Resistance 2: The Latest Trailer

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Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed the blitz of new info, impressions, screens and footage from Resistance 2 in the past couple of weeks. We’re hoping to continue that today, with the release of our latest trailer for the game.

As development on the game is wrapping up in here in Burbank, and the last few bugs are hunted down and squashed, we wanted to make an announcement we’re very excited about. Since Resistance: Fall of Man, one of the biggest feature requests for the game was that we implemented split-screen online play. We are happy to announce that Resistance 2 will feature 2-player split-screen play for both competitive play as well as our 8-player online co-op campaign! Now you won’t have to stop leveling up your medic just because your friend is over!

R2 - Canted Hybrid R2 - Ship Hale Chamber

In addition – we recently announced the contents of our collector’s edition. Many of you wrote in asking for the bonus disc to be a Blu-Ray instead of a DVD. We can also announce that the Bonus Disc will now indeed be a Blu-Ray disc, bringing almost all of the special features to you in High-Definition.

We are excited to play you guys online during the public beta in the coming weeks, as well as when the game releases on November 4th.

If you have questions or comments, please post below. Bryan Intihar and I will be around to answer!

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  • I just logged into with my psn account, do i have a chance they’ll send me a beta to my account or email? Is there any way to apply for it? Thanks for the info.

  • Hey,I was just wondering if there is 4-player offline competitive multiplayer. I have friends that don’t have PS3’s and they really enjoy playing Resistance 1’s multi with four of us. Not sure if this has been said before. Please let me know, thanks.

  • Thanks, James Stevenson I was worried I woudln’t be able to get 100% trophy wise due to some being co-op only and not online.


  • Is the offline co-op also only 2 player splitscreen? I would have preferred if it were 4 players though.

  • Hi James!

    What about people who purchased Qore #3? When are we going to receive the e-mail?

    Thanks in advance for responding to my question!

  • Brian, awesome work on the Anomaly last week. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

    Anyway, are the emails still going out? I pre-ordered the CE and haven’t received anything yet. Thanks Guys!!

  • Thanks James.

    Got my email late last night after 1 am EST.

    Downloaded it and installed, but because it was late and I had to work today, haven’t had a chance to play yet.

    But I will be for sure this weekend.

    Appreciate your post.

  • Sweet!

    i cannot wait for this, I’m a massive fan of your work guys, keep it up :)

    and i heard on your last podcast that you said you were gonna announce something on splitscreen stuff “soon” lol

  • wow this game seems much greater than i imagined. the first resistance was honestly one of the coolest atomospheres i’ve experienced in gaming and i truly believe that r2 will blow my expecations out of the water.

    well done insomniac, i somehow feel i will turn into an insomniac as soon as this game games out!

  • Hey James,
    I dont know if this has been asked before or even if you would know. Is there a cut off date to get into the beta from the Qore subscription? Say if you bought Qore is today would you get in the beta?

  • LBP and Resistance 2 are the biggest games of this generation

    any Xbot saying otherwise is just a troll

  • why do they email the codes? Since you need a PSN account why not send you a PSN chat message from Sony. You’ll see you’ve got a message waiting for you and you can just get the beta codes from there.

  • This is nice but I want to play. I bought the Qore Episode 3 and entered into the Beta from their site multiple times and I have gotten nothing. Why?!

  • While I’m completely for Insomniac and will most definitely be getting Resistance 2 (Full Moon Show rocks by the way), I have to say that just reading the first page of these comments I’m ashamed of many of you. “Fans” really are fickle creatures, aren’t they? LBP is pushed back one week to avoid offending others and suddenly the game’s no good anymore? That’s just disgraceful, and it makes me incredibly glad that the “fans” here are only a small portion of the gaming community.

  • “Bryan Intihar and I will be around to answer!”

    you said the same thing last time… yet he never came. :(

    oh yeah and the beta for this is awesome GOTY 08

    Plays much better than R1 so even If you didnt like R1 you should give R2 a try!

    • That\’s the back-up plan in case I fall down a flight of stairs… I call Bryan in the ambulance and he shows up here to take my place.

  • The trailer rocks im buying it when it comes out.


    1-LittleBigPlanet – October 27th

    2-MotorStorm: Pacific Rift October 28th

    3- Resistance 2 – Nov 4

  • I preordered the game at gamestop and got a code, I entered the code on my It said I would get another code to enter to get the beta when the beta comes out. I still haven’t gotten it yet and the beta came out. Please help James!!! I need my beta!!!! Thanks.

