LittleBigPlanet: Early Copies Spotted

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Looks like a lucky few LittleBigPlanet fans have started to receive their copies over the weekend. We wanted to provide a quick update for the those eager to get online. Whether you want to start playing with your friends, sharing your creations online or getting your mitts on the pre-order goodies… hold tight.

Looks like our production line churned out new copies quicker than our original schedule, and a few of our retailers did what they could to take care of the fans who pre-ordered ASAP. If you’re one of those, take advantage of the headstart by unlocking all the goodies on the disc and start PLAYing and CREATEing and check back here or on the LittleBigPlanet News Site (really, really) soon for updates on the server and pre-order redemption status.

Exciting times ahead…

Team LBP

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  • I got Mine. Thnak You For Shipping It



  • Cool, I’m really looking forward to this game, it should be fun

  • i got mine too!

  • can you send me a copy of the game please? ;(

  • Got mine yesterday.

    So the Kratos Code from EB also unlocks the Medusa and Minotaur as well as the levels?

  • I can’t wait to get mine in tomorrow! Loved the beta and I have a few level ideas that may knock your socks off!

  • I just finished Story Mode. It was terrific!

  • Yea I have my Copy, just beat the game, working on getting all the tutorials done, i want to play as kratos, right now im just a ninja pirate lion with fairy wings on my back and chicken wings for arms!!!

  • Scratch that, just finished them all!

  • Very happy didn’t have to wait until next week to get my hands on this one. Just started playing. Had family in town and we’ve been getting down with the early levels. So far it has definitely lived up to the hype :)

  • Hello Mr Marketing Manager;

    Here in the UK, other than a plug by Jonathan Ross, we are not seeing any LittleBigPlanet adverts on TV.

    Surely you have something planned?

    Just wanted to know.

    • UK has some great TV spots. Not sure when they plan to air your PAL TV sets, but should be soon if not now.

  • I should have mine in the mail tomorrow or tuesday, I can not wait. thanks for the update.

  • I can’t wait for the servers to go up! Good job on getting the games to us soon guys!

  • Got mine early! Congrats to everyone who worked on it, It’s a shoe-in for Game of the Year.

  • Awesome! I wanted to pre-order,but I never did.. :(

  • Wow, great news for LittleBigPlanet fans like me!

    p.s. any news on a Crash Bandiccot sackboy or a Lara Croft sackgirl? since their both PlayStation Alumni…

  • Awesome! Even though it was delayed, I’m finally getting it!

  • Hey Mark,
    I was asking Jeff Rubenstein when LBP TV ads would start showing. He said he’s seen some but I was wondering when will SCEA kick it up a notch? The LBP TV ads aren’t being shown as frequently as the Motorstorm and R2 ads. Also, since LBP has a broader range of appeal, will it be advertised on family oriented networks like ABC/CBS/Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network/Disney etc, or will it be relegated to the usual gamer channels like MTV/BET/Spike/ESPN and G4TV?

    • We had spots on air starting 10/7 and will continue to run up to Christmas. Don\’t worry the kicking will start shortly when we have more games on the shelf – as you can see the initial roll out of copies are going directly to the pre-orderers. And yes we\’ll have the broad reach, but will need your help to spread the word further (WOM is far more effective than advertising IMO)

  • Woo, I got mines too. Just waiting. Does anyone remember seeing like that spacesuit Sackboy pic, how in the world would one obtain that.

    Im rocking a Wedding Dressed Sackgirl currently, her gown looks so impressive when running jumps and such lol.

  • Is anybody that got a copy having trouble with putting in the codes for Kratos Sackboy cause mine isnt working and I got my game early too from gamestop.

  • I hope by that you mean the servers will be up in the next 24 hours.

  • I just went to gamestop yesterday and picked up my copy. I didn’t preorder it AND it was the last and only copy… i love this game.

    It was not a huge surprise because I was also a lucky member of the beta.

    Can’t wait until the servers are up! Kudos to Sony and Media Molecule for such an amazing game!

  • Got mine yesterday….. wish I could get that god of war level……… if only my code would go through *tear

  • @ramza
    “right now im just a ninja pirate lion with fairy wings on my back and chicken wings for arms!!!”

    hahaha, I want a picture of that! It looks like my 2007 halloween costume, but without chicken wings

  • @Gooddaysfall

    wait for “updates on the server and pre-order redemption status.” They are not up yet (including the “I was here week 1” space and cool shirt costumes).

  • @7

    When I pre-ordered from GameStop, they gave me a code that unlocks the three GoW costumes. When I picked up my copy yesterday, the gave me a second code that unlocks the GoW level.

    Currently, neither code is redeemable though. (Neither is the Nariko code I got from BestBuy.)

  • hey Sony!

    i will not buy it until i play it!

    better release a demo!

  • Oh happy day!! I can’t wait f or the servers to pop up!!

  • Man, I got the call from Gamestop, WENT to Gamestop and they told me “Didn’t you get the call?” and I was all “Yeah, I got the calls…it said Saturday” and he was like “Oh, only half of the stores got them. We’ll have your copy Tuesday.”

    Anyways, I guess all I can say is you win some and lose some since I got Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank before it was due out due to “shipping errors” LOL! This is why I love Sony marketing, Haha.

  • Got mine from GameCrazy!

  • I got mine! Throw those servers up! After playing the beta, the game doesn’t feel complete without it.

  • If you’re referring to the recent 1.02 patch, I don’t see any changes when it comes to being able to connect online… But I guess I should be lucky I can play the story “early” since the new release date isn’t until the week of… tomorrow.

  • Put the servers up for the costume downloads please. I feel like I’m getting ripped off by not being able to download the pack already…

  • Ok Thank You EViD! Hey do u want to add me? My PSN ID is my blog Username “Gooddaysfall”

  • @ 29, there was a beta to try it out.

    Anyway, I got my copy and I’m really love it. Can’t wait until I can redeem my Kratos code and play it online. :D

  • Glorious. Can’t wait to get my copy!

  • @37: Yes, there was a beta, but it was closed, and I bet you that the only people who got in were people who were already excited for LittleBigPlanet. What about those who haven’t heard of it and would like to check it out before throwing down sixty hard-earned dollars on it? Though I was lucky to get in the beta, and I was already planning on this being a first-day purchase, I sympathize with @29. Give those who are unfamiliar with the game a chance to try it out.

  • I got mine on Friday! Can’t wait for the servers to go up! :D

    @Mark: Is there any word about the beta levels being included in the final game? Mine doesnt show the levels I was working on in beta.

  • ^^ glad to see you guys didn’t forget about us, thought it was odd that I couldn’t download my goodies. Guess this whole reprint of the game has you guys all mixed up.

  • Sweet! GOT MINE!

    They really are crazy at GameCrazy (no sack though-next week?)!



  • Still waiting :(

  • i got my copy, LBP IS THE GOTY hands down! LBP ftw!

  • The best game I have played in a long, long long time.

  • Nice to hear some people got it already. Delays suck.

  • Wow – glad to see you guys keeping informed over the weekend! Now if we can only get those servers up… ;-)

  • Based on the writing style, this really was a quick update. I just get this feeling that you were writing this with very, very little time to spare. Don’t overwork yourself- then who will work complain to? (Probably your successor, huh? :P )

  • got mine on Friday, it’s really fun!

  • Gotz mine on friday! I really want my Kratos sackboy though, I cant wait!!!

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