LittleBigPlanet: Early Copies Spotted

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Looks like a lucky few LittleBigPlanet fans have started to receive their copies over the weekend. We wanted to provide a quick update for the those eager to get online. Whether you want to start playing with your friends, sharing your creations online or getting your mitts on the pre-order goodies… hold tight.

Looks like our production line churned out new copies quicker than our original schedule, and a few of our retailers did what they could to take care of the fans who pre-ordered ASAP. If you’re one of those, take advantage of the headstart by unlocking all the goodies on the disc and start PLAYing and CREATEing and check back here or on the LittleBigPlanet News Site (really, really) soon for updates on the server and pre-order redemption status.

Exciting times ahead…

Team LBP

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  • got mine today who wants to play when the servers are up?
    Add me
    PSN: MariusElijah

  • Bought mine at…great price $44 CDN…not so good is the inevitable delay to get the game.

    See you by Hallowe’en I hope!

  • =O How soon is “(really, really) soon” ?!

  • Got tired of waiting so I got an early copy off of eBay… a seriously great game, guys, and well worth the wait.

  • I fell really bad because i didnt have the time to pre-order
    When do you guys expect us MN here to get it at our local gamestop/ called walmart and they said Nov.9th
    that made me laugh a little because GS said sometime this week (they had them already but for pre-order people)

  • @28

    I dont know why game makers do propotions with EBGames, since the workers and even managers at most act clueless to the purchasing and pre-order programs.

    Rather frustrating.

  • Call them back again. My local game crazy wouldn’t sell the extras until they figured out how many pre-orders they had to fill before they started selling non ordered copies. I bought it this morning. It is a lot of fun, other than the lego series, I can actually play it with my daughters.

  • Got mine today…nyc gamesstop 33rd + Broadway. ;)

  • they could at least have the servers up for the downloadable preorder content im dying to try out the god of war stuff and any news on the snake and sephiroth sackboys?

  • I just got back from getting my copy of LBP. OUTSTANDING!!!!!111

    This is yet another THANK YOU^10 to Mm.

    And yet another note in saying what we all know about GameStop. IT SUCKS.

  • Come on Sony BIGGEST game of this Gen and you guys are mucking this release up. I can’t believe this. You’re turning people away from this game. I only saw a couple of ads on TV. MM made a good game and now you got Sony messing it up. Please Don’t scare MM to Microsoft. Turn the Servers on It would be a good stress test you know ease into it. Or your way Let everyone get the game then turn it on then have the servers crash. This game is Game Of the Forever and you Got Sony messing it up.

  • I’ve almost finished the “story” mode in the game. So certainly need the online soon. ;-]

  • It’s several hours later, this post suggests we’re getting online today because it’s already confirmed to expect it tomorrow. I hope this isn’t a post just to say tomorrow, because then what a waste of time this would be.

  • Enjoy it everyone, it’s a great game!!!

    I went a little bit overboard in the Beta, and spent almost 4 days straight creating my level, but then they said the levels wouldn’t roll over to the retail version..

    hopes dashed, i have no desire to play anymore..i felt i fully experienced it and i really enjoyed it! innovative, and tons of fun figuring out how to make characters and a story line and key quests, contraptions..etc. etc.

    not gonna pick it up at launch like i had originally intended to-

    1)my level i poured my heart and soul into was deleted-

    2)my ps3 is out for repairs…again-

    3)fallout 3 on monday…no time…no time at all..going to have to settle for no trophies in lieu of achivements..(i have no choice! MUST PLAY FALLOUT 3! :) )

    but that said, EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY LITTLE BIG PLANET!! you don’t know the full bliss of creation till you publish your first’s great!

    have fun creating!

  • eh? why is my comment awaiting moderation…it has no links in it or anything..

    Jeff..are you stalking me??


  • It’d be great to see the servers up soon, but I am enjoying story mode so far :)

  • got mine too :).. but im going crazy i cant get all the prizes on level 2 hehe.. only 44% :S:S:S

    Epic game tho

  • I was getting concerned about my gamestop pre-order goodies. I heard from the guy at gamestop that the Kratos is only free for a limited time then we have to pay. Whats the deal w/ that. And now bonus levels are actually just stickers.

    Man, I’m never buying from Gamestop again.

  • Ha! I’ve got my LBP copy… Wait a second, how I’m supposed to get a copy if I live in Colombia. Gunna have to wait 7 days or more. Time to import!

  • Oh yeah! I got my copy last night. So when can I redeem my Kratos redemption code?

    Also Mm out did everyone with this game.

  • I have my copy, but my vouchers aren’t working. It keeps saying it might be expired, but it doesn’t expire until January ’09. What gives??


  • @69

    You should read the 1st paragraph.

  • I’ve had mine since early last week, got it on the original launch date. Can’t wait to finally get it online.

  • i tried at nearly every gamestop within a reasonable distance of my house and none would sell it to me because i didn’t have it pre-ordered. they told me to try again on tuesday, i shall do that. but my question still remains how do we get the little big planet t-shirt, ‘i was there week one’? where do we get that and when?

    thanks guys,

  • Turn the servers on it should have nothing to do with the release date they should work fine and be ready to rock and roll.

    Lets do this sack boys and girls!

  • @ len – get out of here! don’t put that evil on this game, its great and when the servers go up you can shut your mouth, which should be tomorrow or tuesday. next time try not to be so deuschie.


