Resistance 2: The Latest Trailer

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Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed the blitz of new info, impressions, screens and footage from Resistance 2 in the past couple of weeks. We’re hoping to continue that today, with the release of our latest trailer for the game.

As development on the game is wrapping up in here in Burbank, and the last few bugs are hunted down and squashed, we wanted to make an announcement we’re very excited about. Since Resistance: Fall of Man, one of the biggest feature requests for the game was that we implemented split-screen online play. We are happy to announce that Resistance 2 will feature 2-player split-screen play for both competitive play as well as our 8-player online co-op campaign! Now you won’t have to stop leveling up your medic just because your friend is over!

R2 - Canted Hybrid R2 - Ship Hale Chamber

In addition – we recently announced the contents of our collector’s edition. Many of you wrote in asking for the bonus disc to be a Blu-Ray instead of a DVD. We can also announce that the Bonus Disc will now indeed be a Blu-Ray disc, bringing almost all of the special features to you in High-Definition.

We are excited to play you guys online during the public beta in the coming weeks, as well as when the game releases on November 4th.

If you have questions or comments, please post below. Bryan Intihar and I will be around to answer!

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  • Thanks to the LBP delay I’m buying your game now! Congrats! Which may not make sense to some but because of LBP and fallout 3 releasing the same week I will only be buying Fallout 3…and then resistance 2.

    • By the way everyone. I know I said we\’re still fixing bugs, while Greg announced yesterday we are gold (and we have been gold for several weeks).

      We are still working on a Day One patch for MP and Co-op, and working on the game servers. The public beta is helping us with these elements.

      Just wanted to make that clear!

  • I am offended. I am chritian and the bible says not to shoot anyone. I ask for Resistance 2 to be canceled.

    More seriously, i still can’t believe LBP has been delayed over a music track.

  • Awesome trailer

  • Glad we have Resistance 2 now that LBP is off my buy list.

    This game looks awesome, keep up the good work Insomniac.

  • How about you let us know when, us the one who preordered will get their email for the BETA!!!!!

    Is it true the email servers are down???

    • The e-mails will be continuing to roll out throughout this afternoon.

      If you are still having issues this weekend, and haven\’t received your code. Please drop me a line on

  • Aweosme, James! I can’t wait for November 4th.

  • One mans dead an other mans bread.

    Pre-ordered R2 now.

  • Is it possible to play splitscreen in the Beta?

  • nice game I still play one sometimes so I gota get 2

  • “We are happy to announce that Resistance 2 will feature 2-player split-screen play for both competitive play as well as our 8-player online co-op campaign!”

    Does the competitive part mean the 60 player online play? Splitscreen during that? :D That’s the most important feature for me!

    If so R2 is COMPLETE, and Insomniac are gods.

  • @9 Yes

    Where is my pre-order code from gamestop?

  • Is that a demon I see in that screenshot?
    Are you actually condoning devil worshipping?

    I demand that demons be removed from this game!

  • That was an awesome trailer by the way. Damn too many shooters coming out this fall. I kind of want socom, but it’s not working too well so no on that, I am getting R2, and I want gears of war 2. Hmmm, guess I can wait till christmas break to play gears.

  • I can’t wait. Now I’m really glad that I pre-ordered the CE.

    All I can ask you, is how do you plan to top this? lol

  • Sadly I didn’t get into the public beta, but no biggie. I will just play when I get my copy. Can’t wait to try out the Co-Op.

  • Insomniac Delivers once again.
    My favourite Western Dev.

  • Hi James,

    I read a few months back that Resistance 2 would have some sort of Home space or Home association. Is this still the case and can we expect an announcement soon? Or is it a straight “no comment”? :p

  • Cool.. but one thing irks me a little about R2 so far.. Nathan Hale and his crew sure act like they aren’t from the 1950’s… check out their military, comm./gear and the way they speak to each other, seems very contemporary and modern.

