MotorStorm Pacific Rift: One Week Until the Invasion!

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Hi MotorStorm fans! One week to go until the launch of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Hopefully you’ve been getting some good information on the game from Nigel and the team from Evolution Studios in their weekly MotorStorm Monday posts.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please keep your eyes out for the recently completed commercial of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. In an effort to introduce the new, remote island location, there were a few real-life Stormers who strapped into their ATVs, bikes, buggies and trucks and jumped from a C-130 Hercules at 10,000 feet in an effort to start the invasion of Pacific Rift. No special effects on this jump … just pure adrenaline and gritty attitude. Check out the commercial above along with some photos from the shoot.

MotorStorm MotorStorm MotorStorm MotorStorm

Lunatics Unite!

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  • “No special effects on this jump … just pure adrenaline and gritty attitude.” WOW. Great ad. Can’t wait to get my copy.

  • What is the song used for that commercial it was catchy. I would love to throw that on my ps3 for some ingame music to a few games.

  • Anyone know the name of that song? =p

  • The name and autor of the song is Gogol Bordello – Wonderlust Kin

    Great commercial, I have preordered the game.

  • The Song is “I Ain’t your Savior” It’s sang by Bullets and Octane.

  • That first Video Was Sick. F^#$ing Awesome. This Game Is One Of The Reasons To Own A PS3. Pure Fun And Enjoyment. PS3 Pwns 360.

  • Hi Ed !



  • looking forward to this one, just saw the commercial last night during Family Guy!

    good placement there, i think that’s your key demographic!

  • That was awesome! Can not wait to buy this game!

  • so im guessing you are the person in charge of all scea products ads.if so can i i haven’t seen motor storm tvs ads enough and i haven’t even seen one for Little big planet.

  • SONY, What happened to Mortal Kombat II on the PSN??????

    I was about to buy it too.

    If this was a marketing move for their new game, I will be woefully upset.

    Kinda hurts the people who cant re-download it as well when they get new HDDs.

    I cross my fingers it is just a technical error!

  • Too many good games coming out! AARRRGGGHHH! This wouldn’t normally be on my radar with everything coming out. The one thing I really missed from the first title was the split screen racing. I’m glad to hear they were including it here. It would be neat if they made the classic Motorstorm tracks available for split screen after this.

  • Very nice video!!! I already pre-ordered the game!!!
    I have some questions here:

    1- Unfortunately (you can call me pre-historical if you want) I’m playing in a standard def., 4:3 TV, and the demo looks like the image where compressed, because it was made for 16:9. The full game will be the same or it will have the option for 4:3 screen??? If the answer is No, is there a possibility for a patch for this???
    2- Some time ago just when the game was announced, was said that it would have some customizations features for vehicles and drivers. In the videos there was a lot of kinds of drivers and in the demo all the drivers (for the vehicles we can choose) is the same, so, there will be customization??? And the vehicles???

    Anyway it will be CRAZY!!! MotorStorm Is really a way of Life!!!

  • That commercial was AWESOME! Lets get it on the Playstation Store for this week’s update!!

    I wonder if they just wrote off the vehicles that landed in the water? Or if they were recovered somehow?

  • Those commercials are so amazing! But dunno… I kinda wish Motorstorm 2 presented some new ways to play the game, like stunt mode and other kind of “Entretaiment” for the “Party”. Those events can be only for fun, kinda like those “Crash Events” from Burnout Series, I think they could be quite welcome and not seem forced in the kind of game Motorstorm 2 is.

    Still day 1 for me.

  • so… the vehicles also had parachutes or those were just dropped? Can we have a behind the scenes of that spot?

    I would like to see the vehicles crashing on the ground!!!

  • I have had this pre ordered and paid in full from the time it was announced. Love the demo and the TV Spot. Oh and split screen sealed the deal. Now if I could just find the time to play everything.

    I just picked up Socom and Buzz TV; Motorstorm and Little Big Planet come out right before Resistance. That’s 5 awesome games in about 5 weeks. :)

    Then Killzone 2 and God of War 3 at the start of 2009. Slow down! There are some 3rd party games that I would also like to play. ie Mirrors Edge, Dead Space, and Call of Duty.

  • EnigmaNemesis | October 20th, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    SONY, What happened to Mortal Kombat II on the PSN??????

    Hey bro, I don’t know what happened, but it would be awesome if Midway is going to open a store on the PSN like Capcom is planing to do. Right? Right? :)

  • Hey, I hope this gets read!
    I want to know who the artist is in the new commercial and the name of the song plz!
    Sweet video! Makes me smile each time I see it!

  • I saw this commercial on Fox about 3 times yesterday lol.

    Good job on it, I thought it was very attractive.

  • Nice commercial (and not only because I’m a Gogol Bordello fan), but the game can’t please me.

    Gonna skip this one, but I’m certain friends of mine will get it :)

  • Not exactly the most original comment, but I saw this commercial on TV and I was almost hypnotized lol.

    I was watching something on DVR and even waited to start fast forwarding because the commercial was so awesome. Looks like I’m not the only one who liked it though.

  • You guys did a great job with the commercial. The music goes perfectly with the visuals and it was right on the mark. I’m not usually one to run out and buy racing games, but this and the demo/beta solidified my purchase. Your group did a fantastic job with the soundtrack as well, keep it up!

