PS3 Firmware (v2.53) Update

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Hi everyone, in the next PS3 firmware update (v2.53), coming soon, we’re improving the way the Flash Player works with the internet browser. In addition to being able to access more sites using Flash, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Full-screen mode playability
  • Live movie (using RTMP format) playability

Now it’s going to be even easier to enjoy web content on your PS3, in full-screen!

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  • must needed thanks sony

  • Thanks again for keeping the PS3 constantly upgraded!

  • I hope that this fix to flash helps improve the browser’s stability… I have reduced the use of the browser due to the lockups it causes…

    I do appreicate the constant updating and keeping our purchased technology up to the latest standards though!

  • whats live movie

  • Sweet!!! Finally we can get video streaming on the PS3.

  • im loving today’s update on the blog..keep em coming Sony!!

  • Will you guys eventually add Shockwave Player support?

  • PLEASE DO THE SAME FOR THE PSP!!! And I wish that we can copy and paste on the PS3 browser.

  • Nice Work, Finally Hulu on Full Screen.

    Hint:Next update should be home =)

  • Nice! Been waiting for Hulu to work again!

  • Copy and paste would be a great addition to the PS3 browser, It gets really annoying to type in a word multiple times.

  • HULU FULL SCREEN BABY! now i can watch my favorite episodes of the office in nice 480p on my tv whenever!

  • You da Homie Sony !

  • Excellent! Now we just need standard in-game music and chat services.

  • can you guys fix that thing where it corrupts my save files saying that the save file is not mine. This has happened to me twice now. Once on Little Big Planet and now on Resistance 2. i have not used somebody else save file and i’m tired of having to start the game over to get the last few trophies that i need. i have an issue with Super Stardust HD where i can’t even unlock any of the add on trophies. it’s getting a little old now with all my save files getting corrupted for no reason. i wait for everything to save before turning off the game or system so i don’t see why my files keep getting corrupted saying they’re not my save files.

  • Could this be for Video Stream for PlayStation@Home ??

    I hope so because we really need it.. and dont drop it because you will turn alot of Heads if you do.. and it would disapoint alot of PS3 Gamers.

    Thanks for the Update.. lets hope this make the Browser in Full 1080 resolution size.. because i hate opening up the Browser and have to click in on [R3] to zoom in and i have a Nice lovely 40″ LCD that i enjoy with my PS3 in full 1080p :D

  • Nice nice

  • i think it will be out by tonite

  • SONY

    Please add the following Codecs


    Please support all WMV file

    And please add better Xvid support.

    Also please add support so we can watch Quicktime HD trailers from there web site!


  • Nice!!!

    Please add In Game Browser!!

  • i don’t really use the web browser anymore since i got a laptop, but this is still a nice improvement for those that do use it. thanks guys!

  • Parental Controls Frustration

    I was called over to help set-up my cousin’s new PS3 and they told me that we won’t be able to play any games online because of the obscene language online, but I told them not to fret since that could be adjusted in the Parental Controls settings… Or so one would think, long story short, the kid won’t be going online so that means your online only games (Warhawk, SOCOM:C, etc.) and 3rd party online games are going to be passed by this family (and most likely others) for not including an obvious parental control feature, muting VOIP [mic] chatter.

    You might want to fix that in the next firmware, unless you hate money.

  • Sweet, I use the web browser all the time between games. Ive got my iGoogle page up with my email and RSS feeds and it works great.

  • all we need now is more codec plz

  • Sony can you please add an option to the browser to not ask the user if we want to allow the plug in?

    I really want this bad!!

    Also was the clock display bug fixed?

    This was the issue where the Battery status would show over the clock.

  • Thanks for the full screen, it sucks having to zoom in on a video.

  • Great, usually when there is an update about firmware on the blog it means ether tomorrow or in the next two to three days

  • With this new firmware does this mean site like 610wip will now work?

  • Very not bad! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Hey Eric,

    Do you guys over at SCEA know something concrete about when can we expect the addition of new Avatars to the Account Management selection screen for us to use?

    We need new Avatars. Please, heed our pleas.

  • Sony

    Please add RSS video feed support!

  • Thank you Sony for listening to us. The PS3 is the best Media Center, hands down.

  • @18

    I am having the same problem with all of my trophy games 80022D11 error says This save made by another user load aborted… hoping this new fw fixes that but doubt it

  • Great, Please Eric, keep listening to your consumers, we need Backwards Compatibility, you are losing lots of potential buyers and you’re also losing sales from people that buys older systems that are compatible with PS2 and have all of the other premium features.

  • P.S just to let you guys know on (On the PS3 browser) it doesn’t let you log in to your PSN Account the log in button doesn’t respond.

  • @23
    It already supports h.264, At least the baseline profile, and maybe the main profile.
    MKV is a container, not a format, and not a very widely used one at that. There’d be no way to support every single mkv file, it’s like saying you want it to support every single avi file.
    Quicktime .mov files are much more widely used than mkv files, so this one has my vote. .mov is also a container, but PS3 definitely needs to support .mov files with h.264 and the Sorenson codec.
    I’m pretty sure earlier wmv codecs are very proprietary, so full wmv support is unlikely, just like Real .rm support is unlikely.

  • this is definately good news.ps3 ftw!
    anyways,like other posters have said we would love to see more codecs support for this wonderfull machine.


  • on youtube, the screen is just black. does this update fix that?

  • @39 go to the forum page and login though there thats how i do it

  • That’s what’s up

  • Great update. Thanks.

  • Thanks Eric…was beginning to think the other blogs I read about 2.53 were just rumors.

  • So, what will this full screen flash allow us to do? What specific web sites does this fix? I’ve only ever been able to get Hulu to work for me once on the ps3. After that, videos simply refused to load for me. Will this fix that? I would think that since ps3 now has full flash 9 support, every website should work, but it seems this isn’t the case. Is there some sort of flash/javascript interaction that doesn’t work in the ps3 browser like it does in other browsers?

  • Nice update but when will we be getting .srt (subtitles) support?

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