    • Remember, alternate history. The Chimeran technology appearing in our world in the earlier part of the century has somewhat accelerated the development. Even then, most of the technology is still analog in nature.

  • I’m buying this because I’m not getting LBP anymore too.

  • I tried the R2 beta and its awesome! cant wait to get my hands in the full version!

  • I bought Qore 3 a few months ago, and I can’t download the beta? Anything I’m doing wrong?

  • Also are there any plans to bring the R2: Collector’s Edition to Europe’s shores?

  • I can not wait for this game! My girlfriend and I are huge fans and we’ve been speculating on R2 since completing the first one. Unfortunetly the wait is about to get harder due to me avoiding trailers and news from here on out. I don’t want any more spoilers.

    • Hide in a bunker for the next couple weeks… I\’m the same way, once I know I want a game, I stop looking at stuff about it.

  • Love it, I just can’t wait !!!!

  • I, just, can’t….. thank you…. enough :'(

    THANK YOU :)

  • Hey James,

    Have you heard any news of when Playstation Home will be release? Because many people are getting inpatient.

    P.S. – This game looks excellent as well.

  • Looks awesome! I am still waiting for my beta key though that I am suppose to get when I Pre-Order the game! Now, let me go check my inbox.

  • Please Steven answer this

    Does this statement “We are happy to announce that Resistance 2 will feature 2-player split-screen play for both competitive play” mean that it will have splitscreen co-op like Resistance Fall of Man campaign? going through the single player campaign but with 2 players?

  • @23
    Did you buy Qore Annual Subscription?

    I have the Beta, and i got to say; You guys made a good job on Beta and definetly on the Game.

    This is a Exclusive PS3 Game which everybody who has a PS3 must have. I recommend it.

  • Wicked trailer!!!

  • Is the trailer in game graphics? Looks fantastic.

  • Give…me…my….beta..


  • I love this trailer, I signed up by email and by the gamestop thing so I hope I get in soon

  • Anyone who refuses to buy LBP over a 6 day delay really needs to get a lfe outside games.

  • @20(nmc75), the game takes place in a different world, a parallel universe of sorts. A modified version of history.
    @23(4n4rchy), I’ve yet to have seen a Qore episode that simply lets you download betas from that menu, you are going to be e-mailed a beta key to your Primary Account’s e-mail address, assuming you qualify.

  • And that trailer was brilliant. Loved it. but still…give me the beta

  • Glad I pre-ordered the CE , And that new trailer is amazing!

  • P.S. please stop posting on GT, its nothing but a crowed of overweight and pasty xbots stuck to their chairs harassing PS3 users and games. Please find a better place to post the videos, those little brats are really getting on our nerves. :/

  • the beta was fantastic! i saw Was becuase my PS3 actually broke yesterday palying it! Im getting a new one later tonight though when i go out so no biggie. Question though: does Resistance 2 have split screen co op / split screen online?

  • Freakin’ sweet!

    I cannot WAIT to get my hands on this game.

    Although the BETA is keeping me nice and busy!

  • Got in the beta and can’t wait for the full game, pretty sure socom is gettin traded in for it

  • So when do those of us who got Qore subscriptions get the beta we are supposed to be in?

    • Qore subscribers should receive an e-mail from Qore at some point. If you haven\’t received an e-mail by this afternoon, please contact PSN/Qore customer service.

  • @45 Today and tomorrow….

    Looking fwd to this beta!!!!

  • When is the site with that stats and stuff going up?

  • I brought qore episode 3 but i still dont have a code. Are they still being sent out?

  • Since lbp has been delayed can I get a key to the beta? ;)

  • SWEET!!

  • hey guys, if i just purchased the qore ep3 without an annual subs, should i still expect the code from the Premiere wave?

    from the prev post it seems that i should, but no email yet.

    with lbp delayed, i need this beta. or it’s me playing R:FOM again

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