LittleBigPlanet: Pre-order Goodness

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Hey all,

We’ve been working with our North American retailers to promote the release of LittleBigPlanet in October 2008. And now that the “planning dust” has settled, we wanted to share early details of our pre-order campaign for you to decide which item you’d like. Stay tuned for much more detail on which retailer will have what pre-order item and when to go to your favorite retailer to reserve your copy.

Here’s the master list:

The Official “LittleBigPlanet Creator” MiniGuide by Brady Games – This exclusive digital guide is a primer for LittleBIGPlanet’s CREATE tools and provides users with a quick tutorial to begin developing their own levels.”


LittleBigStickerBook – For those of you who love to customize – this item is for you! This exclusive sticker book contains some of our favorite LBP imagery for you to apply your own ‘mash-up’ to your favorite possessions. Or take something else you own and make it your favorite!

LBP - Sticker book mock-up

LittleBigPouch – Keep your LBP game safe and protected from the elements with this exclusive burlap pouch. Its so unique and stylish, it would make a SackMother proud.

LBP pouch

Exclusive Nariko SackGirl
– SackBoy’s beware! Nariko SackGirl has been known to keep other SackBoys (and SackGirls) in check. This exclusive downloadable costume features our favorite heroine on the PS3.

LBP - Heavenly Sword Render

Exclusive Kratos SackBoy – Nuff’ said. Yes…the forum rumors were true – but the biggest question remains “why didn’t this guy smile?” Seriously, this is another exclusive downloadable costume that will elevate your SackBoy status to godlike proportions.

LBP - God of War Render

Keep an eye out for more LittleBigNews in a few days…

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  • Okay this might be ridiculous but I am on of those poor people that have HD TV’s that ONLY support 1080i :( Most games are starting to support it. I’ve read this game is at native 720p but couldn’t you guys do an uncharted or ratchet and clank, and upscale to 1080i??? I swear that if this game supports 1080i that I wont know what to do with myself this game would be so perfect!!!!

    PS yes I know that 720p is better than 1080i :)

  • I just had one of those epic ideas. Like forreal I should get hired by sony marketing for this… What if you sold a limited edition littlebigplanet game with sackboy plushies included! But heres the thing, you could have like 5 or 6 different types, like a kratos (obviously), snake, nariko, etc. Limit it to like 100,000. Just like people flipped out over the MGS4 boxes they would bug for this. Hell make it a bundle with the low priced 80 gig ps3…with the custom sackboy box!!! I’m telling you right now sackboy will be the new hello kitty in Japan. Man are you reading my posts? you see the ideas spewing out? marketing genius right here :)

    • Bam! You are hired. :)

      Thanks for the great ideas. As you know we try and read all the input you guys give us. Don\’t be surprised if you see some of these ideas become reality.

  • wow this is great, can’t wait. I love LBP
    Kratos sackboy looks great!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh My Gosh, that Kratos Sackboy is bad friggin ass, and I must have that game pouch at all costs!!

  • Great news! Can’t wait for this game!

  • I hope you guys bundle LittleBigPlanet with a PS3 to get the game to as many people as possible to spread the word.

  • I hope you guys bundle LittleBigPlanet with a PS3 to get the game to as many people as possible.

  • Will all(at least most) of Sony’s first party franchises be represented in some form of LBP? I know you guys have a jak and Ratchet Sackboy hidden somewhere

  • Another good reason to pre-order LBP!

  • I hope they have Snake(MGS)sackboy!!!!!

  • Hell Yeah! I love me some Sack of War!

  • @ ashbash159

    The People replying in Red are official Commentators that work for Sony or Media Molecule.

    Wow this is extremely exciting to hear. I haven’t pre-ordered it yet but with this bonus’s I think I will. Now the ??? is where? I like all the others would definintly like to get the DLC versions of both the Nariko & Kratos Sackgirl/Sackboy. I would also probably pre-order the limited edition if it came with all those goodies.

    I hope that it won’t be at Gamestop because I really don’t like them. I hope that Bestbuy,Toy’s R US or even Circuit City will have the Limited Edition or just the DLC versions of Nariko & Kratos Sackgirl/Sackboy.

