New Media Manager for PSP

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Today we are launching a new version of Media Manager for the PSP that allows you to organize and sync your music, photos and other digital content. The new media manager also grants access to the PlayStation Store through the PC and is designed to accommodate the expanding functionality of PSP. With the recent PSP firmware (v 5.01) update which gives you direct access to the PlayStation Store and the new media manager you have multiple ways to get content and manage it.

The new Media Manager is available as a free download at

Consumers who own the retail version of Media Manager (v2.5) will be able to upgrade to the online version of Media Manager PRO (v3.0) for free. To download the new media manager go to

Here’s a brief walk-thru of the PlayStation Store accessed via the Media Manager on the PC.

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  • @crystalx3d: Of course I’m serious. One Java implementation would satisfy users of all operating systems at once, minority or not. I honestly find it very difficult to understand, why Sony insists on writing for the one platform like they currently do.

    And seriously: How difficult can it be to write a media manager or theme editor? I’d do it if I had the time — or Sony paid me =)

  • Im gonna download this it will make putting media on my Sony PSP much easier.

    Thanks Sony for all the great work.

  • Two questions about Media Manager 3:

    1. What about us suckers who spent money on Media Manager 1? We don’t get a free upgrade to 3? That hardly seems fair.

    2. Do you think Media Manager will ever integrate CD burning into the suite, so that it could truly replace iTunes?

  • @31 (DamnKlown):

    Embarrassing little blunder there huh? About the HDTV thing? Since the clock/battery issue happens on every HDTV, it makes me wonder what YOU’RE USING.

    Certainly not an HDTV. And most likely not even a PS3. Troll elsewhere little clown.

  • Come on guys, at least acknowledge the paying customers and tell us you are looking at the 3.0 Pro issue.

  • Where is the luv for Macs. Sony suppose to be competing against M$ and Apple so i would expect a PSP Manager version for us who use only mac. It would be in there interest since the ipod touch and the iPhone 3G are gaining some serious traction in handheld gaming. Thank you.

  • What about OSX?

  • Yes, please provide us with a Mac version!

  • Oh, and PSPLink, made by the makers of MediaLink…

    (BTW, I don’t work for NullRiver, just a happy customer!)

  • I find it amazingly ironic that Sony is helping in their own demise. By forcing people to use Windows, they force people to buy it (in theory, I know most of you pirate it anyways, but hear me out) which then supports Microsoft, which then puts more money into their gaming division to help crush Sony… amazing, simply amazing.

  • allright, i’m understanding that i can still do the same stuff as before on the store..just a little different..but i rented a movie, and it won’t download..keeps saying something about a connection error…any ideas..thanx guys

  • @110 do you realize though that Sony wouldn’t get damaged only by Linux? On the MicroSoft side there is the gaming division, on the Apple one there is the music one… and it has to be said that after all, MicroSoft dosen’t have a monopoly of anything that Sony cares for :-|

  • SteveLV702 @ 42
    I am not sure this will actually work (i have been having success with many windows apps though). If you want to get this to work with your Mac you may want to get crossover office for the Mac at the link below:

  • Is there ever any chance the Media Manager will be sold with the PSP system because I have some friends that do not have online and this could help them out to get some nice video’s on there PSP’s.

  • Eric, can you tell us what feat of magic, begging, blackmail or otherwise is required to get some clarification on your own comments?

    You stated that people that had previously purchased 2.5 Pro would be able to upgrade to 3.0 Pro online. Customer service hasn’t provided an answer, I and several other people have been over every line of the store and there is no hint there.

    In addition we have been to the Sony Creative site where I have an account and there is no 3.0 Pro listed there any where for purchase or upgrade. Zero, nada, zilch, zip, null.

    This issue has been posted multiple times in this thread.

    Whoever it is that reads these blogs has taken the time to answer some of the most trivial posts imaginable. I would like to think a matter of consequence such as the redemption of your words to a paying customer would generate some sort of acknowledgment on the part of Sony as to exactly where the upgrade is that you stated would be available to those that previously forked over the cash that helps pay your salary.

  • Yes Eric, some of us are checking in daily hoping for a response. Is there/will there be a free upgrade for those of us who paid money for first version of Media Manager, or are we just expected to repurchase?

  • Mac Version? 10.4+

  • noisereductions,

    I have posted on this blog 4 times and contacted 2 different areas of customer support and have yet to get a single response other than one automated email.

  • Nothing? That’s it? No support for loyal paying customers? You said Eric, at least clarify your remarks.

  • One more who wants Mac support. Come on, Sony, don’t support MS so much. And don’t forget a lot of us use Mac too.

  • The Blog lied about the free upgrade….

    Just like they lied about the invitation to the home beta if you we3re to purchase issued 6 of Queer.

  • The clock/battery charge issue IS an issue on HDTVs. Running at 1080 here and I have this problem. Maybe you 720p people don’t have this problem but I assure you, my TV’s got plenty of pixels and this is really annoying.

  • I am going to see how long I can keep posting in this blog. And then after a month with an entry or two posted every day I will send it to several websites and I’ll post it over at Neogaf. I don’t want anything extra except what I was promised. Paying customers were told they would get a free upgrade. Now I also told them if they can’t do that then put me in the Killzone beta, ha ha.

    I contacted support last week too, referenced this blog post and explained the problem. I received on automated email and now nothing else.

    Come on Eric, get off your ass and answer us. All we want is what you promised. Is that too much to ask?

  • @crystalx3d: actually I suggested java on page one, and yes, we’re serious. Java is a great language for this type of interface; that’s why it is used on Blu-Ray discs for the menu interface.

    There’s no good reason to be writing this stuff natively for Windows.

  • Though I no longer need the PC version of the PS Store (I have my PSP, a wireless router, and the 5.00 update to thank for that), I installed the newest version of Media Manager anyway out of curiosity. While it’s cool that you can transfer data and rip CD tracks with it, I consider it okay at best.

    Maybe if it had a lot more features such as the ability to rip music into other formats besides MP3 and ATRAC. It would be great if Media Manager can convert music into formats such as FLAC and WMA Lossless, but then the PSP would need an update for those formats.

  • I would just like the ability to do what was promised by Eric on the first page – for previously paying customers to upgrade to 3.0 Pro. They tell us it is possible but any such link is suspiciously missing from the store and neither is it active from withing the program.

  • So let me get this straight? We ask legitimate questions and we are blocked from posting?

  • Media Manager PRO for PSP™ 3.0 is now available at the following link…

  • Mac support please. Until then I’ll use Visualhub.

  • can u guys try/start makeing a place where MACs
    can download this stuff

  • or make a media manager for a mac

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