LittleBigPlanet: Pre-order Goodness

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Hey all,

We’ve been working with our North American retailers to promote the release of LittleBigPlanet in October 2008. And now that the “planning dust” has settled, we wanted to share early details of our pre-order campaign for you to decide which item you’d like. Stay tuned for much more detail on which retailer will have what pre-order item and when to go to your favorite retailer to reserve your copy.

Here’s the master list:

The Official “LittleBigPlanet Creator” MiniGuide by Brady Games – This exclusive digital guide is a primer for LittleBIGPlanet’s CREATE tools and provides users with a quick tutorial to begin developing their own levels.”


LittleBigStickerBook – For those of you who love to customize – this item is for you! This exclusive sticker book contains some of our favorite LBP imagery for you to apply your own ‘mash-up’ to your favorite possessions. Or take something else you own and make it your favorite!

LBP - Sticker book mock-up

LittleBigPouch – Keep your LBP game safe and protected from the elements with this exclusive burlap pouch. Its so unique and stylish, it would make a SackMother proud.

LBP pouch

Exclusive Nariko SackGirl
– SackBoy’s beware! Nariko SackGirl has been known to keep other SackBoys (and SackGirls) in check. This exclusive downloadable costume features our favorite heroine on the PS3.

LBP - Heavenly Sword Render

Exclusive Kratos SackBoy – Nuff’ said. Yes…the forum rumors were true – but the biggest question remains “why didn’t this guy smile?” Seriously, this is another exclusive downloadable costume that will elevate your SackBoy status to godlike proportions.

LBP - God of War Render

Keep an eye out for more LittleBigNews in a few days…

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  • This all looks great, but what if you preordered already can you still get some of this awesome stuff. or are you out of luck?

  • Good idea but I seriously want a REAL life high quality Sackboy. I am 22 and I want a sackboy doll… really really bad.

  • This game will sell very well for been innovative, fun (it seems) and yes I’ll say it, cute. No need to be another lame, boring, and bloody FPS. I’m a grown man and I can’t believe I want one of those sackboys dolls too.

    Whoever came up with this idea is a genius.

  • omfg i want a real Kratos SackBoy.dam i already preorder this game from gamestop.please o please make the Kratos SackBoy from there.if not im going to be sad.

  • Love the Kratos/Nariko Sackoids. I was so angry I missed talking to the guys from Media Molecule at E3.

  • Must. Have. Kratos. Sackboy.

    Seriously, it just looks awesome.

  • Hi there Mark

    Will Kratos- and Nariko-sackboy/girl be in the store? You see, Norway is always screwed when it comes to pre-orders, and I really want the angry Kratos Sackboy :)

    Good luck on the release :)

  • Please make both of those sackboys downloadable! I don’t want to have to choose!

  • I’m soooo gonna to pre-order the ultimate edition with all the goodies.

  • so when can we preorder?

  • please dont make me lose out on the Kratos SackBoy because i preorder this game early.i had this game preorder when u guys confirm it was coming out this year.
    @mark please let me know will i miss out on the Kratos SackBoy because i preorder it early from my gamestop.

  • we need a SNAKE sack boy, and a Nathan Hale…but this is great news

  • Uk please? Can we has too? :(

  • There needs to be a limited edition version with all of this, I tend to not like limited editions, but all of this would be well worth the extra $10. Make it happen sony!

    Also clank, Daxter, Jak, ratchet, parappa, wanderer (from shadow of the collosus), and sly all need sackboy versions… please!

  • We also need a Snake sackboy , but i really cant wait, i hope all maps are free

  • Mark. I’d have you know that I will be purchasing a PS3 console JUST to play this game. Granted, I will play more once I get it, but this is why I am buying it. I am glad to hear your enthusiasm and response to how well the game will be supported by SCEA. I am an assistant manager for GameStop so my only hope is that that will be where the guides are the pack in as I plan on doing a LOT of level creating. Anyways, I have been trying to build as much excitement as possible for LittleBigPlanet and can’t wait to get it. I am just waiting for the 80gb core ps3 to launch and october to come around… Btw, You should get those real sackboy’s put on the rls site. Speaking of that, we wear our nametags on lanyards and a littlebigplanet lanyard would be fantastic. More rls goodness.

    • Good to hear the voice of an RLS member – you guys make our job so much easier. Keep an eye out for more \’LBP goodness\’ on the RLS site soon too.

  • I already pre-ordered… Is this plan retroactive or should I cancel and repreorder?

  • Oh yeah, why isn’t there a collectors edition?