  • I find the use of the word “Lunatic” offensive. I demand you pull this game right now.

  • Nice marketing there. Played the demo and liked it a lot.

  • After playing the demo, no 1080i support = no buy. Maybe next time.

  • thats how the game should really start,
    that would be full of win, not that it isn’t already. can’t wait!

  • This game is made of win!

    Loved the commercial! Can’t wait to get the game :D

  • AWESOME commercial. You guys get Joe Jennings and his crew to do it?
    Whoever wanted to see the cars hit the ground, you can find a couple on YouTube :D

  • I liked the first MS. But the second one…too many changes in the opposite direction. Boosting feels like it’s not boosting, vehicle controls are changed slightly in a bad way, vehicle floats like a balloon, graphics not as detailed as first. There are other similar games out there worth looking at. If this was a perfect game I wouldn’t have to consider other similar games.

  • Damn people, this is not about how good a commercial is. It’s how good the game is.

  • Will be able to start a race from the plane and parachute down to the ground. I wish that would be in the game instead of just a commercial, it would really spice up the game.

  • Honestly I didn’t like the demo because everytime I bumped something the entire car fell apart it was retarded. Unless it’s more forgiving in the final game (they should use mario kart style as inspiration) i wont get it.

    I got SOCOM instead, and thats full of bugs and missing features. Yippie.

  • Gran Turismo HD is no longer on the PS Store for download, i told my old man he was going to get it for free and he set up the PS3 and it was gone.

  • HA HA! Love the first one! Getting me hyped up!

  • Sorry to post this here as this post is related to motorstorm….but I got a beta invite for the new call of duty game….for xbox360. A waste for me, seeing as how I dont support the xbox in any way shape or form. However I know there are those of you out there who own both systems…. so if anybody wants the code, let me know. send me a message on PSN, i’ll be more likely to get it there. The code is a little over a week old but I’m assuming it’s still good.

    psn BIG-SLUG

  • loved the commercial by the way 8), I wish I could’ve drove my ATV out of a C130…..

  • I have to admit that my excitement over this game has died down quite a bit from the average review in PtoM. I still plan on getting and hope to find that I disagree with their review.

  • Sometimes it seems like Playstation: The Official Magazine hates playstation. Anyone else get that vibe?

  • i seen the commercial Sunday night during the Simpsons and Family Guy. it got me hyped up and ready for this game. then i said to a friend “ITS ABOUT TIME SONY STARTED ADVERTISING THERE GAMES”. i was getting tired of seeing Xcrap all over TV so far i seen Gamestop promoting LBP and now you guys airing MotorStorm. keep up the good work i wanna see the commercials till i get tired of seeing it. lol

  • Hey Ed Will This Game Have DLC Like The First One. Like New Tracks, Vehicles, Free Promo Vehicles And New Paint Jobs.

  • I have NEVER seen any commercial of any ps3 where i live here in Quebec… what are you waiting for?

  • Oh my sony, today is not looking good for you at all. I’m at circuit city right now and everyone is coming in and asking for LITTLEBIGPLANET. Once they’re told about the delay issue. Here’s what they end up doing.

    The buyer: “Oooooh, well that’s sucks! Since I’m here already, just give me Fable II.”


  • @90
    I totally agree. it seems like 90% of the reviews are negative with a forced positive twist. And what’s the idea behind a free download of qore for every month? I payed 24.99 for a year membership and they give us codes for every episode for free. I don’t like that at all.

  • ToysRUs actually have LittleBigPlanet but they don’t want to sell it. Damnit! I can actually see the damn thing.

  • This game is great, i am glad we can still commment about Motorstorm 2, They shut down the little Big Planet Update Post… because it was probably about to explode when people start walking into the game shops and finding out the hard way. I hope Motorstorm launches on time…

  • I think its very sad to see Evolution Studios has taken tha active decision to scale down the graphics of this game to be able to fit in 2-4-player splitscreen. Textures and environments look worse than the original Motorstorm.

    This generation of “HD” graphics is pretty much a joke and only a few developers out there wont sacrifice their artistic goals. There is no doubt that motorstorm wont deliver this time as being cutting edge. That said any games can be alot of fun nonetheless but i feel sorry for all the people out there that want to see this console pushing the limits.

  • I’m sorry. I’m not fired off about this game at all. To me Paradise City is Waaaaay better than this game.
    1st… When you jump off a ramp or hill, it is like you suspended in animation. You just float and float until you fall off a clift. 2nd, when you’re driving, you don’t feel like you have control of the vehicle. Now I know that the race is in the mud, however one must assume that these vehicles have the proper tires to have some sturdiness to them. Sony I guarantee you that is what you’ll hear when the reviews come out. Also, the graphics don’t look as good as Paradise City and the physics aren’t what they need to be. There is too much foatiness to the vehicles. On one occasion, my vehicle got stuck under a platform and I was stuck until I restarted the race.
    Listen Sony, you’ve recalled, cancelled, and delayed many games. Out of all the games you have, according to this MotorStorm demo, this game needs to be the game that you need to delayed and tweak. If the demo of Motostorm is any indication of the finished product, please reconsider before releasing.

  • Wow, awesome job on the commercial!

    Plus, a song from one of my favorite band!!!

    go gogol bordello!!!!!!!


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