New Media Manager for PSP

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Today we are launching a new version of Media Manager for the PSP that allows you to organize and sync your music, photos and other digital content. The new media manager also grants access to the PlayStation Store through the PC and is designed to accommodate the expanding functionality of PSP. With the recent PSP firmware (v 5.01) update which gives you direct access to the PlayStation Store and the new media manager you have multiple ways to get content and manage it.

The new Media Manager is available as a free download at

Consumers who own the retail version of Media Manager (v2.5) will be able to upgrade to the online version of Media Manager PRO (v3.0) for free. To download the new media manager go to

Here’s a brief walk-thru of the PlayStation Store accessed via the Media Manager on the PC.

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  • Sweet, glad I never purchased the first one now.

  • Hey, while you’re making all these fancy changes, would it KILL YOU to move the clock on the PS3’s XMB down a few pixels so it isn’t obscured by the battery notification everytime we want to check the time?

    Cripes, it’s little things like this that make me shake my head in wonder…

  • downloaded but wont start, getting some error connecting.

    • hey gorillapimp – I\’m not tech support, but I think I know what\’s going on. It\’s not the program, it\’s your computer having trouble finding the USB connection (mine does the same thing with all USB connections).

      If you go into disk management and change the drive letter of the memory stick (I changed mine to \”N\”), everything should work out for you…

  • Where’s the Apple OSX love?

  • I am using MAC OSX , and all i see is a .exe file, meaning only working on Windows platforms. So any plan to launch a MAC OSX version of MM soon?

  • Just got the email saying the same thing. Thanks for the info

  • yeah too bad im on a mac…..

  • Eric, could you tell me the difference between the regular and the pro versions?

  • Is Mac support still in the works, or has it just been given up on?

  • TouchyEd is very right, please move either the clock or the battery indicator since they obsure one another.

  • I’d be happy to download it and use it… as soon as the Mac OS X version is released. Otherwise, this is useless to me and my household.

  • sounds cool. picked up my new black psp3000 thursday (last week) along with N+ and Crisis Core. so extra PSP goodies are more than welcome.

    hey Eric…while you’re here maybe you can help me…i got the new PS3 bluetooth earpiece with Socom and it works well when it’s on but when i plug it back into the charging stand it disconnects from my PS3 and i have to go back into accessory settings to manually reconnect it every time. any help?

  • no Mac huh? [DELETED] awesome hahaha

    but yea… good deal on updating the firmware for the PSP now i can actually download new games right at work, hahaha

    Sony is EVILLLL haha

  • Mr. Lempel,

    Could you move your influences so the psp and ps3 can read every single video format and codec out there?

    (And please suggest adding more PSOne classics to the store also!)

  • Hey SDkngsht,

    Whats your experience with the Black PSP-3000?

    Have you noticed any of the scan lines people are complaining about?

    I appreciate any feedback :)

  • Arggggghhhhh! I’m wearing headphones – Eric in my left ear, silence in the right.

    Brain tears in two…

  • How about some games?

  • Mac Support Please! Not everybody is a Windows Person.

  • I agree, Move the PS3 Clock away from the Battery Icon. So many firmware updates and still you have not fixed the clock.

  • @10
    touchyED is never right…

    Mr. Ed… been a while, i see your still off topic as usual and can’t seem to keep you sarcasm to yourself. if your gonna complain about PS3 issues, do it where they’re NOT talking about the psp…(personal opinion) and if you have a ps3 you should be able to afford some other way to tell time besides relying on your 600$ systems to do it. Can you please complain about something that matters, like maybe how much the glare reflection on the psp sucks and sometimes seem to add a “doubling” of the image presented.
    Every time i see you on here your never on topic or you just wanna try to be cool.

    personally, i think it’s great that they have finally made a new media manager for the PSP, it’s needed an offical updated one for some time now. Now to port it over to mac and everyone will be happy, except for Mr. touchyfeely-man

  • Glad to see the store is back up and much improved as well. I’ve needed this media manager thing for a while now.

  • Wow.. I feel like such a fool that I actually paid $24 for this and know its free.. But hey, thats life for ya.. Also IDK if this is an issue or not but I’ve noticed. That on the library it list the album but in the other window.. The track appear for a brief moment and then disappear.. Im using Window XP.

  • mac support please.

  • @2: same here, please move the clock on the PS3 so it isn’t covered with the battery

  • Mac support please. I, amongst many others happen to not use a PC, and we commonly get shafted on these PC-derived programs and whatnot. It’d just be nice to see you guys put it out there for both for a change, thanks!

  • That’s cool, though I don’t think I’d ever use the program. I love that the Store is not available directly from the PSP, and that’s enough for me. Thanks for the update though. :D

  • @2

    Let’s stay on topic please.