  • Sooo…could you please clarify my (and others’)beta email status? I pre-ordered Resistance 2 back in September and received my scratch off code from Gamestop on October 2nd. I put it in that day, but I have not received a beta code as of 4:30 CST today. Now Greg Phillips is saying in a post that I (and others)should be in wave 2 along with Qore and lottery winners from the site if I haven’t received an email already. Thought pre-orders were supposed to be in wave 1 ahead of the others? He says they cut off the list last week, but I registered before that…so, should I be contacting someone, and if so, who?

  • Oh, and, by the way, that trailer is frickin’ awesome! Hale has really become sort of a badass, hasn’t he? :D

  • len@hotmail.comrediguana_1987

    Theres another update in the comments section #217 of yesterdays post saying that people who pre-ordered from gamestop and haven’t yet recieved there code will now only get them for the second wave is this true

  • Awesome Trailer!

    I hope the BETA code issues will be resolved soon.

  • Awesome game!

  • I certainly hope the code issues get resolved soon. My friend got his code and really wants to play co-op with me. Heck I had 2 codes registered for my two PS3s and a code for him.

  • i’ve read twice now you said if you didn’t recieve your code contact PSN/Qore customer support. okay, HOW?!

  • Please I really need to know. Does Resistance 2 offer 4 player splitscreen local multiplayer like COD 4?

  • @ Jame

    yo James i have some favors to ask from you and your team:

    1-can you kindly add in game custom sound track SUPPORT to the game.

    2-can you kindly add youtube uploading SUPPORT to the game.

    3- can you kindly add In-game Screenshots SUPPORT to the game.

    4-can you kindly add SOME support FOR Home service to the game.

    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please………………………….

    • 1, 2, and 3 all require system resources, and we would\’ve needed to budget for those items well in advance.

      We\’ll keep looking into 4 as Home draws closer!

  • “No, the campaign is for one-player only.”
    Oh snap! James, you just broke my heart.
    The spilt screen campain was one of the reasons why my girlfriend and I loved R1 so much. Unfortunetly we can’t get a high speed connection at our house. Single tear.

  • @ 87- Oh this sucks! Where is the party nature of games these days!

  • Okay first I love the Public Beta so much. Seconde is the Public beta version of the game the same as in the final product? Please answer very importent!
    Oh and thanks for the hard work you put into this game

    • It\’s very similar, but we\’re still fixing a few bugs with a Day One Patch, as well as continuing to work on the server side things like matchmaking and the like.

  • James, I logged into with my psn account, do i got a chance at the beta?

  • Is there any possibility that the carbine will be fixed? Cause right now I just can’t stand to use it, and it was my most favorite gun in R1 :(

  • Woohoo! I’m happy again. Thanks so much for answering all our questions.

  • Guy’s I still don’t have my Gamestop code, I already put in the info they gave me but I haven’t received the beta code.

    PSN: SeanScythe

  • Are the servers down right now?

  • What is the email to customer service?
    I pre-ordered through gamestop, inputted the code to and still haven’t got my code.

    I had this same problem with the SOCOM code, and the LBP beta contest that was posted here a few weeks ago…still haven’t gotten a Home invite either. Sony hates me.

  • @James


    STAND AGAINST Gears of War 2 in terms of


  • i have 2 to questions??

    1. i cant recall is there OFFLINE COMPETITIVE??

    2. If there is does it feature AI bots on OFFLINE COMPETITIVE or not??

  • That trailer was amazing. Talk about HD visuals. Fantastic!!!


    What are your PSNs so we know we’re playing you guys?

    Also so we can bug you with hundreds of PSN messages and friend requests?


  • So there isn’t going to be split-screen for the main campaign (Nathan Hale’s campaign)?

    Either way to Split-screen for online competitive is a nice feature.

  • Oh yeah, and also I was given a survey in my marketing management (aka DECA) class that I’m suppose to ask to a manager for homework by monday. May I pretty-please email it to you?

    I’ll promise to get the collectors edition of Resistance 2 rather than the standard edition ;)

  • full of EPICness I must say! cannot wait to get this, Dead Space now, Little Big Planet on the 27th (ouch) then onto some Resisting. I LOVE IT!


  • I hope we get more intel on the Cloven.

  • This probably wont’ be answered…but what about offline? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this fully answered. What options are their to do offline w/ more than 1 person? What if my friend and I just want to enjoy the story for ourselves without going online like we did in Resistance 1?

    • You can play the co-op campaign offline, with only two-people in split-screen.

      The Single-player campaign has no split-screen support though.

  • Thanks for the info

  • The beta looks and plays great.I’m glad I pre-order it.

    Will there be more weapons in the final game?

  • This is great, but will it have 4 player offline splitscreen?

  • Awesome trailer. So when do the beta invites go out for the people that got the email from psu to register.

  • Please go into detail on offline options!

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