Resistance 2: The Latest Trailer

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Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed the blitz of new info, impressions, screens and footage from Resistance 2 in the past couple of weeks. We’re hoping to continue that today, with the release of our latest trailer for the game.

As development on the game is wrapping up in here in Burbank, and the last few bugs are hunted down and squashed, we wanted to make an announcement we’re very excited about. Since Resistance: Fall of Man, one of the biggest feature requests for the game was that we implemented split-screen online play. We are happy to announce that Resistance 2 will feature 2-player split-screen play for both competitive play as well as our 8-player online co-op campaign! Now you won’t have to stop leveling up your medic just because your friend is over!

R2 - Canted Hybrid R2 - Ship Hale Chamber

In addition – we recently announced the contents of our collector’s edition. Many of you wrote in asking for the bonus disc to be a Blu-Ray instead of a DVD. We can also announce that the Bonus Disc will now indeed be a Blu-Ray disc, bringing almost all of the special features to you in High-Definition.

We are excited to play you guys online during the public beta in the coming weeks, as well as when the game releases on November 4th.

If you have questions or comments, please post below. Bryan Intihar and I will be around to answer!

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  • i hope i get into beta.

  • After playing the beta for a few hours, I got to say its awesome. And this is from someone who is not a multi player fan. The online co op is just solid and so much fun. You really do have to work as a team. Insomniac does it again.

    Watch out Gears 2. ;-]


  • WOW WOW WOW this game is gonna be AMAZING!!! This gonna make Halo3 look like a joke.

  • Outstanding to hear about the bonus disc, well played Insomniac.

  • you guys rock. and thanks for the beta!

  • I still haven’t gotten my Resistance 2 beta code yet. I preordered the game at gamestop on October 8th and I bought Qore episode 3 In August. Why haven’t I gotten my beta yet? Please reply. Thanks.

    • Did you put the code in on the registration site at Codes were continuing to be sent out last we heard. If you haven\’t received a beta token, you\’ll need to talk to PSN/Gamestop customer service.

  • o0O,..,O0o the chimera thank you Insomniac!
    Great stuff guys, R2 is shaping out to be far better than anyone expected! Including me! ^_^

  • i was playing the beta last night (i know its a beta) but i couldn’t even get in a game this is almost as bad as socom severs [DELETED] sony?

  • qore beta?

  • Can’t wait! I’ve been saving my hard earned nickels and dimes for this!

  • James/Bryan

    Your location on the map brought up needs to be more pronounced.
    I have to sit there for a couple seconds to find the little white arrow lost in in the lines for the map etc etc.

  • James or Brain, can I look forward in seeing some Resistance 2 Avatars on the PlayStation Network?


  • I <3 this game

  • Also why does the Carbine not sound as good in the beta as it did in R1

  • Okay, is the co-op a story? Does it have a plot, or is it just randomly generaed mobs in different areas? Also, if i play split screen co-op would my friend get xp for me also? like if he played a medic and i played a solier, would they both get XP? and if not, what keeps split screeners from bein severly under leveled if playing with a bunch of lv 30 people? Same, with 60p competitive

    • The story will be in the final game, there are both mission briefings and intel.

      Your friend does not generate XP — we hope that at a certain point, we\’ll be able to allow your friend to log into their own PSN account and earn their own XP, but right now that functionality isn\’t available.

  • To me Resistance 2’s graphics look very close to resitance 1 but with a few touch ups and more color added. Also from playing the beta i’ve found that people take to many hits to die. I’m going to play the beta a bit more but thoughts of canceling my order are already in my head.

  • This looks so cool, I’m not a first person shooter fan but this looks like a really fun multiplayer game, btw I feel bad for media molecule, all their hard work and they make one little mistake, we’ll probably see those original copies overpriced on ebay

  • Question: Will you marry me, Nathan Hale? Because you look so butch with those yellow eyes!

    And what’s up with the end? =O Intriguing, I must say!

