS3 in remote play while someone is playing, you know like if you could watch the game your brother is playing or play with your bro on a different screen or playing it seperately, even just the little things like downloaded game and the internet and downloaded movies and music

  • Awesome update guys

  • Wow! I really appreciate the constant updates!

    ANY improvement to the web browser is welcome!

    Thank you very much!!!

    P.S.: Could you possibly change one thing? When you first bring up the in-game XMB to check the time, the stupid Battery Indicator gets in the way, and you have to wait for it to fade away. Could you make it so we can just quickly bring up the XMB, check the time then close?


  • This is nice and all, but this still doesn’t give the ability to turn on and off the clock and date. Please put that ability in the next firmware update. You did it for the information display thing, so why not this? It’s an eyesore that I’ve been wanting to get rid of ever since you forced it onto us.

  • the reason this ROCKS is because its free, take that XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • still doesn’t work…Youtube Video problem…

    maybe for a next time

  • Hey, I was just wondering if this update will fix the YouTube video problem? It seems several YouTube video’s I used to watch on the PS3 don’t show the video anymore just the sound. Odd as they used to play prior to the last update. Thanks.

  • I don’t really understand why you don’t include Firefox on PS3…. Firefox is still better than your browser…

  • Another useless firmware. Atleast try to ad something beside a few fixes.

  • Yes! I love it!

  • well id have to say thanks a million sony , finally youtube will display the damn videos not just sound , but 1 question , when are we gonna get in game music player like x box , because ive got 1500 plus songs on my hard drive and id like to be able to listen to them in game

  • YES!!!!!!! I just got it to!!!

  • can some1 explain how the live video will work?

  • @62 Thanks.

  • If that is all that the update is providing, it should have been an update at your own leisure opposed to a mandatory update. I could be playing right now instead of waiting on an update that I could have downloaded when I was not wanting to play.

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