    Ohh and BTW SDkngsht had a great idea with the build a Sackboy/Sackgirl website. Where you could create your own Sackboy/Sackgirl that could be created. That sounds like it could be a great hit.

    I can’t wait to see what is in store for LittleBigPlanet and what else you have up your sleeve.

    Now the Real ??? for me is Where do I pre-order this game from?

  • Any chance that there will be a limited edition sku for LBP? And how can we go about hunting for all of these goodies? Will I have to preorder from four different places or is this going to be an all-in-one preorder package.

  • Oh my lord! This is amazing news! I already have mine pre-ordered and I’m all gitty. Oh please have something good for Pre-ordering at Gamestop… Just a quick question though, since everything is just one item from one retailer, do we still get the Kratos Sackboy as DLC? I’d hope so.

    I just hope I can get a cute Sackboy plush. Give Gamestop those! You’ll make millions! :D

  • Do us poor, poor Europeans get any of the Kratos and Nariko Sackboy/girl goodness? :(

  • @mark or others i would love to get all the preorder items please tell me there a way to get them all!!!!!1

  • I don’t want that other stuff, but I really want the downloadable skins, especially Kratos…
    There HAS to be a way to get them without preordering.

    For the skins, is it a code to get? Is this code unique for every game?

  • When is the LBP theme for the PS3 coming out?

  • Sony, you are the best. I’ve been wanting a Nariko in-game sack girl – You’re delivering. I’ve been wanting a “tangible” sack boy – You’re delivering. AND you’re offering sweet goodies with this game. I’m gonna be very happy this October.

  • I want a real Kratos sack boy so bad, and I also want the download. Will the Kratos download be available for download for everyone after release? I know everyone says “exclusive” before the release, but I heard that before with the Chains of Olympus demo and the Patapon demo (“exclusive weapon”, which everyone could get)

  • Loved the Nariko sackgirl, stunning piece of art.

  • Hi Mark, as you are the Marketing Manager of SCEA, I just wanted to mention how I think Sony should put out more Limited/Special/Collector’s Editions of their first party games. As a pretty avid collector I always go for the more expensive collectible versions of games I’m excited for. I also think for the more casual gamers, when they go into a store and see a game with a Special Edition they will give the game more attention as it signifies that the game is a “BIG” release.

    I think this is one of the few things Microsoft does better than Sony when it comes to marketing games, they have a Special Edition for pretty much everyone of their published games, they do go a bit overboard perhaps, but I would still like to see Sony give their big releases more special packaging.

    I’m sure you’re already on top of this, but a Special Edition LittleBigPlanet (with a Sackboy plushie as people have mentioned) would be an amazing package, and would surely get a lot of people who don’t own a PS3 interested. :)


  • Hi,

    To those running this Blog. I am posting this here because your “Contact Us” system is simply broken and I cannot send you an email. I continue to get that my “Remarks are Invalid” yet you give no reason as to why. Sorry to get off topic but hopefully they will read this and do something about it.

    I wanted to mention and I am sure many have contacted you about this. Everytime someone posts a message on the blog even though it is successfully posted we are given some kind of error. I believe it is a 404 error. We all hope this will be fixed soon.

    Also I have contacted you before about being able to change my User ID from Wolf26pack to wolf26pack so that my Gravatar would show up but have yet to hear an answer or given the option to do that myself or even you guys to change it. I hope that can be done and that I hear a response from you guys.

    Thank You

  • What about people who already pre-ordered LittleBigPlanet? I just did it today through because they were offering free overnight shipping.

  • Where can Canadians pre-order LBP ? It’s not listed on, I really want to pre-order asap !!!!

  • Sack Boy (Solid Snake)!!

  • SONY!!!

    PLEASE go into merchandising and have plush toy Sackboys!!!

  • I see you passed over my comment about if you get either Nariko or Kratos with the preorder. So is there a way to get both or will I only be able to get one of them.