  • The clock/battery charge issue is NOT an issue on HDTV’s.

  • Hey Sony, ever hear of this cool cross-platform language called Java? Yeah, the one you chose for the Blu-Ray Disc standard.

    Yeah well, maybe you could start caring about more than Windows users and like, use it? I’m tired (as a Linux user) of being left out of software like this, as are the OSX people.

    Considering how Linux-savvy Sony is, it always shocks me how Windows-centric these products are.

  • @29
    thank you!!! man, i’m getting tired of these people who don’t have a HDTV complaining about the stupid clock/batt issue that’s not on if you have a decent TV… If you own a PS3 and your above the age of 15, get a job and go get a HDTV… or ask your mommy and daddy who bought you the ps3… again, just my opinion.

  • Eric,
    You should not require the install of Media Manager to access the playstation store for PC. Come on man. Only for the transfer of files.

    I can’t install that program on my work computer. And I like to log into the store to see what’s there – and to add funds and access account management. I’m disappointed in this change. Will you all be planning on giving access to the account management section of our PSN accounts in another way?

    Thanks in advance for your response!

  • Hey Eric, nice update to an old program. Seeing as the position that you have within Sony, can you do me two favors?

    1. Can you make sure that the videos on the blog here are fixed so that even on my new laptop they won’t play all choppy. It is very annoying to have to watch sub 1990’s quality videos from a company who is pioneering media streaming. (Sorry but it shows a lack of effort to me)
    2. Can you have me reinstated on the Socom blog? ( I had words with a poster that was sending me threats to my personal email and I got kicked)(( yes it was very rude language that I used but his was alot worse))

    That is all.
    Thanks either way.

  • Follow-up to my last comment…
    Remember this page:

  • I do not like it.

    What’s the native resolution that the program is using because i have to resize the program to make the images and font look clear without over stretching the window.

  • Frustrating…

    all i want is for the PSP to handle a tree depth greater than 1 sub folder!

    Seriously.. how hard would that be to implement?

    Having the PSP remember what media you where playing even when the battery dies would be nice too.

  • Another request for Mac support sometime in the (hopefully near) future.

  • @29 and 31 sure, maybe if you go over 1080p it’s not an issue, but at that resolution or lower, it is :P

    The media manager. Cool. So now the PS Store is fully aviable only from the PS3, i see. Come on, quit regressing! First the pc store was internet explorer/firefox + java only, and it was reasonable. Then it became uncool due to the need of that useless windows only downloader. Then it landed on the PSP, but you can’t download anything if behind a proxy (i refuse to believe that the people who managed to make the whole firmware can’t make it override a proxy, if it really must), and now it can only be used if you have windows installed somwhere, as it won’t install under wine/crossover? Cool.

  • can you please bring back the DOCUMENT TRANSFER function? that allowed me to put books and TEXT RSS FEEDS on my PSP! please bring that function back to the PSP MM.

  • this has been out in Japan for a long time for free.. I’m glad to see you guys final catching up…. LOL But an awsome update no dought!!!!! :-)

  • So i bought the first Media Manager for nothing? Dang…

  • Where is the PRO Version? I purchased 10 and 2.5 Pro.
    I don’t see a PRO Version.

  • @ people complaining about the clock
    I laugh at your SDTV….

    OT: cool. This will be very useful when I get a PSP

  • For the love of everything that’s holy, stop making products for ONLY Windows. You know, as time goes on, more and more people are turning to MacOS and Linux to run their boxes. People are tired of the broken/high spec crap Microsoft throws at them (Vista is being disregarded much like WindowsME, we all remember that turd?).

    Come on, show someone else some love besides your COMPETITION. Seriously, is bombing stuff the only way people will listen these days ?

    Why wouldn’t you at least have a version for Linux ? You let users install the dang thing on your own box for crying out loud. Lord forbid I want to use your products on your box.

    How about this… make an OS. Call it SonOS and make all your apps for it. Let us install it on our PS3’s and be merry.

    Dang thing doesn’t even run in Wine :/

    Sheesh !

  • @tthing,
    I have a 56″ XBR4 and in 1080p, I have the same issue. It’s not a big deal, but not like an SDTV anomaly.

  • I don’t know what this “clock” issue is on the PS3 but if it is refering to the battery indicator over the clock, I have a KDL-52XBR5 BRAVIA HDTV running full 1080p and the clock is covered so maybe you guys with so called “HDTV’s” need to make sure your PS3 output is set to 1080p HD and your not just watching 480p on your “HDTV”

  • Nice, going to go download it now. I’ve been waiting for a FREE unified PSP manager since I was pretty comfortable using the other methods without having to pay.

  • How About a Mac Version.

  • After the previous announcement, I will not be purchasing a PSP for a while. Great features on a PSP that has regressed from the 2000.

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