  • Wow, I can’t wait for this freaking game :).

  • Great stuff, I’m really looking forward for that pouch …..These things are so cute, you can probably make tons of accessories!

  • OMG. Can’t wait for this game. Definitely pre-ordering.

  • Man I am so excited for this. You guys definitely need sackboy plushies for all the platinum ps3 characters (snakes, kratos). Hell even little keychains would be dope. The hell with that I have a shirt press and photoshop at home. I’m about to put that kratos sackboy image on a white tee.


  • How will this work?

    If I preorder RIGHT NOW, will I still get these costumes?

    Please, PLEASE tell me I do.

    I don’t really care about the other things, but I REALLY want that DLC.

  • are these coming to canada? There are all so cool. Definitely gonna pre-order.

  • I was getting this game anyway on day one, it’s great that Sony is rewarding the early adopters with these pretty awesome extras. I totally love the exclusive costumes especially.

  • i cannot wait for this game!

    it’s going to be so much fun to play and i dont know how anyone can have something against it or have anything bad to say about it. unless you have absolutely no heart haha

  • Sidenote:

    PLEASE make this game have youtube support. Imagine making a presentation for school with a level you made (similar to E3). Now if you were able to upload the video to YOUTUBE, then you could save it on a disk or play the video in class from your laptop. That would also make a great video for greeting cards, birthdays and whatever the hell else we can think of. THIS GAME NEEDS YOUTUBE SUPPORT. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH PIXELJUNK. If they can do it for EDEN, then it has to work.

  • So do we get all these if we pre-order?

  • I will preorder at every store.

  • I have a few questions-

    Aside from themed sacboy character’s from other Sony games, are there any plans for themed content packs with texures, items, abilities, power ups, enemies, or developer made levels, etc. from these games? (would be great as free downloadable content when you purchase said games!)

    Also, are there any plans for water or fluids in the game?

    Can you stretch/delete areas of existing levels in the middle to insert/delete new content areas after a level has been created?

    Lastly, are there plans to upgrade in game abilities (say a new power ups pack with for example double jump, guns, invincibility, swords, etc see entire history of platform games for ideas?

    • There will be a ton of DLC after launch, so no worries.

      You currently can copy levels on the disk to use a templates for your own levels.

      In terms of upgrading in-game abilities…I can neither confirm or deny that we have any plans, but I can say it is possible.


  • And if i’ve already pre-orderded the game? do i get these ?

  • is there anychance that u can eventually get both Kratos and Nariko as dlc?

  • @ L, its one per different retailer


    Im officially the 10th person to say:

    Make limited edition with everything Ill gladly buy it, dont make me choose!

  • will it be possible to eventually get both nariko and kratos as dlc?

  • I juts wanted to point out that Krato’s blades are backwards.

  • Mark in the game there are going to be any contests for level creators?

    2008: The year Media Molecule and some sackboys changed the world.

  • Kratos sackboy ftw!!!!

  • I just wanted to point out that Krato’s blades are bacwards. Thanks

  • Here was my thoughts as I scrolled through:

    “…man, those are pretty lame. That pouch has a cool design but it’s still basically a change purse. Such wasted– Oh. My. God. Is that a Kratos sackboy? F–k yes!!”


  • is it possible to get both nariko and kratos as dlc? also are their any other sony charaters on the way?

  • Hey, who are these guys replying in red?
    Mark Valledor and Chuck Lacson?
    By the way I’m new to the PlayStation Blog!

    • Welcome mate! We\’re just the marketing guys cleaning up after the last marketing guy (unfortunately he didn\’t get it…LOL)


    Keep this things on other countries releases… like Portugal.. We Europeans support to much PlayStation and we are always forgotten…

  • wow, btw i’m new to the blog and i want to know who these people replying in red are

  • is there any chance that we will be able to get both nariko and kratos as dlc? also are there any other sony characters on the way?

  • These are so sick. im confused though, do we get all of these if we preorder or just one? and if just one can we buy them seperate?

  • Kratos sackboy looks awesome!

  • Will Europe be getting these amazing gifts? ^__^ Thanks.

  • Holy crap! I’ve only pre-ordered one game in my life (MGS4), and this shall be the second!

  • Might just have to import from America unless a UK version is announced!

  • I’m glad that I pre-ordered the game yesterday. This is totally awesome. Why can’t other companies do things like this? We get so many awesome stuff when pre-ordering. Can’t wait for the game to release in October. I just want to hug all you guys at Sony, and Media Molecule.

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