  • Can we pre order the psn version? I really like being able to run crap off my Hard drive and not have to go find the disk. Also kids sometimes wreck my disks and SCEA doesn’t have a replacement disk deal like MS does. For example my 2 year old got a hold of my Hot Shots Golf: Out of bounds disk and now its a coaster. (MS will replace MS published scratched disk for $20 if you mail them the old one. Sony should set up a similar program.)

    • Not sure what you\’ve heard, but there is no PSN version of LittleBigPlanet. This will be Blu-ray disc only.

  • Hey Mark will this pre order deal apply to Canada as well?

  • Hey Mark will this pre-order deal apply to Canada as well?

  • dang that kratos and nariko sackboy is awesome! i would want those stickers too just b/c my girlfriend loves stickers for some reason and she loves LBP so she would definetly love the LBP stickers :3

  • hehehehe.. you guys should shaft GameStop with a lame pre-order so everyone buys from a different retailer.

    In any case, awesome work! I can’t wait to find out who to pre-order from! (and not to play the echo, but I’d so dig buying a real sackboy/girl and any downloadable Sony game’s characters/levels on the store. Imagine a God of War III level that you could download, and when you get to the end on top of Mt. Olympus, it unlocks a new trailer or demo of that game! The possibilities are so endless it’s mind-boggling!!!!)

  • Bro is aiming for the kratos sackboy

  • Sweet! Can we get a Solid Snake version too? I’m going to preorder regardless, but this might prove to be cooler than the Fallout3 preorder goodness with the inclusion of a “real” SackBoy!

  • Great to hear about the pre-order goodies. Like most I really would like to see Sony go to town with the marketing for this game. Cuddly saackboys are a must and I’m glad to hear you guys are on it. Look forward to hearing more details about this title in the run up to it’s release. Then let the games begin.

    Also, I see that there’s a Nariko sackgirl, well what about Kai?

  • That GOW sack boy is awesome.

    I can’t wait to buy this game.

    PS: Make sure it’s on Blu-ray. :P

  • Ok so i need help. If i bought the 5 dollar reservation card from Target is that like a pre-order? Or if it’s not, can I still pre-order with the 55 dollars left?

  • Is LBP going to be a PSN title also with addtion to Blue-ray disc game?

  • When will this be active? Is it now? if it is, I’m going to the store early morning to pre-order :D

  • Heyas! PLEASE make sure that all sackboys are purchasable–I don’t want to have to pick between Nariko and Kratos!

    Also, kind of off topic, but can we PLEASE take this as confirmation you guys aren’t dropping Heavenly Sword from your IP’s? That rumor a while back about you dropping HS drove me mad!

  • “Is LBP going to be a PSN title also with addtion to Blue-ray disc game?”


  • darn i just preordered it the other dAy at, i hope i get something cool, i honestly just want a stuffed sackboy, sorry if i sound like im 5 years old

  • I just preordered the other day at, I hope i still get something cool. I really just want a stuffed sackboy, sorry if i sound like a 5 year old.

  • @Chuck Lacson, responding to #170 Spideywebs

    I think what he might be referring to is how you needed the demo to get the weapon, and the only way to get the demo was to preorder the game through GameStop to get a UMD demo, and everyone said that that was the ONLY way to get the weapon, but then, when the game was close to release, we found out, “Just kidding, here’s a free downloadable demo that anyone can download.” So this “exclusive preorder bonus” wasn’t as exclusive anymore now that anyone could easily get it for free. In this case, we want to know if it’s strictly a preorder bonus or if it will be available to everyone eventually, just like with the Patapon weapon.

    Isn’t that what you meant, Spidey?

  • 1st of all, do you get all of these by pre-ordering?

    Second where can I pre-order to get all these goodies?

  • I need more info on this preorder program.

    When does it start? What stores? Can you get these deals if you’ve already preordered?

    And how does it work? Do you get a peice of paper (with a code on it) with your preorder? Or a swag bag or something with the code for DLC download inside?

  • will there be PSN available for mexico when LBP comes out? also, give us a snake sackboy, and it’s all done

  • Will it be hitting Europe?

  • Mark and Chuck, I love you guys.

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