    … And let’s not pull the religious debate into this thread as well, please ^^

  • Awesome buying it when it comes out

  • i loved part1 great story which is rare in a fps in these with resistance 2 sad i didn’t get in the beta but it cool will buy first day.i want to know 3 things and if u can answer it i thanks you ahead of time.
    when is the novel coming out?
    when is the comic book coming out?
    when will we hear about the next thing coming out of Insomniac Games?

  • FIRST POST ON PS BLOG WHOO! sorry… anyways

    I was wondering does the split screen allow the other person to log into their own psn account on my ps3… so they would get XP on their account? :-)

  • With the extra cash from not getting LBP I’ll have enough for Resistance 2 Collector Edition!

    You guys rock!

  • Nice! This game is getting better and better by the minute. The beta is amazing. I cant wait to get my hands on the CE on the 4th!

  • I wish my email would send =( I pre-ordered it saturday for the beta haha..but..nothing =(

  • Great news. That was one thing I was thinking about (split-screen online co-op). A great feature to add. Thanks for the awesome update.

  • The 8player online co-op is absolutely amazing, I could get lost in this mode alone for the rest of the year. Nice work, knew you wouldn’t let us down!!

  • Can anyone confirm whether or not this Beta is the same build that was used for the closed beta?

  • I don’t feel like I’m hunting or being hunted in the online play. Really dumb shooting at a guy for 5 minutes that’s suck behind a tree in co-op.

  • @GeminiBoy

    No it’s a later build

  • So what is happening in Europe. Has the release date even been confirmed? I know several retailers have it listed for the 28th November which is very disappointing, but what I want to know most is whether we are getting the collectors edition. I really want a hybrid on my shelf next to my Altair figure from the Assassin’s Creed Special Edition

  • Beautiful trailer

  • Definitely looking forward to this.

  • Thank goodness this new post came up. Last post was getting out of hand with some fairly crude mean stuff.

    I think the posts on this blog are more likely to offend. In retrospect I don’t blame Sony for this decision. 6 days is minor for some possible damage control they may have had to face.

    For those of you not buying LBP because of this minor incident, you are retarded. It’s still going to be great.

    OH, and I’m really looking forward to Resistance 2! Thanks for the post. :D

  • is their still offline 4 player split screen?

    And is their lan support?

  • @11

    I have just been sold on this game!!!

  • Hello!

    I have a doubt, a love resistance 1, i play it with my brother split-screen in the single mode campaign.
    I will be able to play the SP mode with split-screen? Or only the new co-op mode campaign (8-players)?

    Thank :D

  • What? No 2player offline campaign? ;(

  • Question-
    Will the graphics be the same as in the beta? I’ve noticed quite a bit of pixelation. I know you guys are THE BEST when it comes to graphics and that’s why I’m stunned with the pixelation I’m observing. I’ll buy none the less, but will it be cleaned up? Thanks for the answer!

  • Hopefully you can answer my question. The trophies for co-op can those be unlocked in online co-op as well?

    I don’t have anyone else to play with nor a second controller so I am hoping you guys thought of us in this situation and made it so that you can earn them in online co-op as well.

  • Hi I’m a Qoore annual subscriber and I still haven’t received my beta code…I did one from Gamestop preorder though, just not the Qoore code O_o

    Any idea what’s going on?

  • Are people who bought qore ep 3 supposed to get in the beta today?

  • Hey,
    When do those who registered on weeks ago get their emails?

  • Also, can you play splitscreen co-op in the main campaign like the first one

  • Thanks for the update and video

  • okay….NOW I’m hyped.
    Day 1 purchase.

    I hope this much hard work goes into the next Ratchet. I would LOVE an 18-24 hour Ratchet game.

  • i can’t wait for this game!!!!

    Insomniac rocks!

  • Okay, so would my friend use the lv’s i build up? like say i have all the class’ lv 10, would my buddy be lv 10, or lv 1? at least until we can get the dual account logging .

  • R2 online sounds awesome.

    If I recently subscribed to Qore (like yesterday morning before the codes were being handed out, I didn’t even know this was happening), am I still eligible to receive a Beta code or am I too late?

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