LittleBigPlanet: Early Copies Spotted

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Looks like a lucky few LittleBigPlanet fans have started to receive their copies over the weekend. We wanted to provide a quick update for the those eager to get online. Whether you want to start playing with your friends, sharing your creations online or getting your mitts on the pre-order goodies… hold tight.

Looks like our production line churned out new copies quicker than our original schedule, and a few of our retailers did what they could to take care of the fans who pre-ordered ASAP. If you’re one of those, take advantage of the headstart by unlocking all the goodies on the disc and start PLAYing and CREATEing and check back here or on the LittleBigPlanet News Site (really, really) soon for updates on the server and pre-order redemption status.

Exciting times ahead…

Team LBP

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  • Got mine and already beat the first 3 worlds…this game is THE reason to own a PS3. Thank you Media Molecule for such an amazing game. Now back to finishing my “sack”a-pult.

  • I have a question for you guys

    I went to pre-order the game for the Nariko Sackgirl right before the recall and the game was removed from Bestbuy & due to the recall. A few days later I checked back and it was on but the Pre-order Bonus had dissappeared from the site. I then called Bestbuy and they told me that it was going to now be included in the game next to the Instruction Booklet. Just for some peace of mind I also called Sony and they told me the same story so my question is…

    Is it true that if I pre-ordered the game from on Oct 24th that the game now has the code within it next to the Instructions.

    I hope you can Answer my question because I hope I didn’t get screwed over because of this game being recalled.

  • I got my copy yesterday, this game is beautiful, it completely surpassed my expectations, but I’m a bit noob-ish to the level creator, creating huge ramps and launching skateboards off it is always fun, but I wanna start creating some proper levels.

    Also, I can’t wait until the Kratos costume is up…

    Right now, I’m a freaky looking zombie

  • i got my copy but i wonder why my kratos code does not work and online i hope ya can fix it

  • @Mark Valledor

    Thanks for the response. Glad I do not have to go back to EB and request a separate key code.

    Though the advertisement made it sound like it was a “level pack” … good to know it is for you to design.

  • i pre-ordered it then cancelled it cause of the delay.(sorry)i pre-ordered resistance 2 instead. i know this might sound stupid but will there be a price cut in LBP on boxing day(CANADA)? i wana buy it but im really broke!

  • You guys should be ashamed for your extreme over-reaction.

    Censorship is not cool. Period.

  • Did the pre-order at Gamestop and got mine yesterday – LOVE IT! Goinf to do a few more tutorials and get more stuff before I hit the sack tonight. See y’all on line eventually!

  • I got my copy on Saturday, awesome game!!! actually it doesn’t feel like a game as much as it is a building platform…

    Congrats MM and Sony!

  • the code for kratos didnt work anybody know why?

  • some avitar of sackboy

  • Almost done with the story mode. Of course, I still need to get 100%!

  • Thanks for the update, i thought my costume code was fcked up. I really want to get to playin with my buds and getting my created levels back, :)

  • Gamestop called me and said my LBP copy was in on Saturday. I’m still waiting on some birthday money to be able to get it though.

    I hope I get my space suit and other free skins.

  • I picked mine up yesterday, it is a wonderful game!

  • I got mine last Friday and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. Great game, I loved the music, which is something not too many people give it credit for. I have the disco song stuck in my head all the time now.

    Been spending most of my time in the story mode trying to collect everything, and man is the game hard when trying to go through a level without dying lol, its really a tough challenge. Not to mention the levels where you need 2-4 other sack persons to get the goodies.

  • Will it be avaliable for download from the playstation store?

  • @117:

    That’s quite doubtful (I think it was already confirmed that it won’t be going on the store), unless you’re talking about something else…

    Anyways, I’m thinking the costume site should be up and running by tomorrow or the next day (these are *supposed* to be the actual release dates)

  • I got my copy today and its a great game. Thanks for getting the game back on shelves ASAP Media Molecule.

  • I’m one level away from beating the game but the giant spinning wheel (deadly expandinator?)is KILLING me! Anyone have any tips?

  • I gotta get this game for sure and it wasn’t even delayed too long.

