LittleBigPlanet: Public Beta Madness!

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We have Lift-Off!!

As you may or may not have heard, the burning question recently has been – “HOW THE HECK DO I GET ON THE LITTLEBIGPLANET PUBLIC BETA!?!?”


Some of our friends in Europe found out this week and are still recovering. If you have been frequenting sites like, GamePro, and GameSpot you might have scored a key already or are waiting to hear back. Even our friends at G4 are in the mix.

Where will this elusive beta strike next?

If I were a betting man, (and I am) I’d say it would be sure to hit more of your favorite gaming sites in the next few days. I’d be looking for sites that have been covering games for years. Staking out passionate gaming communities or locations online where you can view the latest gaming videos. Of course I would be surprised if the Public Beta didn’t show up in places where you’d expect to get all the latest LBP info and updates.

All I can say is we are super happy to give some of you a chance to get a sneak peak at what LittleBigPlanet is all about. I have officially stopped doing office work for the next few weeks in anticipation of all the levels you all are going to make. (I’m going to be too busy playing and building.) If you are one of the lucky ones who score a key, thank you in advance for participating and helping us get our servers ready for our launch on October 21st!

Be sure to refer to the details below once you get your Beta key. Good luck to all and happy hunting!

ps- Quick question, I know we announced all the cool pre-order goodies already but I’m wondering which one you are all going for….let’s say we have an on-going bet in the office. (Told you I was a betting man.)

Please note the following instructions below which will help you install the Public Beta voucher:

1) Public Beta Ends October 11th, 2008

2) You must use a consumer PLAYSTATION® 3 system that is connected to the internet.

3) You must have a PLAYSTATION®Network Account.

4) If you have previously redeemed a LBP voucher code, you must delete any old LBP data (along with save data and game data) and download this version
(go to Download History and redownload the new code).

5) This version does not require a DNS redirect and levels created here will be available for consumers at launch of the full title.

6) Please refrain from creating anything inappropriate, as we do have moderation in place and it may result in your account being suspended or banned.

Downloading the LittleBigPlanet Public Beta.
After you have signed in with your PLAYSTATION Network Account, select [Account Management] on the XMB interface located under the ‘PLAYSTATION Network’ tab, then select [Transaction Management] and click on the option ‘Redeem PLAYSTATION Network Card or Promotion Code’. Enter the following unique code to start the download of LittleBigPlanet.

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  • Why not just give me one now?!?!

  • I want this game so much :D
    Love you guys

  • I preordered at GameStop. I’m not sure what goodie they are offering.

    Great Job with the game!

  • i hope i can get in im

  • Cool I’ll have to try some of these other gaming sites for a key. pretty much messed up their beta key give away last night by not making it 100% clear on how to get the beta. People were putting the answers in the comments section and all those were void. Lucky me I emailed my answer in so I’m hoping i get a beta key from them.

  • I preordered at Gamestop to get the Kratos sackboy. I am anxiously awaiting the space suit sackboy also. My brother is buying off amazon though because he gets a preorder bonus and a $10 gift card. I can’t wait to start creating levels!

  • I’ve preordered (and paid for) copies from BestBuy and GameStop.

  • I would love to get in on this, been looking forward to this game for a long time. I’m not really sure If I totally understand how to get a beta key, but I guess I’ll look around some of those website you mentioned and see if anything happens. Thanks for giving us creative folk the opportunity to try this game out.

  • Will the LBP news site take in suggestions to give to MM or is there a private forum to report bugs and suggestion? Because there’s a few things I would like to point out but i can’t.

  • This is madness…in only one week, we get LBP beta, Killzone2 Beta, WipeOut HD, Mega Man9

    I am really impressed. This is the way it should be. This is the way you will convince people to join the PS3 experience.

    The hype on LBP has gone beyond imagination. Anywhere you go, all you hear about it LBP. Some people on the SCEA forums have not been sleeping for 3 days, they claim, camping and waiting to track any chance to get in the beta.

    Absolutely great business.
    Thanks sony, and good luck.

    Play B3yond.

  • Looking froward to this BETA!!!!!!

  • I was wondering how when did the “first week” for the space suit began? Is it from tuesday to tuesday? I’m not sure my pre-order will make it in time.

  • I preordered at gamestop, best buy, and gamecrazy.

  • What’s up with that Tetris level. That is amazing.

    Who was it created by?

  • Not a beta the game is gold!

  • “5) This version does not require a DNS redirect and levels created here will be available for consumers at launch of the full title.”

    Does this mean that the EU Beta is different and our information won’t carry over?

  • Why do you torture us like this, is it fun..

    Please Please Please give me a code…

    I need to be in this beta…

    I’ve been dreaming of this amazing board I want to create so it can be in the launch for everyone to play…

    Please Please Please let me in…

    PLEASE>.. :)

  • Already PMed the dev about this on the PS forums but there are a couple of issues with the game that I hope will be ironed out.

