MotorStorm Pacific Rift: One Week Until the Invasion!

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Hi MotorStorm fans! One week to go until the launch of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Hopefully you’ve been getting some good information on the game from Nigel and the team from Evolution Studios in their weekly MotorStorm Monday posts.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please keep your eyes out for the recently completed commercial of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. In an effort to introduce the new, remote island location, there were a few real-life Stormers who strapped into their ATVs, bikes, buggies and trucks and jumped from a C-130 Hercules at 10,000 feet in an effort to start the invasion of Pacific Rift. No special effects on this jump … just pure adrenaline and gritty attitude. Check out the commercial above along with some photos from the shoot.

MotorStorm MotorStorm MotorStorm MotorStorm

Lunatics Unite!

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  • Awesome commercial. Will buy.

  • now i want to buy this game day one, but i don’t have enough money to buy it this year.

  • I cant wait to get this game, but the demo will do for now.

  • Awesome! This is what we need now: More great PS3 commercials!

    Looks great, and hope to see a bit more behind-the-scenes stuff on the ad!

  • This looks pretty good, Are there airplanes in this game? :)



  • Loved the commercial!

    • Glad you liked it smokey_vols. Thanks for the feedback. Knoxville must be pumping this week with the big game looming!

  • Well done on the commercial, looks heavy and breaks with the usual full cgi theme..

    Didn’t like the demo though, the Dutch localised version is riddled with translation errors (like so many games / demos) and controlling the vehicles wasn’t all that good.

  • Great Commercial. Should have shown some monster trucks too, but I am not sure how you would fit that on that cargo plane…LOL

    Already on order though Amazon with the $10 coupon thanks to playstation site

    Looking forward to it


    • Sprada – Appreciate the pre order I\’m certain you\’ll be pleased with the game.

      We would have loved to include a monster truck but it came down to weights of the vehicles along with your point about space in the C130.

  • Cool commercial, but I was already sold on the game. :-)

  • Awesome commercial!

  • I saw this commercial for the first time last night…..and it was AWESOME!! Nice work. I will be getting this game since I loved the first one….even though I cursed many times during it. LOL

  • Looking forward to play this game!

    Three of the trophies in the game is to win 50 races with lightweight vehicle, 50 with mediumweight and 50 with heavyweight vehicle. Is there some kind of stats-section in the game to keep track of that?

  • This plane looks much more fun than flying from the US east coast to Hawaii for our honeymoon and back. No one should ever be banned to a plane for so long. No matter how gorgeous the girl next to you is.

    My other comment…. I’ve seen the tracklist. I hope the other songs are better than this one. It makes me want to jump from a plane pushing a monster truck. Like being in the dentist chair and reaching for the drill yourself because the music is so horrible.

  • Ed,
    I SAW THIS COMMERCIAL ON TV.. I think during the Rays’ game!! GO RAYS!!

    Back on Topic.. THIS COMMERCIAL MAKES ME WANT TO GET A JOB AT GAMESTOP AND GET THE GAME ON OPENING MINUTE(even second)!! BUT i will hopefully get it for Christmas since its on top of my *list*


    P.S. I live in Tampa, and I was born in Philly. SO the World Series is between my hometowns!! WOOT

    • Yeah that commercial can really get you fired up but it all goes back to the game and MotorStorm will certainly get you fired up even more!

      So who you pulling for in the World Series? Tough call for you.

  • Professional stuntmans, no kidding ? I thought they were depressed LittleBigPlanet fanboys

  • Actually, I saw this commercial too, but only by sheer chance as my dad was watching some sports game and I happened to be in the room. It’s a pretty good commercial. And the game looks pretty nice, though I get the feeling that the demo is perhaps an old build, since the videos I’ve seen look quite a bit nicer (though my laptop is full HD while my TV is SD :S ). Here’s to a Happy Launch. :D

  • Awesome videos.

    Crazy jump, really amazing! Must be a thrill.

    Could you guys like, release a playable version of that jump in the game? WOULD BE SO KEWL! :p

    Looking forward to the game. :)


  • must hold off. must…ergh! im sorry but its lbp and R2 first. id love to get this game before the end of the year. i could…splurge though. but then there’s about 5 other games i could go for as well. too many tough choices!

    where should we go next year? the arctic?

  • I have jumped out of a plane in a dune buggy before. Fun stuff, I tell you what.