  • Can’t wait, nothing but love for this title. The beta was great and I even managed to create a crappy level for others to play. Hope the beta levels get to stay. See all you pre-orderers soon. ;)

  • I had my copies since the original release date :),I got three copies(One to play,One to keep sealed for collectable,and one I sold to a close fried that wanted one and also didnt wanna wait,Awesome game,I am having a blast playing it,the latter levels are pretty tuff too,So to all the peeps thinking its just a walk in the park because of the looks..Well..Looks are deceiving!,Especially when trying to go for “No lives lost” ahah

  • w00t!
    got mine yesterday! amazing game!
    thanks guys

  • w00t!
    got mine yesterday! amazing game!
    thanks Mm

  • sorry for double post… comp is wigging out

  • Pretty much a waste of time, thanks Mark. When you said “really really soon,” you should have just said tomorrow. Sony already confirmed the servers are going live on 10/27, the earliest day retailers were suppose to get stock. MM also confirmed this already, so when you said you had new news; it really gave most of us the impression servers were going up today. Next time be more clear.

  • I’ve had my original copy since the 20th… I’m upset that everyone wasn’t able to get the game on the original day. I can’t wait until everyone gets online.


  • I got my copy on Oct 17. Finished it twice already.

    Just waiting for the server to be online :)

    GR8 GAME EVER !!

    THX team^^

  • horrible, worst video game launch ever…. This week…. next week…. a month from now Still can’t find a copy!!!! thanks sony

  • @ DougFX

    What the heck are you talking about dude, Neither Sony nor Media Molecule have confirmed ANYWHERE that the servers will be up tomorrow (or at any other specific time), where did you get that information, I would love to be proven wrong……

  • Please don’t lie, you didn’t recall and reprint copies of the game, there’s just going to be a patch to take that music out

  • gamestop call me friday and i pick it up sat around 11am and i been playing it over the weekend this is a great game i never play a game like this in my life this is a must buy. whem mm post that they was going to delay the game alot of people here were upset and posted that they were not buying the game or not pre ordering lbp and now they posting they wish they had pre order or keep there pre order. i just hope that you can find copy of the game because this is the holday season and this is a high demand game .

  • Servers…..

    Please turn them “ON”

    thanks :)

  • Got my copy on Saturday. I have been having a blast playing the game with my husband. Can’t wait to play the game online and use the preorder codes :)

  • So do we get the Kratos sackboy on the 27th of October or do I get it when I buy the game because I reserved it and I got it on Saturday, and I was looking for the Kratos sackboy, but I couldn’t find it. :(

  • i got mine on friday from bestbuy. It was NOT a recall copy. Don’t know if SCEA is going to look into that, but I have the original. The song was still present in 100% orginal form. I compared the one in the game to the one from the artist’s myspace page.

    ANYWAY, the game is awesome, and I’m glad that they changed the jetpack removal because shaking to remove sucked.

  • I gald to hear that you are enjoying this unfortunately, I can not share in your joy as the drive on my PS3 has gone and I can’t afford to replace this at present due to other commitments. I was hoping they were going to offer this online to purchase through the PSN store as I recently did with Burnout anyhow hope you all enjoy playing it and hope to cathc up once I have my new PS3

  • @139 did you call sony? you can replace your old ps3 for a new one for 149$ .

  • Since you are in-charge of marketing any word on LBP dolls? My girlfriend would love to get a “Sackgirl Bunny” doll, I know there was talks about it not that long ago. Sony would be crazy not to do this. I can name over 10 people that would want one myself included. You guys need a LBP build a sackperson website. Let people make their own and order it online. You would make millions.

  • You guys should be embarrassed you don’t have the servers running yet. The biggest PS3 release of the year, and you’re taking your sweet time getting them up. How stupid.

    This isn’t a few copies being spotted early. The biggest videogame retailer in the world got their copies in a couple days ago. Get the damn servers running ASAP.

    If they aren’t running today, I don’t even know how to put into words how stupid that looks.

  • Thanks for getting these out so quick! Having a blast playing the game with my family and looking forward to going online.

  • With all the delays, will those of us who preordered but haven’t yet received our copies still be able to get the space suit and t-shirt when our discs finally arrive?

  • I got mine and my wife and I played it all weekend! What a great game! Can’t wait to see more and get online. Thanks!

  • when do the codes from Gamestop start working?

  • @146 and everybody else who’s asking.
    the pre-order codes should work when the servers go online.

  • Bring on the servers! Beat the game aready and have some really cool sackboy designs I want to show off. :)

  • I was able to get my preorder this weekend and the game is awesome!
    It’s a game that can be as complex as you want or as simple as you need it to be. My four year old daughter and myself were able to go through an easy level together last night. She loved it too!
    Thank you MM and Sony for such an awesome game.

  • TopherTide, I assume you are responding to me? If so, how in the world did you confuse my name with Doug? BTW one of the developers confirmed on the official forums on Friday that the servers are coming on Monday. Also he just posted recently saying “very soon.”

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