Its Official! – LittleBigPlanet on shelves 10/21/08!

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For those of you who’ve pre-ordered and are anxiously waiting, we’ve received great news from Media Molecule – the game code has gone ‘GOLD’ and we’ve started manufacturing the PS3 cases, manuals and most importantly Blu-ray discs. Meaning, LittleBigPlanet will hit stores in North & Latin America on October 21 (With Europe releasing the same week). But trust us, you’ll want to be there with us during the first week. Why you ask?

During the first week only, to celebrate “Launch”, LBP fans everywhere will be able to download a FREE, Limited Edition Spacesuit costume for your SackBoy on the PLAYSTATION Store. (Get it…Launch…Spacesuit…o never mind)

LBP space man

In addition to the freebie, there will also be a rare “I was there Week One” T-Shirt available – to prove that you were… well… “there Week One.”

LBP tshirt

Now for those of you that haven’t pre-ordered, we would hate to think you went to the store and saw the dreadful “Sold Out” sign and missed out on the FREE download. So, if you want your spacesuit, you’re best bet is to guarantee your copy by heading to your nearest participating retailer and pre-ordering your copy. Besides…you’ll get additional pre-order goodies for FREE too.


In addition to the “gold” news, check out our LBP News Site for the official release for the final word on LittleBigPlanet’s features and how Media Molecule is still hard at work, to continually build the online community with new features to make your online experience an ever-evolving one.

See you there.

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  • It’s unfair, in Mexico new games cost around 80 and 90 dollars and is rare to see a game launched the same month in the US and here.

    I guess I’ll have to wait to get my most anticipated game with no space sackboy, no Nariko sackgirl and until next year when I visit the us :(

  • For those who may need to scrape up the $60 or have to keep this on the back burner as a holiday purchase…can the suit and t-shirt be downloaded and kept on the HDD until the inevitable purchase/receipt of the game? Trust me, I’d LOVE to be part of the Day-1 party but I may arrive late…or I guess I could rent LBP week one….hmmmmmmmm

  • What is Sony doing to market this game here in the U.S besides the viral stuff. I’m talking about mainstream marketing. Seems everyone I talk to has never heard of, or are unsure yet about LBP, even the hardcore gamer friends that I have. That’s disappointing to me. I recommend a commercial that shows again the Create, Play and Share aspect in 30 second clips. This game has a lot of potential to get the casual gamers to upgrade now to a PS3. For myself, I’ve already pre-ordered from Gamestop and I can wait!

    • Wow…you really must be disappointed. We realize that this game has lots of potential especially with the casual market (who happens to shop closer to the holidays – not so much right now)…so…what if I tell you we\’ll have multiple TV spots running in Oct-Dec, Print advertising in Sep-Dec, Online advertising in Sep-Dec, and Viral activity in Sept-Dec, would that make you happier?

      But keep in mind, marketing is more than just commercials, its generating press buzz, establishing promotional partnerships, preparing retailer initiatives (pre-orders), building a community (check out our News Site), and much much more. And all this to a perfectly timed crescendo at launch…all of which, is a month away. So stay patient, my friend, \”Fun Shall Overcome\”.

  • I just pre-order it from Gamestop. Unfortunately they were out of a kratos flyer that they were suppose to give though.
    guess i lost out on something.

  • Hells yeah!! Here comes the Awesome-Cool! :D

  • Too bad in mexico can’t be preordered, I want the Kratos & Nariko costumes :(

    Please Sony, give us some love

  • Common sense will say that you will NEED the game for the “Week One” goodies. That is just how the World goes round…

    The question that should really be asked… Does the game come with a unique code per copy that is required in order to download the “Week One” goodies?

    If no code is necessary, then just borrow a disc from a friend and download away… :)

    And if no friend’s are available, then there is 1 month left to start making some NOW! :P

  • Yes
    i better get ready to lock my self in my room and have a little big planet fest

  • Oh, and I massively, strongly, extremely agree that this thing needs to see massive-marketing. :D

  • Nice! Already paid in full. October is a big month for new releases.

  • Awesome, this game is going to be serious business.

  • @51 jcasanova and @56 ROLO_ONFIRE

    Not only on Mexico, is Latin America …
    i think that SCEE is in charge of Brazil.. but thats it.

  • @Onna76_NL just because sony bundle the game with the system doesnt make it a system seller they need to do a marketing push since this is a new ip.

  • Already pre-ordered. Cannot wait.

  • Anyone know if you can create projectile or melee weapons in this game?

  • One small step for Sackboy,one giant leap for Sony.

    Cant wait to get my hands on it.

  • Awesome, thanks guys! :)

  • Great! Can’t wait!

  • AWESOME !!!! so wot happened to the EU preorder details?

  • @24: Grammar police FTL.

  • Ok, Sony / SCEE. Answer me a few things, would ya?

    1) When did the UK get separated from the rest of Europe?
    2) Why is the rest of the world receiving LBP before the UK, when the UK has been singled out?
    3) Surely UK would have had an earlier / same release date as the rest of the world / Europe (Seeing as America gets everything first anyhow, which I think is stupid..), seeing as it was made in the UK?

    I’m pretty P.O.’d at the moment, ’cause SCEE seem to be screwing a lot of things up these day. Please, someone, explain to me those things?

    It seems to me, and the other residents of the UK that the UK has been singled out for something. Spite? I don’t know. But I’d like some answers.

