LittleBigPlanet: Public Beta Madness!

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We have Lift-Off!!

As you may or may not have heard, the burning question recently has been – “HOW THE HECK DO I GET ON THE LITTLEBIGPLANET PUBLIC BETA!?!?”


Some of our friends in Europe found out this week and are still recovering. If you have been frequenting sites like, GamePro, and GameSpot you might have scored a key already or are waiting to hear back. Even our friends at G4 are in the mix.

Where will this elusive beta strike next?

If I were a betting man, (and I am) I’d say it would be sure to hit more of your favorite gaming sites in the next few days. I’d be looking for sites that have been covering games for years. Staking out passionate gaming communities or locations online where you can view the latest gaming videos. Of course I would be surprised if the Public Beta didn’t show up in places where you’d expect to get all the latest LBP info and updates.

All I can say is we are super happy to give some of you a chance to get a sneak peak at what LittleBigPlanet is all about. I have officially stopped doing office work for the next few weeks in anticipation of all the levels you all are going to make. (I’m going to be too busy playing and building.) If you are one of the lucky ones who score a key, thank you in advance for participating and helping us get our servers ready for our launch on October 21st!

Be sure to refer to the details below once you get your Beta key. Good luck to all and happy hunting!

ps- Quick question, I know we announced all the cool pre-order goodies already but I’m wondering which one you are all going for….let’s say we have an on-going bet in the office. (Told you I was a betting man.)

Please note the following instructions below which will help you install the Public Beta voucher:

1) Public Beta Ends October 11th, 2008

2) You must use a consumer PLAYSTATION® 3 system that is connected to the internet.

3) You must have a PLAYSTATION®Network Account.

4) If you have previously redeemed a LBP voucher code, you must delete any old LBP data (along with save data and game data) and download this version
(go to Download History and redownload the new code).

5) This version does not require a DNS redirect and levels created here will be available for consumers at launch of the full title.

6) Please refrain from creating anything inappropriate, as we do have moderation in place and it may result in your account being suspended or banned.

Downloading the LittleBigPlanet Public Beta.
After you have signed in with your PLAYSTATION Network Account, select [Account Management] on the XMB interface located under the ‘PLAYSTATION Network’ tab, then select [Transaction Management] and click on the option ‘Redeem PLAYSTATION Network Card or Promotion Code’. Enter the following unique code to start the download of LittleBigPlanet.

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  • Looking forward to this BETA!!!!!!

    monica sackgirl (dark cloud 2)
    rudy sackboy (wildarms)

    dart sackboy and shana sackgirl, rose sack girl (legend of dragoon)

    Please put these in LBP

  • Hope I get into the beta.

    What is the news on the October 7th date in the Playstation 3 News email? Is this true or is it a typo?

  • Can you share/trade the proeorder bonus characters with other players? I mean i got the Kratos character by preordering in gamestop but i want Nariko too. If this is possible when the time comes i would like to trade codes with someone who has a Nariko code.

  • trying so hard for the beta, no luck :(

  • I’m getting the Kratos outfit… And I’m really starting to hate the beta… ALL of my PS3-owning friends got a beta email from Game Informer today. But I didn’t… As if I didn’t have enough to be angry about, with the government bailouts… RAGE…

  • Check my thread in the forums then you might want to help me out as i am having the worst week ever for a gamer…

  • I got my pre at Gamestop, Just because it was the closest to me and Kratos was calling me ;)

  • i want the Kratos skin

  • OMG!!! I WANT LBP NOW!!!!
    Just hand the sack boy over and no body gets hurt! LMAO

  • this game is gonna be so sick. cant wait! keep up the good work. cant wait to get my hands on it.

  • Is there any chance of a Playstation GAP members getting into the Beta through GAP?

    I preordered LBP at both BestBuy and Gamestop
    I really wanted both Kratos and Nariko. But I later canceled the preorder at Gamestop so right now I will buy the game at Bestbuy.

    Also please Sony make a game like Super Smash
    Brothers just with Sackboy/Sackgirls instead.

    I so far have seen the Helgast one and the Kratos and Nariko Sack Creatures and if you were to make a new game with the Sack people you could call it Sack Fighters or some thing like it. I also want to see more Playstation characters in Sack form and this would be a way to do it.

  • well i preorder the game, and i got the krato’s bar code thing, but how do i get the beta then? i so want to get my hands on it… the home beta is great.. i think socom beta needs alot of work done to it still… i would really like to try out the LBP beta

  • Thanks for the info Mark.

    Lots of excitement for this one.

  • i want in, lbp!!!! lbp!!!!!!

  • You expect me to choose between Kratos & Nariko? Naturally I had to get both…preorders at both GameStop & Best Buy so my wife and I can pit the two together in an all out battle of SackPeople!

  • In Canada, only Nariko and Kratos are available for preorders so far. No news about the other goodies. I would rather have the book if I could, so I’m still waiting for it, just in case you finally announce it for Canada, but if I have no other choices, I’m going for Nariko, because sheeeee’s hot.

  • @63: Really? How does someone pull a typo like that off? They missed a whole digit, and the numbers are too far from each other on a keyboard to hit one on accident.


    I have been waiting for this game since they showed last year at GDC.
    I am always up to date with most games, and when it was time for beta keys i missed it ARGH. Just my luck >.<

  • Where will this elusive beta strike next?

    exclusive* :p

  • I pre-ordered through I figure I would just customize my sackboy to be unique so I didn’t care for the downloadable costumes from Game Stop and Best Buy. The sticker book and sack didn’t appeal to me either so a quick start guide seemed like the best bet.