    1) The lag made it unplayable at times. I’ve been told this will be rectified by release though.

    2) The game has caused freezes. Happened to me and I’ve seen a few reports popping up on gaming forums as well.

    Wish they had run the beta before going gold. I understand it’s to test the servers but if things like this happen when it’s released expect a backlash. The game is great, really enjoying it and looking forward to the full version, but please make sure those issues are sorted out.

  • I stopped caring about your betas Sony. Unless I can get into your game betas through gamestop you can go shove it.

  • nothing for PS blog readers and PS insiders?

  • @18

    The beta is an old build.

    Source –

  • SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why have i not seen 1 advert for this game??/

    what are ye going ffs?

    guys ye have 1 of the most wanted games of the year and its looking brilliant yet like usual sony tradition ye havnt advertised it at all. i never ever see an advert on the tv for the ps3. every multi platform game has the xbox logo at the end and no ps3 logo.

    cop on advertise this game. dont do a mgs4 on it and just release it without any adverts or notice to the general public who dont read gaming sites. this game will only sell ps3s if people know \bout it.

    1 question how do ye expect to sell ps3s from this game if people who dont own ps3s have never even heard of it before?

  • Slick way to remind people of the release date (crushing those rumors of a 2 week early release). If I were a gambling man, I’d bet that everyone here would pay to have them in an episode of Qore (seeing as Episode 5 looks a little barren) and you should harness this opportunity to make some additional revenue for Sony.

    I’d throw you a couple greenbacks.

  • So no Beta for the Playstation Blog, what a load of BS.

  • I went for the “LittleBigPlanet Creator” MiniGuide.

  • Please Sony I want to test the Beta, please I want a code!!!!!

  • I Just really wish i could get in!

  • Thanks for the info.

  • I picked the Kratos skin. I can’t wait for LBP!

  • I’ve gone Crazy at the GameCrazy.

    I am itching to get my hands on that sack!

    October can’t arrive soon enough!


  • I preordered mine online at GameStop but didn’t get my Kratos Code email. Hoping it gets emailed to me when the game ships, or ships with my game. Still game site camping for my Beta Code ^_^.

  • i got the Kratos one since that’s the only one around here.
    i wanted the stickerbook or pouch though :(

  • I gotta stop running around and trying to find a key or I won’t be able to get any work down in RL…or sleep…or eat…or have any semblance of peace.

    Let the rest of ya’ll go nuts over this, I’ll just wait for the game.


  • Hey Mark,

    What about us Qore Subscribers? Do we access to the beta when episode 5 hits?

  • *sigh* As much as i wish i could, i just dont have the time (or luck) to hunt down a beta key like some of the younger members here.
    At least its only a month away.
    (a very long month away)

    Good luck to the rest of you guys.(and girls)
    Hope you mannage to snag a key.

  • LBP! LBP! LBP!

  • How about we skip the nonsense of jumping through hoops to get a code and guys just send one to my email? ;)

  • Beta after a game gone gold?? Anyway seems this promotion tactic works very well. Trying to hunt for a beta code that run out quick, is mission impossible. I wish there will be a demo on PSN store soon. I am still not sure if it is a game that I would enjoy as much as I was told. So for people who do not have time or luck to get the beta code, please put a demo on psn after the game launch.

  • pre-ordered mine from EB games and can’t wait to play with Kratos in less sirius setting than GoW

  • The term is “SNEAK PEEK” not “SNEAK PEAK.” Unless, of course, you’re going to sneak us up to the top of a mountain to play this. It frightens me how often this mistake is made.

  • Sony and MM should use the trophey system to distribute LBP codes. Think about it. They give codes out to people who are lvl 3 and above. This would guarantee that players would buy their psn games and play their other games like crazy for those trophies. Do this Sony! Pleas. This would be a great opportunity. You heard it here first! Please send me a key for the idea. LOL

  • EricStrattonRushChair

    Accepting LBP beta keys to PSN: wiscfan23

    thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

  • I got the Kratos code.

  • Must…Get…Beta…Code ;_;

  • Oh yea also the pre-order question you asked, I preordered from Gamestop so I could get the game on day 1 and didn’t have to pay extra for 1 day shipping if I preorderd online (I wanted the strat guide bonus over the krato’s code but at the same time I wanted the game day 1 w/o having to pay all that money for next day shipping) lol

  • Pre-ordered at Amazon for the LittleBigPlanet Creators guide.

    So far this game looks seriously amazing, thank you for all of your efforts! :D

  • Wish I was in the beta. My kids would love it.

  • Im personally going for the kratos sack boy, just more practical and appealing :)

  • Nice, it’s like an Internet easter egg hunt :-d

    I hope they send all Home beta users a key ;-)

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