MotorStorm Pacific Rift: One Week Until the Invasion!

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Hi MotorStorm fans! One week to go until the launch of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Hopefully you’ve been getting some good information on the game from Nigel and the team from Evolution Studios in their weekly MotorStorm Monday posts.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please keep your eyes out for the recently completed commercial of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. In an effort to introduce the new, remote island location, there were a few real-life Stormers who strapped into their ATVs, bikes, buggies and trucks and jumped from a C-130 Hercules at 10,000 feet in an effort to start the invasion of Pacific Rift. No special effects on this jump … just pure adrenaline and gritty attitude. Check out the commercial above along with some photos from the shoot.

MotorStorm MotorStorm MotorStorm MotorStorm

Lunatics Unite!

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  • I’m sold :)

  • awesome. definitely getting this game

  • wow, im so excited motorstorm pr is less than a week away , cant wait to play it .
    @ 90 yes i get that vibe too, i think i saw somewhere the editor used to work in the official xbox magazine, the same guy gave warhawk 6.5/10 , are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! warhawk in my opinion is the best online multiplayer there is on the ps3 , nothing comes close and yes i have cod4,ut3,mgo etc etc , in one of their issues they say they believe this is the year of the ps3 and to my surprise they didnt show any ps3 exclusives just multiplats , i was like wth is this? prince of persia,pure,cod5,dead space,fallout3 are multiplats !!!!!!! i’ve never saw a socom article in the magazine and yet i saw like 20 pages of bioshock lol, i was looking forward to see a motorstorm pr article last month just to find out it was half of page and pure got like 4 pages uh? am i missing something here, am i getting a multiplat magazine or a “official playstation magazine”? i dont like the editor in chief

  • i played the demo. this game looks excellent.

  • I am in the unfortunate situation where my Blue Ray Drive on my PS3 has died and at this point I am unable to get this fixed due to other commitments and can only play the games I have downloaded to the hard drive. I wondered if you guys would consider speaking to sony about adding this to the PSN store as was done with Burnout Paradise. I have enjoyed playing this since I downloaded it and would linke to see more full price games released in this manner. Until then or I get my PS3 fixed I will just have to keep visiting my friends to play it.

  • Why isn’t this game 1080i??

    To me, it’s a travesty that the PS3 STILL has games not supporting 1080i, when SO MANY HDTVs are this resolution.

    Burnout Paradise was awesome to add 1080i support. Why is a flagship title like Motorstorm NOT supporting this resolution?

    I have been a staunch PS3 supporter, but this is a HUGE design flaw which can easily be fixed, and SHOULD be fixed. It shows Sony’s short-sightedness in terms of supporting one of the primary HD resolutions out there.


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