    I can’t wait for this game. I ordered a PS3 Eye just so I can import my own images.

  • It seems the best bet you could have made Mark is on how many people would pre-order more than once to get all the cool stuff.

    I went with Gamestop (Kratos) & BestBuy (Nariko). I’ll be giving the 2nd copy to my brother, but the costume code is staying with me.

  • I preordered at Best Buy specifically for the Nariko Sackgirl. It’s my facebook profile picture and everything. I’m pumped!

  • Mark I don’t know if you remember me but I said you guys should hire me after I came up with the idea of having a lbp bundle with a sackboy plushie included. Man I dont have the time to troll all of these sites. It would be great if you could just hook me up. You did say “bam you’re hired” before, so how bout hooking up a potential employee with a beta man.

  • This is getting out of control, tha internets are going to explode, sackboys are aliens disguised as cute little things but they are eating our patience and will make us lose our jobs…

    btw… GIMME ONE KEY!!!

    kidding… kind of…

    My congrats to Media Molecule for making such a great game and keep modest about it, do you imagine if it was Cliff Bleszinski making it.. “LBP is bigger, better and more cuuuuuteeeee”


    I still have hope for a key, but being in Portugal nothing is easy! Even internet is harder than normal… if that makes any sense…

  • I preordered and i got the Kratos code

    btw im in the beta and the game is amazing! 1 question is there more in the final version than in the beta i mean like more objects to make level and things like that, i know there will be the story mode and its gonna be great!
    Good job

  • I’m hoping to get one. I see some people on my list already have one.

  • anywhait i have pre-oder this game i go get Kratos :)

  • I still haven’t gotten invited to Home Beta…sigh. But I bet it’s coming soon!!
    I wish the LBP Beta was for reserved customers, that way I’d get one.


    ^^thats the link to the blog when you guys said “bam you’re hired”. Post 152

    heres the post, so PLEASE email me a beta:

    tyboogie | August 5th, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    I just had one of those epic ideas. Like forreal I should get hired by sony marketing for this… What if you sold a limited edition littlebigplanet game with sackboy plushies included! But heres the thing, you could have like 5 or 6 different types, like a kratos (obviously), snake, nariko, etc. Limit it to like 100,000. Just like people flipped out over the MGS4 boxes they would bug for this. Hell make it a bundle with the low priced 80 gig ps3…with the custom sackboy box!!! I’m telling you right now sackboy will be the new hello kitty in Japan. Man are you reading my posts? you see the ideas spewing out? marketing genius right here :)

    Chuck Lacson’s Avatar
    Chuck Lacson replied on August 5, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    Bam! You are hired. :)

    Thanks for the great ideas. As you know we try and read all the input you guys give us. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these ideas become reality.

  • my beta folder on my ps3 is about to get bigger!

  • LittleBigPlanet is taking over the Earth.

  • i think i’ll just wait and spend money once..

    the $60 it costs to actually buy the game..i’m not interested in paying to help a company make their game better- be it through pre-ordering or buying Qore..

    it’s too bad actual gamers are looked over for betas in lieu of paying consumers…

    anyway, still looking forward to the game, it just seems that all these beta, it actually makes hardcore gamers like myself that have frequented all the gaming sites and get denied for betas dislike the game a bit..

    i know i’m still pissed i’m not in the home beta, after i paid $700 freaking dollars at launch night, plus 12 games and 13 PSN games…..oh well, there are lots of other games to spend money on!

    bah humbug!



  • get a me a key jeff.

  • People!

    I received a code from GameInformer a couple of minutes ago.

    I just subscribed to this site early this morning and now I receive a code. This is unexpected, but really, really SWEET.

    I am passing the word just in case they have more codes. They give it to me due to I am a new subscriber!!!!

    Good luck!

  • is there a limit on how many people can download it and is it world wide or North America only.

  • Oh, one more thing……you just need to subscribe to the “free” Game Informer Newsletter!!!!

  • I want one so bad…


  • I’m getting the Kratos pre-order. Thanks for asking. :)

    I hope i can get in the beta. I cant wait for this game!

  • Captain Fury……see my comment “87”. According with the e-mail they have another 100 beta codes, so hurry up!

  • “This version does not require a DNS redirect and levels created here will be available for consumers at launch of the full title.”

    That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear. :D I didn’t want to invest a ton of time in creating something in my beta, because I thought it was going to be removed once the beta ended.

    Awesome job on that front guys, I’ll start creating tonight. ^^

  • Dang, I wish I got the code. Guess I am going to have to wait a little longer. Well back to SOCOM I guess.

  • Still waiting for Gamespot. I sent an email in about 1 minute so I hope I’m safe. Just need them to send :(.

  • Its amazon for me, hey bring on the beta

  • It says that if you already had LittleBigPlanet data that you’d have to download it again. What counts as old? If you got in yesterday, does that count?

  • I got the kratos sackboy because gamestop is the only place near, actually I got 4 gamestops near me, it’s like starbucks around here

  • I pre-ordered mine from GameStop. Kratos sackboy is too good to pass up.

  • Can we just get keys given out? I don’t have time for time-wasters like gamespot, having to answer a silly trivia question and wait for a response. I pre-ordered thru Amazon but also got Kratos and Nariko costumes.

  • i just wanna say congrats to all who have gotten in the betas and i hope everyone who still wants in gets in!

    i’ve still got my fingers crossed a leprechaun will pop up and grant me betas in exchange for some of his pot of gold..

    psn id FritoZ

  • There is mo mention of emails so I assume we are continuing the overload and crashing of sites to get keys?

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