New Media Manager for PSP

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Today we are launching a new version of Media Manager for the PSP that allows you to organize and sync your music, photos and other digital content. The new media manager also grants access to the PlayStation Store through the PC and is designed to accommodate the expanding functionality of PSP. With the recent PSP firmware (v 5.01) update which gives you direct access to the PlayStation Store and the new media manager you have multiple ways to get content and manage it.

The new Media Manager is available as a free download at

Consumers who own the retail version of Media Manager (v2.5) will be able to upgrade to the online version of Media Manager PRO (v3.0) for free. To download the new media manager go to

Here’s a brief walk-thru of the PlayStation Store accessed via the Media Manager on the PC.

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  • well I probably wont get this cuz I probably wont get a PSP cuz sony did stupid stuff and now the 4gb bundle is canceled how can you cheerfuly macke this post without thinking about how stupid a mistake was just made!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doesn’t Mac run all Window’s programs already?
    If not… get a new Mac lol.

    Looks good, I actually have Ubuntu myself.
    But I could use WINE or my Virtual Machine to run it if I wanted.

    On another note, I’m getting my new PS3 back from Sony. I had to get it repaired… and they took away my old hard drive… how gay is that?

    Now I gotta do EVERYTHING over again…
    Please surprise me with same hard drive!

  • I’d love to see a Mac version :)

  • Ya know. In the almost 2 years I’ve had my PS3 I’ve never once used the clock on it. I didn’t buy it to be an over-priced digital clock :P. I have my PC to use as an over-priced digital clock right next to it. Or my cell phone. Usually my cell phone.

    And, unfortunately, there aren’t enough mac owners to rush a Mac OS X version, unfortunately. But if you have a x86 based Mac you can use VMWare to boot windows. Much easier than dual booting, as long as you don’t plan to do anything too processor/memory intensive.

  • For those of you complaining about losing your “Pro” status with the new media manager, don’t uninstall the old version before you install version 3.0. The old serial number will be picked up during the install process and a new one issued for the new program, leaving you with v3.0 Pro on your PC.

  • Still no Mac OSX support?
    …and my PSP collects even more dust.
    I was really excited when i read the title of this post, but my hopes are dashed again. thanks Sony!

  • Why on EARTH is this STILL Windows only? Do Sony not realise there are other operating systems out there? Ridiculous.

  • Any chance of getting the browser to be able to run Flash based sites like YouTube?

  • Linux Support please?

  • That’s all fine well and good.

    But how about actually updating the PlayStaion Store for PC every once in a while? I mean, we got nothing last week. At least a wallpaper or something so we know you still know that the PSP is alive and kicking. Or some PS1 Classics (key word here).

    Xenogears is on Japan’s PS Store, let’s get that guy over here, or Resident Evil, or MGS. Something.

  • Excuse my haste on my previous post, the Installer did install the PSP Media Manager Pro 3.0 as an upgrade to the 2.5 Pro version I had previously installed.

    Thank you!

  • @ LeonBlade

    For a person who uses Linux, you must not be up on the current tech.

    WINE doesn’t run this program, nor does CrossOver Office. You can thank Sony for stupid programming. I PAID for this program in the hopes it would work… it doesn’t.

  • Cont. from above…

    Second of all, your information is skewed slightly. Mac’s DO NOT run windows programs *NATIVELY* <-Key word there. Mac’s DO NOT use *.exe’s to run apps. What Mac’s ARE, are x86 based, which means they can run Windows apps EASIER. The apps still either need to be re-coded for Mac (an easier process than if the hardware was, oh, let’s say, PPC based) or run through a software emulation program without the need to emulate hardware. Note that the latter does not always work.

    It’s exactly the same way WINE runs SOME Windows apps in Linux (but only if you’re using a “PC”). Since the hardware is based on the same specs (x86), there’s no need to try and emulate hardware, the way that the ZSNES or ePSXe emulates the Super Nintendo and Playstation hardware. All you have to do, is translate the calls from one OS to what another OS would use. Complicated, but simple.

    A Virtual Machine *should* run it, but no promises. Besides, why the hell would I want to install Windows on a Virtual machine… I’m using Mac/Linux because I HATE Microsoft, not because I want to use it for certain programs.

  • does this not work on the 64 bit version of vista? i can’t imagine that would be the case, that just wouldn’t make any sense. but i can’t get it working

  • Pretty Cool another good job by Sony

  • Eric, I have the same question as 43.

    I am a owner of PSP Media Manager 2.5 having purchased it some time ago. What is the difference between 3.0 and the Pro version of 3.0?

    If there isn’t a difference then telling us paying owners we can upgrade for free to something anyone can get for free is a little bit of a slap and should include an automatic North American Killzone beta invite as recompense!

    Second, if there is a difference how do I upgrade to the Pro Version of 3.0? I have been to the Sony Media store and there is no apparent way, even under my account, which does indeed show my previous purchase of 2.5, to upgrade. Help us out here, thanks.

  • It’s to bad this doesn’t work for Macs. I don’t use a PC.

  • Thanks Eric.

    Nice freebee.

  • This was a great idea and definitely made taking the PC store down for a time worth it.

  • reson8er…

    to be honest no. i’ve played crisis core, n+ and some of my older games on it (god of war chains of olympus, patapon and lumines 2).

    haven’t had any issues at all yet. i love it. brighter in the day (sometimes bus to school) and the areas around the dpad and buttons have a dip so it makes it easier when playing games like n+ if you don’t want to use the joystick.

  • Eric, for today, you can pretend that your release of the new media manager for PSP rallied Sony’s stock by 14.95%, but only for today.

  • Mac version please.