  • Unfortunately for you guys little big planet comes out the next day. Sorry can’t pass up on what looks like one of the best games ever

  • Can you just answer one question for me – Will the load time and crashing time be shorter in this than MS1? I didn’t like the slow-mo crashing, and the load time was killer. lol

  • Yup I saw this commercial last night on FOX, knew what it was the second the logo first flashed on the screen for like 2w frames. :D

  • Can’t wait to pick this up (already preordered and paid) but what I want to know is if there will be any MSPR avatars for our PSN ids.

    I’m tired of sony not adding any new ones and have half the people on my list with the same avatar.

    Great trailer and the 28th can’t come soon enough.

  • Some one has been playing to much MGS3… LOL look’s awsome!!!!!!!!!

  • Why do my commments keep getting deleted? I commented, looks great, are there airplanes in this game :) Then i was deleted after somebody did not get my joke…

  • @ 22 (Jayceon_Kidd)

    Yeah, unfortunately Sony looks to be a victim of their own success here. Still, with the holidays coming up, anyone who was going to get it will probably still get it in the near future.

  • Iam one of the few thats super excited about this game coming out. The first one was great, the second one is lookn awesome. The only thing missing is the babes, lol jk.

  • Thanks Ed…can hardly wait.

    Got this one on my pre-order list.

  • That’s interesting that there were no special effects in that commercial. When I saw it on TV, I thought it had been done with wires, a big fan, and the green screen. So I kind of thought, “Big deal.”

    It can be tough to tell what’s real and what’s CG these days. If people do real stunts, make sure the audience can tell that the stunts are real or it might lose effect like it did with me.

  • I saw this ad last night on ESPN i LOL’d! This game is going to be great i’ve had it pre-purchased for a while now.

    The online mayhem will truly be great, out of all the racing games i have, the intensity and challenge from a motorstorm race is un-rivaled. Bring on the Drum n Bass!! Pendelum FTW!!

  • lol that was nuts, I can’t wait for this game to come out its going to be the best game ever made my friends.

  • Game looks awesome, and the commercial was sweet! I love seeing PS3 comercials cause I see them so rarely. Anyways, I have to figure out how to get some $ for this. Might not get it day one, but I’m gonna try and pick it up by Christmas. Nice work!

  • The commercial goes with the game I guess but you forgot to show the vehicles gently landing on the ground LOL.

    In the OPM US I read an ad for the game and it said “over 100 different off-road vehicles”. Does this mean the game has over 100 unique vehicles or do you count extra paint skins as new vehicles?

    PS. I took advantage of the $10 off amazon coupon and can’t wait till next week.

  • I’m very impressed with the new commercials. Hopefully this is a sign that you guy’s at Sony will really start pushing hard with advertising your titles via commercials and other ads, but commercials especially. It’s getting pretty old seeing your competition show off there games via commercials on tv quite often, and hardly seeing anything from you guy’s at Sony.

  • @36

    Agreed. More commercials now!

  • Whens the release date for this – I must’ve missed it lol.

  • I’d rather have a sacreligious sackboy than this. I’m still mad that LBP was delayed. I scheduled time off of work specifically for this that can’t be changed, so now I’ve wasted it.

  • Great commercials, but I think they should’ve shown off the 4-player splitscreen because that’s a huge selling point (atleast for me and my friends).

  • Great commercial!

  • Insane! Wish we could do that in-game… :)

  • Sweet commercial man

    but for the first one


    Put somewhere, “Don’t try This at Home or Air”

    but overall sweet vid and game

  • In 4 player off-line split-screen mode will my mates have their own names when we race? Or will it be like ‘WarHawk’ where player 2 is called just ‘Player 2’ which is a pain really :-/ Will they have their own Profiles you can save?

    Cool commercial ;)

  • Day one for me. I also have a $10 coupon from amazon =).

    Can somone please tell me how IGN rated Pure higher then Motor Storm 2?

  • The commercial had to be one of the best video game commercials in a while… this game is on my list with Resistance 2, LBP, PS Home, Naruto: UNS, Killzone, Mirror’s Edge, and Tekken 6

  • @45
    idk ign must be on something

  • will this game support the logitech racing wheel?

  • Will the 4 players in split-screen be able to race online?

    If they do, this is a must-buy for me (my gf and my friends would be able to visit me and play online)!


  • I liked the first. But with so many games coming i guess ill have to miss Motorstorm 2

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