  • Will little Big Planet Have screen grabs patched to it i have it now and i havent really noticed a screen grabs option although i have not really searched for one yet either and also congratulations on making such a great awesome adn fun game to play i love Little Big Planet.

  • Its been month that I’m waiting for LBP release. I got my pre-order from best-buy and I wait till 21st october to get my copy. Unfortunately the game lauch has been delayed, but not for a bunch of Wallmart… Then Sony ship their copy to gamestop and they start sailing them instantly. Like I said its been month that I’m waiting for this game I WAS a really big fan of LPB. I actually didn’t got my copy from Best-Buy because they don’t received it. And so many people got them earlier then me. Most of them wasn’t fan as I was. I can’t found any beta key for the game because about all contest was excluding Quebec. I’m not gonna buy LittleBigPlanet and you lose one of your biggest fanboy. FAIL!

  • @ Mark Valledor

    i got my copy before 2 days ago and the game is great.

    any way here is my (Q)s:

    Q:any plans for home?

    Q:are going to delete the PSN account for any one that create bad staff in LBP.

  • So I take it I’m not the only one who gets the “invalid code” error when I try to get my Kratos preorder goodie? Can we be expecting a post here detailing how to get the launch space suit and the week #1 t-shirt? Because I’m kinda clueless as to how that’s supposed to work. Do we have to download it from within the game?

  • Thanks. I’ve been playing it since 10/21, and I’m glad I can actually play online soon, and share my levels that I’ve been making.

  • @80
    Yeah, like photo stickers of horses in bikinis, lol. I know the narrator warns us not to make stickers of “rude stuff” but seriously, how are you guys going to enforce this? I personally don’t want the camera feature to end up ruining an otherwise wonderful online system.

  • Got mine yesterday…

    PSN add me: MassterTed

  • pre-ordered mine’s online…will have it tomorrow morning

  • I got my copy yesterday. I’ve been playing it with my little brother every now and then. We’re having an awesome time so far!

    It’s really hard to do homework as well as play LittleBigPlanet, Far Cry 2, Dead Space, and soon to be Fallout 3. To many great releases. I’m running out of cash.

    Can’t wait to know when the servers and such will be up. I’ve got a Kratos costume I want to slap on!

  • Got my copy yesterday at GameCrazy, and I’m loving it! Thanks Sony for being laid back about people getting it before release, we needed our LittleBigPlanet! :)

  • i got mine saturday :) I LOVE IT. I was in the beta and got to play the first “world” of developer created levels but now that i got to the 2nd world WOW they are amazing, really, really beautiful.

    Sony you have a hit on your hands with this one but i have three words for you: MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING.

    You guys have great games and an awesome console but you need to really start flaunting it. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know the benefits of bluray for games, and what the power of the ps3 has to offer.

    Plus you really need to start showing off the PSN. Use developer quotes to help back up your features too. Show off your First parties and their games and explain their importance.

    If you were to show off these things people would then know why ps3s are worth the higher price tag. Thank you for the awesome games sony keep it up

  • Unfortunately, my local gamestop said they would only get it on tuesday =(. Oh well, people that already have game, hope u have a good time =)


    PSN add me:ghamdikh1

  • Mark please answer

    The preorder code I got from GS only features Kratos on it

    Will I still receive all the other God of War bonuses that were advertised when I redeam it because my Gamestop said they wouldn’t give me their “updated” batch of codes that has the other GoW related sackboy characters on the voucher

    If not who do I contact at Sony to get this resolved?


  • WTH the gamestop man said tuesday this is crap or maybe i didt pre-order well i wait tuesday or tell them the followind day and enjoy your LBP :(

  • It’s good to know that Europe once again gets everything last. Anyone would think that Sony didn’t care. Ho hum. I think November 5th was the last date I heard for the UK – that’s another week and a half away yet: I could walk to Mm’s offices in less time than that!

  • I have had a bad experience trying to get this game. I pre-ordered it at Blockbuster (I know, but I had a gift card) and every single store I called said that they have no idea when they are getting their copies in. At least it was funny hearing all the reasons why the game was delayed. They all thought it was a hot coffee situation with [DELETED] involved somehow.

  • got my copy and loving the whole game!!!!!

    i got 2 things to ask

    what happened to the ice hazard

    and are the beta levels still there?
    and if so can i get my levels back or can i not access my beta levels?

  • Yeah I’ve been playing for over 1.5 weeks and I love it. Ive been taking my time though, trying to collect all the goodies with my friends.

  • Do you know when Best Buy will get LBP I went there earlier to Best Buy to see if they got there LBP games in like Gamestop has.

    They said they have not gotten theres yet and the earlyest they should get them in is next week. So I want to know what happens because I pre-ordered the game LBP and now I will miss out on the free first week costumes. Is there any way I could get it later after the first week because I would have bought it the first day LBP came out but now it will not be in.

    Also I got the Nariko version over the Kratos one and was wondering does the Nariko costume come with bad guys too like the Kratos one?

  • Pre-ordered min online on gamestop. Doesnt ship out til Tuesday. and then another 5-10 days for it to get here. So another week for me. :(

  • I picked my copy up yesterday and have been playing it since. I love this game to no end. Can’t wait to get my levels published too!

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