    • Hey DrunkMiffy,

      I\’m not the SCEE rep, but I can say that distribution is different in each territory. Its pretty much just a fact of life based on shipping logistics, not so much a conspiracy. North American games ship Tuesdays, Mainland EU and Australia/New Zealand on Wednesdays. Japan is typically Thursdays and UK/Ireland on Fridays. Not sure when Hong Kong, Korea and other Asian countries ship, but I\’ll bet its the same day every week. Hope this explains things.

      BTW – thanks for contributing so much on the LBP News Site.

  • Good news for those in the UK

    I just found this:

    The Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK will be giving away codes to download the limited edition Kratos Sackboy for LittleBigPlanet.

    In the bag with issue 24 of OPM will be a card containing a unique code to snag the specially made-up Sackboy – one of two limited edition Sackboys.

    The other one, Nariko from Heavenly Sword, will be given to pre-orders of LittleBigPlanet on

    Also in the issue will be the, word exclusive LittleBigPlanet review, and the first 50 subscribers to the magazine will also be sent an exclusive Sackboy plush toy.

    You know all the most smug players online will be those with the Kratos Sackboy, like the Hayabusa helmet-wearing master chiefs in in Halo 3.

    Issue 24 will be on shelves September 30.

  • Awesome. The only thing that’s making me think twice about getting this game is all the time it will take away from doing stuff I actually need to get done….

  • Aww man, I wont be able to pick this up week one :( . Between Resistance 2 and socom that’s about 140, if I were to get LBP it would be 200 and I don’t have that much to spare between rent and bills :( .

  • Wow, this is so awesome. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. I feel a game of the year award coming home for this one.

  • only 1 week? this sux. i pre-ordered online for the Asia version, so i probalby won’t get it the 1st week of launch? anyway to just make it the 1st month? so every fan will get it?

  • @DrunkMiffy@
    My guess would be greater number of people in U.S. & Europe. SCEE will most likely never answer you though, sorry.

  • I want these goodies too, but no ps3.

  • I know they won’t. Shows how much they care.

  • Still waiting on the Canadian Nariko announcement……….

  • SWEET!! Now I rly cant wait for this game….

  • cool .. finaly the best game is cooming

  • Any ideas on what special items retailers are carrying if you pre-order? Or all the retailers doing the same thing,ie BestBuy and GameCrazy??

    • In the US, the pre-order items are:
      – Amazon = BradyGames Digital Mini-Guide
      – GameStop = Kratos SackBoy downloadable costume
      – GameCrazy = LittleBigPouch (BD case)
      – Circuit City = Exclusive LittleBigPlanet Sticker Book
      – BestBuy = Nariko SackGirl downloadable costume

  • I love the tag sticking out of the shirt!

  • Got a couple questions:

    I am importing it to Saudi (takes two weeks on average), does this mean I will be missing all these goodies?

    Also, is this valid for Europe?

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Will the promotion last one whole week… from October 21 to October 28?

  • I am so excited!!! Will it be street dated?

  • Sweet its getting close Ive had my copy pre-ordered for almost a year!!!!

  • @53 nmc75

    I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve mentioned this game to a few people and they haven’t known what I was talking about. As soon as I show them the few videos that were made available on PSN they get excited like little school girls about the concept of the game.

    With the release being so close and this being the possible PS3 seller, I think Sony would do well for itself by bringing marketing to the public. Even coming up with short 30 second clips of Sackboy running around, or staring at the television viewer and then giving the website to generate interest and knowledge of the game. I think the marketing for it could actually get really fun.

    Maybe that’s their plan now that they have the official date, but if not, they really should make it their plan.

  • Hey guys,

    Loving the comments. Unforutnately I’m swamped with the 9-5 but will jump on over the weekend to answer some of your questions…so keep ’em coming.


  • I went to pre-order at the Circuit City in Tysons Corner, VA. They will not begin pre-orders until October 7th. I explained the that the game was going to release on October 21st. They were not impressed. We had a little discussion about the entire concept and benefits of pre-orders for the retailer. They told me to come back on the 7th. Any chance this is a bizarre take on the concept of viral marketing?

  • how it will hit latin america when there is not PSN for latin users and even less an official forum??

  • Will do, Mark. And thanks!

  • @91 dong29

    I’m not sure I follow. In what way were you thinking this could be a take on viral marketing?

    To me, it sounds like Ciruit Sh**ty is trying to send their customers elsewhere to pre-order. You should just hit up Tyson’s Mall and go to the Gamestop. I’m sure they will GLADLY take your preorder.

    (BTW, good to see a neighbor on the boards. I’m originally from MD, went to school in Arlington, and now live in Alexandria. So, hello!)

  • Mark:

    Here is a quick question that I hope you will be able to answer for me:

    Are we going to have a Limited Edition of LBP?

    Thanks in advance for your response!

  • Awesome, can I be in the beta? :D

  • This is golden!

  • What about those of us who got the Kratos Pre-order in, but also want to have Nariko?

    What about a Sackboy plush?

    • Sorry, we had to be fair to our retailers and let the consumer choose. We\’ve played with both costumes I guarantee you\’ll be happy with whichever you chose.

      About the plush. Its on its way, we\’re making sure its done right.

  • Gah why must there be over a month between the time a game goes Gold and its release?!?! Too bad this wasn’t also released as a PSN download, and a Disc release later… :D I can’t wait!!!

  • Nariko sackgirl for Canada???!?!

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