  • Nice – glad to see so many nice updates to PSP (and PS3).

  • Please add Mac support. I cannot believe you still have not done so. What is the hold up?

  • I have compiled together the most popular complaints from posters on this blog.
    Each complaint has been assigned a unique and easy to remember ID for quick referencing.
    From now on, posters can post their complaints much faster just by referencing the short ID.
    This will not only reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, but it will greatly save the environment by using less energy that would’ve been wasted by typing multiple words and/or sentences.

    For example, when a new game comes out and there will be no Trophy support, instead of typing:
    What? No TROPHY Support? No BUY! When will you learn?! PPL WANT TROPHY SUPPORT!!!!!!1111
    The blogger can simply type in:

    Notice how easy and efficient this new process can be?
    In my following post, will be the list of complaints and their assigned IDs (in no particular order).
    Have a great day!

  • @76
    What’s between Sony and a Mac version?
    Sony invented the Walkman, and it has been for ages the name for portable audio cassette players. Then came the iPod and eventually even the iTunes Store.

  • So is there going to be a Mac version or what? Kinda leaves me out of the loop on using this app.

  • I get an error 12002: The Operation Timed out.

    This happens when trying to register online before the Manager even begins. Ive tried reinstalling but nothing works.

  • Seriously… You people need to learn how to make apps for the mac. This is ridiculous… I appreciate the update, i really do. I just hate, no… I despise how all you do is dev these programs for what is 100% the worst operating system i have ever had the displeasure of owning for a year. Most university students own a PSP. Newsflash! – Practically ALL university students use MacBooks as their preferred computer. Its retarded that you leave your older fans out of the audience while supporting the 12 year old PC users that probably have the DS anyway. Please, reconsider this business model and port stuff like this to the mac. Thank you…

  • Any chance of a version for gnu/linux?

  • Mac users want some love too….We dont bite….

  • Okay Eric, the system is really broken. I went here:

    And logged in. It offers me the chance to upgrade my PSP Manager Pro 2.5 to…you guessed it, PSP Manager Pro 2.5. There is no 3.0 Pro available for previous paying customers.

    I said before, as someone that owns two PS3s, a PSP, a 52in XBR, you can make things better by sending me a North American Code for the Killzone Beta. Hatchetforce is my PSN name. Thanks in advance.

  • I would also like to see a Mac version, but I also know that sony has some kind of strange hatred for Mac… so I am not expecting it.

    What I think is reasonable to expect is some way to let me sort my game on my memory stick. Since it sort by date, I find myself re-downloading my entire library just to alphabetize them (sad, I know). Anyone got a tip?

  • I dont know if this will help anyone but if you’re running vista and can’t seem to get it to run try right clicking the installation file, then go to properties, then click the compatibility tab and try running it in compatibility mode in XP service pack 2. This worked for me who was having problems with the installer in vista.

  • This is awesome, though I would REALY love to have a Mac OSX version. I can always use Parallels, but I really hate to do that.

  • There’s Need to Be a MAC formatted version of this.

    but sweet

  • I don’t understand… Apple is a part of the BDA. Not that they’ve actually done anything, but still.
    Sorry for the double no-mac complaints guys, but i’m just rather upset that we’re getting shafted by sony. Google and Sony obviously get along really well. Google and Apple get along well (with google’s obvious hatrred toward vista), Apple products work with sony laptops, yet sony applications released never seem to work with the Mac.

    Whatever. I still love my PSP and its Custom Firmware more than anything. And of course my insanely badass PS3.
    Thanks Sony! But really… Ya need to start giving us mac users products as well rather than giving the products to a company that is competing with you in the entertainment industry. If there was more PS3-Mac connectivity that is EXCLUSIVE to the mac, you could definitely, no questions asked, get microsoft out of the industry they are most popular in. not that they’re good at it…

    Security Alert!
    Sony is attempting to make Media Manager for Mac!
    Cancel or Allow?

    ….please, pick allow.

  • Everyone knows you can download the japanese version for free a long time ago. But you pick english as your language, but unless they update this software I don’ tknow if I want to use it, it was slow…and couldn’t do video conversion or anything. Better off just drag and drop stuff on there directly, I didn’t see it’s usefullness.

  • Nice, downloading right now.

  • Is this the same frickin media manager that was last updated years ago and was sold at $20-$30? If so, then this should’ve been free from the beginning!

    This is the one i’m talking about:

  • Also, why isn’t 64-Bit Vista & XP supported? 32-bit is slowly coming to an end with newer computers/self-built computers starting off with 4GB of RAM.

  • So, surely this media manager is written i Java, so that is runs on all playforms; Linux, Mac, Windows etc?

  • how about a mac version? I would love that.

  • Would you please consider rewriting the The PS3 and PSP theme editor and this media manager? Write once and run it everywhere with Java, and use the SWT widget tool kit to get the native look-and-feel.

  • @93 zta
    lolz, java? Are you serious? Don’t count on it. I don’t think sony has ever developed anything in java. I’m not really sure why mac users are upset about this since they’ve never complained about this before. Since the psp now has the store built in, there’s really no reason a mac user needs any software or a computer at all.

  • The lack of a Mac version is appalling to me. I mean, given these comments alone, a huge portion of the PSP userbase are also Mac users.

    Come on, Sony, write a version for us Mac users!

  • I’m also pretty sure that all this software gets developed in japan and then simply translated into english. I don’t think the developers over there really care enough to redo all their work to satisfy a minority of people over here. If they would just release their source, then we’d have lots of possibilities, but that’s never gonna happen.

  • No, it just means you’re the most vocal since everyone else doesn’t care and probably won’t use this software more than once anyway since it’s not really necessary.

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